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Found 7 results

  1. Good news, everyone! Chaos United will soon be hosting their monthly costume contest in Kallisti Wharf. This one will be celebrating the summer with a pool party theme! Be sure to show up on Saturday(08/08/2020) at 6PM EST to have a chance to acquire inf. Our prize pool will be 1 billion as usual with a top 3 payout and 5 runner-up payments. Feel free to try and get very creative. Keep in mind, not only party-goers are at a pool party. Perhaps you are a popsicle salesman, or even a life guard! Rules: Be appropriate, no powers whatsoever(only emotes/tailor auras), don't flood the chat being used by judges(normally broadcast), and please follow the theme. Know that only runner-ups can win whilst not following the theme. - Captain Cream
  2. Let me know if I've missed any events, or there are events you want to add to the Calendar. I'll update this calendar, as new events are announced. June Calendar SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 Weekly MSR 5 Mastermind MSR 6 Runway Fashion 7 8 9 10 11 Weekly MSR 12 13 Ghosts CC 14 15 16 17 18 Weekly MSR 19 20 21 22 23 TNTF 24 25 Weekly MSR 26 27 TF Olympics Reverse CC 28 29 30 TNTF Daily Events: MSR - 3 P.M. ET/12 P.M. PT Hamidon raid - 10 P.M. ET/7 P.M. PT
  3. Good day! It is I, @Scrapbot, from Everlasting and this is where I will post my non-farm AE contest winners weekly! This is the first, so there might be a few hiccups. Anyhow, for those that don't know, here's the rub: I take submissions for AE missions via the ingame email to @Scrapbot from the Arc's creator (1 Arc per person). Submissions for the week are Monday to Friday giving me time to play submissions (capped at 10 a week because I'm human) Winner is announced here on Sunday but gets winnings via ingame email (I just reply to the submission) Winnings are the INF gained from playing all submissions solo and an additional +25k per Arc (Don't worry if you have a low level arc, the winnings still balance out over the total). Basics of my grading I set the difficulty to 0/+2 and solo each Arc on one of my level 50s (this is where the pot comes from) When time allows or missions dictate, I will replay Arcs with a team again at 0/+2 (this may also get added into the pot) Grading is after I complete the Arc so that that I can see everything the creator envisioned (some objectives or enemies may not make sense during a mission but make sense by the end of the arc) Generally, how arcs are rated: - Objectives to story (do the mandatory tasks make sense to what the POC is telling me; Why am I pummeling everyone for a B&E? Is it just excessive or is there something more sinister? Are you cleverly masking a farm?) - Enemy group utilization (Was thought put into my enemies? Are you cleverly masking a farm?) - Lore stuff (it doesn't have to match CoX lore, but a story needs some context even if it is self contained. i.e. Why am I fighting the enemy group FLOWER CORP?) - The little things (some intangibles that bleed into the other fields, such as - Writing style should be on par with, or beyond, my 8 year old; Are AE mechanics incorporated to enhance the arc? Why is the super valuable do-hickey being kept in a cardboard box? Do my enemies have information to who I'm fighting?) - Was it Fun (I feel this is frequently underrated; did I enjoy your arc, would I play it again? Did I want to enter into the story you created? Would I bring other people into your world with me? Was I glad to play it or just glad it is over?) Caveats Not related to the Developer's Choice for AE - This is Scrapbot's Choice. Difficulty is not really a factor unless it is marked solo friendly and is definitely not solo friendly. Notes will contain: Winner Arc ID, all other submission IDs, total winnings, some of my comments. -- I'm still trying to gauge how much of my personal comments will go on here - I want to inform, not flame, about arcs. On team playthroughs, I will take constructive comments from my team members... but they are not Scrapbot and don't have to take heat for the final ruling. On Saturday, I will email the first 10 submitters to let them know they got in - so, if you didn't get an email, you submitted late and should resubmit the following Monday. -- If I missed a submission for whatever reason, let me know and I will go back and check - if it was missed (not disqualified for being a farm or some such) I will rate it with the following weeks submissions. In rare cases of 1 mission existing per ID but forming 1 arc, let me know and I will rate them together as one arc but it is up to you to provide those IDs, I won't hunt for them.
  4. Dacy

    SG Scavenger Hunt

    DATE: May 9th, 2020 TIMES: The Event will start at 12:00 NOON EST. All entries must be submitted no later than 5:00PM EST, and the winners will be announced by 5:15 PM EST. HOW IT WORKS: 1. Enter by sending an in-game email to @Invincer or @Dacy, or by stating your interest on the forums in the announcement topic, giving us your in game global. 2. You will get back an in game email with a start time. 3. When you show up for the event, you will be given the list and base layout tips in emails (which will not be given until 5 minutes before your official entry time). 4. Enter the base and start your Scavenger Hunt! 5. Submit your list of all the items you could find and where you found them to @Invincer or @Dacy when you are finished. (See below for specifics) SUPERGROUP: The Invincible Ones PRIZES: 1st Place (First person to find all 25 items in the fastest amount of time*) - 1 BILLION influence/infamy 2nd through 5th Place (Ranked by highest item count and fastest time**) - 100 Million Inf Each 6th through 10th Place (Ranked by item count and fastest time**) - 10 Million Inf Each EVERY participant who does not place in the top 10 who puts in a little time and finds 12 items will get a Thank You for Participating Award of 1 Mil Inf!! *In the event that no one finds all 25 items, the person who collects the most items in the least amount of time will be the winner. **In the event of a tie in the number of items found, the faster time will be ranked ahead of the slower time. DESCRIPTION: The Invincible Ones is a Super Group on Excelsior with a mix of RP and PVE heroes and villains. Our recently commissioned Starship cruiser The Oranderite is our base (by @Dacy), and it offers all base services conveniently close to the entry, an amazing array of onboard amenities (all carefully designed to be RP friendly) in a gorgeous ship anyone would be proud to claim as their base. We want to show off our amazing starship! Currently, our sg roster has fewer active members than we would prefer. We would like to host task forces, costume contests, and other fun events, so we need more members who like to have fun, and some who like to lead! Are you looking for a sg that will value your contributions? Come see our base, and consider joining an up and coming group looking to make the most out of whatever time you have to spend in the City! EVENT DETAILS: There will be 25 items from different locations throughout the Oranderite Starship which have been chosen or placed especially for you to find. Before the event begins, you will be sent an in-game email with some details about the base layout, and another with a numbered list of the items you will need to find. You will be on a league team to help us keep track of your entry time, but you will be working independently. The items are mostly part of the Starship, but a few have been placed that do not really belong. Contestants need to find as many items from the Scavenger Hunt List as they can in the Starship. Each room will have a clearly placed red letter of the alphabet in it at the entrance or entrances. To enter your answers for the contest, simply reply to the email you got with the list. Delete the text in the reply, and write down the number of the item from the list, and put next to it the letter of the room in which you found the item as you go along. The original list can be left up to use as a guide throughout the hunt. Use the in game email to send the list back to @Invincer or @Dacy. The time stamp on the email will be used to calculate the winners in cases of a tie. It’s important to send a list with only the numbers and the corresponding letters so that it will fit within the limits of the in game email. Double check your answers, because accuracy is important! There will be 1 entry per Global account. There will be a limited number of contestants possible, so enter right away! Entrance to base time is assigned on a first come, first served basis, so the earlier you enter, the earlier your entrance time will be. If you would like to explore the base in advance to give you a heads-up ahead of time for the Starship's layout, the base is open to the public, Base Code: ONES-5030. You may also contact @Dacy for a tour. Thank you in advance to all the participants, and GOOD LUCK! 🙂 Invincer: Leader of the Invincible Ones (Global: @Invincer)
  5. Hello everyone, Captain Cream here. Chaos United runs monthly costume contests for the people of Everlasting, and for the month of March we are upping the stakes! The prizepool has been bumped to a whopping 3b. Come out and show us your best Saint Patty's Day themed costumes! DATE: 3/20/20 TIME: 8 PM EST LOCATION: Kallisti Wharf THEME: Saint Patrick's Day PRIZEPOOL: 3,000,000,000(three billion) RULES: Generally the same throughout most CCs. - Auras must be able to be bought from the tailor(No armor toggles, DoT auras, etc) - No buffing other contestants. It's annoying to deal with, knocks people out of emotes. Just don't use them. - Emotes are allowed - Stay in line from the beginning to end to be judged properly We hope to see you there, Everlasting. Much love! - Captain Cream
  6. Hey guys! Thank you so much to everyone that showed up today for our group costume contest in Kallisti Wharf. It was groups of 2-5 people and we saw so many creative costumes! Check the link at the bottom to see EVERYONE! Here are our winners! 🏆Overall winners: Jalopy Golem!🏆 Its four separate people stacked together! Everlasting: Finalists: Freakshow of the Bins & Freedom Furlanx Winner: Jalopy Golem! Excelsior: Finalists: The Cooties of the Apocalypse & Roadkill Heroes Winner: The Food Fighters Reunion: Finalists: The Magicians & The Orks Winner: The Sirens Indomitable: Finalists: The Fantasy Green Gang & The Undead! Winner: The Holiday Crew! Torchbearer: Finalists: Debt Collection & Legion of Atlas Winner: The Aliens Contact me on discord for questions. Miss#1337! Here is the imgur link to all our pictures from the event! If you have any you would like to share: Add them here or on our discord in your shard channel! If you missed our fun - stay tuned for more events just like this one (and more) right here!
  7. Hello everyone, we hope you’re enjoying the Halloween Event so far. Today we’re announcing not one, but two Halloween Costume Contests! Contest 1: City of Heroes & Villains Themed Costumes (October 12th) Come on out to Kallisti Wharf to celebrate the season - City of Heroween style! Bring your best, funniest, cutest, and most interesting City of Heroes and Villains themed costumes for a chance to win MAJOR prizes! Choose from the hundreds of villain groups or try a shot at one of our signature heroes! Parodies are welcome and encouraged! Contest 2: Traditional Halloween Costumes (October 26th) Want to celebrate the season as a vampire, Frankenstien, werewolf, witch, or one of the other many amazing classic Halloween costume themes? Head on down to Kallisti Wharf the weekend before Halloween to celebrate the season and the communities amazing creative spirit! (Hey, ghost is another good one!) See you guys there, we’ll bring the candy! When? The first contest will take place on October 12th @ 9pm UTC The second contest will take place on October 26th @ 9pm UTC 9pm UTC is: 10pm UK time 5pm Eastern time 2pm Pacific time 11pm Central European time Click here to see 9pm UTC in your timezone Where? Statesman Plaza in the centre of Kallisti Wharf on all five shards (Torchbearer, Excelsior, Reunion, Indomitable and Everlasting) Heroes can reach Kallisti Wharf via the tram Villains can reach Kallisti Wharf via the Smuggler’s Submarine in Sharkhead Isle and Grandville Prizes? The prizes for both contests will be the same The 5 best costumes on each shard will win: 1 permanent costume power A permanent golden title: Halloween Costume Contest Runner-Up 100 reward merits The best costume on each shard will win: 1 permanent costume power A permanent golden title: Halloween Costume Contest Finalist 250 reward merits The single best overall costume will win: 3 permanent costume powers A permanent golden title: Halloween Costume Contest Winner 1000 reward merits
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