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  1. looking to make this build into a decent fire farmer or a S/L farmer doesn't matter what just want to try something that is different. any help is appreciated | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1578;701;1402;HEX;| |78DA6D94C94F13511CC7DFB453CB4E4B5B28945A5A6487D252D4A3CAA2890222225| |73281012662DBB435D1A3078DDBC9255C5C1377131312D7C483B8FC23E2725141F1| |A297F1D7F9FECA10C697369F37DFDFF27EBFF7DECCF08981B227FB4EED1292AB7F5| |EC96627FB53C95C26353FAF661CC3CAAC36256878F76A19B56B4C996E18579247D9| |EC2443C8F42E0446F3BE8587C8067BDFF1999928E5D0949C964A4E0E1ED3B2599A8| |8F2D19411353B97D392B325C6D3E1B4AA4E9719D3215549935E5978985633D9392D| |ED1E4C6B53586B58C9E6D4CC493FD593A0FF6949F0D065B1DB2E445C16B63DCC3E5| |01E60F68323668C5D7C83B625C41C970C168D80670870D71DD247F8142D83259F98| |9FC1B22FCCAFE02805DA112BD92FDB0CADEA0A78906C0ED8846389348F2CCE92E69| |4B096F39A6CF879AF83D537983741FF2DE66DF010C51573BEE2B030B473A49572ED| |A54FE157F78CF91CAC7FC17C0976BF02253AF072CE57AED3106394AD92954AEEE63| |C696E5EC17D0F5D6FBDCF7CC07C08363C623E06EDB48287BBF5C4B0DB0D7130DCCB| |FC03DF700FD858437A904E92627D88B5F97CF06DF4325D60847C6AE023D57460476| |2CC0BA4D772DDB509F4B2AD97B99DB9036CDEC95CC6CEE42F4880EB0EF8A135D782| |2D75CC00B31E6C0BF2E9514D41AE3BC875B7ADA1B7B603E04592435C5B68056BB7A| |F327F327F819D6BCCDFE0118A8DF01945F8164E90D6C4F536BD411D9D4B60D75BE6| |3BE67B30FA01BC43295A395FAB710BDCD44107EF6A0777D0CD3B5F45B6286C22CA7| |7F02E658871C7313EE5389F72BC07CC6F12BF8FF4CBAF123415BDDD628D5994B845| |4958945E8B32645146E5F5B75D488652EC5A7F87F5EF256495365A574CC52685B1D| |F1513E8AA623FB145163F2C51ABA6224B0B3839D725E6A6EF84F72A980FD4EBBC34| |47A0FEDA63CEAB7CE6DC188B914D8231FE56FF4F35C7C28694FF0026EC31A2| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  2. I’ve written up a proposal for improving Mind Control before, and this is done in the same vein, except with a cooler twist – there’s another Control Primary powerset out there that could do with some love (something that I’ve mentioned in my thread to allow Controllers to lock down AVs/GMs): Ice Control! As for why I decided to look at improvements to this powerset in particular, read on. Ice Control: The Competition Heats Up Unlike Mind Control, it’s a fairly standard Control set, with five of its powers following the regular pattern: one single target/AoE Hold and Immobilize, along with a pet power as its capstone. Additionally, its secondary effect can be quite potent. Its combined powers provide enough -Recharge/-Movement to slow most enemies to a crawl, and attack as much as four times slower. Given that, it’s what Ice Control’s other four powers do cumulatively that make it hold up somewhat less well compared to the other Control primaries. Generally, most of them have an early way of locking down groups of enemies for a prolonged period of time, even before their AoE Hold comes into play: Control Primary Power Name Effect Level Darkness Heart of Darkness PBAoE Stun 12 Earth Stalagmites AoE Stun 12 Electric Static Field Patch AoE Sleep 12 Fire Flashfire AoE Stun 12 Illusion Phantom Army Decoy Summon 18 Plant Seeds of Confusion Cone Confuse 8 The only exceptions to this are Mind and Gravity Control, which are both more damage focused than the other powersets – they get their other lockdown power at level 26 (Terrify and Wormhole respectively). Ice Control: Slow on the Uptake By level 12, most Control powersets have ways of immediately locking enemies down hard and for prolonged periods of times, preventing them from acting against players. In comparison, Ice Control at this level gets: Arctic Air (6), a solid PBAoE Confuse toggle: useful, but slow acting, giving enemies time to retaliate Shiver (8), a potent Recharge/Movement debuff: useful in prolonged fights, but does nothing against the initial wave of attacks Ice Slick (12), a location based knockdown patch: great at keeping enemies on the floor, but doesn’t immediately stop them from attacking the user The only power that bucks this trend is Flash Freeze, gained at level 18, which puts a group of enemies to sleep. Unfortunately, this does little in the way of locking down a group for a prolonged period of time, an issue it shares with other Sleep powers, given how the effect is broken via damage, or even being knocked down. A pattern comes into play here. Ice Control excels in long, drawn out fights, due to being able to slow down the amount of damage that comes their way over time via its recharge and movement debuffs. However, it also lacks an immediate way of persistently locking down enemies, resulting in more damage taken from the unmitigated initial attacks. This leads on to the meat of this proposal, mainly figuring out a way of locking down enemies at an early level while keeping Ice Control’s main strength of working well against prolonged fights. Every other aspect of this proposal is secondary to this. Powerset Revamp: Ice Control Ice Control has received a number of changes aimed at improving its ability to initially lock down the battlefield, something that almost all other Control powersets are capable of doing from a low level. In addition, there are now more avenues for it to deal damage, placing it more in line with other Control powersets. Power Changes Shiver: Ranged (Cone), Foe -Recharge, -SPD, Foe Hold, Minor DMG(Cold) 50% chance to Hold (Mag 2) Deals minor Cold damage Can now be slotted with Hold and Targeted AoE enhancements Ice Slick: Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe Knockdown -SPD, -Jump Can now be slotted with Slow enhancements Can now be slotted with Knockback enhancements Flash Freeze: Ranged (Targeted AoE), Minor DMG(Cold/Lethal), Foe Sleep, Summon Ice Formations Each affected enemy now summons a fragile, short lived ice formation Summoned icicles apply -Recharge and -Movement in a small area Has a small aura of immobilisation and taunt that affects the targeted enemy Deals minor Cold/Lethal damage to targeted enemy if prematurely destroyed Can now be slotted with Taunt and Slow enhancements Glacier: PBAoE, Foe Hold, -Recharge, -SPD Duration of -SPD debuff increased to 24 seconds Alteration Justifications The main change of note here is Shiver, which is meant to act as a go-to opener for Ice Control in most cases, allowing it to cut down the amount of actual attackers in play from the start. This change was heavily inspired by Poison’s Neurotoxic Breath power, which is similar in nature to Shiver, except with a small chance to Hold an enemy (25%, Mag 2). More unreliable than other openers, it’s designed to keep Ice Control’s more gradual lockdown at the forefront while providing some further safety alone. Combined with the other Recharge/Movement debuffs that Ice Control is capable of, any attacks after the initial burst should be fairly infrequent, or give time for Arctic Air’s confuse to kick in. Additionally, some minor damage to the power provides Controllers with a little more means of whittling down opponents somewhat faster, something of an issue for Control powersets in general, but especially the case for Ice. In that vein, Flash Freeze also received similar changes – Sleeps tend to be more effective when combined with other more lasting effects (Electric Control’s Static Field is a nice example of this). By creating fragile summons that apply slow debuffs and taunt, even enemies who prematurely wake up from being put to sleep will still end up being occupied for a little longer, attacking the constructs that trapped them in the first place. Other than that, the changes to Ice Slick are meant to provide Ice Control with more slotting options (Shiver and Flash Freeze included). Similarly, Glacier’s recharge/speed debuff duration is surprisingly low for its recharge and duration – only 10 seconds, which even Ice Control’s single target hold exceeds. Ice Control: Now Even Cooler And these are the changes that I’d make to Ice Control – modifications designed to fill in some gaps in its toolbox, as well as improve its existing abilities and strengths. In other words, it attempts to keep its previous feel while also improving its speed and effectiveness. With this all written up, I turn to the forums: what do you think? Is this something that you’d like done to Ice Control? Does it bring it in line with the other Control powersets, is it too much, not enough? Would you do something else entirely? Looking forward to everybody’s responses!
  3. gribster2


    I am looking for a .mxd file to look at a build for the above controller ice/sonic thanks in advance
  4. Preface: I've played City of Heroes for a very long time, and eons ago I remember being able to use Flash or Mass Confusion or Cinders, etc. to control (or later dominate) my foes. They were reliable and helped define what it meant to be a controller. But then dark times occurred, and the CoH devs decided that they would smite us for thinking that a controller could effectively control a group of would be criminals. Wouldn't it be great if we could use a AoE hold or power and it recharged out of the box significantly less than the 4 minute (240 second) timer that was imposed upon us? We live in a world where DPS can nuke every group (and sometimes twice if their a sentinel), but we are stuck waiting as CONTROL BASED AT'S are left in the dust and often times not even needed... I'd suggest that we go across the board and reduce the base recharge of controller and dominator AoE Mezzes from 240 to 90 seconds (I'd even compromise at the 2 minute mark). As usual thanks. Any thoughts on the matter?
  5. The Current Situation Controllers are one of my favourite archetypes - capable of changing the course of a battle with a single well aimed power, and aiding their allies while debilitating their foes, it makes for a character that prefers to facilitate victory, rather than getting their hands dirty in the middle of a fight. However, while they can easily disable weaker enemies with their numerous abilities, much of their arsenal is rendered ineffective against stronger foes, which have inherent levels of protection against status effects. That is to say: the raison d'être of a Controller's entire Primary power set (i.e. disabling or otherwise hindering the enemy) becomes an accessory to their other abilities while facing Archvillains and Giant Monsters. No other category of powers invalidates themselves against stronger enemies to this wide of a margin - buffs and debuffs work, as do powers that deal damage. While they function at a diminished rate, they still do something. In comparison, status effects are binary: they either affect the enemy or they don't, and in the case of Archvillains and Giant Monsters...they usually don't. While it is true that it is possible to stack enough status effects to overcome this inherent protection that these stronger foes have, one Controller alone is very unlikely to be able to do this - why else would Archvillains have a cycling period of higher/lower status effect immunity? As it stands, Dominators are the better choice for actually locking down stronger enemies due to their inherent: the doubled strength of their control powers mean that they're much more capable of exceeding the status effect protections that such enemies possess. The Proposed Change Controllers actually have an inherent ability that lets them bypass the protections of some enemies to a degree. This comes in the form of 20% chance of increasing the magnitude of a status effect inflicting power by 1 (denoted by the word Overpower on use). Since most status effects have a magnitude of 3, this lets them occasionally affect Boss ranked enemies in a single hit. However, this does little to nothing for higher ranking enemies, which have much higher levels of protection. This proposal (which I'm calling Overwhelming Overpower) attempts to change this, giving the Overpower mechanic the chance to grant higher levels of magnitude than just 1. As a result, Controllers now have the chance to affect higher ranking enemies with just a single use of a status effect inducing ability. While this makes them less reliable than a Dominator, they can potentially reach far greater heights. As the table below shows, Overpower can now actually, well, overpower enemies, regardless of their rank. Additional Magnitude Chance per Overpower Chance per Power Usage Floating Text +1 = affect a Boss 50% 10% = 10 in 100 uses Overpower +4 = affect an Elite Boss 25% 5% = 5 in 100 uses Overpower! +54 = affect an Archvillain 20% 4% = 4 in 100 uses Overpower!! +100 = affect a Giant Monster 5% 1% = 1 in 100 uses Overpower!!! This was partially inspired by the idea of saving throws in D&D. Naturally, higher level enemies tend to be more resistant to effects, but there was still the chance that a bad roll of the die could leave them affected. As seen in the table above, Archvillains now have a 25% chance of being overwhelmed by a status effect inducing ability, if it is Overpowered. In other words, rolling a natural 1 on a d20 (20% chance of Overpower, then 25% chance of a +54 or higher Magnitude boost). I also added in a section that allowed Elite Bosses to be instantly affected as well, since they have somewhat higher protection levels than Bosses do - it also serves as a way of giving Controllers some additional magnitude to play with against Archvillains/Giant Monsters to some degree, making it a little bit easier to overwhelm them. I figure that these numbers strike a fair balance between making control powers completely godlike and essentially useless - with enough attempts, a Controller can now lock down powerful enemies, even if they can't build enough stacks to brute force their way through an enemy's protection. However, people more versed in numbers than I am, please feel free to correct me, or suggest changes to these chances. Potential Further Ideas Smoother Overpower Magnitude Curve One idea I've been toying with is the idea of having Overpower's magnitude be more variable. Instead of a flat chance for specific magnitudes, perhaps using a logarithmic scale with higher/lower magnitudes might be more potent. My main concern here is that this might be a bit too powerful, depending on exactly how this scale might look. Extremely high values would occur at approximately the same rate as before, but it'd also provide the opportunity for status effect magnitudes to stack a little better (e.g. a chance of having a Mag 40 Hold, followed by a few regular Mag 3 ones, just enough to Hold an AV). This could further boost the Controller's ability to lock down Archvillains and Giant Monsters, even if they don't exactly hit the right threshold the first time around, by stacking additional status effect points to just reach the limit. Were I more versed in maths, I'd draw up a graph of the likelihood of a specific magnitude on an Overpower under this model...but sadly I am not. +Chance to Overpower Another idea that's come to mind is letting the actual chance for the Overpower effect occur more frequently depending on a stacking bonus, similar to how Stalkers can build higher chances for critical hits. Potential ideas for 'stacks' (of let's say 5%) could be: Stacking percentage based on how many status effects on an enemy are applied (even if they aren't affecting them) E.g. Controller attempts to Hold + Sleep + Confuse an AV, chance to Overpower is now 20% + (5% + 5% + 5%) = 35% chance Stacking percentage based on how many recent control powers have been used (time pending) Stacking percentage based on previous controls that weren't an Overpower (increase chance if it hasn't happened lately) E.g. Controller's previous two controls were regular ones, chance to Overpower is now 20% + (5% + 5%) = 30% chance Increased chance based on amount of magnitude left until it exceeds protection (Current Magnitude Inflicted / Enemy Magnitude Protection) * 100 = additional chance to Overpower E.g. Controller Holds AV for Mag 3, resulting in a 26% chance to Overpower (3 / 50) * 100 = 6% additional chance Overpowering Overkill Two points that have been brought up a few times in this thread: Controllers are a little bit slow at actually clearing out enemies in regular play Overwhelming Overpower does little against weaker enemies (Lieutenants and below) As such, this additional proposal aims to address these two points in the following manner: An Overpower or above will instantly defeat Underling ranked enemies and below 20% chance for instant defeat on power use An Overpower! or above will instantly defeat Minion ranked enemies and below 10% chance for instant defeat on power use An Overpower!! or above will instantly defeat Lieutenant/Sniper ranked enemies and below 5% chance for instant defeat on power use An Overpower!!! will instantly defeat Boss ranked enemies and below 1% chance for instant defeat on power use This is flavoured as the Controller's higher magnitude powers fully overwhelming weaker enemies, and thus leading to their subsequent defeat. As such, the proposal might work well together with the previous suggestion of dynamically increasing the chance of an Overpower occurring. Conclusion With this proposal, Controllers should now be able to better lock down higher ranking enemies, rather than rely on their secondary abilities to help a team when facing them. Rather than building stacks of status effect points that will likely do little, or needing other team members to help them, a Controller can now know that their attempts in locking down that AV all have the chance to become something greater: an Overwhelming Overpower! Feedback as always is welcome - is this something that you might like to see? Any changes that you'd like to this proposal? Looking forward to any responses that come my way! History Initially, here was what the likelihood of Overwhelming Overpower looked like - after some discussion, I figured that it was a bit too low:
  6. Hey everyone. Blaster here, I just made my first controller since the game came back. Just wondering if anyone has any good builds for the ill/plant combo, or if anyone could make one up for me? Thanks in advance! Edit: If it sweetens the deal I can compensate you with some influence or some farms runs for the build if it helps persuade anyone to chime in 😄
  7. Currently, the power Fissure (both in Controller and Dominator flavour) requires you to be on the ground to activate it. The old i25 patch notes changed the way a number of powers worked (Foot Stomp, Atom Smasher, Burn, Tremor, Ice Patch). Before these changes, they needed to be activated while you were on the ground. Now, they can also be used while flying, so long as you're close to the ground - a nice quality of life adjustment. Given that there is precedence for similar powers being adjusted in this way, it would be nice if Fissure could also be used while flying, instead of requiring you to be on the ground.
  8. Love some input on my build. I'm quite happy with how it plays at the moment, but it can always get better. I don't have all my incarnates at the moment, but they will just make life easier down the road. I'll give some input below on my rotations and stuff below. I haven't pushed this and don't know what kind of content it can actually do but I'm not sure higher then +2/x8 is advisable without completed incarnates (I do +2/x5 atm when solo). Hero Plan Import info: Hero Profile: Incarnates: Set Bonus Totals: Set Bonuses:
  9. I decided to take a stab at making a Control powerset that I’ve been tossing around in my head for a while. Manipulating insects was either going to be a Mastermind or Control powerset, but I eventually settled on the latter; I figured it made more sense to direct swarms that way, over having a small group of pets. It’s actually my first time doing something like this, so hopefully it impresses! I don’t have the best of heads for numbers in the game, but I do hope it turned out alright. Especially since this powerset in particular is very focused on numbers, as can be seen in the power breakdowns for each of them. I tried to keep the ‘feel’ of controlling insects throughout – overwhelming enemies through slow, persistent attrition; a game of gradually grinding at things. It sacrifices immediate control for the promise of eventually locking down the entire battlefield. Hopefully it shows through the different powers on display! Insect Control Power Table Power Level Effect Plague 1 Ranged, Moderate DoT (Lethal/Toxic), Foe Knockdown, -DMG Blight 1 Ranged, Moderate DoT (Lethal/Toxic), Foe Hold, -DMG Webbing 2 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Minor DoT (Lethal/Toxic), Foe Immobilize, -Fly, -DMG Swarm Cloud 6 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe -Range, -Perception Insect Cloak 8 Toggle: PBAoE, Team Stealth, +DEF(All) Bug Burst 12 PBAoE, Minor DMG (Lethal/Toxic), Foe Fear, -DMG Ground Crawlers 18 Ranged (Location AoE), Minor DoT (Lethal/Toxic), Foe Knockdown, -DMG Infestation 26 Ranged (Location AoE), Minor DoT (Lethal/Toxic), Foe Hold, -DMG Insect Colony 32 Summon Colonies: Melee, Minor DoT (Lethal/Toxic) Powers Blight Harasses a target with biting and stinging insects, leaving them helpless under the swarm while taking moderate Lethal damage. Multiple applications of Blight are required to incapacitate most enemies, but the target’s ability to deal damage will still be reduced. Damage Moderate Damage over Time (Lethal/Toxic) Recharge Fast (5s) Duration 78.22s Minimum Level 1 Effects Ranged Foe Hold (Mag 1), -10% DMG (12s) Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Enhance Damage Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Hold Duration Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Ranged Damage Holds Bug Burst Unleashes a disorienting cacophony of flies, locusts, and other winged insects around you, terrorizing and harming all enemies as they fend them off. Enemies that are unaffected still have their damage reduced from minor bites and stings. Damage Minor (Lethal/Toxic) Recharge Slow (40s) Duration 27.94s Minimum Level 12 Effects Point Blank Area of Effect Foe Fear (Mag 3), -10% DMG (12s) Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Enhance Damage Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Fear Duration Increase Attack Rate Set Categories PBAoE Damage Fear Ground Crawlers You cause insects to congregate across the ground, biting and pulling at foes that pass through this location, causing many of them to fall down in pain. The bites and toxins inflicted against them also reduces their ability to deal damage. Damage Minor Damage over Time (Lethal/Toxic) Recharge Long (90s) Duration 30s Minimum Level 18 Effects Ranged (Location Area of Effect) Foe Knockdown (Mag 0.67), -10% DMG Enhancements Enhance Damage Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Knockback Distance Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Targeted AoE Damage Knockback Infestation You command a cloud of biting and stinging insects to gather at a targeted location. Foes that pass through this location will take minor Lethal damage, and are left swarmed and helpless from numerous bites. Damage Minor Damage over Time (Lethal/Toxic) Recharge Long (150s) Duration 60s Minimum Level 26 Effects Ranged (Location Area of Effect) Foe Hold (Mag 2), -10% DMG Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Enhance Damage Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Hold Duration Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Targeted AoE Damage Holds Insect Cloak A blanket of flying insects covers you and all nearby allies, making them more difficult to see. Additionally, you and your teammates are granted a minor bonus to your defense to all attacks. Insect Cloak cannot be used with any other self affecting Concealment type power. Recharge Slow (15s) Endurance 0.36/s Minimum Level 8 Effects Toggle: Point Blank Area of Effect Team Stealth (60ft.), +2.25% Defense (All) Enhancements Enhance Defense Buffs Reduce Endurance Cost Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Defense Insect Colony You command the surrounding insects to form into 3 autonomous colonies. Each colony will swarm a single foe, inhibiting their actions with toxin-laced bites and stings. They can be healed and buffed like any teammate. Damage Minor (Lethal/Toxic) Recharge Very Long (240s) Minimum Level 32 Effects Summon Colonies: Melee Colony Powers Fly (Auto: Flight) Sting (Melee, DoT (Lethal/Toxic), -Speed, -Recharge) Resistance (Auto, Res(S25 L25 T25), Res(Immobilize)) Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Enhance Damage Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Flight Speed Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Pet Damage Recharge Intensive Pets Plague Sends a swathe of bugs to overwhelm a target, dealing moderate Lethal and Toxic damage as they assault them. The pain from the bites may cause the target to fall to the ground. Additionally, the toxins from the bugs reduce the damage of the affected foe. Damage Moderate Damage over Time (Lethal/Toxic) Recharge Moderate (8s) Minimum Level 1 Effects Ranged Foe Knockdown (Mag 0.67), -10% DMG (12s) Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Enhance Damage Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Knockback Distance Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Knockback Ranged Damage Swarm Cloud Surrounds all foes near the target with flying insects, dramatically obscuring their vision. Affected targets will have their range and ability to see greatly reduced, but they will still be alerted to your presence if they are attacked. Recharge Slow (15s) Duration 60s Minimum Level 6 Effects Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect) Foe -90% Perception, -45% Range Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Reduce Endurance Cost Increase Attack Rate Set Categories None Webbing Orders nearby insects to cover a group of targets in silk, slime, and other secretions before attacking your now immobilized foes. Multiple applications of Webbing are required to immobilize most enemies. Damage Minor Damage over Time (Lethal/Toxic) Recharge Fast (5s) Duration 97.79s Minimum Level 2 Effects Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect) Foe Immobilize (Mag 1), -10% DMG (12s) Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Enhance Damage Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Immobilization Duration Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Targeted AoE Damage Immobilize
  10. Option 1 : Add Fear and Confuse status effect to Containment Proc Option 2 (Optional) : Mez +1 is lacking compared to other AT's, so how about it stacks? If you immobilized enemy +1 to all mez and if you stunned on top on that +2 to all mez and if you hold enemy +3 to all mez. This will allow underpowered status effects to shine at least once Option 3 (Optional) : Status Effects last longer the more mez you have on particular enemy? Or at least if not mezzed allow -protection to remain longer so we can eventually mez GMs or AVs on Incarnate Content. That's it.
  11. Last night I had an idea, as I was playing and thought about NBC's Heroes. Remember Ando? How he could boost people's powers? This is a very rough idea, and I'm totally open to different ideas. Note the numbers after the placeholder power names are what level they would be available on either a primary or secondary for the power set concept. Erratic Amplification 1 1 Ranged Foe, -Max HP, -ToHit, Special(+Damage) Amplified Recovery 1 2 PBAoE, Ally +Regen, +Recovery, +Recharge Amplified Pain 2 4 Toggle: PBAoE Foe (-Defense, -Resistance, -Regen) Amplify Ally 6 10 Ally +Power Boost (similar to Empath Fort) Amplify Self 8 16 Self +Power Build Up Amplified Travel 12 20 PBAoE Team, +Max Movement Speed (run, jump, flight), +Max Teleport Range, +Special (Recall Friend/Shadow Recall act similar to ATT) Amplification Aura 18 28 Toggle: PBAoE Team, +Special (weaker toggle version of Power Boost) Amplified Inspiration 26 35 Ally, +Special (Boosts inspirations used on individual) Ultimate Amplification 32 38 PBAoE, Team +Special (Team Ultimate Inspiration), lasts 15 seconds, 10 minute recharge I was trying to think how we could get something rather unique as far as a support set could go, and thought this could be conceivably a cool idea. I haven't figured out what potential buff/debuff numbers necessarily could be aside of the tier 9 as that's fixed but duration/recharge is up for discussion on that one. Every Hiro needs an Ando.
  12. The Problem Controllers often use status effects like Sleep/Hold/Stun..ect which are covered by the condition for containment damage. However they also use a bunch of other effects that certainly impede the victim's ability to act but do not count for containment damage. Two in particular: Fear and Confuse, often both prevent the enemy from attacking you or your allies and in the case of Fear, stops them moving too. One could say that Containment is only for status effects that 'lock down' enemies as the description states, but the effective message and gameplay perception of the inherent is that you get 'bonus damage from enemies under control effects'. The Suggestion Add Fear and Confuse to the list of applicable status afflictions for Containment to deal bonus damage. There's no reason to not include them as they are still strong statuses when used correctly. To denounce Fear because hitting them breaks the status early would eliminate Sleep as a status (and Fear eventually holds the attacked target after a short while too). And while Confuse doesn't stop the enemy from doing things, they might as well not be because aside from skimming off XP, a confused enemy can only be helpful to your team. In the case of a single confused enemy, they might as well be held. I would say straight up that Knock effects shouldn't count, they're not persistent status effects. Taunt and Placate are tricky, while the two statuses and Confuse definitely do change how an enemy behaves, at least Confuse prevents the enemy from hurting you or your team mates, which neither accomplish (Taunt drives them to hurt you, Placate drives them to hurt your team). For them to have an inclusion into Containment's effect it would have to be something like the below suggestion: Other control effects not currently included in Containment could be counted as a mini-crit grouping of damage bonuses, with Fear/Confuse/Taunt/Placate providing a smaller amount of bonus damage and in the event of an enemy having multiple statuses, takes the higher multiplier. An enemy with confuse could have something like +50% damage, while a Sleeping, Confused enemy would take the normal +100% damage. I still would like Fear and Confuse to be considered +100% damage statuses, but as a compromise, I can deal with it being made with mini-critting status effects so long as Containment can benefit from as many CC effects as plausible.
  13. Hello guys, last night i saw a post with a Plant/Poison build by @Frosticus so i decided to change it into Earth/Poison because earth is love, earth is life etc etc. So i ended up with a build that i think it needs more S/L defense (+4,5% more to softcap). Any suggestions? http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1537&c=715&a=1430&f=HEX&dc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
  14. I had a question about Impact! for Gravity Controllers and I was told that in Issue 22 it was added: Impact! introduced: Enemies attacked with Lift or Propel will have bonus damage applied if the enemy has been recently held by Gravity Distortion (regardless of who cast Gravity Distortion). Last night, I got my controller the Gravity Distortion Field power.. which is Gravity Distortion multi hit. When I used it and the followed up with Lift and Propel on an enemy, I did not get an Impact! bonus. Is this working as intended or should I get it for the AOE as well as the single target?
  15. Which controllers work with CoH/Homecoming? Which ones are recommended? Anyone else try 3dRudder?
  16. Hello Kinetics, Just a friendly reminder that Increase Density's status protection is still applied via single target and NOT included in the AOE. Reference: Black Scorpion - Issue 20.5 Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20120911091521/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?p=3659012#post3659012 Happy buffing! ;D
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