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  1. I’ve written up a proposal for improving Mind Control before, and this is done in the same vein, except with a cooler twist – there’s another Control Primary powerset out there that could do with some love (something that I’ve mentioned in my thread to allow Controllers to lock down AVs/GMs): Ice Control! As for why I decided to look at improvements to this powerset in particular, read on. Ice Control: The Competition Heats Up Unlike Mind Control, it’s a fairly standard Control set, with five of its powers following the regular pattern: one single target/AoE Hold and Immobilize, alon
  2. I recently created a Grav/Bubble controller with the intention of throwing baddies all over the place. I think it will be really fun to get wormhole running with fold space. Then once they are in a nice corner i will use bubbles, incarns, and singy to practically lock people in a perpetual knockback against the wall or something. I dont know about this being the strongest or toughest build out there but man am i going to feel like a real Troller! My question is, is there a more funny troller to play? Maybe grav/storm with hurricane etc?
  3. Hey all! After writing up a proposal for Insect Control, I’ve decided to try and create another Control powerset, and decided to fill an obvious elemental gap – there’s a lack of Control powersets in general, so I’m trying to do my part to help resolve that. As a secondary goal, I wanted to make Light Control relatively unique, while still maintaining a decent amount of lockdown despite its larger amount of non-standard powers. Given this decision, I’d definitely be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on this: is it too divergent/weak/overtuned/unenjoyable? Special Effect:
  4. I think it'd be a net positive to controller play to allow terrorise to generate containment and do double damage without challenging the current control set balance. It affects three main control sets: *Dark Control *Mind Control *Illusion Dark control wouldn't notice much of a difference because it already has an AOE immobilise for containment generation. The main beneficiaries will be illusion and mind control, an under-performing control set. At 26 illusion gets spectral terror; spectral terror has two abilities, an aura that terrorises enemies around it, and terrify, a copy of a mind co
  5. Hello forum goers, it has been some time, once again I am back with a new powerset proposal. I have done multiple melees, and more recently engaged in control & assaults, so I decided this time as I "always" provide aid and assistance in providing revolutionary ideas to suggestions and feedback, I would now try involving myself with support based powersets for Defenders, Controllers, and possibly Corruptors. The theme for this one is Spiritualism, it involves the player unleashing their personal spirit to help unlock others full potential. I'm providing this description as this support pow
  6. Hello members of the forums, I have been recently playing a control based archetype and have noticed that's there is fairly few control powerset options for control and assault as opposed to melee or ranged. As someone who prefers being a melee combatant myself I never saw this as an issue, as many people (like myself) prefer to attack enemies up close or from a distance. So the shortage of option was never a concern to me. However after playing as a dominator myself, I recognize that it is a unique playstyle and I wanted to expand on the powerset choices. I though it would be cool to introduc
  7. Maj

    Build Help

    Hey looking for help/ a full build for a solo electric/storm/elec mu controller that will be able to solo content well but also play and run in tf's and other general mission content on the game, influence is not an issue, just looking for a build that can solo well and also help in tfs, any help is appreciated.
  8. gribster2


    I am looking for a .mxd file to look at a build for the above controller ice/sonic thanks in advance
  9. Preface: I've played City of Heroes for a very long time, and eons ago I remember being able to use Flash or Mass Confusion or Cinders, etc. to control (or later dominate) my foes. They were reliable and helped define what it meant to be a controller. But then dark times occurred, and the CoH devs decided that they would smite us for thinking that a controller could effectively control a group of would be criminals. Wouldn't it be great if we could use a AoE hold or power and it recharged out of the box significantly less than the 4 minute (240 second) timer that was imposed upon u
  10. The Current Situation Controllers are one of my favourite archetypes - capable of changing the course of a battle with a single well aimed power, and aiding their allies while debilitating their foes, it makes for a character that prefers to facilitate victory, rather than getting their hands dirty in the middle of a fight. However, while they can easily disable weaker enemies with their numerous abilities, much of their arsenal is rendered ineffective against stronger foes, which have inherent levels of protection against status effects. That is to say: the raison d'êt
  11. Hey everyone. Blaster here, I just made my first controller since the game came back. Just wondering if anyone has any good builds for the ill/plant combo, or if anyone could make one up for me? Thanks in advance! Edit: If it sweetens the deal I can compensate you with some influence or some farms runs for the build if it helps persuade anyone to chime in 😄
  12. Currently, the power Fissure (both in Controller and Dominator flavour) requires you to be on the ground to activate it. The old i25 patch notes changed the way a number of powers worked (Foot Stomp, Atom Smasher, Burn, Tremor, Ice Patch). Before these changes, they needed to be activated while you were on the ground. Now, they can also be used while flying, so long as you're close to the ground - a nice quality of life adjustment. Given that there is precedence for similar powers being adjusted in this way, it would be nice if Fissure could also be used while flying, i
  13. Love some input on my build. I'm quite happy with how it plays at the moment, but it can always get better. I don't have all my incarnates at the moment, but they will just make life easier down the road. I'll give some input below on my rotations and stuff below. I haven't pushed this and don't know what kind of content it can actually do but I'm not sure higher then +2/x8 is advisable without completed incarnates (I do +2/x5 atm when solo). Hero Plan Import info: Hero Profile: Incarnates: Set Bonus Totals: Set Bonuses:
  14. I decided to take a stab at making a Control powerset that I’ve been tossing around in my head for a while. Manipulating insects was either going to be a Mastermind or Control powerset, but I eventually settled on the latter; I figured it made more sense to direct swarms that way, over having a small group of pets. It’s actually my first time doing something like this, so hopefully it impresses! I don’t have the best of heads for numbers in the game, but I do hope it turned out alright. Especially since this powerset in particular is very focused on numbers, as can be seen in the power br
  15. Option 1 : Add Fear and Confuse status effect to Containment Proc Option 2 (Optional) : Mez +1 is lacking compared to other AT's, so how about it stacks? If you immobilized enemy +1 to all mez and if you stunned on top on that +2 to all mez and if you hold enemy +3 to all mez. This will allow underpowered status effects to shine at least once Option 3 (Optional) : Status Effects last longer the more mez you have on particular enemy? Or at least if not mezzed allow -protection to remain longer so we can eventually mez GMs or AVs on Incarnate Content. That's it.
  16. Last night I had an idea, as I was playing and thought about NBC's Heroes. Remember Ando? How he could boost people's powers? This is a very rough idea, and I'm totally open to different ideas. Note the numbers after the placeholder power names are what level they would be available on either a primary or secondary for the power set concept. Erratic Amplification 1 1 Ranged Foe, -Max HP, -ToHit, Special(+Damage) Amplified Recovery 1 2 PBAoE, Ally +Regen, +Recovery, +Recharge Amplified Pain 2 4 Toggle: PBAoE Foe (-Defense, -Resistance, -
  17. The Problem Controllers often use status effects like Sleep/Hold/Stun..ect which are covered by the condition for containment damage. However they also use a bunch of other effects that certainly impede the victim's ability to act but do not count for containment damage. Two in particular: Fear and Confuse, often both prevent the enemy from attacking you or your allies and in the case of Fear, stops them moving too. One could say that Containment is only for status effects that 'lock down' enemies as the description states, but the effective message and gameplay perception of the inherent
  18. Hello guys, last night i saw a post with a Plant/Poison build by @Frosticus so i decided to change it into Earth/Poison because earth is love, earth is life etc etc. So i ended up with a build that i think it needs more S/L defense (+4,5% more to softcap). Any suggestions? http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1537&c=715&a=1430&f=HEX&dc=78DA65944B4F13511886CFB453A0A5A5949616CABD140A9416068D3B432256834242E407900606DA886DD3D644548898F81B58A03FC098B85474E70F70A9B870EF858B26AE7453BFCEFB9636E9A4CD73E6BB9DF77CE79C597E70DDFDFAE6FEBCD23A17B6D3A5D2DA423E572EE6B7B7CDA26339BD95
  19. I had a question about Impact! for Gravity Controllers and I was told that in Issue 22 it was added: Impact! introduced: Enemies attacked with Lift or Propel will have bonus damage applied if the enemy has been recently held by Gravity Distortion (regardless of who cast Gravity Distortion). Last night, I got my controller the Gravity Distortion Field power.. which is Gravity Distortion multi hit. When I used it and the followed up with Lift and Propel on an enemy, I did not get an Impact! bonus. Is this working as intended or should I get it for the AOE as well as the
  20. Which controllers work with CoH/Homecoming? Which ones are recommended? Anyone else try 3dRudder?
  21. Hello Kinetics, Just a friendly reminder that Increase Density's status protection is still applied via single target and NOT included in the AOE. Reference: Black Scorpion - Issue 20.5 Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20120911091521/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?p=3659012#post3659012 Happy buffing! ;D
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