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Found 7 results

  1. Edit: Thanks for making the event so successful, everyone! Results are posted lower in the threat with screenshots! ___________________ Hey, Excelsior! The Cosmic Council SG is back with another 5 BILLION INF Costume Contest on August 1st at 5:00pm ET in Kalisti Wharf! The theme this time around is "Eureka! Tantalizing Tech and Spectacular Science!" and we can't wait to see what you all come up with! PRIZES: 1st Place - 1.5 Billion Inf 2nd Place - 1.25 Billion Inf 3rd Place - 1 Billion Inf 4th Place - 500 Million Inf 5th Place - 250 Million Inf 5 Honorable Mentions - 100 Million Inf each See you on Saturday, August 1st! Spread the word! 😄 Visit our Discord for more info: https://discord.gg/DVksJ4N
  2. The Cosmic Council SG presents... the "Eureka! Tantalizing Tech and Spectacular Science!" Costume Contest! Join us on August 1st at 5pm Eastern in Kalisti Wharf on Excelsior for a chance at 5 BILLION INF in prizes! 1st Place: 1.5 Billion 2nd Place: 1.25 Billion 3rd Place: 1 Billion 4th Place: 500 Million 5th Place: 250 Million 5 Honorable Mentions: 100 Million each For more info, stop by The Cosmic Council's Discord and say hi! https://discord.gg/DVksJ4N
  3. ATTN: ALL PLAYERS!!! The League Of Whovians is hosting a sci-fi inspired costume contest. It will be THIS Friday night at 8:00pm EST at the Atlas Park Supergroup Portal, on the Indomitable server. 1st prize 500 Million. 2nd: 200 Million 3rd: 50 Million. It is my way of giving back to the COH/COV Community. =D
  4. Hey nerds! Painbow Brite here. (of course you knew that, because it says my name here). You've heard about that thing folks do and have Christmas in July?? Well... get a load of THIS!! **JUNE 30th, 2020: 8pm EST/5pm PST , Everlasting Server - It's SUMMERWEEN!!!** Best Halloween Contest with a total of 2 Billion in prize monies to be held at 10pm EST/7pm PST You read that right. It's Halloween in June!! 4 hours (maybe MORE!) of Halloween Classics all (Monster) Mashed-up along with Gothy/Spoopy standards to chill your blood and get you doing the Time Warp again!! We'll be rising from our graves in the special Atlas Park Halloween instance. Talk with Null the Gull in Pocket D to get there!! We'll have a Best Halloween Costume contest with over 2 Billion in total prizes, friends, fiends, great music, and a cauldron FULL of full-sized candy bars at the Haunted Mansion! All broadcast from Painbow's "Spectrum of Sound" which you can tune into 24/7 at: http://listen.samcloud.com/w/120297
  5. My friends and I are hosting the Excelsior Family BBQ, a casual costume-contest-slash-dance-party on 4th of July weekend! Any and all costumes are welcome! We’ll be giving away at least 500 million Influence in prizes. Come show off your threads, hang out, and set off fireworks! We’ll begin judging at 8:00 PM EST on Sunday, July 5th, in Pocket D’s tiki bar — accessible via the door on the zone’s south side. See you there, Excelsior!
  6. Join <The Ghosts of Paragon's Past> on Excelsior For one hell of a costume contest. The theme for this contest is BLACK-ORANGE-BLUE The Contest will be held in Kallisti Wharf under the Statesman statue. 6PM EST 6/13/20 TOTAL PRIZES 2.4 Billion. ------------------------------ What are you doing Saturday evening at 6PM Eastern Time. On (DATE6/13/20) Show us your best outfits and costumes. Come and join <The Ghosts of Paragon's Past> on Excelsior for one hell of a costume contest. Total prizes 2.4 Billion Not only do you have a chance to win the CC, but gifts given out at random. The theme for this contest is simple. Just make the most awesome costume using three simple colors. -BLACK- -ORANGE- -BLUE- The outfit/costume must contain off of these colors. We will (NOT) be judging BIOs. The Contest will be held in Kallisti Wharf under the Statesman statue. Power set aoe's will be turned off and not counted as costume parts.
  7. Just since it seems costume contests always run into the sun not being up in Atlas and affecting colors and the like... Very non-fancy base available. Three stages which should be enough for most contests, as well as travel to both sides (and co-op.) One's a plain stage, one has a bit of a catwalk, one has a stand for whatever you want to use it for, all have tiered stages around the edges for contestants. Stages-13625. Let your contestants be seen the way they were meant to. (I'm not a fancy base builder. But this doesn't really need it.)
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