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Found 17 results

  1. Wish there was a fire and ice arm for both sides, as well as crystal for both sides, it only makes sense given that there is also a existing variant for all robot/cyborg types for the arms.
  2. So recently the Tech Knight back items received an update that corrected the FX of the back items to properly show the ball of energy, as well as an option to remove it entirely as it behaved before. However, the one thing that always bugged me with the Tech Knight costume pieces, the weapons in particular, is that the glowing ball of energy matches up with the 1st color choice of the costume piece and not the 2nd. I think it would be great if we had an additional option with Tech Knight weapons and back items that matches the glowing ball of energy to your 2nd color choice. Below is an example of the Tech Knight Mace and Tech Knight Capacitor back item in their current form, as well as a rough mock-up of what it would look like with the new color choices; Hopefully this wouldn't be too hard to implement, so I'm hoping it would be something we can squeeze into a future update!
  3. I just noticed that Tuatha have hooves not available as costume parts. Since they don't seem to move much differently from other bipeds, I wonder if it would be relatively straight-forward to add them as costume parts for monstrous legs. The higher-tier one's antlers would be cool too, and I'm sure people would find use if their deer tails were available as a costume part.
  4. Can antlers be added as a head slot 1 item, as well as hoof feet that are in the boots category but not in monstrous?
  5. First the feedback - I love all the costume pieces that have been added and unlocked from npc costumes and elsewhere, since HC has been up and running. Awesome stuff. Now suggestion: at this time of year almost more than any other, I yearn desperately for long skirts. On Paragon Chat we were able to play around with using some of the npc parts with db editing, and though I never did a lot with that, I was able to find and use the long skirt I'd always wanted. In the db, it was geom "V_Hips_Talons.GEO/GEO_Hips_Ragged_Talons" tex1"!Skirt_V_Talons_02" tex2 "!Skirt_V_Talons_02_Mask" And it was the essential piece for this costume (you'll recognize the other parts, standard ones) (attached). The tex2 Mask creates the ragged edge and I used it with and without, so both version would be awesome. Clipping is minimal, and certainly nothing worse that sometimes occurs with existing costume parts now. Please oh please consider adding this piece the next time you are adding new npc costume bits. Thanks for considering. 🙂
  6. Hello With some costume combinations, when you turn off the SG emblem in the SG settings, it shows up a large white piece instead. (Is that a giant sheriff shield insigna ? 😛) Shown on this capture: Female model, Chest type Tights, Bodysuit Armored chest piece with decor, no chest detail piece. It does not affect world render though, only the model in the preview.
  7. I found this post on r/cityofheroes and I was hoping to bring it to the HC team's attention. These costume parts would be a REALLY cool addition.
  8. I'm trying use the Match Compensator skin on my Dual Pistols character, and I constantly get this error: Is there anyway to fix this? These ones are the best looking by far!
  9. So, thinking about alts and looks that don't exist and can't fit right now, Spines came up. Some looks / shaders I'd like to see: - Energy/Glowing (shader) Basically one or two tone options on the "spine" types (bananas/thorns/slates) we have now, but glowing. Might look odd on the classic bananas, but glowing slate-type spines - or better yet, red hot metallic spines? Might just look good... - Vanguard What were they called, Talsorian or some such - the thin energy blades. - Energy (form) You know the glowing "spikes" or "vents" on the ... name's escaping me, Ascendant armor or aura? Those. But as spines. Be a nice, glowy porcupine. (Or, colored properly, a firey one, perhaps.) Yeah, nothing earth shattering, but they could be interesting looks.
  10. 1)I thought we could have masks with hair? 2)Tiaras for guys?
  11. is there a way GM could give some1 2nd Arachnos costume slot? I mean having 1 Arachnos costume slot wouldn't be such a problem if not the fact that it costs a lot of infamy to edit even the color of single element on Arachnos costumes unlike normal costume slots and it would be great if there would just be a way to have 2 Arachnos costume slots.
  12. There might be a hundred reasons why, on the devs' side, we may never see new/renovated costume pieces. These reasons go from legal (remember HC is a public, legal entity) to "tinkering with the game's code is like playing Jenga on fire." All of these reasons are perfectly legitimate. Modders, on the other hand, would be under considerably less scrutiny. Not only that, anyone who had the fortune of enjoying Neverwinter Night's private servers know that client-side mods are considerably less complex that modifying the base code (also they wouldn't raise the minimum machine requirements, since they'd be optional). So, over one year after this experiment started, I think we can already rest assured HC is here for a good while and won't go up in smoke just like that. ::KNOCK ON WOOD:: So... to all modders within the community. How about organizing to slowly replace one costume piece at a time: Imagine a CoX where all hairs were as pretty as "Club," where all faces had the quality of the Chinese Dynasty and Gunslinger pack's ones, where all metallic costume parts had Going Rogue's reflection effects. Before even thinking of "new" costume parts, consider that renovating the old pieces would make a big, BIG difference in the quality of our experience. Please, think about it.
  13. Hello everyone! I got bored waiting for the server maintenance to end so I went to fiddle with some of the dev-only pieces on Icon. Here are some of my screenshots of costumes that I came up with: Feel free to add on any cool costumes that you can come up with using the dev-only pieces!
  14. So maybe I'm just having trouble finding it, but I've got a character that I want to use "spectrum" for the tights, but she has boots, gloves, and miniskirt all with the cellular pattern.. I think it's looking pretty good, but I can't seem to find any tops that would match up with the mini-skirt and still allow for spectrum tights underneath (and bare arms on the top, so the spectrum is seen on the arms.) Am I just missing how to do this, or is it something that could be added in? I'm trying to create a disco dress (real world, not costume designer disco) kinda thing with spectrum "skin" Thankis
  15. So far I've only noticed with the fire and ice and tech knight pieces. Shader quality: medium and lower produces this result:
  16. i had a go at designing my first villan and made him look nice (might screenshot charater later) but i was curious if you guys had any ideas or designs you made for your villans
  17. Could we please add the actual Paragon Protector helmet as a costume piece instead of just the Halloween event full costume? I would love to be able to edit it and change colors and add pieces on to it for my own heroes. I feel like this is not much to ask since I have been playing this game since Beta and have requested it numerous times without it being granted. Please add it for us players!
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