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Found 31 results

  1. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The Paragon Patrol is hosting another Costume Contest on Reunion. When ? 17th January 10pm MEZ (9pm UTC) Where ? Khalisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza (in the center, at the statue) Theme We picked: Post Apocalyptic ! We feel like thats a good theme to kickstart 2021, so grab some scrap and weld together your own post apocalypse outfit. Placements and Prizes We are handing out prizes to our Top 5 contestants! First place gets 100 million influence. Second place gets 80 million influence. Third place gets 60 million influence. Fourth place gets 40 million influence. Fifth place gets 20 million influence. We would be happy to see you guys there ! Take care and be good to yourselves.
  2. Do need help visualizing your character? Do you feel like you're in a creative rut? Do you just want to give up? Don't worry! Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll whip a costume up in a jiffy! Satisfaction guaranteed. P.S. Everyone's free to pitch in. The more suggestions, the better! P.P.S. If you can, please add a reference photo. It helps us out a ton. (Leave it to me to get things totally wrong 🙄)
  3. Allow players to wear: horns with glasses. There are other 'Detail 1' collisions that just don't make sense, but that's the big one. Countess Crey's dress and glasses. The dress'd be ideal for a 'Unique Tops' item. Ouroboros Mender's belt. Cimeroran priestess robes (the two-cape system that Sister Solaris wears). Very few of us are playing CoH on the same computers we were in 2012. I think letting players have access to more intricate combinations will have almost negligible performance impact today for the overwhelming majority of players. I get more fps drop zoning into the unoptimized, but empty Kallisti Wharf than I do into Atlas during a costume contest on a 5yo nvidia adapater. In lieu of a real RGB slider control addition to the color palette, loosen the validation on colors in .costume files. We know that the engine will support a very broad gamut of RGB colors. (I have screenshots of me demonstrating this when the costume save feature went in.) This would allow players to fix color mismatches that have existed since Issue 1. The few players who use this to make inappropriate costumes will be ignored or reported almost instantly.
  4. Baron Havok is looking for the meanest, nastiest and downright terrifying to join him in a raid on Terra Volta and he'll pay for your services. One winner will walk way with a whopping 1 billion INF wired to him or her 2nd place receives 500 million 3rd gets 250 million INF 5x runners-up will each bag 50 million INF Everyone else will be treated to one helluva show on why red-side is the best side. Part 1: Looks that kill There will be 4 categories with 2 winners from each category. The reason is simple - fairness. A dark god is far more flashy than a mobster but both are equally valid as a villain. If you're unsure what category you fall under, just go with your gut feeling. 1. Science & Technology Evil geniuses, sadistic scientists, ruthless robots, any machination of menace and mayhem 2. Mutants & Monsters aliens, abominations, biohazards, failed (or successful) experiments, any being that is inhuman in either look or behaviour 3. Magic & Mystical Dark divinity, evil elementals, wielders of fell magic, arcane atrocities, demons, devils and all the denizens of desolation 4. Natural & Self-made Mob bosses, hired hitmen, skilled swordsmen, ninja assassins, rebellious riffraff, or even just plain corporate a-holes. Part 2: Show and Tell We can see you're evil, now tell us how good your are at being bad. The 8 finalists (2 winners from each category) will then be judged by their biography. No bio automatically disqualifies you from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Origin stories, character descriptions, your prepared evil monologue you keep in your breast pocket while you wait for the perfect moment, anything goes as long as it is creative... and vile. Bios should be in English; since not everyone is good with English (even some native English speakers) wrong grammar and spelling will be forgiven... this time. It's the idea that counts so let your wild side go on a rampage. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your friends' friends and your enemies' enemies. Go hit the costume creator and work on that killer bio. See you all on Dec. 5.
  5. Thank you Reunion! Again, it was a blast hosting this Costume Contest, we were happy with the amount of people attending. It was alot of fun to see what you guys cooked up in the mythology kitchen. As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back to you with another happening. The Theme Mythology and its Creatures The Winners Gotta say deciding this time was alittle bit harder, maybe that was due to the theme we picked, its boundaries and what we valued in the costumes. We are still finding our way of doing this fun and fair for everyone. We hope you are as happy as we are our 5 winners. (listed from left to right) Fifth Place: Khernnounos, the celtic god of animals, nature and fertility. (20mil influence) Fourth Place: Pharaoh Ra, the egyptian sun god as a human depiction. (40mil influence would have been the prize but he declined and wanted to donate it for our future contests, Thank you !) Third Place: Undine, a water nymph or an elemental water being. (60mil influence) Second Place: Mechsiah, robo-jesus with the 10.cmd's (80mil influence) First Place: Sun God Ra, another take on the big vitamin D energy god of the egyptian pantheon. (100mil influence) The prizes this time were made possible by the very generous CHAM CO. Farming & Finance For some extra pictures take a peek here: https://imgur.com/a/pLsR7Nc Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !
  6. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The Paragon Patrol is hosting another Costume Contest on Reunion, this time its not tied to a Homecoming Team Event and with bigger prizes and more placements. When ? 28th November 11pm MEZ Where ? Khalisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza (in the center, at the statue) Theme We picked: Mythology and its Creatures. It does not matter which mythology as long as it is known in the real world. (like Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic mythologys etc.) While we may not know every single godess, god, titan, creature or monster from all of them but we do have an interest in all things mythical. If you enter the competition with something we dont know of, or do not catch the reference of your costume we are not afraid to ask and see if we can look up if it exists. So dont worry about your favorite creature or god being too unknown. Placements and Prizes We are handing out prizes to our Top 5 contestants this time ! First place gets 100 million influence. Second place gets 80 million influence. Third place gets 60 million influence. Fourth place gets 40 million influence. Fifth place gets 20 million influence. Our prizes this time were sponsored by the very very wealthy CHAM CO. Farming & Finance We would be happy to see you guys there ! Take care and be good to yourselves.
  7. Would love some shaman style headdresses. As a quick workaround, you could take existing beast heads and let a regular face show through below the snout/eyes. Slight repositioning involved to line up with eyes of face, but would require no additional drawing/artistry.
  8. Baron Havok is looking for the meanest, nastiest and downright terrifying to join him in a raid on Terra Volta and he's got cash to pay! Good day and welcome all. This is an announcement for a Villain themed community CC that will be hosted on the HC:Reunion server on the 5th of December at 22:30 CEST (21:30 CET, 20:30 UTC). The location is Stateman plaza in Khallisti Wharf. Prizes are: 1 billion INF - 1st place 500 million INF - 2nd place 250 million INF - 3rd place 50 million INF - 5x runner-ups NB! The contest is divided into two parts. Part 1: Visual Part one is about your looks and appearance, there will be 4 categories and 2 winners will be chosen from each category. The catagories are: 1. [Science & Technology] - your mad scientists, rampaging cyborgs, evil robots, gadget heavy bounty hunters etc etc 2. [Mutants & Monsters] - your beasts, abominations, icemen, biohazards, aliens etc etc 3. [Magic & Mystical] - dark gods, mad sorcerers, predator druids, demons etc etc 4. [Natural & Self-made] - mobsters, swordsmen, ninjas, thugs, corperate etc etc The reason for the catagories is simple - fairness. A dark god is far more flashy than a mobster but both are equally valid as a villain. If you not sure what category your villain fits in then just go with your gut feeling. The catagories also make it easier for the judges to evaluate similar costumes. Part 2: Biographies. 2 winners will be taken from each category for a total of 8 finalists. The judges will then assess the biography of each finalist. NB: having no biography will automatically disqualify you from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Above all have fun and let your wildside out for a bit 🙂 Ps: a few more Judges will be required. If you are interested in being a judge please email me in game @Rivvic Judges will need to be post-apocalyptic themed
  9. Thank you Reunion ! It was a pleasure hosting this Costume Contest, we were amazed by the amount of people attending, by the creativity you guys brought to the table. We got contacted by some people that would like to donate and sponsor our Contests in the future, that being said we are planning to do this more often. As soon as we figured something out, we'll come back to you with another happening. So lets jump right into it. The Theme Spooky Scary Halloween The Contestants This picture was taken earlier, and we havent made one after everyone was there, cut us some slack we are learning to capture it better next time. 😉 Anyway this was already great for us, we were worried that not enough people would show up, but you guys did ! And we are thankful for that. Reunion rocks dude, keep it up ! The Winners Deciding the winners wasn't as easy as we thought it would be, and to cramp them into a top 3 would be even harder. For the next time we are thinking about a top 5, or give out honorable mentions to costumes that are really good but didnt make the cut, maybe both depending on how many people show up. Dredge: For this one we thought about a ghastly wood witch, the one you would hear screaming in the forest at night. At first you might think: nah its Red Fox or a Mountain Lion but then you take a look and see this bit... uhh witch slowly levitating towards your location. Ragespawn: We really liked the Frankenstein/Patchwork kinda theme this costume is going with. The black electro pattern on the grey zombie chest looks like blackened veins and the omega hand and foot on his (from our perspective) right side made it look dead and swollen, if you'd prick it with a needle it would ooze out. Disgusting. Avenging Mummy: You just bought a "Sphinx Nose" from some thrift shop down the road, the cashier was an elderly lady and she told you to be careful with this piece for it is cursed. You smirk and leave to your car, thinking about the leftover peperoni pizza you are going to devour in front of your computer while reading forum posts about Energy Melee needing a buff. So you arrive at your front door, enter your home and put the cursed artifact on your table, not sure where to leave it yet. You grab the pizza box and sit down, opening it in anticipation but all you find are crawling scarabs ?! Frightened you throw it away from you, and in the corner of your eye you see a dark-greenish substance leaking through under your door. Then it busts out the hinges, and slowly opens to the side like a sarcophagus. There he is Avenging Mummy and he didn't come for the pizza. (left) Second Place: Ragespawn (middle) First Place: Avenging Mummy (right) Third Place: Dredge Thats it for now, Thank you Reunion people we hope to see you again next time we do something like this ! Happy Halloween to Reunion from Paragon Patrol
  10. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The "Paragon Patrol" will host a Halloween Themed Costume Contest one hour before the Homecoming Costume Contest starts. Itll be at the same place in central Khalisti Wharf at the Statesman Plaza Statue. We will start at 10pm MESZ and we will be done before the main event starts. Bring your spookiest, scariest and most haunting costumes ! We hope that enough people are interested, the more the merrier ! There will be PRIZES for the TOP 3 candidates: Number 1: 50.000.000 Influence Number 2: 25.000.000 Influence Number 3: 10.000.000 Influence We hope to see you there ! This is our first try at a community costume contest.
  11. I have adored magical girls and magical girl anime for a very long time. (Hurl your derision upon me!) One of the things that's really missing from the costume editor that 'finishes' a magical girl costume are bows and ribbons. Just before Paragon got evicted, they did add a few bows to the game, particularly as part of the gunslinger set. They're attached to other pieces. I'd like to be able to use them independently of the veils and half-skirts they're attached to. I'd also like to be able to use one as a chest detail as depicted in this gorgeous fanart of everyone's favorite sailor-themed Pretty Guardians (Art by Sayaka Inumori). This one will actually require new model work since I don't think they exist anywhere in game. However, there are many free 3d meshes of something that I'd like to see used as weapons and back details, especially with the new sonic set coming out. Guitars have been sadly unrepresented in CoH, which is a shame because they quite literally rock. (Also, everyone knows who Haruko is from a certain 4-letter anime, right?) Doll joints, desu. This one would be texture work rather than mesh work. I actually had a hard time coming up with an image for this one since they either go really creepy or borderline NSFW territory. Think Chachamaru from 'Magical Sensei Negima', Lime from 'Saber Marionette', or any of the dolls from 'Rozen Maiden'. This kind of texture would work well for both magical characters and tech characters... think not just animated dolls, but humanoid androids with visible joints. Another good example of the latter would be Gally from 'Gunm' aka 'Battle Angel Alita' I have no illusions about how much our current volunteer team is already doing, going above and beyond, and I understand the amount of work I'm requesting here. I don't expect such things to just 'materialize', even at the rate new costume pieces were created by Paragon's staff. (I still love you, Jay!) That's just not possible right now, when the devs are fighting to manage what was once done by a team of many dozens. However, I want to plant seeds for the day when art and modelling work like this can once again be added to our wonderful costume creator. Thank you, HC devs, and please let these images simmer in your mind for the days when costume pieces can be added again.
  14. I could not find anywhere for people to post critter costumes that they might want to share because others may find them useful. So I thought I'd start one. Here are Satan, Doc Delilah, and a Kentucky Colonel: satan1.costume Doc Delilah.costume Colonel.costume
  15. is there a way GM could give some1 2nd Arachnos costume slot? I mean having 1 Arachnos costume slot wouldn't be such a problem if not the fact that it costs a lot of infamy to edit even the color of single element on Arachnos costumes unlike normal costume slots and it would be great if there would just be a way to have 2 Arachnos costume slots.
  16. Good news, everyone! Chaos United will soon be hosting their monthly costume contest in Kallisti Wharf. This one will be celebrating the summer with a pool party theme! Be sure to show up on Saturday(08/08/2020) at 6PM EST to have a chance to acquire inf. Our prize pool will be 1 billion as usual with a top 3 payout and 5 runner-up payments. Feel free to try and get very creative. Keep in mind, not only party-goers are at a pool party. Perhaps you are a popsicle salesman, or even a life guard! Rules: Be appropriate, no powers whatsoever(only emotes/tailor auras), don't flood the chat being used by judges(normally broadcast), and please follow the theme. Know that only runner-ups can win whilst not following the theme. - Captain Cream
  17. No yellow/brown or yellow/blue spandex. No tight shorts worn over the rest of the costume. NO Capes! Have these and other costuming decisions brought to the big screen over the past 2 decades dramatically affected your choice of character costuming? I remember capes being a big thing early on in COH, especially since there was a mission to earn the right to wear them. Now I see fewer of them and more leather-type looks probably than classic spandex. Did X-Men movies and Edna Mode really get into our collective superhero costume psyche? Or have there been other influences, like say anime & manga, or even just real-life fashion changes? What drives people's superhero costuming tastes, and what, if anything has changed for your approach to costume design over the years? Bonus Question: Does any change in your thinking affect your decision making when viewing a costume contest?
  18. I saw someone wearing this (possibly a GM) and was wondering how can I obtain this outfit? 🤔
  19. Hokay, here's my idea. A new costume change emote. Your character taps on their wrist, like when you summon Oro portal or robot minions. A box/ machine, kind of like summoned robots, drops onto your character, completely covering them, then pops open to reveal your character in the changed costume. Idea would be summoning your armor to you, Iron Man style. Another option would be a phone booth or police box magically appearing next to your character for them to run in, change costume, then run out of. Thanks for your time! Keep making the game awesome!
  20. i had a go at designing my first villan and made him look nice (might screenshot charater later) but i was curious if you guys had any ideas or designs you made for your villans
  21. As a potential inf sink, we the UFC humbly request the Gods of COH for vanity auras/costume parts/glowy names costing upwards of 500 million inf+. Below are some humble suggestions. What say of the community? -glowy rainbow 🌈 name for 2 billion -giant dollar bill cape for 500 million -big chicken wings for 1 billion -throwing money into the air emote for 2 billion -pimp cane for 1 billion
  22. Hello everyone, Captain Cream here. Chaos United runs monthly costume contests for the people of Everlasting, and for the month of March we are upping the stakes! The prizepool has been bumped to a whopping 3b. Come out and show us your best Saint Patty's Day themed costumes! DATE: 3/20/20 TIME: 8 PM EST LOCATION: Kallisti Wharf THEME: Saint Patrick's Day PRIZEPOOL: 3,000,000,000(three billion) RULES: Generally the same throughout most CCs. - Auras must be able to be bought from the tailor(No armor toggles, DoT auras, etc) - No buffing other contestants. It's annoying to deal with, knocks people out of emotes. Just don't use them. - Emotes are allowed - Stay in line from the beginning to end to be judged properly We hope to see you there, Everlasting. Much love! - Captain Cream
  23. This is by FAR the most critically important suggestion that has been suggested... The tattoo option as seen in tank top with tattoos should be available as a chest detail or even shoulder might be better, as being a top clothing piece it limits a character with tattoos to only wear a tank top, or if they change shirts, they wash off all their ink. Being able to add the upper arm tattoos just like you can with gloves to any outfit would be a great feature. Powers and PvP don't matter... I want my ink 😄
  24. When the Labeaux 1 and Labeaux 2 chest pieces are selected on the Sleeveless Robe upper body, the pieces are skin colored. I guess the color mask on this piece isn't being applied?
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