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  1. Do need help visualizing your character? Do you feel like you're in a creative rut? Do you just want to give up? Don't worry! Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll whip a costume up in a jiffy! Satisfaction guaranteed. P.S. Everyone's free to pitch in. The more suggestions, the better! P.P.S. If you can, please add a reference photo. It helps us out a ton. (Leave it to me to get things totally wrong 🙄)
  2. Once again I want to thank everyone for helping me run these Costume Contests by attending/donating/judging this year! Without all of you I wouldn't of been able to put these on weekly ❤️ Winners: 1st: Drunken New Year Gal 2nd: Merrymaker Manfred 3rd: New Years Eve Honorarys: Honorarys: Far too many to list this day! We did 23 for the new year 😄
  3. Winners: 1st: Eboneezer Scrooge 2nd: Steadfast Tin Soldier 3rd: Mrs. Claus Honorarys: SLSS Agent Creampuff Whiskers on Kittens Laughing-Stock Nobody's Toy Nut Cracker Sweets
  4. Well done to the winners of the Noir Costume Contest with a prize pool of over 1 Billion Influence! Make sure to come see us on FRIDAY at 19:00 EDT at Homecoming - Excelsior for a chance to win! 1st: Raifeina 2nd: Kitty-Noir 3rd: Houdini Noir Honorarys: Rosie Ruckus SuperBolide America Living Bullet Silohuette
  5. I was just wondering if it'd be possible to add Tai Skin boots at some point later on for male and female characters. We already have the skin option for the hands, so I was surprised to see that it wasn't the same for the boots.
  6. When: Stillkiller's Costume Contest Extravaganza Day, Day oH YeAh! will be on 9/17/2022 and will be held from 9PM Central Standard time until the stream ends! Where: Twitch.tv/stillkiller | Stillkiller's Costume Contest Extravaganza Day, Day oH YeAh! will take place on City of heroes in-game as well as in my stream TWITCH.TV/STILLKILLER What: The whole day/night will be in celebration and honor of all the work the CoH community has currently put into the streaming environment! (Yes that means YOU). We will have plenty of things happening on that day such as: - Giveaways inside the game and outside the game the whole stream. (Influence, pAcKs, etc...) - Costume contest (3 Billion in prizes) THEMES Fantasy Sci-Fi Original hero/villain in tights Noir/Steampunk !!!IMPORTANT!!! The Costume contest will have 6 different themes however all costumes must fall under the Home Coming Code of Conduct you can find these rules here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/code-of-conduct/ Please look over this and understand any Costumes, Names, or Bios referring to any copyrighted character is STRICLY not allowed please do not bring these to this event for our account safety and yours! How: All you need to do is come into the stream or find us in game! It will be at least 10 hours of what we are planning as a day for the community so if you are able swing in and lets have a good time together!
  7. I don't know if this has been suggested or requested before (in my case it's more a request than a suggestion...) but since the Arachnos spider/crab outfit has a nice big collar, I think it would work pretty well if the monstrous heads were somehow made available! I don't know how difficult this would be so I totally understand if it's somehow really complicated to pull off, but I think they'd work fine without any adjustments. Probably. Just an idea if anyone happens to want to do it!
  8. I looked through all the threads in the "Art & Multimedia" section and couldn't find one like this, so I thought I'd make it. I often play with the costume creator, and sometimes I end up creating costumes that I like but never use (especially since, with one exception, I only play female characters). I thought it would be nice to dust off these costumes and share them so other people can use them, and I hope others will be inspired to do the same! For the sake of clarity, this opening post will contain instructions for saving costumes, uploading costume files, and using downloaded costume files. If the instructions seem a bit simplistic, please forgive me; my own experience with computers has made it quite clear that simple, step-by-step instructions are the most useful. I may later add pictures if requested. Also, I'm a Windows user, so I have little/no idea how this works for other operating systems (please help!). To save and upload a costume file to this thread: 1 ) Create a costume in the costume creator. 2 ) Beneath the color palette and the scaling adjuster, there is a button that says "Save". Click this button. 3 ) The creator UI will vanish and there will be a prompt in the upper left of the screen where you can give your costume file a name. Enter a name, then click "Save". Note: this window will also show the file path where your costume file is being saved. You may need this information for the next steps! 4 ) At the top of this thread, under the "search" line but above the bar that lists page numbers, there is a button that says "Reply to this topic". When you click it, you should get a text entry window with various editing options. 5 ) The text entry window includes a bar at the bottom that says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files...". You can then either a) find the costume file where you saved it earlier (remember the file path shown after completing step 3) and drag the file over to the reply window, or b) click "choose files" and select the file from your file directory (it's usually under C:/Games/Homecoming/Costumes ). In either case, the file will upload and you will see the file now attached to your message 6 ) When you've attached all the files you want to submit, click "Submit Reply" under the bottom right of the text entry box (please also include images of the costumes you submit, since the costume will not be displayed if you only upload the costume file). To download a costume file and open it in the costume creator: 1 ) Click on the costume attachment in a forum post. The download should happen automatically. 2 ) Go into File Explorer and find the costume file in your "downloads" folder. It should have a name that looks something like "CostumeName.costume" 3 ) Locate the "Homecoming" folder (usually under C:/Games ) and open the "Costumes" sub-folder. Make sure you can see the "Costumes sub-folder in the navigation bar on the left of the File Explorer window. 4 ) Copy or move the file "CostumeName.costume" from the downloads folder to the "Costumes" sub-folder by dragging the file onto the "Costumes" folder in the navigation bar. 5 ) Start CoX and go into the character creation window. Select an origin (because you have to for some reason), then go to the "Body" tab. 6 ) Select the body type that matches the costume file. If the body type you selected doesn't match, you will be able to see the costume, but not load it into the costume creator. If this happens, go back to the body type selection screen and select the appropriate body type. 7 ) Go to the "Costume" tab. Below the color palette and the scaling adjuster, there is a button that says "Load". Click this button. 8 ) The costume creator UI will disappear and a list of file names will appear on the left under the header "Load A Costume". Select the costume you wish to load, then hit "Next" in the bottom right of the screen. This should bring the costume creator UI back up with the character model now wearing the selected costume. Whew, that was long! I'll post my first few costume files in the next post. Thank you for shopping at the Costume Exchange Warehouse! 😛
  9. So, something I noticed when playing my Thug MM is that when you use the "Equip Thugs" ability to upgrade your minions and their LOOKS, they keep their new looks when traveling around wherever you go. However, when you apply "Upgrade Equipment" to your minions, it upgrades their abilities and LOOKS, but, whenever you travel through a door or to a new location/mission they lose their new look, except for the Bruiser. The first picture is them having both upgrades on them, except I traveled to a new location, and again, only the Bruiser kept his look (it's hard to see, sorry about that). The second picture is what they look like normally right after the upgrades and should continue to look like. It's definitely a bug, and a costume mishap with the minions--not sure if it's happening with any other MM pets though. Hopefully this is the right section to put this in since it is a costume issue, just not with my character.
  10. Howdy yall, I was lucky enough to participate in a costume contest today and wanted to share some pics. I didnt see anything about this posted here but if it has been please let me know. This contest was hosted by the hero Gleaming Cut in Echo: Plaza and it had some fantastic participants. Ill post the pics I managed to snag during the contest. The 1st place winner was Croatoa's Shepherd (Big 300mill win!) Im not sure of the order of the rest but I have included the pics for 2nd, 3rd as well as the Honorable Mentions. I loved so many of the costumes. Please enjoy the pics!
  11. Encountered another member of the Protoss race. Its got me wondering, has anyone made or seen other Starcraft themed heroes? Its always impressive to see what other people have come up with. Adun Toridas & Cheers
  12. I assume there must be and it is operator-error...is there a half-mask option in the creator similar to Iron Fist (though it is probably without the loose cloth strips)? I could not figure out in my sleepy daze last night. I am sure I am going to feel very dumb when someone points it out. 🤔
  13. Greetins', all ya palookas and dames! It is I, Raffles The Clown, maybe you've heard of me (Probably not, though), and I'm hosting my first ever Costume Contest! The Theme shall be - Mafioso "But Raffles", I'm sure you're thinking, "Why this theme, of all things?" Well it's certainly not because I owe The Marcones a show...definitely not that. What would ever give you that impression?! At any rate, this theme just felt fun to me, and I hope you all have fun with it, too! As this is my first ever Costume Contest, I'm going to be keeping it a bit on the small side; There will be only one Winner, one judge (Yours truly), and a prize of Twenty Five Million Influence! That number might increase between now and the time of the Contest, but I make no promises in that respect. You know how it is, you make promises to the wrong people about money, and before ya know it, you're getting fit for concrete shoes and pine pajamas! But enough about my weekends. The Contest will be held Monday, the 28th, and keeping in-theme, will be held at Spanky's Boardwalk at The Talos Luau. Just ask Null the Gull in Pocket D, but ya didn't hear it from me, see? Important Official Nonsense I should probably include for clarification so nobody is disappointed: - To narrow down what I'm looking for, look no further than The Family, or The Rogue Isle's own Mooks. Think colorful, expensive two piece suits, tommy guns, and fedoras. It can be cartoonish and silly, or rather gritty and serious. Of course, I'm all for putting creative spins on the classic stereotypical mobsters, and maybe even the odd Femme Fatale thrown in for good measure. Don't roll up as a one-to-one copy of a Button Man or Dick Tracy and expect to go home with the prize! I want to see the genre stretched to its limits! - For outside reference material, I highly recommend fare such as Dick Tracy, Lackadaisy, Boardwalk Empire, Moonshine (The Comic Book), Goodfellas, The Godfather, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, L.A. Noire, and Rocky and Mugsy from the Bugs Bunny Cartoons. - The exact date is Monday the 28th, at 12:00:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time (PST). To get to the Talos Luau, go to the redside of Pocket D, and speak to Null The Gull, who is sitting on top of a box truck there. Ask him first, "What can you do?", then ask, "Could you send me to a different place?". Finally, ask, "Send me to the Luau in Talos Island." Hope to see you there, and remember: Omerta means "Silence".
  14. Stay awhile and listen, weary traveler! A great contest is upon the wind, a quest that awaits the eager, the adventurous, and the brave! That quest is... THE TRAVELER'S GUILD CLASSIC SWORD AND SORCERY CONTEST! Aye, my dear friends, once again The Traveler's Guild is celebrating the bookend of a mighty quest of their own with a Costume Contest that all are welcome to attend! Come hither, for prizes and merriment await within! Plumb the depths of the fantasy of yore, of Conan and Elric and The Gray Mouser for this theme calls upon the classics of the much-beloved Sword and Sorcery genre of Fantasy. Bring your loincloths, your staves, your wizarding caps, and your chainmail bikinis! And don't forget, most of all: Have fun! What: A Costume Contest themed around Classic Sword and Sorcery is to be held today! All are welcome to attend and participate, but do remember the theme! A prize pool of 500 million to be doled out to multiple winners! Where: Echo Plaza When: 5:00:00 PM PST We hope to see you there!
  15. Title says it all really. Made a costume for a dual pistol / kin corruptor and saved it. When I visit Icon to load it to a second slot in game I get this error and "attempt costume fix" fails. Initial error: Failed to Load: Bad Costume Parts (13, Right Weapon) On attempting fix: Failed to Load: Bad Costume Parts (null) Detected .costume file attached. Thank you 😃 Dual Pistol Kinetic female.costume
  16. I could not find anywhere for people to post critter costumes that they might want to share because others may find them useful. So I thought I'd start one. Here are Satan, Doc Delilah, and a Kentucky Colonel: satan1.costume Doc Delilah.costume Colonel.costume
  17. until
    Every hero (or villain) has an origin. What's yours? Can your description shed insight into that costume, name, and origin? Let's find out! Who? Hosted by myself (@x5 on Queen Alyssa Q'Uzixola of Xzianthia) and DawL (@VuDu DawL). Should have other helpers too (hopefully!) What? 5 Best in Category Origin ( Technology, Science, Natural, Mutation, and Magic ) where the following will be judged based on BOTH: Backstory : up to the 1023 character limit in the biography. We will be reading these and considering how it fits the visual costume! Costume : creativity for how this connects to the backstory and origin type. Flashy or subtle doesn't matter as much showing thoughtfulness & uniqueness! Where? Everlasting server, Kallisti Wharf zone, in front of the statue of Marcus Cole (near the "on the shoulders of giants" exploration badge). When? Saturday 3/20/2021, which is this week as I'm posting this calendar event. Voting is planned to start by 6:30PM (Eastern Time), need to be here before that. The plan is to have all winners declared before 7PM (Eastern Time), so people can hopefully make one of the raids. We have instructed coalition allies, and Xzianthia military & civilian personnel to show up 30 minutes in advance. Why? We're wanting to reward people who've taken the time to really think about their characters, and encourage more people to write about it in their character information / biography / description. Kallisti Wharf has been chosen for its accessibility to BOTH BlueSide and RedSide, so villains do not feel afraid to come out and show off that presentation! (we'll just keep our eyes on you) How? Judge votes will be handled in private over voice comms. What we are going to be looking for, just to be clear, is 5 main winners one in each of the origin categories, that has a well-written biography that matches a well-designed visual costume appearance. Participants are treated as guests of honor, no matter their faction; and we ask everyone just to show respect & patience with the other people. If for some reason we don't have a character with one of the origins (i.e.: missing let's say any character showing as Science) then we will double-up on one of the other categories. The number of honorable mentions and small prizes will directly depends on how many donations we receive. We have candy canes, millions of influence, and rare salvage up for grabs. I would like to give out many smaller prizes too, to thank people for taking the time to come out, but that depends on how much donor funds come in advance and how many people show up for this event.
  18. Thank you Reunion! It was a hoot hosting this Contest, We were exited to see all your favorite fits, and weren't dissappointed. As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back at ya with another happening. The Theme Your favorite Costume The Winners Heres our top five freestyle costumes... Fifth Place: David D. Deville Fourth Place: Neet Third Place: Britannia Second Place: Dr. Cryonica First Place: Blazing Skull Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !
  19. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The Paragon Patrol is hosting another Costume Contest on Reunion. When ? 27th February 10pm MEZ (9pm UTC) Where ? Khalisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza (in the center, at the statue) Theme We picked: Your favorite Costume (so basically no theme, just show us your favorite creation) Placements and Prizes We are handing out prizes to our Top 5 contestants! First place gets 100 million influence. Second place gets 80 million influence. Third place gets 60 million influence. Fourth place gets 40 million influence. Fifth place gets 20 million influence. We would be happy to see you guys there ! Take care and be good to yourselves.
  20. Thank you Reunion! First of all I'm sorry this took so long to post, I messed up I'll do better next time. 🙂 But again, it was fun hosting this Costume Contest, we were glad so many people attended. It was a blast to see your Post Apocalyptic Outfits. As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back at ya with another happening. The Theme Post-Apocalypse The Winners We had a blast to see the different takes on the post apocalyptic theme ranging from rusty robots build from scraps to prepped up zombie attack survivors. Deciding wasn't too easy as usual, but we hope you are as happy as we are our 5 winners. Fifth Place: Frenzy Jane Fourth Place: Ninja Fang Fist Third Place: K4-PU7 MKII Second Place: Badmouth First Place: Scrap-Heap For some extra pictures take a peek here: https://imgur.com/a/IMLRfoQ Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !
  21. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The Paragon Patrol is hosting another Costume Contest on Reunion. When ? 17th January 10pm MEZ (9pm UTC) Where ? Khalisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza (in the center, at the statue) Theme We picked: Post Apocalyptic ! We feel like thats a good theme to kickstart 2021, so grab some scrap and weld together your own post apocalypse outfit. Placements and Prizes We are handing out prizes to our Top 5 contestants! First place gets 100 million influence. Second place gets 80 million influence. Third place gets 60 million influence. Fourth place gets 40 million influence. Fifth place gets 20 million influence. We would be happy to see you guys there ! Take care and be good to yourselves.
  22. Allow players to wear: horns with glasses. There are other 'Detail 1' collisions that just don't make sense, but that's the big one. Countess Crey's dress and glasses. The dress'd be ideal for a 'Unique Tops' item. Ouroboros Mender's belt. Cimeroran priestess robes (the two-cape system that Sister Solaris wears). Very few of us are playing CoH on the same computers we were in 2012. I think letting players have access to more intricate combinations will have almost negligible performance impact today for the overwhelming majority of players. I get more fps drop zoning into the unoptimized, but empty Kallisti Wharf than I do into Atlas during a costume contest on a 5yo nvidia adapater. In lieu of a real RGB slider control addition to the color palette, loosen the validation on colors in .costume files. We know that the engine will support a very broad gamut of RGB colors. (I have screenshots of me demonstrating this when the costume save feature went in.) This would allow players to fix color mismatches that have existed since Issue 1. The few players who use this to make inappropriate costumes will be ignored or reported almost instantly.
  23. Thank you Reunion! Again, it was a blast hosting this Costume Contest, we were happy with the amount of people attending. It was alot of fun to see what you guys cooked up in the mythology kitchen. As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back to you with another happening. The Theme Mythology and its Creatures The Winners Gotta say deciding this time was alittle bit harder, maybe that was due to the theme we picked, its boundaries and what we valued in the costumes. We are still finding our way of doing this fun and fair for everyone. We hope you are as happy as we are our 5 winners. (listed from left to right) Fifth Place: Khernnounos, the celtic god of animals, nature and fertility. (20mil influence) Fourth Place: Pharaoh Ra, the egyptian sun god as a human depiction. (40mil influence would have been the prize but he declined and wanted to donate it for our future contests, Thank you !) Third Place: Undine, a water nymph or an elemental water being. (60mil influence) Second Place: Mechsiah, robo-jesus with the 10.cmd's (80mil influence) First Place: Sun God Ra, another take on the big vitamin D energy god of the egyptian pantheon. (100mil influence) The prizes this time were made possible by the very generous CHAM CO. Farming & Finance For some extra pictures take a peek here: https://imgur.com/a/pLsR7Nc Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !
  24. Baron Havok is looking for the meanest, nastiest and downright terrifying to join him in a raid on Terra Volta and he'll pay for your services. One winner will walk way with a whopping 1 billion INF wired to him or her 2nd place receives 500 million 3rd gets 250 million INF 5x runners-up will each bag 50 million INF Everyone else will be treated to one helluva show on why red-side is the best side. Part 1: Looks that kill There will be 4 categories with 2 winners from each category. The reason is simple - fairness. A dark god is far more flashy than a mobster but both are equally valid as a villain. If you're unsure what category you fall under, just go with your gut feeling. 1. Science & Technology Evil geniuses, sadistic scientists, ruthless robots, any machination of menace and mayhem 2. Mutants & Monsters aliens, abominations, biohazards, failed (or successful) experiments, any being that is inhuman in either look or behaviour 3. Magic & Mystical Dark divinity, evil elementals, wielders of fell magic, arcane atrocities, demons, devils and all the denizens of desolation 4. Natural & Self-made Mob bosses, hired hitmen, skilled swordsmen, ninja assassins, rebellious riffraff, or even just plain corporate a-holes. Part 2: Show and Tell We can see you're evil, now tell us how good your are at being bad. The 8 finalists (2 winners from each category) will then be judged by their biography. No bio automatically disqualifies you from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Origin stories, character descriptions, your prepared evil monologue you keep in your breast pocket while you wait for the perfect moment, anything goes as long as it is creative... and vile. Bios should be in English; since not everyone is good with English (even some native English speakers) wrong grammar and spelling will be forgiven... this time. It's the idea that counts so let your wild side go on a rampage. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your friends' friends and your enemies' enemies. Go hit the costume creator and work on that killer bio. See you all on Dec. 5.
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