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  1. Greetins', all ya palookas and dames! It is I, Raffles The Clown, maybe you've heard of me (Probably not, though), and I'm hosting my first ever Costume Contest! The Theme shall be - Mafioso "But Raffles", I'm sure you're thinking, "Why this theme, of all things?" Well it's certainly not because I owe The Marcones a show...definitely not that. What would ever give you that impression?! At any rate, this theme just felt fun to me, and I hope you all have fun with it, too! As this is my first ever Costume Contest, I'm going to be keeping it a bit on the small side; There will be only one Winner, one judge (Yours truly), and a prize of Twenty Five Million Influence! That number might increase between now and the time of the Contest, but I make no promises in that respect. You know how it is, you make promises to the wrong people about money, and before ya know it, you're getting fit for concrete shoes and pine pajamas! But enough about my weekends. The Contest will be held Monday, the 28th, and keeping in-theme, will be held at Spanky's Boardwalk at The Talos Luau. Just ask Null the Gull in Pocket D, but ya didn't hear it from me, see? Important Official Nonsense I should probably include for clarification so nobody is disappointed: - To narrow down what I'm looking for, look no further than The Family, or The Rogue Isle's own Mooks. Think colorful, expensive two piece suits, tommy guns, and fedoras. It can be cartoonish and silly, or rather gritty and serious. Of course, I'm all for putting creative spins on the classic stereotypical mobsters, and maybe even the odd Femme Fatale thrown in for good measure. Don't roll up as a one-to-one copy of a Button Man or Dick Tracy and expect to go home with the prize! I want to see the genre stretched to its limits! - For outside reference material, I highly recommend fare such as Dick Tracy, Lackadaisy, Boardwalk Empire, Moonshine (The Comic Book), Goodfellas, The Godfather, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, L.A. Noire, and Rocky and Mugsy from the Bugs Bunny Cartoons. - The exact date is Monday the 28th, at 12:00:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time (PST). To get to the Talos Luau, go to the redside of Pocket D, and speak to Null The Gull, who is sitting on top of a box truck there. Ask him first, "What can you do?", then ask, "Could you send me to a different place?". Finally, ask, "Send me to the Luau in Talos Island." Hope to see you there, and remember: Omerta means "Silence".
  2. Stay awhile and listen, weary traveler! A great contest is upon the wind, a quest that awaits the eager, the adventurous, and the brave! That quest is... THE TRAVELER'S GUILD CLASSIC SWORD AND SORCERY CONTEST! Aye, my dear friends, once again The Traveler's Guild is celebrating the bookend of a mighty quest of their own with a Costume Contest that all are welcome to attend! Come hither, for prizes and merriment await within! Plumb the depths of the fantasy of yore, of Conan and Elric and The Gray Mouser for this theme calls upon the classics of the much-beloved Sword and Sorcery genre of Fantasy. Bring your loincloths, your staves, your wizarding caps, and your chainmail bikinis! And don't forget, most of all: Have fun! What: A Costume Contest themed around Classic Sword and Sorcery is to be held today! All are welcome to attend and participate, but do remember the theme! A prize pool of 500 million to be doled out to multiple winners! Where: Echo Plaza When: 5:00:00 PM PST We hope to see you there!
  3. Hello Excelsiorites! Every Thursday at 8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific, please join 0possum and friends for a 120 Million Inf Costume Contest at Statesman Plaza in Kallisti Wharf! Each week, there will be a theme, available below, and announced here at least a week in advance. All contests will start at the first sunrise after 8 PM and winners will be announced no later than 8:30. The prize breakdown is as follows: 50 Million for Best in Show 25 Million for Most Creative 25 Million for Best Use of Theme 10 Million each for two Honorable Mentions All entrants will be judged primarily on their costume, though character names and bios may be used to break close races and hard decisions. Theme Schedule: 13 May - The Silver Age! - Come in your best 50s, 60s, and 70s style super heroes and villains! 20 May - Food Fight! - Come with your best food-related costumes, from literal representations of food to mascot homages. 27 May - Monster Mash! - Any sort of monster is welcome, from classic movie monsters to modern horrors. 3 June - Prehistoric Times! - Bring your best cavemen, dinosaurs, or other prehistoric creatures. 10 June - Golden Age and Pulp! - Bring your best adventurers, heroes, and villains from the early 20th Century! 17 June - PRIDE! - It's Pride month! Suggestions for future themes are welcome. I will do my best to post images of the winners here each week.
  4. High turnout, strut and preening, a policeman and a dog telling people to turn off auras, and winners on a steam punky, fish kinda vibe for no theme. Admit it, you love the glamor. The spotlight. Walk speed to the center for the finals. Nothing is quite like the AP costume contest. mmo cosplay. You always see something new, clever, unique, or worn well.
  5. HARK! There is a looming darkness upon the land, filled with tales most foul and perverse! Indeed, dear readers, prepare yourselves, for wickedness comes... Presenting... THE TRAVELER'S GUILD GOTHIC HORROR COSTUME CONTEST ======================================================================= WHAT: The Traveler's Guild Supergroup will be hosting a Costume Contest, dedicated to the horrors of yesteryear, Gothic Horror! WHERE: Khallisti Wharf, Everlasting Shard, Statesman Plaza WHEN: April 11th, 2021, 4:30:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) HOW: Simply arrive with the character you wish to enter into the contest. We will have four judges ready to direct you to where to go and when judging will commence FAQ THE PRIZES: 700 million+ INF in prizes spread across several categories, including Best Overall, Runner-Ups, and Personal Favorites! ==== Q: Wait, what is the theme? A: Gothic Horror Q: But what is Gothic Horror, exactly? A: Gothic Horror is the horror of yesteryear. Dark castles on a moonless night, gargoyles leering in the corners, darksome and moldy crypts deep beneath the Earth... Q: What are some good examples of the Gothic Horror genre? A: Think classic stories like Frankenstein, Dracula, Beneath The Pyramid. Ancient and wicked ghosts, nobles utterly lost in debauchery and vice, and horrors from the darkness that prey on the innocent as they stroll beneath the gaslamps of foggy industrial cities...As well as the good and virtuous that oppose them!
  6. Muleta's Gang will be hosting an Costume Competition .the CC will start at 22.00 cest . We always have a theme so check our discord. Prizes are for places 1,2 and 3 This will take place in the Competition Hall. Ask @Muleta or @GoblinBoss for more info.
  7. until
    Every hero (or villain) has an origin. What's yours? Can your description shed insight into that costume, name, and origin? Let's find out! Who? Hosted by myself (@x5 on Queen Alyssa Q'Uzixola of Xzianthia) and DawL (@VuDu DawL). Should have other helpers too (hopefully!) What? 5 Best in Category Origin ( Technology, Science, Natural, Mutation, and Magic ) where the following will be judged based on BOTH: Backstory : up to the 1023 character limit in the biography. We will be reading these and considering how it fits the visual costume! Costume : creativity for how this connects to the backstory and origin type. Flashy or subtle doesn't matter as much showing thoughtfulness & uniqueness! Where? Everlasting server, Kallisti Wharf zone, in front of the statue of Marcus Cole (near the "on the shoulders of giants" exploration badge). When? Saturday 3/20/2021, which is this week as I'm posting this calendar event. Voting is planned to start by 6:30PM (Eastern Time), need to be here before that. The plan is to have all winners declared before 7PM (Eastern Time), so people can hopefully make one of the raids. We have instructed coalition allies, and Xzianthia military & civilian personnel to show up 30 minutes in advance. Why? We're wanting to reward people who've taken the time to really think about their characters, and encourage more people to write about it in their character information / biography / description. Kallisti Wharf has been chosen for its accessibility to BOTH BlueSide and RedSide, so villains do not feel afraid to come out and show off that presentation! (we'll just keep our eyes on you) How? Judge votes will be handled in private over voice comms. What we are going to be looking for, just to be clear, is 5 main winners one in each of the origin categories, that has a well-written biography that matches a well-designed visual costume appearance. Participants are treated as guests of honor, no matter their faction; and we ask everyone just to show respect & patience with the other people. If for some reason we don't have a character with one of the origins (i.e.: missing let's say any character showing as Science) then we will double-up on one of the other categories. The number of honorable mentions and small prizes will directly depends on how many donations we receive. We have candy canes, millions of influence, and rare salvage up for grabs. I would like to give out many smaller prizes too, to thank people for taking the time to come out, but that depends on how much donor funds come in advance and how many people show up for this event.
  9. Yep, another one. In this one tho, you can race on the super speed track, host a CC in the club (it has a catwalk!) and use the speed ports (color coded and divided into Blue-Line, Hazard, Magical/Co-op and Villian). Jaded speedsters channel and @Cultivated Darkness hosted a big CC for our anniversary and we got crashed by GM Smol - SO FUN! My intent is that this be a space used by whomever enjoys it, so please do! I love yous guize! Do: /macroimage "E_Icon_StreetCred" "Indo Hub" "enterbasefrompasscode hub-6968"
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