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  1. I love female superheroes but there are archetypes that I've always favored and that's the brawn beefy type your wonder woman, power girl (MY FAAAAV), she-hulk (not that bullcrap on Disney+😒) Zarda, the Power Princess, Anissa (Invincible series), and based on whoever was the artist at the time they would look strong aesthetically...and no...this isn't a fetish lol...It's just my preference on how some of my favorite female superheroes look. I know there are certain things the homecoming devs can, and cannot do...I...understand it was a different time when COH was live, the devs didn't probably think about giving the female characters neutral stances like the males and went with the more dainty feminine pose, but I really wish we could have a more strong-looking female with a strong stance like my toon in the picture without using emotes or the walk stance. I would like to see a bare chest option like the males when under the tights, tights with skin, bikini, robes, sleeves robes, etc. to give that defined look, and here are some suggestions if this is possible: Stronger-looking female Stance solution 1: give females the centered stance emote as a customizable option under a new category" Standing Stance" for which other stances may also be selected. Stronger-looking female Stance solution 2: create a macro that will allow for a permanent standing stance when pressed Stronger-looking female Aesthetic Solution 1: Create a muscle definition option that shows muscular physique for arms, chest, abs, and thighs just like the bodysuit muscle matte and gloss for female characters when using tights, tights with skin, bikini, robes, and sleeves robes. Stronger-looking female Aesthetic Solution 2: an arm body slider (if possible ) I know this might be afar-stretch for bigger arms and fuller shoulders for females. Stronger-looking female Aesthetic Solution 3: used the male aesthetic for females under the new category "Gender" ( I'm pretty sure this solution may not be the best option.... if it can cut down time and effect, but of course, I'm fully aware that there would be a customization issue as the wardrobe without clipping issues (don't flame me on this one guys just throwing ideas in the universe hoping it gets traction.) if you have any ideas that could get our female character with this look please fill free to give me your insight I'm all ears. I
  2. I don't know if this has been suggested or requested before (in my case it's more a request than a suggestion...) but since the Arachnos spider/crab outfit has a nice big collar, I think it would work pretty well if the monstrous heads were somehow made available! I don't know how difficult this would be so I totally understand if it's somehow really complicated to pull off, but I think they'd work fine without any adjustments. Probably. Just an idea if anyone happens to want to do it!
  3. I looked through all the threads in the "Art & Multimedia" section and couldn't find one like this, so I thought I'd make it. I often play with the costume creator, and sometimes I end up creating costumes that I like but never use (especially since, with one exception, I only play female characters). I thought it would be nice to dust off these costumes and share them so other people can use them, and I hope others will be inspired to do the same! For the sake of clarity, this opening post will contain instructions for saving costumes, uploading costume files, and using downloaded costume files. If the instructions seem a bit simplistic, please forgive me; my own experience with computers has made it quite clear that simple, step-by-step instructions are the most useful. I may later add pictures if requested. Also, I'm a Windows user, so I have little/no idea how this works for other operating systems (please help!). To save and upload a costume file to this thread: 1 ) Create a costume in the costume creator. 2 ) Beneath the color palette and the scaling adjuster, there is a button that says "Save". Click this button. 3 ) The creator UI will vanish and there will be a prompt in the upper left of the screen where you can give your costume file a name. Enter a name, then click "Save". Note: this window will also show the file path where your costume file is being saved. You may need this information for the next steps! 4 ) At the top of this thread, under the "search" line but above the bar that lists page numbers, there is a button that says "Reply to this topic". When you click it, you should get a text entry window with various editing options. 5 ) The text entry window includes a bar at the bottom that says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files...". You can then either a) find the costume file where you saved it earlier (remember the file path shown after completing step 3) and drag the file over to the reply window, or b) click "choose files" and select the file from your file directory (it's usually under C:/Games/Homecoming/Costumes ). In either case, the file will upload and you will see the file now attached to your message 6 ) When you've attached all the files you want to submit, click "Submit Reply" under the bottom right of the text entry box (please also include images of the costumes you submit, since the costume will not be displayed if you only upload the costume file). To download a costume file and open it in the costume creator: 1 ) Click on the costume attachment in a forum post. The download should happen automatically. 2 ) Go into File Explorer and find the costume file in your "downloads" folder. It should have a name that looks something like "CostumeName.costume" 3 ) Locate the "Homecoming" folder (usually under C:/Games ) and open the "Costumes" sub-folder. Make sure you can see the "Costumes sub-folder in the navigation bar on the left of the File Explorer window. 4 ) Copy or move the file "CostumeName.costume" from the downloads folder to the "Costumes" sub-folder by dragging the file onto the "Costumes" folder in the navigation bar. 5 ) Start CoX and go into the character creation window. Select an origin (because you have to for some reason), then go to the "Body" tab. 6 ) Select the body type that matches the costume file. If the body type you selected doesn't match, you will be able to see the costume, but not load it into the costume creator. If this happens, go back to the body type selection screen and select the appropriate body type. 7 ) Go to the "Costume" tab. Below the color palette and the scaling adjuster, there is a button that says "Load". Click this button. 8 ) The costume creator UI will disappear and a list of file names will appear on the left under the header "Load A Costume". Select the costume you wish to load, then hit "Next" in the bottom right of the screen. This should bring the costume creator UI back up with the character model now wearing the selected costume. Whew, that was long! I'll post my first few costume files in the next post. Thank you for shopping at the Costume Exchange Warehouse! 😛
  4. I just noticed that Tuatha have hooves not available as costume parts. Since they don't seem to move much differently from other bipeds, I wonder if it would be relatively straight-forward to add them as costume parts for monstrous legs. The higher-tier one's antlers would be cool too, and I'm sure people would find use if their deer tails were available as a costume part.
  5. So, it being the season and all, I like to do a little more homage-y alt costumes for my toons. Normally I stay away from the obvious stuff as a base look/name/concept because a) lazy and b) getting generic'd, so Halloween gives me an opportunity to lean into the idea a little with existing characters. Aurora Snow (ice/cold corruptor) - Emma Frost Straye (savage/sr brute) - X-Force X-23 Venym (poison/rad Defender) - Black Suit Spidey Aurora Guard (shield/StJ tank) - American Dream Lilyn (dark/psi dominator, succubus) - Supergirl (for the lulz, obvi) Pyrotide (water/thermal corruptor) - Rescue Not sure if screenshots would be pushing the limits on good taste, but I'd love to hear if y'all do the same thing or if I'm just a total weirdo!
  6. Hello Excelsiorites! Every Thursday at 8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific, please join 0possum and friends for a 120 Million Inf Costume Contest at Statesman Plaza in Kallisti Wharf! Each week, there will be a theme, available below, and announced here at least a week in advance. All contests will start at the first sunrise after 8 PM and winners will be announced no later than 8:30. The prize breakdown is as follows: 50 Million for Best in Show 25 Million for Most Creative 25 Million for Best Use of Theme 10 Million each for two Honorable Mentions All entrants will be judged primarily on their costume, though character names and bios may be used to break close races and hard decisions. Theme Schedule: 13 May - The Silver Age! - Come in your best 50s, 60s, and 70s style super heroes and villains! 20 May - Food Fight! - Come with your best food-related costumes, from literal representations of food to mascot homages. 27 May - Monster Mash! - Any sort of monster is welcome, from classic movie monsters to modern horrors. 3 June - Prehistoric Times! - Bring your best cavemen, dinosaurs, or other prehistoric creatures. 10 June - Golden Age and Pulp! - Bring your best adventurers, heroes, and villains from the early 20th Century! 17 June - PRIDE! - It's Pride month! Suggestions for future themes are welcome. I will do my best to post images of the winners here each week.
  7. Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster! I had an idea after realizing something whilst creating a character recently. Would it be possible to allow people to overlay another layer of patterns for the costumes? I'm not talking about things such as Faces or Upper Body, but the secondary stuff that goes 'over/in' those. Like for example, being able to apply Makeup 1 and Ghost for the Faces. Or allowing you to put on Bikini 1 and Starburst for the Lower Body. Something that, yes might cause some clashes/clipping, but I believe they, if you were able to color them just like everything else, could allow players to have even a variety of options to choose from, without having to implement any new designs. Now for (hopefully) ease of use, I'd suggest sticking to the secondary 'patterns' and staying away from the harder things like Faces, Cape Lengths/Design, Chest and so on. The "primary" stuff, save for maybe the Chest Details, we would leave them as they are right now. But the "secondary" things, IE the patterns, designs, logos, whatever you wanna call them, we could let people add another "layer" of them to allow people further customize their heroes/villains in new and interesting ways. I've included a sample picture. Examples A and B are separate and cannot be combined, at all, currently. But if this suggestion were to be implemented, you would be able to create more costumes/clothes akin to example C.
  8. Hi everyone, We have a little group running WTF/WSF every saturday with a thematic concept and/or AT/powerset that we decide on in advance. You can find the details and themes in this thread here: Themed TF/SF Saturdays - Indomitable - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com) Feel free to join us, everybody welcome! You will be amazed at what everybody shows up with each week!
  9. something a lot of us asked for back when they introduced the COV Widows and Soldiers during live was the option for the male widows to have waist capes. The devs at NCsoft west refused to work on that either saying their was too many clipping issues ( which probably happened with the huge body size option in the creator ) or saying that males do not wear waste capes. I think that it would still look appropriate and actually complete the widow costume for males. As of right now when a male widow uses the widow costume it looks incomplete with out it. Just something to think about and work on since we have better advancements now compared to the mid 2000s.
  10. I found this post on r/cityofheroes and I was hoping to bring it to the HC team's attention. These costume parts would be a REALLY cool addition.
  11. High turnout, strut and preening, a policeman and a dog telling people to turn off auras, and winners on a steam punky, fish kinda vibe for no theme. Admit it, you love the glamor. The spotlight. Walk speed to the center for the finals. Nothing is quite like the AP costume contest. mmo cosplay. You always see something new, clever, unique, or worn well.
  12. Now that we have asymmetrical gloves, boots and shoulders, is there any possibility of extending the same customisation to jackets and robes, as well as being able to have large robotic arms on either/both sides of your character? And if that can be done, perhaps the ability to add robotic arm options onto jackets and robes too? I'd love to see more diversity in the ways we can customise our characters with the costume pieces we already have. One similar note, can wings potentially have asymmetrical options too? I'm unsure if it will actually work given that some of them have different animations, or if the animations can support this sort of change in general. Either way, more asymmetry please! 😄
  13. Not sure if there's a thread for costume suggestions so I'll make a new one. Would it be possible to have any flight-related costume pieces also get triggered by super jump? I'm thinking of rocket boots specifically but I suppose it would also be nice to have for some of the wings or jetpacks.
  14. Thank you Reunion! It was a hoot hosting this Contest, We were exited to see all your favorite fits, and weren't dissappointed. As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back at ya with another happening. The Theme Your favorite Costume The Winners Heres our top five freestyle costumes... Fifth Place: David D. Deville Fourth Place: Neet Third Place: Britannia Second Place: Dr. Cryonica First Place: Blazing Skull Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !
  15. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The Paragon Patrol is hosting another Costume Contest on Reunion. When ? 27th February 10pm MEZ (9pm UTC) Where ? Khalisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza (in the center, at the statue) Theme We picked: Your favorite Costume (so basically no theme, just show us your favorite creation) Placements and Prizes We are handing out prizes to our Top 5 contestants! First place gets 100 million influence. Second place gets 80 million influence. Third place gets 60 million influence. Fourth place gets 40 million influence. Fifth place gets 20 million influence. We would be happy to see you guys there ! Take care and be good to yourselves.
  16. Thank you Reunion! First of all I'm sorry this took so long to post, I messed up I'll do better next time. 🙂 But again, it was fun hosting this Costume Contest, we were glad so many people attended. It was a blast to see your Post Apocalyptic Outfits. As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back at ya with another happening. The Theme Post-Apocalypse The Winners We had a blast to see the different takes on the post apocalyptic theme ranging from rusty robots build from scraps to prepped up zombie attack survivors. Deciding wasn't too easy as usual, but we hope you are as happy as we are our 5 winners. Fifth Place: Frenzy Jane Fourth Place: Ninja Fang Fist Third Place: K4-PU7 MKII Second Place: Badmouth First Place: Scrap-Heap For some extra pictures take a peek here: https://imgur.com/a/IMLRfoQ Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !
  17. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The Paragon Patrol is hosting another Costume Contest on Reunion. When ? 17th January 10pm MEZ (9pm UTC) Where ? Khalisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza (in the center, at the statue) Theme We picked: Post Apocalyptic ! We feel like thats a good theme to kickstart 2021, so grab some scrap and weld together your own post apocalypse outfit. Placements and Prizes We are handing out prizes to our Top 5 contestants! First place gets 100 million influence. Second place gets 80 million influence. Third place gets 60 million influence. Fourth place gets 40 million influence. Fifth place gets 20 million influence. We would be happy to see you guys there ! Take care and be good to yourselves.
  18. 1)I thought we could have masks with hair? 2)Tiaras for guys?
  19. Thank you Reunion! Again, it was a blast hosting this Costume Contest, we were happy with the amount of people attending. It was alot of fun to see what you guys cooked up in the mythology kitchen. As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back to you with another happening. The Theme Mythology and its Creatures The Winners Gotta say deciding this time was alittle bit harder, maybe that was due to the theme we picked, its boundaries and what we valued in the costumes. We are still finding our way of doing this fun and fair for everyone. We hope you are as happy as we are our 5 winners. (listed from left to right) Fifth Place: Khernnounos, the celtic god of animals, nature and fertility. (20mil influence) Fourth Place: Pharaoh Ra, the egyptian sun god as a human depiction. (40mil influence would have been the prize but he declined and wanted to donate it for our future contests, Thank you !) Third Place: Undine, a water nymph or an elemental water being. (60mil influence) Second Place: Mechsiah, robo-jesus with the 10.cmd's (80mil influence) First Place: Sun God Ra, another take on the big vitamin D energy god of the egyptian pantheon. (100mil influence) The prizes this time were made possible by the very generous CHAM CO. Farming & Finance For some extra pictures take a peek here: https://imgur.com/a/pLsR7Nc Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !
  20. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The "Paragon Patrol" will host a Halloween Themed Costume Contest one hour before the Homecoming Costume Contest starts. Itll be at the same place in central Khalisti Wharf at the Statesman Plaza Statue. We will start at 10pm MESZ and we will be done before the main event starts. Bring your spookiest, scariest and most haunting costumes ! We hope that enough people are interested, the more the merrier ! There will be PRIZES for the TOP 3 candidates: Number 1: 50.000.000 Influence Number 2: 25.000.000 Influence Number 3: 10.000.000 Influence We hope to see you there ! This is our first try at a community costume contest.
  21. I read on the forums guidelines that feedback about pain points are appreciated. So here are mine. 😃 I play the game a little differently than others do- in that I'm a total OCD nut. That being said, I understand that these vexations are small, but I also suspect I am not the only one to feel them. 1.) No P2W (or T4V) Vendor or Praetorian Tailor available in Bases. Granted, I've been spoiled by /enterbasefrompasscode, but it feels like a tedious amount of running around when my Base loses track of my original location because I wanted to pop into Pocket D for something. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE there to be a P2W & T4V vendor available as a Base item. I can't be the only one. 2.) It feels like teasing that I see these awesome Roman Cingulum and Chain Skirt items in the Kilt / Shorts bottoms for male toons, but they turn my legs into weird skinny twig things. I can't bring myself to use them, as they always look terrible. I would rather there was clipping. I can't be the only one. 3.) The Panther Travel Power boosts jump height by +327.60 and jump speed by +201.00, while the Coyote Travel Power boosts jump height by +600.60 and jump speed by +235.17. There is no offsetting advantage for the Panther Power. It's strictly worse. But it suits some of my toons better. But it's worse. But it looks cool. But its... just... worse. No one would be upset if Panther got buffed up to +600.60, and no balance issue, since Coyote is already there. Maybe I am the only one on this one, but... dammit! 4.) The Coyote Travel Power (on a toon with no enhancements at lvl 2) has a higher jumping speed than run speed. Which makes it faster to jump around all mimbly-bimbly than to run a straight line- a concept that CoH seems to (rightfully) acknowledge. It's the only time apart from Super Jump where this is the case- at least that I have found. It breaks immersion to be jumping for extra speed. I humbly suggest the Coyote Travel Power gets nerfed to the +201.00 jump speed that Panther has. It's a small reduction, but it should stop Jump Speed from exceeding Run Speed, as per usual CoH standards. 5.) It would be awesome if there were a tailor available to Praetorian Characters as a base item. Like, how do you know what dimension I'm from, lady? I just wanna give you some money to make me some clothes! My influence seems good enough for the nurses... I guess they don't have your acute sense of dimensional phasing.... You oughtta work for the Midnighter's Club instead of Icon with that kind of cognizance; or a Seer for Marcus Co.. oh, bother it, never mind. *Grumbles about the Icon lady as he runs around the old-fashioned way.*
  22. Is there any possibility of the permanent versions of the Trick or Treat costumes that were sold on the Paragon Market or handed out at ComicCon being added to the P2W Vendor? https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Model_Replacement_Costume_Powers These are what I'm talking about
  23. is there a way GM could give some1 2nd Arachnos costume slot? I mean having 1 Arachnos costume slot wouldn't be such a problem if not the fact that it costs a lot of infamy to edit even the color of single element on Arachnos costumes unlike normal costume slots and it would be great if there would just be a way to have 2 Arachnos costume slots.
  24. What tips do you have for those currently in a creative rut? Are there costume pieces that work well together? Are there costume pieces that look horrible together? Or perhaps there are some underrated costume pieces no one uses much or knows about?
  25. I can't find the scarfs to save my life. I've looked under capes, but they're not there. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to unlock them? Thanks.
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