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  1. Thank you Reunion! First of all I'm sorry this took so long to post, I messed up I'll do better next time. πŸ™‚ But again, it was fun hosting this Costume Contest, we were glad so many people attended. It was a blast to see your Post Apocalyptic Outfits. As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back at ya with another happening. The Theme Post-Apocalypse The Winners We had a blast to see the different takes on the post apocalyptic theme ranging from rusty robots build from scraps to prepped up zombie attack survivors. Deciding wasn't too easy as usual, but we hope you are as happy as we are our 5 winners. Fifth Place: Frenzy Jane Fourth Place: Ninja Fang Fist Third Place: K4-PU7 MKII Second Place: Badmouth First Place: Scrap-Heap For some extra pictures take a peek here: https://imgur.com/a/IMLRfoQ Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !
  2. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The Paragon Patrol is hosting another Costume Contest on Reunion. When ? 17th January 10pm MEZ (9pm UTC) Where ? Khalisti Wharf, Statesman Plaza (in the center, at the statue) Theme We picked: Post Apocalyptic ! We feel like thats a good theme to kickstart 2021, so grab some scrap and weld together your own post apocalypse outfit. Placements and Prizes We are handing out prizes to our Top 5 contestants! First place gets 100 million influence. Second place gets 80 million influence. Third place gets 60 million influence. Fourth place gets 40 million influence. Fifth place gets 20 million influence. We would be happy to see you guys there ! Take care and be good to yourselves.
  3. 1)I thought we could have masks with hair? 2)Tiaras for guys?
  4. Thank you Reunion! Again, it was a blast hosting this Costume Contest, we were happy with the amount of people attending. It was alot of fun to see what you guys cooked up in the mythology kitchen. As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back to you with another happening. The Theme Mythology and its Creatures The Winners Gotta say deciding this time was alittle bit harder, maybe that was due to the theme we picked, its boundaries and what we valued in the costumes. We are still finding our way of doing this fun and fair for everyone. We hope you are as happy as we are our 5 winners. (listed from left to right) Fifth Place: Khernnounos, the celtic god of animals, nature and fertility. (20mil influence) Fourth Place: Pharaoh Ra, the egyptian sun god as a human depiction. (40mil influence would have been the prize but he declined and wanted to donate it for our future contests, Thank you !) Third Place: Undine, a water nymph or an elemental water being. (60mil influence) Second Place: Mechsiah, robo-jesus with the 10.cmd's (80mil influence) First Place: Sun God Ra, another take on the big vitamin D energy god of the egyptian pantheon. (100mil influence) The prizes this time were made possible by the very generous CHAM CO. Farming & Finance For some extra pictures take a peek here: https://imgur.com/a/pLsR7Nc Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !
  5. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The "Paragon Patrol" will host a Halloween Themed Costume Contest one hour before the Homecoming Costume Contest starts. Itll be at the same place in central Khalisti Wharf at the Statesman Plaza Statue. We will start at 10pm MESZ and we will be done before the main event starts. Bring your spookiest, scariest and most haunting costumes ! We hope that enough people are interested, the more the merrier ! There will be PRIZES for the TOP 3 candidates: Number 1: 50.000.000 Influence Number 2: 25.000.000 Influence Number 3: 10.000.000 Influence We hope to see you there ! This is our first try at a community costume contest.
  6. I read on the forums guidelines that feedback about pain points are appreciated. So here are mine. πŸ˜ƒ I play the game a little differently than others do- in that I'm a total OCD nut. That being said, I understand that these vexations are small, but I also suspect I am not the only one to feel them. 1.) No P2W (or T4V) Vendor or Praetorian Tailor available in Bases. Granted, I've been spoiled by /enterbasefrompasscode, but it feels like a tedious amount of running around when my Base loses track of my original location because I wanted to pop into Pocket D for something. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE there to be a P2W & T4V vendor available as a Base item. I can't be the only one. 2.) It feels like teasing that I see these awesome Roman Cingulum and Chain Skirt items in the Kilt / Shorts bottoms for male toons, but they turn my legs into weird skinny twig things. I can't bring myself to use them, as they always look terrible. I would rather there was clipping. I can't be the only one. 3.) The Panther Travel Power boosts jump height by +327.60 and jump speed by +201.00, while the Coyote Travel Power boosts jump height by +600.60 and jump speed by +235.17. There is no offsetting advantage for the Panther Power. It's strictly worse. But it suits some of my toons better. But it's worse. But it looks cool. But its... just... worse. No one would be upset if Panther got buffed up to +600.60, and no balance issue, since Coyote is already there. Maybe I am the only one on this one, but... dammit! 4.) The Coyote Travel Power (on a toon with no enhancements at lvl 2) has a higher jumping speed than run speed. Which makes it faster to jump around all mimbly-bimbly than to run a straight line- a concept that CoH seems to (rightfully) acknowledge. It's the only time apart from Super Jump where this is the case- at least that I have found. It breaks immersion to be jumping for extra speed. I humbly suggest the Coyote Travel Power gets nerfed to the +201.00 jump speed that Panther has. It's a small reduction, but it should stop Jump Speed from exceeding Run Speed, as per usual CoH standards. 5.) It would be awesome if there were a tailor available to Praetorian Characters as a base item. Like, how do you know what dimension I'm from, lady? I just wanna give you some money to make me some clothes! My influence seems good enough for the nurses... I guess they don't have your acute sense of dimensional phasing.... You oughtta work for the Midnighter's Club instead of Icon with that kind of cognizance; or a Seer for Marcus Co.. oh, bother it, never mind. *Grumbles about the Icon lady as he runs around the old-fashioned way.*
  7. Is there any possibility of the permanent versions of the Trick or Treat costumes that were sold on the Paragon Market or handed out at ComicCon being added to the P2W Vendor? https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Model_Replacement_Costume_Powers These are what I'm talking about
  8. is there a way GM could give some1 2nd Arachnos costume slot? I mean having 1 Arachnos costume slot wouldn't be such a problem if not the fact that it costs a lot of infamy to edit even the color of single element on Arachnos costumes unlike normal costume slots and it would be great if there would just be a way to have 2 Arachnos costume slots.
  9. What tips do you have for those currently in a creative rut? Are there costume pieces that work well together? Are there costume pieces that look horrible together? Or perhaps there are some underrated costume pieces no one uses much or knows about?
  10. It’s not that I find the nakedness offensive, but more that the Ken-doll crotch just looks weird. A tattered monochromatic battle kilt works well enough for human legs, but it seems like monstrous/animal legs force one to be entirely pantless. Could a loincloth-like option be added to monstrous legs, or maybe a belt that has crotch covering? Many animal-legged characters also have a tail, so maybe the butt-covering should be optional.
  11. I can't find the scarfs to save my life. I've looked under capes, but they're not there. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to unlock them? Thanks.
  12. So after the new costume creator dropped, we went to experiment and found some... interesting problems. When changing between costumes, the costumes don't seem to be updating properly, and (as near as we can tell) are carrying over parts from previous costumes where the new costume doesn't have a costume piece in that location. What we saw: What she saw: Then there was this weirdness: And i ran afoul of it too: In every case, it seemed as if it was keeping pieces from previous costumes and sticking them on the new ones. The person the glitch is happening to can't see it, but everyone else could. Zoning and relogging fixed the problem, but only until the next time someone changed costume.
  13. i had a go at designing my first villan and made him look nice (might screenshot charater later) but i was curious if you guys had any ideas or designs you made for your villans
  14. Welcome to the weekly cool characters thread #2! This is a thread I started last week in the General Discussions tab, but felt it fit in here better! Here is a place where you can share a picture or description of a hero/villain you've seen somewhere around Paragon City! I'll be creating a new thread here weekly to keep the flow fresh and not cluttered, as well as allow people the time to find characters they want to share! Note: To take a screenshot in City of Heroes, by default it is the Print Screen button! It automatically saves to your "Screenshots" folder where ever you put your launcher~! This week Ill show off this hero/villain I found in Pocket D who goes by the alias "Ashen Blade" (Seen centered in the picture below. I really love the colors used for the outfit, as well as just the clothing they selected. It feels very loose and free, reminds me of the Ultimate X-Men designs! The yellow and red stand out against the black in the outfit, which made it immediately catch my eye when I approached! She just looks like an Elf assassin? The ears, mask and hair give her a "royal assassin" feel that I enjoy a lot! I hope to see more of her around Paragon City!
  15. Hello everyone, Captain Cream here. Chaos United runs monthly costume contests for the people of Everlasting, and for the month of March we are upping the stakes! The prizepool has been bumped to a whopping 3b. Come out and show us your best Saint Patty's Day themed costumes! DATE: 3/20/20 TIME: 8 PM EST LOCATION: Kallisti Wharf THEME: Saint Patrick's Day PRIZEPOOL: 3,000,000,000(three billion) RULES: Generally the same throughout most CCs. - Auras must be able to be bought from the tailor(No armor toggles, DoT auras, etc) - No buffing other contestants. It's annoying to deal with, knocks people out of emotes. Just don't use them. - Emotes are allowed - Stay in line from the beginning to end to be judged properly We hope to see you there, Everlasting. Much love! - Captain Cream
  16. Heraclea has always been Female Face 14, because she was Face 14 when she was made back in Issue 2. This is a face I've used on many female characters before. Female Retro Sci-Fi face is one I've gotten quite a lot of mileage out of on Homecoming. I might have chosen it for Heraclea, if she did not have a traditional face. Not a fan of Female Hostile Faces 1 or 2, but Hostile Face 3 doesn't really look hostile to me, only sarcastic and skeptical. I've used that face more than once as well. My male characters tend to be philosophers, wizards, or hanging judges. As such they get a fair amount of mileage from the Older Faces. What are your favorite faces?
  17. The new customization options for Phantom Army are *amazing* and have gotten me to play my original concept for my toon at launch - Goblin Queen, as an Illusion controller (granted, I'm doing Darkness as a secondary, so that's new). The tights guys always bugged me on my concepts for immersion. I'd love it, if one day, we can progress this feature further and assign ONE Costume Slot at the power customization level for Phantom Army. Currently, I can do a lot of steps to make a little goblin posse for my Goblin Queen but I have to make a male goblin critter costume - change to that costume first, then use the Phantom Army ability, then change back to one of my Goblin Queen costumes. The end result is great but it'd be ideal if this could by streamlined by assigning a Costume Slots instead. Of course this functionality would be great with certain other pets - like Thugs for example for Masterminds but I'd be super happy with this anywhere we could get it. πŸ™‚
  18. Thought I should post it here, since this is quite a frequently asked question both in game and in the forums. You can actually adjust your character's body type (including gender) and body settings (height, waist, shoulder width, etc) by visiting a Cosmetic Surgeon at Icon Stores (aka Tailors). Visiting trainers will allow you to change costume settings only.
  19. As the thread title suggests, I think it'd be great if we could have more than 1 back item on our characters. Yes, I realize this would likely cause clipping issues, but it's always bugged me that I can't have a character with both wings and a quiver of arrows, or one with a backpack and nice flowing scarf. Your thoughts? Thanks!
  20. This is the topic I will use to save and share all of my game characters, whether they are their own creations or copies of something that already exists. Enjoy πŸ˜„ Playing on Everlasting. Character Creations & Costumes Fire Fox Controller Fire/Thermal Radiation Behace Scrapper Broad Sword/Shield Defense Pingu Tanker Ice Armor/Ice Melee Stevonnie Brute Broad Sword/Shield Defense Ranger Slayer Blaster Archery/Martial Combat
  21. I've suggested something like this before, but I thought I'd have another go at it: Most characters, (at least that I've seen), seem to stick to between 2 and 4 colors across their costume designs. It can be annoying to have to remember that the particular color you were using was 4 columns in and 7 rows down. To that end, what if the last 4 or so colors we used could either be differently highlighted within the current color palette grid, or maybe another row could be added that consisted of the last few colors we selected? I'd love to hear your thoughts & feedback! Thanks!
  22. I've noticed that though we have a robes category, there are no real robes in them. When I envision "Robes" I see something that almost drags on the ground as someone moves. I think people would really appreciate something of this nature for costuming of characters. Also, there is the skirts/shorts category. There are no long skirts or dresses in the game either. All of these would make for great costuming pieces. I'm hoping that something of that nature could be added into the game.
  23. I just needed a place I could centralize and share all my in-game creations and plans and will edit the original posts as updated. (click the little picture in the [pic] brackets to see full size images) Playing on Everlasting. Character Creations & Costumes Arcon : Arachnos Soldier - (wip) Yuri'ko : Arachnos Widow - Mind Powers, Command & Conquer Red Alert referenced (wip) Xoza : Peacebringer Tanky/Healer - My main character and first advanced archtype. A Cimerea Roman who encountered and bound with a Kheldian. Xoza Shadow : Warshade - The Warshade alternate ego. Novae : Brute Rad/Fire - My AE Farmer. Traveling the stars in an alternate timeline or distant future. A celestial event sent her to Paragon giving her abilities. Nebulae : Blaster Fire/Fire - Orphaned daughter of Nebula Chell : Controller Grav/Dark - Portal Inspired. Escaped a test chamber after an incident. [] Rayn : Corruptor Water/Storm - Inspired by Mortal Combat [] Alex Denton : Defender Kin/Rad - From my first live Defender, inspired by Deus Ex. Focused on nano-augmentation. Buffing friends and guaranteeing a hit on enemies. [] Meditation : Dominator Mind/Psi - Rework of my very first city of heroes character on live, Controller Grav/Storm at the time. [] Cybernet : MM FF/Robo - My first villain character on live, bubbles and robots. Teras Kasi : Scrapper Kin/Energy - Martial Artist from Star Wars. Embodiment of power, honed to defeat others who would abuse their gifts. Nina'Ja : Stalker Kitana/Ninjitsu - My first live scrapper, reworked to be more 'Ninja'. A forsaken and dishonored Tsoo warrior. Bull Rush : Tank Shield/Sav - Lots of cow puns. Abducted rancher found himself a Rikti science experiment. Gravaton : Controller Grav/Time - Spacetime something (wip) Designations & Registrations As you will see in this thread, City of Heroes has always been great for character creation. I have created so many in a short amount of time I have had to designate a page per archetype in character selection. Not only do these characters have fitting outfits, I've claimed some fairly decent names as well. Here's a list of characters I know I will never really get to play, so I've decided to just save their costumes in my archive, create AE NPC's and give the names to anyone else who would make better use of them. Send me a message and tell a story and plan, whether you have a character that just needs a new name, or you want to take up the identity. Below is the list of character names (and their power set) that I think I'm willing to abdicate. Inspiration By... Edna : Tank Shield/Street - "no capes!" Thought it would be great to give her a cape. [] Zer'0 : Blaster Rifle/Kitana - from Borderlands 2. [] Kyber : Brute Katana/Energy - "Jedi" Kyber Crystal. [] Vayder : Brute BS/Will - Darth Vader. [] Forceful : Star Wars, Another name for a force user. Aug : Brute SJ/Inv - Deus Ex Augmented. [] Yuri Prime : Dom Mind/Psionic - Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Yuri's Revenge. [] Mayhem Man : Blaster Fire/Atomic - Inspired by the Allstate Mayhem Man. [] X41822N : Blaster Beam/Mental - Nova Terra from Starcraft + multiple costume designs. [] D'Va : Sentinel Energy/Energy - Overwatch. [] Matukai : Scrapper Staff/Regen - Star Wars Polearm specialist. [] Vizla : Available now, Star Wars: The Old Republic or Polar Movie. Kitana : Scrapper Dual/Bio, Mortal Kombat. [] Rafae : Defender Emp/Fire - Rafaela from Mobile Legends. [] Others... Standard, Clean and Simple Tactic : MM Merc/Devices - ? [] Supernovae : Brute Energy/Energy. [] Lectric : Anything Elec/Elec. Radicator : Brute Rad/Rad. [] Venya : Just another name I grabbed I thought was cool. Metra : Had Star Wars reference, but don't remember what it was. [] Algor : Sentinel Ice/Ice, Plan was an Ice Dragon. Dija : Dom Mind/Dark - Dark Demoness. []
  24. So my suggestion is pretty simple: We have options for head, torso, arms, legs & feet that allow you to basically just glow a certain color. Once concept I'd like to be able to explore would be an animated suit of armor that has nothing inside of it. To that end, what if we could simple have our head, torso, arms, legs & feet be invisible? Perhaps in PvP, you are forced to have a glow effect, so you couldn't be completely undetectable. You could then layer over the various armor pieces or patterns, to your liking. Your thoughts? Thanks!
  25. something a lot of us asked for back when they introduced the COV Widows and Soldiers during live was the option for the male widows to have waist capes. The devs at NCsoft west refused to work on that either saying their was too many clipping issues ( which probably happened with the huge body size option in the creator ) or saying that males do not wear waste capes. I think that it would still look appropriate and actually complete the widow costume for males. As of right now when a male widow uses the widow costume it looks incomplete with out it. Just something to think about and work on since we have better advancements now compared to the mid 2000s.
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