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  1. Recently I downloaded Homecoming Launcher to play on the beta server. It ran smoothly. However, the launcher crashed when I tried to access Live. I am running Windows 10 64 bit (build 19042.1165). Everything is fine at first. A warning icon showed up right after I click the play button. The warning was similar to Jawbreaker's error a few months ago. Nevertheless, cityofheroes.exe still ran. The text said Local Account and Type Anything instead of Account Name and Account Password. LegalEULA text was empty. Server names were weird. My character is on Reunion, but the game said connecting to Triumph. Pressing the Next button in character selection menu crashes the game. EDIT - additional info So, I logged on as Andre, put him next to the pinball machine in Pocket D (pictured below), logged off, then logged on again using Homecoming launcher. Right after cityofheroes.exe crashed, I ran Tequila, then logged on as another character (Athanasia). It seems that the game client connected to the server right before it closed. From Athanasia's POV, Andre still showed up in the search window, but he didn't show up in Pocket D. She could send tells, but she couldn't target him.
  2. So I've been trying to help a friend of mine that plays city of heroes. Basically from what they told me is that any time they try to enter a super group base they get kicked out of the game. Not sure what to do so figured I would put it here to see what people come up with.
  3. I'm having a problem with the Mission Architect system - namely, the game stops responding when I try to make profiles for my custom NPCs. Every time I finish such a profile - in the same format as the hero I.D. cards - the game stops responding, and I get the "program has stopped responding" prompt that means I have to close or wait for the program to respond. And no matter how long I wait, I always have to close the game in the end. When I log back in, I find that my work was saved. But I shouldn't have to go through this EVERY SINGLE TIME I make a new AE NPC. I need some help, here. I want to know how this is happening, and how to fix it. It's making me very upset, because I used to be a very prolific AE writer, and it's hard to get back into the groove when things like this prevent me from putting in the details I would like!
  4. In the costume editor, the Black Knight Shield variant for Shield Defense users has some funkiness. While attempting to adjust my shield on a character, I found that it can outright crash the game (crash handler pops up and everything). On a character presently logged in (as in you're in the city/isles), if you have a plain Black Knight shield and set the detail to spike or emblem (any emblem) then proceed to hit the reset button to revert it to none the game will crash. If you are creating a character and do that, it doesn't crash, but it won't reset the spike or emblem and doesn't seem to have any way to revert back to a plain shield without changing the shield type completely. As an aside, manually selecting 'none' doesn't remove the detail either but won't cause a crash. Crash logs attached for those behind the scenes to review, though I also submitted them through the handler as well. cityofheroes-7z05vdpce92p3f8yj1w6efmn3g.report cityofheroes-7z05vdq26kzxc9hscnpk42vkv4.report
  5. So, something weird happened with my Window 10 laptop and a bad mouse causing 81 instances of CoH opening (I base this on the number of error reports it generated in the 1 minute period before I had to just shut the thing down) and error messages saying the video card wasn't compatible and I had to actually shut down the machine because it was clogged to the point of not being able to do anything. Previously I ran CoH with no issues. Now everything else runs fine, but when I bring up Tequila and attempt to launch City of Heroes (64 or 32 bit) it just hangs on the blue "Loading" mini-screen. When I close it after a minute it just moves CoH.exe to the "Background Processes" eating up 14% processor power and 125 MB. Trying again and closing it dumps ANOTHER copy into the Background Processes. I remove those by ending process on them. I've tried deleting the whole City of Heroes directory and re-downloading it and that hasn't helped. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Hi i have asked on the homecoming Discord but so far nobody seems to know or has answered correctly. I have suddenly come across an issue with the game, i have not added anything or installed anything new since i last played and all my drivers and windows software etc is fully up to date. When i enter my password and hit log in, the game will hang for a few seconds before losing sound then ultimately crashing to a "not responding error" I have check Event Viewer etc and i have uninstalled and re-installed the game and Tequila multiple times and have done multiple restarts of the computer itself. This is all the info i could find when looking at error reports etc. I can not make head nor tail of it and would really appreciate some help please. The program cityofheroes.exe version 1.0.1571.64 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Security and Maintenance control panel. Process ID: 2fa0 Start Time: 01d64b090836cf5b Termination Time: 60000 Application Path: D:\CoHH\hc-bin64\cityofheroes.exe Report Id: 36cc9c99-2d50-4ee5-8f7f-a3115e4bf942 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: Hang type: Cross-thread [5:00 PM] Source City of Heroes Summary Stopped responding and was closed Date ‎25/‎06/‎2020 16:18 Status Report sent Description A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows. Faulting Application Path: D:\CoHH\hc-bin64\cityofheroes.exe Problem signature Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: cityofheroes.exe Application Version: 1.0.1571.64 Application Timestamp: 5ef27650 Hang Signature: b78b Hang Type: 134479872 OS Version: 10.0.18362. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Hang Signature 1: b78b8e85c661cf72cd9c6398ee89265f Additional Hang Signature 2: ac0c Additional Hang Signature 3: ac0c53c022058a8f2ad49eecb98a4303 Additional Hang Signature 4: b78b Additional Hang Signature 5: b78b8e85c661cf72cd9c6398ee89265f Additional Hang Signature 6: ac0c Additional Hang Signature 7: ac0c53c022058a8f2ad49eecb98a4303 Extra information about the problem Bucket ID: 73cb28ad9d162facfba04f8b212b905c (1990678494273310812) Thanks for your time and any information is greatly appreciated. Report.wer
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