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Found 4 results

  1. I use the Reunion server. Most of the time I try to enter or leave a mission instance, the loading bar freezes and it returns me to the login screen. After i type my password to reenter i get a pop-up that says "your account is already logged". If I type again it lets me enter without showing the EULA. I tried numerous time and the loading screen always take at least 2 minutes even when it doesn't crash. I tried to lower the graphics but it didn't change anything. Also I noticed it happens more often in the Imperial City and King's Row zones. I would like to know if I can do anything about this, thank you.
  2. I have an issue where the game crashes at random. some days it doesn't do it for hours, other days it crashes every 5 minutes. I'm running tequila on an i7-2600 with 8gb ram (dual 4gb G-skill ripjaws), video card is an Nvidia GTX 750ti with 2Gb ram, windows 10 fully updated. I've tried 32 bit, 64 bit AND safe modes. tried deleting and copying over from a copy of the initial version pre updates, no go still does it. deleted again and reinstalled tequila and did a fresh install from tequila, still crashes. it's completely at random, some days it doesn't do it at all, some days, like today it does it every 5 to 10 minutes. I started noticing it a couple of updates ago and it's been getting worse since. it's not a mapserver issue, I haven't seen a single mapserve message. It's not the video card as the system was recently disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt. Every other game I have runs perfectly fine. Overwatch, WoW, SWTOR, Star Trek Online and Wolfenstein II all run without issues. OS and video codecs are all up to date. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I know there was another post someone put up who was having similar issues, but his were resolved by cleaning his video card as it was overheating. I've checked everything out and yet it still persists. any help in this would be greatly appreciated. -Hierarch on Everlasting.
  3. Reproducible-on-my-game crash, specific popmenu-invoking related if a bit of a headscratcher. I have a simple teleports.mnu popmenu set up that just has the useful zone teleport powers I currently have, bound to the O key (specifically "/bind o popmenu teleports"). I got round to grabbing the Ouroboros badge to add that power in, and originally had the menu like so: // Menu "Teleports" { Title Teleports Option "Pocket D &w" "powexec_name Pocket D VIP Pass" Option "Zone 8888 &e" "enterbasefrompasscode ZONE-8888" Option "Ouroboros &q” “powexec_location forward:8 Ouroboros Portal“ } That still worked for Pocket D and the Zone-8888 transport hub ones, but the Ouro Portal entry didn't work; it wasn't displayed as "Ouroboros &q" as I'd expect, it wasn't firing off the portal etc. (Intent was to instantly cast it a bit ahead of character; I expect I was making some kind of syntax error, or that popmenu uses don't like powexec_location, but whatever it was, I wasn't taking close enough notes to report that aspect of it usefully. Users, right?!) So, exit game, edit the .mnu again, to this: // Menu "Teleports" { Title Teleports Option "Pocket D &w" "powexec_name Pocket D VIP Pass" Option "Zone 8888 &e" "enterbasefrompasscode ZONE-8888" Option "Ouroboros &q” “powexec_name Ouroboros Portal“ } Originally testing to see howzabout the hypothesis that it just didn't like powexec_location. Launch game, once inside, I hit the O key and boom, instant crash. (This crash I did use the send-crash-report options, so presumably the team has that dump now.) I load back into the game thinking it's likely a fluke thing that just happens sometime (I remember live!). This time I wait a bit longer, hit O again to test the popmenu; boom, crash. Trigger a couple more crashes confirming that it's that specific popmenu--I've got a couple others for that character's mastermind pet summoning and control, and inspiration-combining, and they all work as expected. It's that specific teleports popmenu that does it every time. I edited the teleports.mnu to this: // Menu "Teleports" { Title Teleports Option "Pocket D &w" "powexec_name Pocket D VIP Pass" Option "Zone 8888 &e" "enterbasefrompasscode ZONE-8888" } and load back in. Now everything works! It certainly seems like it's the Ouro line that's the culprit, and figure I'll confirm. Back out, mnu editing: // Menu "Teleports" { Title Teleports Option "Pocket D &w" "powexec_name Pocket D VIP Pass" Option "Zone 8888 &e" "enterbasefrompasscode ZONE-8888" Option "Ouro &q" "powexec_name Ouroboros Portal" } Back in, and now the popmenu comes up crash-free and Ouro portal is available. Weird hidden character effect in the game-crashing one, maybe; I don't have a utility immediately available that can check that or compare the working version versus the crashes-every-time versions to confirm or rule that out. It's possible the game crashing one is just cursed! I've attached the three stages of the teleports.mnu file I used, filenames changed naturally. teleports.mnu crashesgame.txt teleports.mnu nocrash.txt teleports.mnu thisworksnow.txt
  4. Hi, I usually run a 3 monitor set up (laptop screen + 2 monitors). One of the monitors died, now I am getting the following message when I try to load the game Unfortunately, the City of Heroes client encountered an unexpected error and must close. The error occurred in VCRUNTIME140.dll at relative address 0xc7c9. Any ideas? Thanks
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