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Found 5 results

  1. In the mission 'Recover Tomes from Circle' as part of the 'Scroll of Tielekku' arc, some of the CoT minions have this discussion: Later in the arc, your contact tells you that Azuria has sensed a huge buildup of energy in a building in Talos: Before the Dark Astoria revamp, Azuria always sensed said buildup in Dark Astoria. The Circle dialogue obviously just predates the DA revamp. I suggest changing it to something like: "They shall attempt to pierce the barrier somewhere near Astoria, no doubt. Perhaps Talos Island?"
  2. There's apparently a bug in Heather Townsend's second mission, the one where you need to defeat three Knives of Vengeance leaders. If you find the final room and have your conversations with Sigil and Detective Somebody and beat the BP ambush before finding and defeating all the Knives leaders, the mission becomes unfinishable even once you have found and beaten the last Knives leader.
  3. When they're in Dark Astoria, apparently. Just got alpha unlocked and slotted on a character. Started running Heather Townsend in DA. Got to the Tsoo safehouse mission. Figured I'd open up a costume slot while I did that. Got Serge's Defeat 30 Tsoos mission. Waited for the ambush, after which there were 27 Tsoos to defeat. Went to the safehouse and defeated more than 30 Tsoos easily. Mission counter still has 27 Tsoos to defeat. Will have to go to Talos and clear it fighting grays. I think that Tsoos should be Tsoos and all c
  4. I petitioned this as a bug and was asked to post it here. So, I am 🙂 At the end of Preator Duncan's Arc in Dark Astoria, you are given the opportunity to do her personal story mission. (As you do with several contacts there.) When you do these personal missions, you run the mission as the person who gave it to you. In this case, my character was to become Preator Duncan. When I entered the mission, I still looked like my character from the back and I had my Phantom with me.. which was odd because ll of my powers were greyed out (as they should be.. it's non-combat). When I finis
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