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  1. So I've been fiddling around with various alts when I remembered my first attempt at building a toon on CoX. This was back when the world was flat, dinosaurs roamed the earth, and the game was Live. (Don't ask what year I have no clue. I DO remember having to do a mission at Level 20 to gain access to capes). Anyways, my first toon was a kin/elec defender, and while he was kinda fun to play, I really had no idea what I was doing when it came to picking powers, assigning enh slots to those powers, and then slotting them properly to make a rock-solid healing / debuffing machine th
  2. Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on the forums, and I’m happy to be here :D This post concerns some of my suggestions for how to modernize Empathy and make it more useful in the endgame. Empathy has always been one of my favorite powersets. I love the busy clickery, the ability to save lives in an emergency, and the feeling of making the entire party stronger. Empathy, ideally, can provide a player with a specific experience of heroism: being the team member upon which other team members can always rely, the team’s last line of defense, the still point at the cent
  3. Hello forum goers, it has been some time, once again I am back with a new powerset proposal. I have done multiple melees, and more recently engaged in control & assaults, so I decided this time as I "always" provide aid and assistance in providing revolutionary ideas to suggestions and feedback, I would now try involving myself with support based powersets for Defenders, Controllers, and possibly Corruptors. The theme for this one is Spiritualism, it involves the player unleashing their personal spirit to help unlock others full potential. I'm providing this description as this support pow
  4. Here is my current slotting for my Kinetics/Water Defender. I'm quite happy with it, but I do see some holes. Any advice to improve that doesn't break the theme (water/Tsoo lore/sharks!) is welcome. I built heavily towards AOE damage and procs. Anyhow, I love, love, love this combo and just want to see if it can be pushed to even greater heights. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Silver Tsoonami: Level 50 Science Defender Primary Power Set: Kinetics Secondary Power Set: Wat
  5. until
    Every Thursday & Sunday Repeat Offenders holds teaming as we did back on LIVE. We focus on one of our specialized SGs for a month SPOTLIGHT SG: Green Machine - All Empathy Defenders WHAT: Retro RO - Specialized teaming focused on RO SGs WHEN: Every Sunday @ 3pm PT / 4pm MT / 5pm CT / 6pm ET WHERE: Everlasting LEVELS: 20ish GLOBAL CHANNEL Repeat Offenders Green Machine - Build Requirements Listed below are the REQUIRED powers and slotting Primary Power: Empathy Heal Aura at level 1 | Slot: 3 Heal Clear Mind by level 20
  6. until
    Every Thursday & Sunday Repeat Offenders holds teaming as we did back on LIVE. We focus on one of our specialized SGs for a month SPOTLIGHT SG: Green Machine - All Empathy Defenders WHAT: Retro RO - Specialized teaming focused on RO SGs WHEN: Every Thursday @ 6pm PT/7pm MT 8pm CT/9pm ET / Fri 1pm NZT WHERE: Everlasting LEVELS: 20ish GLOBAL CHANNEL Repeat Offenders Green Machine - Build Requirements Listed below are the REQUIRED powers and slotting Primary Power: Empathy Heal Aura at level 1 | Slot: 3 Heal Clear Mind by
  7. Mr. Simpson – we have reason to believe that you have consumed - POISON! Poison is the most aggressive debuff set in the game. It is the kinetics of debuffing. If you attempt to play poison passively the results are always underwhelming. The set requires melee range to achieve maximum potential as the capstone power is a pbaoe aura that is several powers rolled into one. Poison doesn’t compromise, it doesn’t give you false hope through a weak self heal, or encourage you to sneak around. You either poison the enemy so they are weaker than you, or you die
  8. I have a five part plan. 1.) Give Defenders and Corruptors Umbral Torrent and Aim from the Blaster version of the set. Replace Nightfall and Torrent. They're both different flavors of bad, slow and weak respectively, which is presumably why they got taken out of the Blaster version. 2.) Add un-enhanceable Knockback Protection of the same magnitude as Umbral Torrent minus point one (or whatever it takes to convert it to knock down) to Tenebrous Tentacles. Similar to controller immobilizes. 3.) Add 98.5% Enhancement (Knockback) to Aim. I think that's the effect anyway. I'm look
  9. Ok I realize this may not necessarily belong in the general thread but I did not want to post this three times and I figured if I posted this in either the Blaster, Corruptor, or Defender forums then I would get biased answers on each side. I mained a Controller and a Tank on retail/live and am very interested in playing a character that is more blow-em-up than those two. I am very interested in water blast and radiation/whatever the blaster version of radiation is called (can't remember at the moment and am typing this on my phone while at work 🤫). Atomic? I am relati
  10. I'm having a great time being back in CoV. Much of my legacy Coalition has returned and we are creating teams and doing Strike Forces and such. I remember reading about all defender super teams in the past, and the idea came up tonight for a Themed Team made of the coalition members. We have at least 6 people who play regularly, and more who play sometimes. Leaving aside the themes, unless you have some suggestions, I was trying to wrap my mind around what would be a great synergistic build of 6-8 defenders. Goals are maxing defense and resistance, for buffs, along with +recovery a
  11. So after reading the Poison guide and some other threads that talk about the power set, I decided I wanted to try it out for myself. I opted to pair it with Dual Pistols, another set I've never played (despite its popularity). I used a bit of the information I found in the related threads to put this build together, but I've only just started leveling my Defender (really, more of an Offender), and its only up to the mid-20s. As a result, I don't know how sound these picks are. Please, let me know if I'm doing something wrong, or could have made some better choices. Hero Plan by Mid
  12. I've been playing a Rad/Rad Defender for a few months and I've been loving it! I want to maximize the build but putting together builds is something I've never been very good at. I've put together a "Hypothetical Build" but I'm not sure how to cap my defenses and have plenty of recharge and on top of that manage my endurance, any help or advice would be much appreciated! I really want this toon to be the very best it can! Here is what I have so far! http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1457&c=667&a=1334&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594C94F136118C6BF99B642A150
  13. Sure, it's easy to love nature. It's like Time Manipulation (Temporal Manipulation?) - it's a but OP and feels like it never got nerfed down or "normalized." I think I might also be a Dark Blast addict. At least on defenders. Their -tohit is crazy, and it's "ok" damage. While not a fireball, one can still spam Tentacles and Night fall back-to-back ad nasuem. Throw in a snipe or siphon life (I didn't take that on this new alt, though) and it's a solid, active attack chain. Perfect for pairing with powersets that are not as active (e.g. Poison, Nature). Well, assuming you're n
  14. Disclaimer: this is only the 2nd build I've ever attempted to make by myself, from scratch, so I'm sure there are tons of glaring holes I'm missing, hence the request for criticism and help. 😄 It's supposed to be a "money is no object" build, so feel free to suggest changes that would make it humongously more expensive to attain. I'm not focusing much on global recharge (LotG, Hasten, etc.) assuming that as a kin, my recharge will be high often enough, but please feel free to correct me if that assumption is wrong. I had initially picked Maneuvers, Tactics,
  15. Hi All, Has anyone played both of these? Does the defenders greater buffs and procs make out for lower damage cap?
  16. So! for a time I've been thinking what blast powersets we have at our disposal and how the damage types are a little disproportionate. So far we have five powersets that use Energy Damage: (Energy, Sonic, Radiation, Electric, Beam Rifle) four that use Smashing Damage: (Energy, Sonic, Ice, Water) four that use Lethal Damage (Assault Rifle, Archery, Dual Pistols, Ice) four that use Fire Damage (Fire, Water, Assault Rifle, Dual Pistols) three that use Cold Damage (Ice, Water, Dual Pistols) and only one each for Negative, Psychic and Toxic damage (Dark, P
  17. Last night I had an idea, as I was playing and thought about NBC's Heroes. Remember Ando? How he could boost people's powers? This is a very rough idea, and I'm totally open to different ideas. Note the numbers after the placeholder power names are what level they would be available on either a primary or secondary for the power set concept. Erratic Amplification 1 1 Ranged Foe, -Max HP, -ToHit, Special(+Damage) Amplified Recovery 1 2 PBAoE, Ally +Regen, +Recovery, +Recharge Amplified Pain 2 4 Toggle: PBAoE Foe (-Defense, -Resistance, -
  18. Hello gang! Dante here. Building a dedicated late game debuffer. Looking for a build that has capped S/L defense, capped range defense, at least. N0 poison buffs unless needed for set bonus's(Snek with Tiny Hat does not buff)... Stimulant is acceptable, aid other is not. Will be using Darks 3 cones, life drain, Dark pit. Nuke not really wanted, although open to it. Whatever it takes, the inf will be there. Incarnate suggestions also greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for reading, your awesome feedback. -Dante
  19. I recently picked up the Black Hole power on my dark defender and immedietly noticed that the fuzzy/translucent effect I remember the power having on enemies was missing. The power itself still works, but I have trouble figuring out which enemies are intangible. I've tried the different color schemes and its the same. I'm not sure if this is an issue for other ATs because you don't really see the power that often, it's skipped by most; I myself solo a lot so I find it useful in certain situations. It seems like a pretty low priority issue, but I'm hoping this will be fixed soon. I Iike to actu
  20. Hello Kinetics, Just a friendly reminder that Increase Density's status protection is still applied via single target and NOT included in the AOE. Reference: Black Scorpion - Issue 20.5 Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20120911091521/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?p=3659012#post3659012 Happy buffing! ;D
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