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Found 7 results

  1. Popmenus seem to be heavily underutilized in my opinion. If you search for "popmenu" there are six pages worth of results while searching "bind" or "macro" yields over 40! Or 20 something if you are searching plural. Even on the CoH subreddit the results are massively skewed. Sure we have the Popmenus: the what, why and how guide (which is really helpful) but honestly most people are lazy (like me!) or they just don't have the time and would rather install them than create them, it's even stated on top of the guide! So that's where this post comes in to consolidate the hidden gems. I will move this to guides but feel free to share your popmenus in the mean time so I can add it in! Post has been moved to Guides, you can find in here. Popmenus Utility Ashlocke's Handy Menu courtesy of @Ashlocke Teleport Menu courtesy of @heywoods1230 (also another one at the bottom of the post by @Huron) Extor's Emotes Popmenu courtesy of @Extor Prime Alphabetic Badge List PopMenu courtesy of @Janrithand later @ROBOKiTTY (scroll all the down the post) Inspiration Maker Popmenu courtesy of @Microcosm (second post down) Costume Change Popmenu courtesy of SnowGlobe on original forums MasterMind MMpet popmenu (which I tweaked to suit my needs) courtesy of @Hopestar(third post down) Expanded Numpad Although here are some binds & macros in there, there is a popmenu & custom.window courtesy of @qwy Task Force, ITrial & Raids Mothership Raid courtesy of @Hyperstrike (second post down) Behavioral Adjustment Facility or BAF courtesy of @Oklahoman Dilemma Diabolique or DD courtesy of @Oklahoman Lambda Sector courtesy of @Oklahoman
  2. Hi All. I am currently re-playing an AR / Devices Blaster and having a whirl. The build is intentionally limited in AR to Burst, Slug, Buckshot, Flamethrower and Full Auto -- fuelled by Hasten. I say intentionally, because the really interesting side of AR / Devices is actually the secondary, Devices itself. As you may be aware Devices has gone through some changes. I would be interested in other players points of view on how to build a /Devices strong / more Controllery style Blaster - given its new resurgence -- and how many different ways you can think of building a /Devices concept -- emphasising slot count towards Devices. For example, - Toxic Web Grenade & Caltrops -- heavy slotting here for ground area denial / creating a kill zone. - Taser (and AR's Beanbag) -- a double stun combo for locking down a Boss. - Smoke Grenade -- A Core Power. How heavily should you slot it, given you can stack its -to hit. - Field Operative -- A Core Power. Defence / Healing / End Modification. Are there variations in which way to slot? - Trip Mine and Time Bomb -- Great powers used alone or together. - Gun Drone -- Good / bad / droppable? - Hasten & Recharge -- how much +recharge is enough or optimal? - Defences & Resistances vs. Stealth / Smoke / Field Operative. I am currently playing this AR / Devices Blaster with an AR / Devices duo partner. Individually they are good, but together, they rise to a whole new (Super-Soldier) level. I heartily recommend this duo combination to fellow players. Your thoughts on slotting / Devices in interesting ways are welcome. (playing Canis Major on Reunion)
  3. The Sleep status effect is best described as a fragile Hold - once it is inflicted on an enemy, they are unable to attack or move. Unlike a Hold, they break free as soon as any damage is inflicted upon them. This places powers which cause Sleeps in a different niche to ones that inflict Holds. Instead of being used as a means of attacking with impunity like Holds are, they are instead better used to take enemies out of the fight, reducing the amount of attacks coming the party's way. Most Sleeps last much longer than Holds do, and are far less resisted in comparison (AVs have no special resistance to them for example), supporting this use case. However, I would argue that this primary use case rarely comes up - I will attempt to explain why below: Damage is 'messy' and takes work to concentrate on specific targets AoE damage is easy to come by in many powers. This results in potentially slept enemies awakening prematurely, taking them back into the fight and thus mitigating the utility that a Sleep provides. Compare this to something like D&D, where such AoE is rare, and generally limited in usage - Sleeps are much more useful in this case due to said rarity, as it is easier for a group to attack a target one at a time in relative safety Larger teams result in larger amounts of damage Compounds the above issue - additional characters means that additional damage will invariably be dealt. It is also more difficult to concentrate on specific targets due to the increase in chaos across the battlefield: lots of graphical interference, swarms of enemies (and players!) getting in the way, etc. Given this, I personally think that Sleeps ought to be looked over, to see how better they might increase their utility - Static Field for example mitigates many of the issues above due to being reapplying itself over time: even if an enemy wakes up due to being damaged, they are quickly subdued again. However, I believe that such methods merely sidestep an issue with how Sleeps function with the rest of the game. As such, I've thought up potential different ideas that could potentially help with the goal of "increasing the utility of Sleep status effects", roughly ordered in order of least to most change to the game: Add a status icon indicator on targeted enemies that displays inflicted status effects At the moment, one is reliant on looking at the actual enemy NPCs, along with the graphics surrounding them to determine whether or not they are under the effect of a status effect. In large groups, this is much more difficult to do - as such, a series of status icon indicators in the Target window might better assist in making judicious decisions about where to attack. Is this necessary? If one wishes to focus their attacks on a single target, why not just target through another player? Increase the range/radius of one-shot AoE sleep effects My reasoning here hinges on the idea that if such effects are applied pre-emptively on a group, this would allow a higher amount of enemies to remain slept, even if AoE damage were inflicted afterwards, due to them being more spread out than said damage could encompass. Perhaps enemies could be spawned in a way that keeps them more spread out by default, thus increasing the likelihood that such sleeps lock them down? Make the Sleep status effect itself less fragile One could take inspiration from Champion Online's Paralyze effect - their equivalent of CoH's Hold effect, but with one large exception: any damage taken to the target reduces the duration of the effect. This could potentially be implemented with Sleep status effects, though this does raise a myriad of questions. Namely: How large of a Sleep duration loss ought damage cause, and what metrics might be used? How can this be implemented without edging out the benefits of a proper area-of-effect Hold, or a Hold in general? Status effects work both ways. Would people enjoy being hit with a more persistent Sleep effect? Reduce the prevalence of AoE damage...? This is less of a serious idea and more of a thought experiment due to how such a change would be extremely wide sweeping and generally Not FunTM. As mentioned before, Sleeps are generally more potent when attacks are focused, which AoE damage by their nature...isn't. Reducing the frequency with which characters could deal high amounts of AoE damage with ease could be a hypothetical way of increasing the utility of Sleeps. However, this has a whole range of questions attached to it: How would the game 'feel'? It's part of the superhero genre to be able to lay waste with large explosions, etc. Being limited to the amount one can do this sounds odd from the get-go Would enemy spawns need to be changed to match this lack of AoE? It's clear that such damage is here to stay, especially with things like the Tanker changes coming out that increases the range of their sweeping attacks - is it fair to limit such improvements just for the sake of increasing the utility of one status effect? Needless to say, this is a difficult topic to approach - there's a lot of factors at play that require considering, but I do hope that these thoughts were well articulated, and spark a good amount of discussion. What do you think? Was I correct in my assumptions of the main functions of Sleeps, and the lack of necessity/utility of said functions? Any ideas that I put forth sound appealing/need adjusting? New ideas entirely? I look forward to everybody's responses! Neat Additional Points and Suggestions @ScarySai suggested making enemies go prone (Knockdown) once they're hit with a powerful enough Sleep, meaning that they'd need to get back up before returning to the fight once woken up. I like this suggestion a lot! Not only does it make thematic sense to make an enemy sleep on the ground, but it's also an effect that I wouldn't be too bothered by if a Sleep hit my character as well. Additionally, it'd provide a nice way of identifying which enemies have been put to sleep by seeing them prone on the floor. Building on this, perhaps different kinds of Sleeps ought to have different kinds of potential effects. While putting enemies to the floor makes sense for powers which cause unconsciousness (e.g. Siren's Song, Mass Hypnosis), it makes less sense for powers which trap enemies in a fragile prison (e.g. Salt Crystals). In these cases, having a Sleep's duration merely shorten with damage instead of disappearing entirely might make sense. Blind's Sleep effect could also lower perception/ToHit for example.
  4. The Experience I went digging, I do a lot of sleuthing about on the nitty gritty of the game these days, looking for a small bit of information on a specific Task Force the other night that I found myself soloing simply for the heck of it. By the other end of it I came up pretty empty handed both in regards to that Task Force, and just the general fact that there was strangely a lack of discussion around the idea of soloing it. Hoped back onto the forums from beyond Google to see if there were ever any threads with open discussion about soloing content, thoughts, experiences, just anything in general in the last few months. Not a thing specifically designated to that purpose. So I figured, why not open that floor up and see what the thoughts are out there? I recently took on the challenge of building a Titan Weapon/Regeneration Scrapper with the explicit purpose of putting it through as much challenging content as I could, with as much solo as I find the time to do. The game was quiet, so I decided I'd try and take a peak around Khallisti Wharf for the first time ever, and also take a swing at the Task Force (Market Crash) while I was around. I hadn't actually taken a tour through it yet, and thought it'd be fun to try and run something brand new. There's relatively no direct-link resource for that TF, so it was a bit of a blind-run (not a big deal, really), until the end with the last AV (Crimson Prototype). That thing smoked me within 15 seconds and I was, truly and honestly, baffled. I hosp'd and took another swing, got it about 1/5 down before it happened again... just flat-lined out of no where. Que growing rage. For an AV, the Crimson Prototype is kind of annoying, but in a solo circumstance I was finding him, on that build, irritatingly difficult and it wasn't until another death, and really looking at the combat log that I realized it causes -MaxHP. I knew I had a ton of effective debuffs stacking on me, but not a lot of time to really stop and question them individually in my fight to kill that thing, and stay alive at the same time. There's also the fun little fact that whenever it manages to get a hold of, or summon a Force Field Generator, that tiny little drone makes the CP effectively untouchable. Its debuffs are what killed it for me on a Regen, though. I could cycle a lot of +Def and +Res, and hold up for a considerable amount of time without question, but at the end of it all Regeneration is one of my key elements, and that guy was stripping me down 100's of HP at a shot to the point where I was getting dropped by half, making those meager 150-200 damage attacks critical me. In the end I had to fold and give up the TF. It didn't matter if my Regen ridiculously high, it was chopping my hit points right out from under me. In the end, I might not have made the attempt if I'd come across a more definitive "btw, watch out for this..." I'll possibly revisit it down the road once I have the last few sets catalyzed in my build, and the Incarnates at least all T3 (versus only having Alpha and T1 Judgement). The Call to Action! That being said, I wanted to call out to others whose quest is to solo the content of our great city on their thoughts, tips, tricks, or stories they've experienced that might weigh in on the idea for others. What lessons did you learn, or what event happened that no other soul got to witness but you, alone in that dark cavern beneath Oranbega? I wanted to hear from others, to share those memories into something constructive for others, if anyone's interested. What's your Solo: Best Experience Favorite Content Task Force Tips AV Challenges GM Takedowns Bang-for-Buck Arcs Merit-Making Side-Runs Soul Crushing Defeats World Breaking Wins Solo Questions Advanced Warnings Overall Tricks If enough people dive in and there's a good flow of info, I may even go back and edit it together into an archive/table of contents.
  5. So I been reading this comic book lately many recommended for called Astro City, and let me tell you. It really gotten me interested despite the odd concepts. Like, how they made their Superman a 35th century hero blasted to the past to prevent human destruction, or Winged Victory being a troubled woman and was gifted with magical abilities, and so much more made me thinking. What obscured and odd 'trippy' concepts can you guys think of to publish here to see what you would oddly create if you were in Astro City?
  6. Hi All. I have long had a thought in my head to create a Fear focused tank. The obvious contender for this is Dark Armour. In addition there are the Fear powers from the Presence pool, of [Intimidate] and [Invoke Panic] from the Presence Pool. I would welcome the thoughts of fellow players / theorycrafters on how such a concept might be best / most interestingly served. I have it in my mind, that the Hero might for example be an Invulnerability / Superstrength or Radiation / Superstrength Tank: where the Fear effect takes the place of a damage aura (i.e. no damage aura in primary build) keeping the foes huddled close to power the likes of [Invincibility] allowing enemies to be defeated one by one. Perhaps making for a tank which is competent solo. I would welcome the thoughts of fellow Tank enthusiasts. How would you go about fulfilling the concept?
  7. During the last RP Event in Everlasting, people were asked what kind of things they'd like to see added/changed to the game. I was surprised to hear that least a few others wanted to be able to make bigger or smaller characters than we do on live, myself included. One even suggested '2ft to 12ft tall', I would have been happy to see 10ft myself but I was impressed that I wasn't alone. So after hyping myself up talking a friend I went on a mission to Icon 1.72 to create a proposal for the Homecoming devs reading this and to anybody else who supports the idea to increase the server-enforced restrictions to player costume scales to make this a reality. I created an Imgur gallery with numerous textboxes to go through the reasoning and logic behind allowing this change and why the infrequent issues that come with it aren't as bad as it seems from a glance. There's two parts of the proposal, one that goes over the size difference compared with mobs and the second part that covers the worst case scenarios of maps, to read it all you have to go to this link: https://imgur.com/a/prx4pl7 As a footnote: I know I'm missing those tiny tunnels that criss-cross some Rikti underground maps however I wasn't able to find the internal mapname for such a place (honestly, there's dozens of the same exact maps, what the...?). But one might argue it will be the same as the Vanguard mini-tunnels as described in the gallery itself. I'd want to forward this proposal to the Homecoming team themselves but I don't know how, so I'm hoping by posting it here at least, the community can also weigh in on their thoughts and compromises, if any.
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