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Found 22 results

  1. StriderIV

    Ice Armor!

    Hey all! Maybe it was to do with Mortal Kombat coming out this week, but I want to give Ice Armor a go, and I think it seems like it would be a good fit on a Scrapper! Bastion seems like a pretty sweet T9. I don't see many Ice Armor heroes while I'm playing, so it thought I'd come to the forums and see if anyone had some advice! Potential pairings: Ice Melee/Ice Armor: Because I want to be COOL. Psi Melee/Ice Armor: Since both powersets have a -recharge, I felt it was pretty synergistic! In a way you're effectively making yourself a bit more tanky s
  2. Hi all! Looking to roll my first blaster... ever. A friend recommend Dark/Fire to me as a combo, saying it’s pretty survivable (for a Blaster) and can function well at range or up close. However, I can’t really find too many sample builds on the forums! Does anyone have experience with this build! I’m also very open to other potential combos/power set pairings. If anyone has any advice for a newbie blaster, please blast away =P
  3. I have an idea for a character that can work for both a Earth/Rad Dom or a Fire/Rad. Basically they are a walking Meltdown. In any case I am curious as to which build has the better synergy and viability in late game content. If anyone has tried out these combos before.
  4. Hi all! So one of my absolute favorite heroes that I have made is my Dark Armor/Staff Fighting Tanker. Staff Fighting I feel works great on a Tanker, with the extra defense and resistance ratios they get. He is pretty much an unkillable beast. That being said, I’ve enjoyed Staff Fighting so much, I want to roll another. Stalker stuck out to me since they retain Staff’s AOE, but ALSO bring some nice single target damage. I’m curious if anyone has experience as a Staff Stalker, and what secondary they may recommend! I was looking at: Staff/Nin: Because Ninja. I
  5. I'm devloping a Superman type hero TANKER and I want to go with either Invuln or Rad (I can make Rad work as Solar Energy :P). I'm just curious though: Between Rad Armor and Invuln, which do you feel is the absolute toughest for most endgame content? How I see it so far: Invuln: + Solid resists across the board. Psi hole can be plugged with impervium armors. + Easier to cap some defenses than on Rad. + Good DDR to stop defense failure. - Very little endurance management (can be fixed with IO's) - No damage added (PBAOE moves) Rad Armor: + Very strong resists
  6. Hi all! So I built my first Dark Armor hero: DA/Staff Tanker. He was a BLAST leveling, and is now even more fun with incarnates. Dark, as a defensive set, just feels so robust. I also dig the animations and sound effects on Staff Fighting! That being said... I NEED ANOTHER DARK ARMOR HERO! I’d love to crowd source ideas here. What is one of YOUR favorite Dark Armor heroes? What power sets do you feel mesh particularly well with it? Do you like to run it on a Tanker, Brute, Scrapper or Sentinel? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Onw
  7. Hi heroes (and villains 😉)! I’ve always been interested in Katana. It seems like a fairly quick animating power set which still has some “crunch” to it. Plus, it can lend itself to some really cool concepts ranging from Jedi to Cyborg Ninjas =P That being said, I’ve rolled Tankers, Brutes, Scrappers and Stalkers fairly equally - so I’m not tied down to a specific archetype. Do you have an archetype you prefer to run Katana on, where you feel it may be most optimal? Also, are there any primaries/secondaries you’d recommend to match it with on your preferred a
  8. Hi all! I understand that mobs can always attack, even if they have 1 endurance. However, is it possible to fully drain and AV or GM and KEEP them at zero endurance so they can’t attack? I was under the impression that you can’t, but a buddy of mine says you can.
  9. Or the rather long winded title of powersets combined that are not popular but work. This isn't the Inv/SS thread this is the "why did they use those sets"? Now granted I am relatively new to tankers as some of you know, so I might be totally wrong. But, I'm basing this on what I see on the forums and what I see in game. I recently made a Inv/KM tanker which seems to just work, i haven't seen any running around and while I like the build I don't love the build. Most people hate KM because of the sounds but honestly it doesn't bother me. I mig
  10. So me and my VGmates over the course of our Friday night play dates have been running the Shadow Shard TF's. Last night was the Justin Augustine Task Force, out of all the TF/SF I have ever ran that hands down is the worst. Now the two prior ones had there moments but JA was just a waste, players standing around while going to do clickies, fly 20 miles to click something else, over and over again, ugh time sink. Not at all impressed and such a let down, the story was ok, the difficulty on the final mission didn't set well, I had it cranked to +4×8 and the CoT were yello
  11. When I see pricing for ATO's that are below 10 mil I'm confused. Selling it at 10mil at least recovers the cost, yes, I realize sometimes you get 2. Most of the time with un-slotters, catalysts, etc and miniscule items you don't recoup enough and its a loss. So I guess it falls to people don't care, are willing to get w/e, are just not savvy, or are impatient. I prefer to keep everything or as much as possible to make the ATO attuned. Is it just me? Am I missing something?
  12. On live on the Triumph server, there was a toon named "Blood Horn", who was the leader of the Revenants VG. In rl he was Greg and our friend, unfortunately Greg passed a few years back. His birthday was the 14th. When HC came on line it was bittersweet, the Revenants were back, but, we were missing our friend. One of our members @killroy made a tribute toon when HC came on line who he would retire upon reaching vet lvl 1000. One thousand levels, for a tribute, to a friend. Last night he made it, and I figured I would share. While this is only a "g
  13. So I realize that it is a AoE tp with kb/stun effect. My question is for the T4, the perception, stealth bonus, does this help a stalker build as a passive unresistable boost? Trying to think outside the box on this and if so it would go over stealth cap, right?
  14. So I rolled a staff/invulnerable broot, was wondering if anyone had some insight into how it performs? Any downside? Not looking for a build, just want info from someone who has played one.
  15. Hello, I've been loving the impact (heh) of my new Gravity/Earth/Ice dominator. But I'm about to do a respec and getting rid of a lot of attack powers in favor of defenses and LotG spots. This combo is nice because the central rotation is pretty easy to reach and leaves a good chunk of slots open for pools. I will say, I'm a casual player and it's very unlikely I'll have full IO build, only one of my characters has reached that. I have a few million lying around but I'm not a farmer and I suffer from altitis. Mostly just looking for a cheapish recharge build, but I'd welcome any suggesti
  16. Popmenus seem to be heavily underutilized in my opinion. If you search for "popmenu" there are six pages worth of results while searching "bind" or "macro" yields over 40! Or 20 something if you are searching plural. Even on the CoH subreddit the results are massively skewed. Sure we have the Popmenus: the what, why and how guide (which is really helpful) but honestly most people are lazy (like me!) or they just don't have the time and would rather install them than create them, it's even stated on top of the guide! So that's where this post comes in to consolidate the hidden gems. I will move
  17. Hi All. I am currently re-playing an AR / Devices Blaster and having a whirl. The build is intentionally limited in AR to Burst, Slug, Buckshot, Flamethrower and Full Auto -- fuelled by Hasten. I say intentionally, because the really interesting side of AR / Devices is actually the secondary, Devices itself. As you may be aware Devices has gone through some changes. I would be interested in other players points of view on how to build a /Devices strong / more Controllery style Blaster - given its new resurgence -- and how many different ways you can think of building a /Devices
  18. The Sleep status effect is best described as a fragile Hold - once it is inflicted on an enemy, they are unable to attack or move. Unlike a Hold, they break free as soon as any damage is inflicted upon them. This places powers which cause Sleeps in a different niche to ones that inflict Holds. Instead of being used as a means of attacking with impunity like Holds are, they are instead better used to take enemies out of the fight, reducing the amount of attacks coming the party's way. Most Sleeps last much longer than Holds do, and are far less resisted in comparison (AVs have no sp
  19. The Experience I went digging, I do a lot of sleuthing about on the nitty gritty of the game these days, looking for a small bit of information on a specific Task Force the other night that I found myself soloing simply for the heck of it. By the other end of it I came up pretty empty handed both in regards to that Task Force, and just the general fact that there was strangely a lack of discussion around the idea of soloing it. Hoped back onto the forums from beyond Google to see if there were ever any threads with open discussion about soloing content, thoughts, experiences, just anythin
  20. So I been reading this comic book lately many recommended for called Astro City, and let me tell you. It really gotten me interested despite the odd concepts. Like, how they made their Superman a 35th century hero blasted to the past to prevent human destruction, or Winged Victory being a troubled woman and was gifted with magical abilities, and so much more made me thinking. What obscured and odd 'trippy' concepts can you guys think of to publish here to see what you would oddly create if you were in Astro City?
  21. Hi All. I have long had a thought in my head to create a Fear focused tank. The obvious contender for this is Dark Armour. In addition there are the Fear powers from the Presence pool, of [Intimidate] and [Invoke Panic] from the Presence Pool. I would welcome the thoughts of fellow players / theorycrafters on how such a concept might be best / most interestingly served. I have it in my mind, that the Hero might for example be an Invulnerability / Superstrength or Radiation / Superstrength Tank: where the Fear effect takes the place of a damage aura (i.e. no damage au
  22. During the last RP Event in Everlasting, people were asked what kind of things they'd like to see added/changed to the game. I was surprised to hear that least a few others wanted to be able to make bigger or smaller characters than we do on live, myself included. One even suggested '2ft to 12ft tall', I would have been happy to see 10ft myself but I was impressed that I wasn't alone. So after hyping myself up talking a friend I went on a mission to Icon 1.72 to create a proposal for the Homecoming devs reading this and to anybody else who supports the idea to increase the server-enforced rest
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