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  1. Hey all, Played for years but quit a while before it went F2P, am now returning and it's fair to say I've forgotten more than I ever knew about builds and slotting out chars. Can I get some well-deserved criticism on my Earth/Earth/Fire Dom build please? This is supposed to be like a cheap-ass no-purples build hence the lack of them, and I'm fairly unfamilar with the Archetype Sets and what they offer/cost. Not even sure if a cheap build is worth it these days or if influence drops enough to go straight for purple? I feel like I have enough recharge for perm
  2. I’ve written up a proposal for improving Mind Control before, and this is done in the same vein, except with a cooler twist – there’s another Control Primary powerset out there that could do with some love (something that I’ve mentioned in my thread to allow Controllers to lock down AVs/GMs): Ice Control! As for why I decided to look at improvements to this powerset in particular, read on. Ice Control: The Competition Heats Up Unlike Mind Control, it’s a fairly standard Control set, with five of its powers following the regular pattern: one single target/AoE Hold and Immobilize, alon
  3. Hey all! After writing up a proposal for Insect Control, I’ve decided to try and create another Control powerset, and decided to fill an obvious elemental gap – there’s a lack of Control powersets in general, so I’m trying to do my part to help resolve that. As a secondary goal, I wanted to make Light Control relatively unique, while still maintaining a decent amount of lockdown despite its larger amount of non-standard powers. Given this decision, I’d definitely be interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on this: is it too divergent/weak/overtuned/unenjoyable? Special Effect:
  4. I'm certain I could do better with sets to get better def/resists. prolly next project. This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Technology Dominator Primary Power Set: Earth Control Secondary Power Set: Earth Assault Power Pool: Teleportation Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Concealment Ancillary Pool: Mace Mastery Villain Profile: Level 1: Fossilize -- SprWntBit-Rchg/SlowProc(A), SprWntBit-Dmg/EndRdx/Acc/Rchg(3), SprWntBit-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(3), SprW
  5. Build Link I'd like to have someone actually versed in Dominators look over this build, because it seems to perform really poorly on paper compared to other builds I've seen here. Not sure if that's because I built it wrong or because I just picked bad base powersets. I was going for high recharge and perma-Domination but it seems sorely lacking in defense/resists. I primarily play a Tanker so I don't know if that's because it's a Dominator, or because I built it wrong. I know the resistance soft caps are considerably lower, but still. It seems utterly useless in solo play. The only
  6. Hello members of the forums, I have been recently playing a control based archetype and have noticed that's there is fairly few control powerset options for control and assault as opposed to melee or ranged. As someone who prefers being a melee combatant myself I never saw this as an issue, as many people (like myself) prefer to attack enemies up close or from a distance. So the shortage of option was never a concern to me. However after playing as a dominator myself, I recognize that it is a unique playstyle and I wanted to expand on the powerset choices. I though it would be cool to introduc
  7. If you were going to make a dominator that had to meet the requirement: it has to be better than a geared out fortunata... What would you select? Where would you place the annoying, no dmg, ATOs? Would you even bother? I love Dom, play mainly Dom... But lately by comparison I'm finding Fort practically more useful in today's meta. There's no time to run into mobs, unless you initiate. Casts need to be quick, or you've missed the mark. You must be able to stand in the fire. So, what would you roll? Mind savage was alright, but again
  8. Preface: I've played City of Heroes for a very long time, and eons ago I remember being able to use Flash or Mass Confusion or Cinders, etc. to control (or later dominate) my foes. They were reliable and helped define what it meant to be a controller. But then dark times occurred, and the CoH devs decided that they would smite us for thinking that a controller could effectively control a group of would be criminals. Wouldn't it be great if we could use a AoE hold or power and it recharged out of the box significantly less than the 4 minute (240 second) timer that was imposed upon u
  9. Hey gang, LOVE this mechanic. I had played an energy toon until Homecoming changed Energy Assault. Thank you. This is my first bug post, I did a search but have not found any more information on this mechanic regarding my current problem. I apologize if I missed something. Powers/Mechanics Energy Stored (proc) Energy Stored Icons (Per power) Total Focus Bone Smasher Sniper Blast For those unfamiliar with the set, when you activate Total Focus (100% chance) or hit a stunned enemy (20% chance afaik) with certain powers in Energy Assaul
  10. Currently, the power Fissure (both in Controller and Dominator flavour) requires you to be on the ground to activate it. The old i25 patch notes changed the way a number of powers worked (Foot Stomp, Atom Smasher, Burn, Tremor, Ice Patch). Before these changes, they needed to be activated while you were on the ground. Now, they can also be used while flying, so long as you're close to the ground - a nice quality of life adjustment. Given that there is precedence for similar powers being adjusted in this way, it would be nice if Fissure could also be used while flying, i
  11. Howdy folks, As the topic title says, I need help deciding whether to make a Blaster or a Dominator for PvP. Will be for mostly 1 on 1 and small team fights, as well as zone stuff when and if the opportunity presents itself. The choice for me is narrowed down to either a Psi/EM or Psi/Martial or Psi/Time for the blaster, or a Dark/Energy for the Dominator. Any help on the pros and cons of which to choose is definitely welcome, thanks.
  12. I was doing some testing of Savage Assault's Unkindness power since the description says it does increased damage per stack of Blood Frenzy. The results....were unexpected. I've attached a picture of the numbers I found per tick and it seems each stack DOES increase damage (despite popular belief) but only by 1.4% per stack capping at 7%. Maybe this is WAI but it seems like an odd (literally) number. Is this correct or is there some sort of typo behind the scenes which is causing it to scale so little?
  13. Hey guys, Sharing my mind/rad pvp dominator build I use for 8v8 arena and zone pvp. Devastating blow and radiation siphon hit like a truck and your ranged attack of dominate->proton volley->xray beam is fast and does decent enough damage. Hibernate allows you to stay alive evade coordinated spikes. 1500+ HP (with accolades) allows you to survive in general as well as increasing the effectiveness of green insps. TK can set up slow snipes for more initial damage. This build also provides some basic KB protection (41) against most attacks (force bolt from bubblers is probably still gon
  14. So I built my next character to focus on now that my DP/Kin Corrupter is mostly built and my Rad/DM tanker is working on his Incarnates. This build was made to turn a Dominator into a soft control beast, able to Stun, Sleep, Confuse, Sap Endurance, and bounce enemies around with Jolting Chain. At Perma Domination, this is a pretty flipping fun way to solo bosses and possibly EBs. Damage is on the light end, but frankly I don't really care. I want the control toys. Take a look and lemme know what you think!
  15. Titled in the style of this post: Looking at the Issue 26 Page 5 patch notes, powers providing enhanceable resistance are meant to ignore outside buffs - it's why such powers were adjusted accordingly to no longer do so. Link Minds from the Dominator's Psionic Mastery ancillary power pool provides a boost to Defense and ToHit, along with a very small, unenhanceable boost to Psionic resistance (1.7% to be exact). However, it's unable to be boosted despite this. Given that powers were corrected one way to fix powers not working as intended, I think it makes sense for all powers
  16. Background: The original draft of this is up on reddit, but I figured not everyone is on reddit, and I DO need to start posting here more. This is NOT be a detailed power-per-power analysis. This is more HOW TO PICK a secondary based on how it will feel to play than HOW TO PLAY it. This is math light - I've purposely abstracted most of it out, and am not addressing DPA. Players that are interested in DPA usually know their way around a build and won't find much in a guide like this. 🙂 Dominator Secondary general info: Most sets have the following: a
  17. So iv had 3 doms so far and they went mind/dark, ice/ice and ice/energy and i finally found the combo of powers that work for my play style which is mind/energy cause i like to play melee style AV controling type dom. Does anyone have a good build for this? Much appreciated!
  18. So I'm new to builds, but I'm learning bit by bit, mostly by cobbling together things other people do and playing around with stuff. Right now I'm set on a Dominator character. Rapid fire: Character concept is a villain akin to a Shadowdruid, so basically the evil counterpart to a druid. He can shapeshift into a werebear, cast shadow and weather magic, command animals, etc. Always PvE, and want to be successful both solo and on teams. Don't really need to solo AVs, though that'd be an added bonus. Cost is no object, really aiming for the stars here. Tested this f
  19. Hey everyone, wanting to create an Earth/Fire Dominator to run with. I am mainly going to be running this guy in Task Forces and trials. Basically want to do a ton of AOE in order to help the team. Could use some help with a good build. I have messed around in MIDS but struggle to make a good build and haven't found any earth/fire anywhere. I will keep working but thank you in advance for the help! I would post my build I made, but it is definitely laughable and know someone who knows what they are doing would just completely rework it.
  20. So I have this 50 Mind Control/Dark Assault and, well, it seems a bit... underpowered. Mind you, she doesn't have Alpha slotted yet (because the $%^&*@# shards won't drop!). So here's my mids build. Can someone look at it and tell me where I'm going wrong here? Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Domina Sibohan: Level 50 Natural Dominator Primary Power Set: Mind Control Secondary Power Set: Dark Assault Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Leadership Powe
  21. I’ve been toying with making a dominator - one AT I never really got into - and came up with what I feel is an interesting concept. I want to build a “star” type of character, with magical powers reminiscent of the energies of space. Primarily, the character’s powers center on the idea of shooting plasma and ionized, charged energies, ultimately channeling the vacuum energy of space itself in order to become highly dense (represented by temp invulnerability for example). Thing is, I don’t really know where to start when kitting out an elec/energy dom, because I’m not ex
  22. For a while now I've wanted to write up descriptions/reviews of the oddball powers available in Dominator Assault secondaries. The general design of Dominator Assault sets tends to be 7 attack powers, with 2 slots reserved for an unusual power. However, this pattern isn't followed perfectly. I've played most Dominator sets to 50 over the years. Exceptions are Electric, Radiation, and Dark Assault. It's many years in some cases tho, so my observations may not be perfect. Feel free to provide your comments in the replies. I hope someone finds this overview helpful.
  23. Hey everyone, So, I didn't know that Ice was so bad but my old Live toon was an Ice character. I want to bring her back so I need help. The only requirements are that she has either flight or mystical flight as well as either leviathan, soul, ice, or dark mastery (preferably a patron power). Other than that, it's open season. I'd love to have perma-dom, though. I'd really love some help. PS: I'm talking like, billion inf build here. This is my project for the next few weeks.
  24. Hello. Just made 50 on my earth/energy guy and am looking to IO him up. I am wanting perma-dom and if possible insta snipe while having 5*lotg recharge. Would this be possible, and if you build gurus out there could help me with a suggested build, I would be much obliged. Thabk you!
  25. In light of the new changes I made a new dom pvp tier list, this list applies to zones/arena (PuGs/casual): Primaries: Broken Tier: Dark control S Tier: Earth, Mind, Grav A Tier: Plant, Ice, Elec B Tier: Fire Explanation: Given current mez mechanics, the only thing that really matters about a primary is the hold. Hold duration, cast time and damage. Most of the secondary effects don't make much of a difference other than grav which can actually effect jump height significantly. I'd say all control sets are viable, it just has to do with your pr
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