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  1. This topic gives a list of videos created to help people with everything from basic base questions to more complex editing techniques. Feedback, questions, and requests are all welcome. I am changing the first post to give an index of the videos, so people can find them easily. The original post is below. Here is the link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DacysBaseBuilding These are short videos, not the highest quality, so as to make it faster to download and stream. Each video tackles a facet of base building briefly. URLs and descriptions are listed here, thumbnails are throughout the topic. Introduction to Base Editing: Getting Set Up A brief look at what you need to get your base started, and also, how to set the sky to "open sky". A Look At Base Editing Commands Improved to cover slightly more, more concisely. Looks at setting up the editor to make editing as easy as possible, which keys to use to manipulate objects, and placing your base entry portal in or out of the base, and how to deal with the error when people get stuck in the entry portal when entering base. Base Lighting Options It might seem unimportant as a topic you should visit before you start building, but how you choose to light your base has a big impact not only on how it looks, but impacts the decision on whether or not to build outside of the base walls. Know exactly what you're choosing if you choose to build above or below. Wall and Ceiling Options in Your Base A look at what your options are for walls, both as part of the base itself, or as in what items make good walls and ceilings, and where to find them. Dacy shares her favorite way to make straight white walls and ceilings. Make Your Base Work For You Setting up base functions: Storage, Rez Facilities, Teleporters, Services and Buffs. Dacy shows you what is available and where to find it, and how to set it up. She includes a trick she picked up to make storage units disappear. Making Base Function Look Fabulous A short tour of some bases for samples of what Dacy spoke of in "Make Your Base Work For You", in making your functional pieces look good, or seem to be part of your design, or even completely unnoticed. Help For Editing Problems The editor has quirks and outright bugs. This segment is a bit longer than others, but deals with negotiating these bugs and quirks. Why is your item jumping around? What do you do when things have shifted around from where you put them? How can you get rid of flicker? These and other problems are sorted out. Quick Tips to Fix Editor Errors For those who don't want to watch the longer and more complete “Help For Editing Problems" and just want to know what they can do to avoid or fix a problem. Kitchens! A guide to putting together the appliances you've seen in my kitchen, with some options to what's been shown. Windows You Can See Through, Plus More Construction tips for making windows you can see through, and a look at options the base editor offers for ready made windows; which walls are best for the outer walls of a house, and different door options. Creating Different Levels in Your Base A look at the different items you will need to create different levels in your base, how many levels you can put into the base within the walls, and different items you can use to achieve different looks. Base Sky Options Goes over some of the different base-wide sky options, and how they effect objects you place, plus, the placeable skies found in the "Skies" tab in the Place Item category. Terraforming Making higher grass hills, rock formations, and floating islands. Advanced Base Editing Techniques A few things I’ve learned that should help you edit some trickier things more easily. Roads and Cement Surfaces The replacement for the one with the wonky video; a look at good materials in the editor you can use for roads and other cement surfaces. Building Material for the Outside of Buildings A look at some materials good for the outside of buildings in actual finished buildings in a base. Both house and city buildings shown. Complete Guide to Building Above and Below Base Consolidating all the information you need to start building above or below your base, including consideration of lighting issues, opening the ceiling to the sky, placement of surfaces such as grass or water so they do not flicker, moving the base portal, commands you'll need to edit from anywhere in the base, and more demonstration of what to do once you have that first floor plate laid down in the location where you want to build. Working With Water Placing water so it looks good, without flicker or gaps, which water plates need solid surfaces under them to prevent characters from falling through them if they are placed over air, and making pools and rivers and lakes. Building Complex Items Shows techniques I use in making complex items, with a demonstration build using the techniques. COH Basebuilding: Creating Roofs Creating roofs, different types of roofing materials. TOURS Base Tour: Power Girls See a high-end townhouse. COH Base Tour: The Invincible Ones Tour of award winning space ship base on Excelsior. Base Tours: The Pagoda Base tours of the most awesome bases in Paragon: Today, the Pagoda! Base Tour: Rat City Tour the one, the only...Rat City Base Tour: Karma Tour the island everyone talks about...Karma Island! Base Tour: Sleigh Belles The holiday base everyone will be talking about! Base Tour: Paragon Galleria See a wonderfully realized full scale mall! New Series: Base Quick Tips Base Quick Tips: How to Open The Sky The often asked,"How do I change the ceiling to sky?" COH Base Quick Tips: Placing Plot and Rooms Start with the basics! COH Base Quick Tips: Moving Entry Portal Often asked right after they learn how to open the sky... COH Base Quick Tips: Placing Objects on Top of Other Objects How to put things on the table instead of them appearing to float over the table... COH Base Quick Tips: Interior Base Teleporters The how-to for how to connect the pieces so you can zip about your base in no time! COH Base: Quick Tips: Positioning Those Pesky NPCs Can't seem to target NPCs? You're not alone...but there's a solution! COH Base Quick Tips: Using Banners: More Than Just Decoration! Make colored walls, carpets, and more! COH Base Quick Tips: Making Spiral Stairs Creating spiral stairs is easier than you might think! New Series: Building Skills (Placed some older videos in this category on my channel, more in depth than my quick tips on a single topic) COH Building Skills: Lettering There is a lot more to lettering than just the oversized alphabet in the editor! I will add more videos as I make them. URLs will be added here, thumbnails later in the post. ************************************************************************************************************************** Original Post: *************************************************************************************************************************** I am seeing many people whose learning style is perhaps more visual than learning from print To help those people who learn better by watching someone do it than by reading about it, I made some very short, basic videos. I plan on doing more, but for now, I've covered the very basic getting started information, and a video detailing how to build above or below the base, and also a video demonstration of the basic editing commands. I'm happy to consider requests for demonstrations of how to do something you've heard about, perhaps, but are unsure about how to do it. I plan on keeping each video as short as I can make it and still cover the topic, but each segment will only cover one aspect, in order to keep them short. They are also not the highest quality I could make, intentionally, so that they use less memory and are faster to download. Getting Started: Intro to Base Building I am replacing "Basic Editing Commands" here with the more helpful "A Look At Editing Commands", because it's more complete. Let me know what you think! 🙂 Thanks! And if you have a video of something you think would be helpful for others, please feel free to put it in this topic! -Dacy
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