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  1. Had a quick question. forgive me if wrong area. I had some conflicting info given to me regarding attuned vs regular enhancements. let’s say for example the luck of the gambler set. had someone tell me need to attune at least the proc to be effective all levels which i get. however have also heard if i have say 4 LotG in a power and only the proc is attuned. i will not get the full bonus of “4” unless all are attuned or all are regular. Any truth to that? also wondering if attuning all 4 vs boosting all +5 would be worth it (this applies to the rest of every set as well). thank you in advance.
  2. Let's say that my blaster wants to increase her defense via enhancement sets because she is squishy and has been bitten too many times by Ghouls. Since she is level 10, her options are limited. She has: six powers (The seventh power has no additional slot yet, so she omits it.) eight additional slots According to the wiki, there are 17 enhancement sets which compatible with her current level, available powers (Beam/Temporal), and have defense bonuses. She needs to pick several enhancement sets to cover all her defense stats (excluding psionic, because no enhancement set has a psionic bonus on level 10.). Since she is short on cash, she has to minimize her selection. So, I modeled this problem, solved it using an LP solver, and tried it on Brainstorm Server. It turns out she can cover all her defense using four sets of enhancement. However, three of them are rare enhancements. So, I guess it is still a bit expensive. What do you guys think? Is it OK to spend your cash for these additional defense bonuses?
  3. (Is anyone here getting semantic satiation out of the word 'Knockback'? Just me?) The Problem So there have been a lot of Knockback threads, and my personal pet peeve is that KB to KD IOs tend to be a bit of an IO tax on high, random knockback powers that people want to use constructively. I've previously suggested a powerset revision myself, but it occurred to me in the shower that there was an easier way of dealing with the problems. First, let's review the problems with Knockback. If you're not interested in reviewing my ennumerated list of current problems, you can skip down to 'The Proposal' below. A) Can scatter groups of mobs, weakening the effectiveness of AoE powers. B) Can move an individual mob, forcing melee who were on it to chase. C) When it occurs randomly, it's difficult to selectively use it. Knocked back mobs are resistant to further KB, so a random low magnitude knock can prevent an effective knock when you need it. Now, let's look at various solutions (current and commonly proposed) and their problems: D) Knockback to Knockdown IOs in Knockback Sets SOLVES: A, B PROBLEM: Effectively removes an IO that you may have wanted to use for something else. These can potentially be significant. STATUS: Good, but unfair to tax a whole powerset this way. People end up skipping these on single target powers usually for a reason. E) Shoot the mob from above or when they're already against a wall. SOLVES: A (sometimes), B (sometimes) PROBLEM: Myriad. Low ceilings, aerial enemies, forces flight as a power, time spent positioning is time spent not killing, foes aren't always next to walls, flying is a bad idea in some incarnate content. It adds up if you have to do it all the time. STATUS: Okay, but not reliable. F) Lining up shots on foes recovering from a knockdown SOLVES: A, B, C PROBLEM: You already need a reliable source of knockdown on the target or targets you're going to hit, constraining you to work after that power's cooldown. The second attack you're using has to animate fast enough to actually hit during the animation. STATUS: I've done it, usually not worth the effort. G) Use an AoE immobilize with KB protection or resistance. SOLVES: A, B (usually. I have knocked back enemies under AoE immobs that have both when I've used multiple high mag shots in short succession, but it happens very rarely, like not even a percent of the time). PROBLEM: Sentinels, Controllers, and Dominators can do this on their own, but not most Blasters, Corruptors, or Defenders. Not all AoE immobs (none in the Sentinel set) offer KB resistance without protection, effectively meaning you've used a power to negate all of your primary's auxiliary effect entirely. STATUS: This is my current primary tactic but believe it or not I do actually enjoy knocking things back! It's fun, I just want more control over it. H) (Proposed, only) Null the Gull Setting SOLVES: A, B PROBLEM: i) Can this even be done? Very hard to predict, not sure there's a precedent. Would need to be a global Knockback multiplier. ii) Doesn't allow for fine control over individual powers you may want to knock. I) (Proposed, only) Change existing sets to reduce randomness and focus on strategic skill of KB. SOLVES: A, B, C PROBLEM: i) Some people like the RNG Status Quo ii) It may be difficult in the coding The Proposal We have to find some way to enhance damaging knockback powers without unduly enhancing knockdown powers, which are overwhelmingly melee, or giving too many benefits to support powers. Knockback improvements can be pursued as either additional single Knockback Enhancements that are powerful, making them compatible with sets that are strong at the five-piece set bonus, or by making new sets that are worth slotting all the way. Currently, there are no sets in the Knockback category which are routinely recommended for five-slotting, and only one that is rarely recommended for six-slotting. In consideration of these points, there are three parts to this proposal: An alteration to Sudden Acceleration. New Knockback Enhancement sets. New damage sets that enhance knockback. 1. Sudden Acceleration I would like to swap the 5- and 6-piece set bonuses, so that global recharge is granted by the 5-piece and HP is granted by the 6-piece. What follows below is a statistical overview of the set as it currently is. Piece Set Bonus Knockback/Recharge 1pc: N/A Knockback/Damage/Recharge 2pc: 7.5% bonus move speeds Knockback/Damage/Endurance 3pc: 2.25% bonus endurance Knockback/Accuracy/Damage 4pc: 2.5% global damage buff Knockback/Accuracy 5pc: 2.25% hit point bonus Knockback to Knockdown 6pc: 7.5% global recharge speed A level 50 set grants the following bonuses: Category Base Bonus +5 Boost Accuracy 47.70% 59.62% Damage 63.60% 79.50%1 Endurance 21.20% 26.50% Recharge 47.70% 59.62% Knockback 111.54% 139.43%1 1 This is the raw value. The real number is slightly reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Green zone) Note that this set does not cap anything, and even with an appropriate alpha slot enhancement, it only gets close to the cap on Damage -- staying in the 'yellow zone' on Mids. It is not a compelling set to take beyond one piece for any reason; while all of its set bonuses are good, you're locked into six slots to get the best option there, and your power will neither knock people far back, nor will it reach its highest potential in damage. As it stands, the 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-piece set bonuses just aren't worth interrupting a better set, even in the notoriously underwhelming Single-Target Ranged Attack set options. Furthermore, the +2.25% HP set bonus is already available in Devastation (3-piece Ranged Damage), Eradication (4-piece PBAoE Damage), Shield Wall (3-piece Defense), and Gladiator's Armor (5-piece Resistance), which are all more popular options for survival already, for various reasons. There is little compelling reason to believe that many were five-slotting Sudden Acceleration for the health bonus and would be upset to get a recharge bonus instead. While Sudden Acceleration is unlikely to become a top choice if the swap between the 5- and 6-piece bonuses is made, it becomes a reasonable one to make in situations where a power absolutely needs Knockback to Knockdown, can spare a few percent of damage, but can't spare global recharge bonuses. UPDATE: I would also like to suggest that Sudden Acceleration's IO receive a +accuracy/damage/endurance component; Schedule A, split IO. By being a four-way split it ensures that this set still doesn't receive full benefits of damage compared to a pure damage set, while acc and end are relatively negligible bonuses on high end builds. It also makes the IO more compelling at low level builds. 2. New Knockback Sets Escape Velocity - Very Rare (Level 50) Almost every control condition has a very rare set of its own, and it's time for Knockback to join their ranks! Escape Velocity is an improved combination of Force Feedback and Sudden Acceleration, the way most Very Rare sets are improved versions of a Rare set. As with all Very Rare sets, all pieces are unique. Piece Enhancement Bonus (+5 Boost) Set Bonus Knockback/RechargeU 59.6 (74.5) / 33.1 (41.4) 1pc: N/A Knockback/DamageU 59.6 (74.5) / 33.1 (41.4) 2pc: 4% Endurance Recovery1 Knockback/Damage/EnduranceU 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) / 26.5 (33.1) 3pc: 6% Resist (Fire/Cold), 10% Mez Resist1 Knockback/Accuracy/DamageU 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) / 26.5 (33.1) 4pc: 15% global accuracy bonus1 Knockback/AccuracyU 59.6 (74.5) / 33.1 (41.4) 5pc: 10% global recharge speed1 Knockback/Chance for Power UpU 95.5 (119.375) / 2.5 PPM 6pc: 4% global damage buff2 1 A common set bonus for Very Rares. 2 At least one other Very Rare doesn't give resistance for the sixth slot. Amenable to changing this to something else. U Designates a unique enhancement. Category Base Bonus +5 Boost Accuracy 59.62% 74.5% Damage 86.10%1 107.6%2 Endurance 26.50% 33.1% Recharge 33.1% 41.4% Knockback 369.7%2 462.1%2 3 1 This is the raw value. The real number is slightly reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Green zone) 2 This is the raw value. The real number is heavily reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Red zone) 3 For the curious: after ED this comes out to 210.3%. This is enough to turn a knockdown into Mag 2.1, or Nova into Mag 51.5. In comparison to Sudden Acceleration, Escape Velocity swaps some of the enhancement recharge for Damage, ensuring a full damage cap and allowing recharge to be entirely skipped if wanted. Endurance remains low, as is common in many Very Rare sets. Chance for Power Up works similarly to chance for Build-Up as in Decimation and Gaussian's except that it's Power-Up from Energy Assault -- a smaller damage boost, but a huge utility boost. The proc is given a Schedule D single (not split) enhancement in order to discourage its casual use in sets that prefer knockdown without also being used with Sudden Acceleration. Fusionette's Fury - Rare (Levels 30 to 50) Not all categories have a set named for an iconic character, but Knockback doesn't have one yet, so why not? Fusionette's Fury follows the same philosophy as above of making knockback sets more desirable by pairing them with beneficial other effects which you cannot escape. Fusionette's Fury is patterned after Force Feedback, allowing four regular enhancements to carry Knockback, in addition to the one on the proc effect, for reasons described under Escape Velocity. In fact, this set is the reason why the Very Rare set calculates Knockback on its Proc as a Single IO rather than a Dual IO -- at level 30, a Dual IO on Schedule D would not be enough to enhance Knockdown to Knockback. Chance for Disorient works as usual for Disorients, but with a higher trigger rate. If you need a lockdown effect you can just spam this set on your knockbacks and ensure that they never fail. Piece Enhancement Bonus (+5 Boost) Set Bonus Knockback/Damage 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) 1pc: N/A Knockback/Accuracy 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) 2pc: 1.35% endurance bonus Damage/Endurance 26.5 (33.1) / 26.5 (33.1) 3pc: 7.5% movement speed bonus Knockback/Accuracy/Damage 38.2 (47.7) / 21.2 (26.5) / 21.2 (26.5) 4pc: 2.5% global damage bonus Knockback/Endurance/Recharge 38.2 (47.7) / 21.2 (26.5) / 21.2 (26.5) 5pc: 6.25% global recharge speed Knockback/Chance for Disorient 76.4 (95.5) / 3.5 PPM 6pc: 9% movement speed bonus U Designates a unique enhancement. Category Base Bonus +5 Boost Accuracy 47.7% 59.6% Damage 74.31 92.9%2 Endurance 47.7% 59.6% Recharge 21.2% 26.5% Knockback 248.2%3 310.3%3 1 This is the raw value. The real number is slightly reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Green zone) 2 This is the raw value. The real number is moderately reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Yellow zone) 3 This is the raw value. The real number is heavily reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Red zone) Compared to Sudden Acceleration, Fusionette's Fury has a bit more damage, getting close to the territory of a true damage set -- however, its set bonuses are markedly worse by most standards, having niche application outside of the good, but not exceptional, 5-piece bonus. Ballistic Dismissal - Uncommon (Levels 10 to 20) A set for when you really want people to get out of your face, Ballistic Dismissal pairs your knockback with a powerful repel. By coming online at level 10 as an uncommon, it's fairly accessible for ranged characters who need a panic button beginning at level 7. The proc is unique to prevent repel abuse. Piece Enhancement Bonus (+5 Boost) Set Bonus Knockback/Endurance 28.9 (36.1) / 16 (20) 1pc: N/A Knockback/Accuracy 28.9 (36.1) / 16 (20) 2pc: 3% movement speed bonus Knockback to Knockdown/RepelU Mag 8 Repel, ∞ PPM 3pc: 0.75% hit point bonus U Designates a unique enhancement. Again, went for something very different here. The unique turns unreliable knockback effects like Energy Torrent into reliable crowd pushers that can redirect part of the fight where you need it to go. 3. New Damage Sets that Enhance Knockback (?) New Enhancement Sets that include unique Knockback IOs. Why damage sets? Well, by targeting these specifically, we can exclude melee from getting benefits they really don't need. The question I'm not sure of is if these are still needed; these were part of my original proposal, but I feel the above two parts supersede these sets by addressing the situation in a more elegant way, and three sets is already a lot to add at once. Are any more sets still necessary? The relevant part from the original post is quoted below for posterity.
  4. Lightning Clap from Electrical Melee does not allow Scrapper AT Sets and Universal Damage, despite said power deals PbAoE damage. Pop up menu shows that this power allows Scrapper AT set, knockback and stuns, But I can not slot Critical Strike into Lightning Clap Same happens when I try to slot Universal Damage.
  5. I recently created a build for low level missions (10-30). I ran a flashback mission to test my build. However, when I finished testing and my toon reverted back to level 50, her enhancement bonuses were still active. I thought enhancement bonuses for uncommon and rare have a limited range? All her bonuses were intact. Is this a bug or is there another rule in the Beta Server? Thanks.
  6. I noticed this when I slot 6x Impervium Armor. According to hcwiki, 6 x Impervium Armor gives 4.5% Psi Resistance. However, aside from 4.5% from Huge Toxic Psionic and Mez Resistance, I also get 6% from Impervium Armor. Is this what Global Enhancement Means?
  7. The time is now! After fully re-attuning myself to the mastermind experience after all these years, and seeing countless complaints and suggestions from fellow players as to how to advance the experience, here is the total compilation of mastermind needs. That's right, needs. Because despite the zeal of the titular concept above, at least one player finds one of these to be of utmost import. However, there are some higher priority suggetions, at least from my perspective, and so I will be color coding the urgency of certain submissions as follows: Ultimate Priority -1 High Priority -2 Moderate Priority -3 Highly Reccomended -4 Topic-for-Thought -5 Community Inspired -6 UPDATE: Now includes popular suggestions from within and outside of the thread (with credit given) in green. The Wishlist is a catalogue with additional links detailing full potential reworks of Mastermind Primaries. Visit this thread to find the full extent of the primary changes: This thread will be categorized by Cosmetic, Specific Primary Sets, Specific Secondary Sets, Enhancement Sets, and Miscellanious. Priority is not divided by category; there can be a Ultimate Priority QoL suggestion and a T-f-T enhancement one. Each suggestion will exist to address one or more shortcomings within the category, which will be discussed at the end. While there will be some inadvertant aversions of topic in this thread, I won't be repeating many suggestions from my last threads. Suggestions are not inherently mutually inclusive; some of these would be great together but others are similar enough to clash or are alternate options, and thus stand on their own. Now that all is in order, let us begin. Miscellanious Increase all pets to share casters experience level, from level 1 onwards. Swarm pets (Posse, Living Hellfire, Nanites?) will maintain the -1 level differential. Add the aura buffs from ATOs to Supremacy, rising in effectiveness from level 15-50 until it is at the same strength as they are now (credit to Everfreefire, et al. for this one) Remove aura buffs from Expedient Reinforcement & Sovereign Right; proliferate to the t4 and t9 pet upgrades with a new enhancement set category "Upgrade Integral Pets" or "Equippable Pets" which will include a proc for pet debuff res. Arachnos' Order: Defense/10% Recovery Resistance or concept of that nature. Equippable Aura Def and Res buffs would be enhanceable, but lowered by 0.5% and 4% respectively. (Now High Priority) EX: Equip Thug gives +8 def base. Upgrade Equipment gives +16 res base. Adding the Upgrade Integral Pets Proc would increase these to 9.85 and 18.54 without boosters. T9 Pet Upgrades offer set-themed buffs Mercs get range or acc (not to-hit) increase Thugs get range or rech increase Zombies get speed increase etc Significantly reduce mastermind attack powers endurance costs across the board (Credit @plainguy ) Add an "Attack my Present Target" option to list of mastermind commands (Credit @MsSmart) This could be implemented as a toggle. Add a 'Come to me' option to list of mastermind commands (Via Monos and Galaxy MM Changes) Add a "Follow my/this target" option to list of mastermind commands. This would essentially be 'Attack my Target' but without the aggression. Zombies Improve Wraith AI to use Necroplasmic Grasp when not damaged (rarely does) Make Wraith share level of caster Remove Grave Knight Toxic res, add smash or lethal or both (they are knights) Grant Lich Containment Grant Lich Self Soul Extraction (thematic, maintains Lich's support role) Give lich proper zombie resistances (aside from psionic res) Give Grave Knights Slice remove Dark Blast @ajlee209 Enable Critical Modifier in PvP (Various) Allow Soul Extraction to be usable on enemies corresponding to their rank the type of Ghost (with AVs and GMs spawning either Wraith or multiple Wraiths) (Various) Increase cone radius for Zombie vomit (Various) Zombies are an effective set, but certain thematic upgrades are in order to prevent the lack of damage resulting from the boss pet being a controller from causing it to fall behind other sets strengths. Obviously not all sets will hit as hard as others, or even hard at all, but Lich has been known to feel lacking as a pet when not coupled with a res or def support secondary. These will offset that and give further control potential so its greatest strength compares to the trumps of others. Mercenaries Convert Serum into an augmented Adrenalin Boost + Fortitude Remove End Crash, Add high -def and moderate -res 800% regeneration, recovery 25% dmg, to hit 25% def Remaining Adrenalin Boost/ Fortitude stats Stealths Spec Ops Last 1 minute, recharges in 7 Weaken Serum's stats, remove crash, turn into an AoE (Credit Rosewire) Spec Ops adds random moderate stackable debuff when stealthed (debuff crits) Stealthed SCAR Snipe has chance to secondary effect debuff Medic loses Frag Grenade, Granted Triage Commando loses buckshot Granted Willie Pete Round Commando LRM Rifle recharge reduced to 1 minute 30 sec, damage buffed, AI uses in combat often Give LRM Rifle a fire patch (Credit @shadowrex ) LRM Rifle tagged as "snipe" for enhancement category Replace Serum with Super Serum (or retain the name) a unique transformation that acts as a 3rd Upgrade. 30% Resistance 1 minutes 30% Def for 1 minutes 50% Dmg for 1 minutes 15% To Hit for 1 minutes Replaces all Brawls with Smash | High Dmg Melee | Chance for Knockdown Grants Willie Pete Round to Soldiers, Spec-Ops Grants Dull Pain to Soldiers, Spec-Ops, Commando, Medic. Grants Shrapnel Bomb to Soldiers | Moderate Ranged AoE | Fire, Lethal, Smashing Dmg | Chance to Hold Grants Long Range Explosive to Spec-Ops | 3 Long Ranged Trip Mines | 15s Recharge | Creates a patch that spawns Trip Mines Grants Buckshot Burst to Commando | High Dmg Cone | 3 Ticks of Lethal Dmg | Chance for Knockdown Grants Footstomp to Commando Grants Empty Arsenal to Commando | Superior Dmg Nuke | Cold, Toxic, Fire, Lethal Dmg | 30s Recharge Commandos LRM Rifle is obscenely underwhelming, being 4 minutes in recharge, long cast, and weak. And Serum is easily the worst mastermind power available, with buffs easily providing the benefits it has without the existing debuff that undermines these very buffs. Being smash/lethal damage, soldiers do nearly no damage at all, and should be given additional means to circumvent this great weakness through heals, debuff, and at least one pet that is actually damage impressive. Demons Ember Demon AI Prioritize Group Healing In Combat Ember Demon needs to prioritize group healing in combat Ember Demon should use Abyssal Reconstruction more often Ember Demon Abyssal Reconstruction upgrade max target from 8 to 30 Hellfire Gargoyle Hellfire Smash should add -res like its other moves Let Hell on Earth accept to-hit IOs Please fix ember demon heal Demons are my mastermind main, so I'm really ardent on this one: Ember Demon needs to use its heal more often! Demons are a great set, with no shortcomings in its intended affinities, and so I would simply ask that the support pet do what it's meant to do. Ember Demon almost never uses Abyssal Reconstruction in combat, which is troublesome considering it's low damage being supplemented by its role as healer. More importantly, the extremely small target cap means the use of Hell On Earth immediately prevents either the caster or main pets from being healed due to the surplus of additional targets. Thugs Functionally Perfect Gaussian's Proc in enforcers (see enhancement section) Robots Nanites upgrade Replace nanite heal with nanite support pets summoned similarly to Hell on Earth Spawns nanite colony around selected pet, increasing recovery and max health of selected pet Nanites offer group pet percent heal over time which increases with each nanite spawned (10) Nanites last for 1.5 minutes Recharge 6 minutes *Credit to @Rosewire @AgentForest* Create a toggle that summons two little floating drones, zapping nearby bots with healing rays Rays heal via priority health to pets, heal user when pets are full Robots are functionally perfect, and simply had a worthless power that was in dire need of upgrade. The new power can act as an IO holster for the aura procs, and mitigate need for aid other in those that role non-heal supports (though they may still want it as nanites will recharge slow and can be killed). Ninjas Give all ninjas increased defense from inherent Resistance Add moderate lethal and minor smash res to all ninjas inherent Resistance Add minor defense resistance to all ninjas inherent Resistance Re-evaluate Smoke Bombs endurance cost and recharge appropriately *Credit @Unknown Magi Offer Jounin Explosive Shuriken with increased recharge @kelika2 Personal attacks changed from bow abilities to Minor, moderate, and AoE Shuriken throws Add a moderate but short lasting, low radius Defense buff AoE to Smokebomb Ninjas, despite their theme, have the lowest unbuffed defense of the pets that offer it, paling in comparison to bots force field and thugs leadership. While it is appropriate that it not be as high as the formers' buff-granted defenses, they should at the very least approach it; while having unique strengths of their own and resistances worthy of the combat practiced elite that they are. Beast Mastery Functionally Perfect Ensure all debuffs have appropriate IOs slottable Give t1 and t2 pets a longer reched, high damage attack *Credit @Kinvesu* Increase likelihood Beasts use their group buffs in combat (or simply allow them to if they cannot) Ensure all bites and claw swipes offer DoT or a chance for DoT (some do not) This last point brings us to the enhancement category which is of vast importance. Masterminds have been struggling to find IO compatibility for what feels like eons, desperately dispensing pets with little end-game enhancement backing. While masterminds, like any class, will be fine once maximized through incarnates and the lot, the reward and efficiency from enhancements is both limiting and necessary to the extent that upgrading the class can feel like litte more than a catalog of constraints. Not surprisingly, I've seen many become disinterested in the archetype as a result. Here are some suggestions (and a few definite must fixs) to help brighten up that dismay. Return player proc to Soulbound Allegiance Debuffers such as cold and therm with the knowledge have found GREAT utility in the ability to have a minor build up through the faculties of their own build, with no outside source. The Boost Up from Soulbound is definitely nothing new or unique, but was a surefire assurance that your next Heat Exhaustion or Benumb or Weaken was going to hit your elusive opponent. This was true of both PvP as well as PvE instances. Return pet proc to Gaussian's when placed into a pet with +to hit These last two were changes recently added to the beta server, and they really need to be reverted as quickly as possible. Mastermind IO advantage was hyper low before, and this change removes a cherished, long recognized benefit to powers that thug users have benefitted from for ages. Enforcers gaining the boost up proc was considered integral and removing it without warning or request was truly silly. This one NEEDs to come back. Ensure pets can be slotted with all appropriate IOs Bruiser slottable for hold enhancement sets Dire Wolf slottable for slow Commando slottable for snipe, knockback etc. Some of these not working might be glitches, but the fact that they haven't been permitted for ages has hurt IO viability for masterminds. Including the corresponding enhancement categories for all pets will improve the issue at hand greatly. Install the "Upgrade Integral Pets" enhancement category w/ proposals Arachnos' Order | Rare Defense enhancement set with Defense/10% Recovery Resistance proc (on user) Roar of the Devoured | Rare Resistance enhancement set Resistance/10% Mez Resistance (on user) Possession of Oranbega | Uncommon Defense enhancement set Tactical Command | Uncommon Resistance enhancement set These would be enhancements that are unique to pet affecting buffs, notably all of the the henchmen Equip and Upgrades, current Serum, Hell on Earth, Smokebomb, Fortify Pack, and current Repair. Proposed with slotting into the Equip and Upgrades in mind, however. That concludes the priorities that I have found through my own experience, and through community concern. Tell me (and the devs!) what you think! Popular responses will be added above. And lets make sure to keep this on topic, so these well needed changes find their way to the live servers in record time. I'm particularly interested in the IO change discussion, so if necessary that can be another thread.
  8. Hello All, Im fairly new to Homecoming, but was an original player. I was fairly young at that time when the game first launched and didnt really get to know how to properly build a tank and such. I have now beeing playing a Street Justice and Willpower Brute. But, I need help making sure Im enhancing my Willpower buff properly. I feel like Im dealing decent damage, and absorbing decent damage, but it feels off. Have I missed something? I feel like for my level (32) I should be ble to take more damage. Thanks!
  9. None of the i26 page 5 IO set bonuses deactivate when exemping, even when you exemp all the way to level 1.
  10. [Power:Crafted Sciroccos Dervish B.Scirocco's Dervish: Damage/Endurance.34] doesn't convert as pbaoe category, but as melee. was recently converted to a sciroccos from something completely different (from an uncommon Sleep enh, to a rare sleep category out of set, to a rare type category-quickly landing on rare damage). it was originally created (also recently) on the same character converting it.
  11. I would love to see more versatility among Slow Movement enhancement sets. All the current slow sets have damage in them, while many slow powers (Shiver and Snow Storm being two important ones) do not. The current slow sets are also very lacking in recharge time and endurance reduction.
  12. Hello all, as the market is currently robust with people buying Lords of Winter super packs and buying and using the enhancements that come with them, I thought I would take a moment to go over the sets a bit. This came about because I was slotting a power with one of them for the bonuses and suddenly thought, "Wait, what are the values of this set? Are they good for this power?" and after opening up Pines and making some notes I thought it would be worthwhile to share them here. (I am using an older version of Pines so if my numbers are wrong, apologies; and please do correct me.) What I did was not look at how the individual pieces break down for Frankenslotting, but just looked at what the totals are at level 50 for both the regular and the superior versions. It turns out the four damage sets have extremely similar numbers, so I'll start talking about the least popular set, Entomb. Entomb (Hold) At level 50 with Enhancement Diversification (ED) already factored in, Entomb has these stats: Accuracy 66.25, Endurance Reduction 66.25, Hold: 92.75, Recharge: 97.09. These numbers are actually identical to a full set of Lockdown or Gladiator's Net. It's worth noting that Hold enhancements were not well received when the IO system was launched. The community sharply criticized quite a few launch sets, but the feedback on Holds was among the most critical; it basically resolved to "are you nuts? does no one on the dev team play a Controller?" Consequently a 2nd generation of hold enhancements was released and that's where Basilisk's Gaze, Lockdown, and the PVP set Gladiator's Net came from, which have wildly different parameter allocations compared to earlier sets like Essence of Curare. The numbers in these second gen sets are good for holds like a typical control set's AOE hold with very long recharge. Notice the recharge in this set is actually the highest parameter! As the Entombed set does not have higher numbers than a "regular" set the value might seem kind of low for the money with the proc and the set bonuses being the distinguishing factor, however the set can be upgraded to the superior version. The superior version has these stats: Accuracy 81.53 Endurance Reduction 81.53, Hold 97.39, Recharge 101.37. As far as comparing these sets to other high end ones, the numbers for the regular version are almost identical to Will of the Controller/Ascendency of the Dominator, but Will/Ascend are just a few percent higher on a few attributes; the numbers are on a slightly different pattern than purple set Unbreakable Constraint, but I would say overall Entomb has a better parameter spread with a bit more accuracy and a lot more end reduction. The set bonuses in Unbreakable are in a class to themselves, however. The superior version of Entomb actually is slightly better than Superior Will/Ascend. (The differences are quite tiny just 1-2% on a couple parameters.) However the kings of hold IOs remains Overpowering Presence/Dominating Grasp, the regular versions alone blow all the other sets away (A95, E88, H94, R100). However the ATOs can be used in any mez and that might be a better place for them, especially since people routinely skip the long cooldown AoE holds. Entomb remains a highly viable choice for any long-recharge hold without damage, however the issue is there are only a handful of such holds outside the Control set primaries; Petrifying Gaze in Dark Miasma is the only one that comes to mind. Additionally, these sets are a possibility for hold aura powers like Choking Cloud; certainly the accuracy and hold duration are great, and the end reduction is quite high. It would be lovely to trade 30% of the recharge for even more end reduction but it's just not an option in a full set slotting location. Recommendation: a good late tier set particularly in the superior form, but pretty comparable to the Tier 1 controller/dominator ATOs. Since many people skip those 300 second recharge AoE holds in control sets, the demand for this set isn't very high. It would also work well in hold auras, and for those who choose to slot damaging holds primarily for the hold and not the damage. For Controllers/Dominators who do take their AoE hold, Entomb is a good low budget alternative to the purple set, freeing up the ATOs to be used in more frequently used powers like the typical AoE stun and immobilizes. Frozen Blast (Targeted AoE) Avalanche (PBAoE) Blistering Cold (Melee) I'm listing these three sets together because they have exactly the same stats. At level 50 with ED factored in they are: Accuracy 85.71, Damage 97.09, Endurance Reduction 66.25, Recharge 58.3 In general, these are good numbers and compare well to sets like Annihilation, Mako's Bite, and Scirocco's Dervish, but typically have a bit more end reduction and accuracy. There's not much to complain about in terms of accuracy, damage, and endurance reduction. However, recharge might be an issue. These are not sets to put in any super long cooldown heavy hitters where you really want about 95% recharge. On the other hand since they all have procs you probably don't want to put them in any attacks that are already pretty fast because this much recharge is probably going to really reduce the chance of them firing. These sets are probably about right for mid-tier attacks with cooldowns around 14-16 seconds; for instance Frozen Blast in Fireball will drop the recharge from 16 to 10.11 seconds. This leaves the purple sets for high-tier powers and possibly epic powers. Notably, Obliteration for PBAOE seems to be a 2nd gen formula and it does have much higher recharge (but almost no end reduction) compared to Avalanche, which makes it look to me like it's pretty much designed for T9 nukes (since they used to drain end fully after use, so having end reduction in them was kind of a waste). On the other hand, Avalanche's numbers would work very well for typical mid-level melee cones and moves like Spin and Typhoon's Edge, as well as some damage auras. However some of these concerns are pushed aside when dealing with the Superior version numbers since the higher numbers just quash the regular IO competition: Accuracy 96.4, Damage 101.37, End Reduction 81.53, Recharge 72.59 In terms of the equivalent purple sets (whose stats are A59 D101 E33 R89), they have slightly more recharge but markedly less accuracy and endurance reduction. Thus the superior versions are in the ballpark with purple sets though with quite different set bonuses. ATOs are more of an issue as the ATOs cut across power type lines and typically rival these sets. However, quite a few of the ATOs have set bonuses that lead them to be split. Thus with a typical melee AT having the first gen ATO split into 2 groups of 3 for melee bonuses or whatever, and more specialized choices, purples, and 2nd gen ATOs taking up the higher tier and special powers, that does leave a pretty big area of T3-T7 powers where these sets can probably shine the most. Recommendation: while keeping an eye on the recharge rate and its impact on procs, these sets seem solid choices and probably work best with mid-tier powers to provide their unique bonuses and supplement purple and ATO use. Winter's Bite (Ranged Damage) For some reason Winter's Bite diverges from the other damaging IOS and swaps out some endurance reduction for more recharge. (This actually seems to parallel the design formula used in ranged damage ATOs). The numbers for the basic and then the superior version are: Accuracy 85.71, Damage 97.09, Endurance Reduction 39.75, Recharge 83.32 Accuracy 96.4, Damage 101.37, Endurance Reduction 49.69, Recharge 95.9 In comparison to the typical rare ranged blast set Devastation, the basic version of Winter's Bite follows the same pattern but basically just steps on it, trading about 5% less endurance for 20% more accuracy and recharge. Again, the numbers are pretty comparable to Blaster ATOs and Defender ATOs. The set seems solid. Recommendation: as above for the other damaging IOs.
  13. I thought attuned enhancements stopped growing beyond the highest level of the set. Ex: My level 25 tank's Triumphant Insult enhancement should stop at level 20, cause it's a 10-20 set. That's not what I'm seeing. Looking at the auction house, attuned enhancements from higher level taunt sets show the same bonus. So unless it's a display issue, I'm thinking there is no cap. Is this one of those recent improvements?
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