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Found 5 results

  1. Here are some suggestions to appease both sides of the argument, and bring back game balance to what is often considered the prime of the game. Homecoming exists as a sort of capsule of City of Heroes, which is much easier for returners as a result. I think that reinstating some of the difficulty from before, and adding new options will benefit everyone. What do you guys think? Discuss new options below.
  2. It really isn't fun forking over 25-100 million for some of these Hami-o's while others sell for less than 2 million. I am looking at you Microfilaments.... I can't see any real harm in allowing converters to work with HO's? Normalizing the value of HO's shouldn't impact attendance to Hamidon raids, but I am no economist. If you take PvP seriously at all you know how sought after some of these are and why paying 350+ million influence just to max out super speed & super jump just feels terribly asinine. Thoughts on how to tackle this? edit: There are some great suggestions on how to tackle the overall issue; normalizing the economic value of HO's. enhancement converters or allowing the player to pick one from a selection post Hamidon defeat in particular are existing elegant solutions that could be implemented. Current HO prices: Membrane >=50mil Microfilament >=50m Cytoskeleton >=35m Nucleolus >=25mil Enzyme >=10m Lysosome 5-10m Ribosome 1-8m Centriole >=5m Peroxisome <=1m Golgi <=1m Endoplasm <=1m
  3. If we're buying Enhancement Boosters, it's probably because we want to boost our Enhancements all the way to +5. I mean, why would anyone go to +1 or +2 and then stop? But boosting Enhancements to +5 requires going through the motions of +1ing each one five times. If you're doing a whole set, it can take forever. Please, please add the option to boost an Enhancement 5 times in a single go, using up 5 Enhancement Boosters if we have them in stock. It would save soooo much time. Thanks.
  4. (Is anyone here getting semantic satiation out of the word 'Knockback'? Just me?) The Problem So there have been a lot of Knockback threads, and my personal pet peeve is that KB to KD IOs tend to be a bit of an IO tax on high, random knockback powers that people want to use constructively. I've previously suggested a powerset revision myself, but it occurred to me in the shower that there was an easier way of dealing with the problems. First, let's review the problems with Knockback. If you're not interested in reviewing my ennumerated list of current problems, you can skip down to 'The Proposal' below. A) Can scatter groups of mobs, weakening the effectiveness of AoE powers. B) Can move an individual mob, forcing melee who were on it to chase. C) When it occurs randomly, it's difficult to selectively use it. Knocked back mobs are resistant to further KB, so a random low magnitude knock can prevent an effective knock when you need it. Now, let's look at various solutions (current and commonly proposed) and their problems: D) Knockback to Knockdown IOs in Knockback Sets SOLVES: A, B PROBLEM: Effectively removes an IO that you may have wanted to use for something else. These can potentially be significant. STATUS: Good, but unfair to tax a whole powerset this way. People end up skipping these on single target powers usually for a reason. E) Shoot the mob from above or when they're already against a wall. SOLVES: A (sometimes), B (sometimes) PROBLEM: Myriad. Low ceilings, aerial enemies, forces flight as a power, time spent positioning is time spent not killing, foes aren't always next to walls, flying is a bad idea in some incarnate content. It adds up if you have to do it all the time. STATUS: Okay, but not reliable. F) Lining up shots on foes recovering from a knockdown SOLVES: A, B, C PROBLEM: You already need a reliable source of knockdown on the target or targets you're going to hit, constraining you to work after that power's cooldown. The second attack you're using has to animate fast enough to actually hit during the animation. STATUS: I've done it, usually not worth the effort. G) Use an AoE immobilize with KB protection or resistance. SOLVES: A, B (usually. I have knocked back enemies under AoE immobs that have both when I've used multiple high mag shots in short succession, but it happens very rarely, like not even a percent of the time). PROBLEM: Sentinels, Controllers, and Dominators can do this on their own, but not Blasters, Corruptors, or Defenders. Not all AoE immobs (none in the Sentinel set) offer KB resistance without protection, effectively meaning you've used a power to negate all of your primary's auxiliary effect entirely. STATUS: This is my current primary tactic but believe it or not I do actually enjoy knocking things back! It's fun, I just want more control over it. H) (Proposed, only) Null the Gull Setting SOLVES: A, B PROBLEM: i) Can this even be done? Very hard to predict, not sure there's a precedent. Would need to be a global Knockback multiplier. ii) Doesn't allow for fine control over individual powers you may want to knock. I) (Proposed, only) Change existing sets to reduce randomness and focus on strategic skill of KB. SOLVES: A, B, C PROBLEM: i) Some people like the RNG Status Quo ii) It may be difficult in the coding The Proposal We have to find some way to enhance knockback powers without unduly enhancing knockdown powers, which are overwhelmingly melee. Knockback improvements can be pursued as either additional single Knockback Enhancements that are powerful, making them compatible with sets that are strong at the five-piece set bonus, or by making new sets that are worth slotting all the way. Currently, there are no sets in the Knockback category which are routinely recommended for five-slotting, and only one that is rarely recommended for six-slotting. In consideration of these points, there are three parts to this proposal: An alteration to Sudden Acceleration. New Knockback Enhancement sets. New damage sets that enhance knockback. 1. Sudden Acceleration I would like to swap the 5- and 6-piece set bonuses, so that global recharge is granted by the 5-piece and HP is granted by the 6-piece. What follows below is a statistical overview of the set as it currently is. Piece Set Bonus Knockback/Recharge 1pc: N/A Knockback/Damage/Recharge 2pc: 7.5% bonus move speeds Knockback/Damage/Endurance 3pc: 2.25% bonus endurance Knockback/Accuracy/Damage 4pc: 2.5% global damage buff Knockback/Accuracy 5pc: 2.25% hit point bonus Knockback to Knockdown 6pc: 7.5% global recharge speed A level 50 set grants the following bonuses: Category Base Bonus +5 Boost Accuracy 47.70% 59.62% Damage 63.60% 79.50%1 Endurance 21.20% 26.50% Recharge 47.70% 59.62% Knockback 111.54% 139.43%1 1 This is the raw value. The real number is slightly reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Green zone) Note that this set does not cap anything, and even with an appropriate alpha slot enhancement, it only gets close to the cap on Damage -- staying in the 'yellow zone' on Mids. It is not a compelling set to take beyond one piece for any reason; while all of its set bonuses are good, you're locked into six slots to get the best option there, and your power will neither knock people far back, nor will it reach its highest potential in damage. As it stands, the 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-piece set bonuses just aren't worth interrupting a better set, even in the notoriously underwhelming Single-Target Ranged Attack set options. Furthermore, the +2.25% HP set bonus is already available in Devastation (3-piece Ranged Damage), Eradication (4-piece PBAoE Damage), Shield Wall (3-piece Defense), and Gladiator's Armor (5-piece Resistance), which are all more popular options for survival already, for various reasons. There is little compelling reason to believe that many were five-slotting Sudden Acceleration for the health bonus and would be upset to get a recharge bonus instead. While Sudden Acceleration is unlikely to become a top choice if the swap between the 5- and 6-piece bonuses is made, it becomes a reasonable one to make in situations where a power absolutely needs Knockback to Knockdown, can spare a few percent of damage, but can't spare global recharge bonuses. 2. New Knockback Sets Escape Velocity - Very Rare (Level 50) Every other control condition has a very rare set of its own, and it's time for Knockback to join their ranks! Escape Velocity is an improved combination of Force Feedback and Sudden Acceleration, the way most Very Rare sets are improved versions of a Rare set. As with all Very Rare sets, all pieces are unique. Piece Enhancement Bonus (+5 Boost) Set Bonus Knockback/RechargeU 59.6 (74.5) / 33.1 (41.4) 1pc: N/A Knockback/DamageU 59.6 (74.5) / 33.1 (41.4) 2pc: 4% Endurance Recovery1 Knockback/Damage/EnduranceU 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) / 26.5 (33.1) 3pc: 6% Resist (Fire/Cold), 10% Mez Resist1 Knockback/Accuracy/DamageU 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) / 26.5 (33.1) 4pc: 15% global accuracy bonus1 Knockback/AccuracyU 59.6 (74.5) / 33.1 (41.4) 5pc: 10% global recharge speed1 Knockback/Chance for RechargeU 95.5 (119.375) / 2 PPM 6pc: 4% global damage buff2 1 A common set bonus for Very Rares. 2 At least one other Very Rare doesn't give resistance for the sixth slot. Amenable to changing this to something else. U Designates a unique enhancement. Category Base Bonus +5 Boost Accuracy 59.62% 74.5% Damage 86.10%1 107.6%2 Endurance 26.50% 33.1% Recharge 33.1% 41.4% Knockback 369.7%2 462.1%2 3 1 This is the raw value. The real number is slightly reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Green zone) 2 This is the raw value. The real number is heavily reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Red zone) 3 For the curious: after ED this comes out to 210.3%. This is enough to turn a knockdown into Mag 2.1, or Nova into Mag 51.5. In comparison to Sudden Acceleration, Escape Velocity swaps some of the enhancement recharge for Damage, ensuring a full damage cap and allowing recharge to be entirely skipped if wanted. Endurance remains low, as is common in many Very Rare sets. Chance for Recharge works as in Force Feedback except with an increased chance of activation. The proc is given a Schedule D single (not split) enhancement in order to discourage its casual use in sets that prefer knockdown without also being used with Sudden Acceleration. Fusionette's Fury - Rare (Levels 30 to 50) Not all categories have a set named for an iconic character, but Knockback doesn't have one yet, so why not? Fusionette's Fury follows the same philosophy as above of making knockback sets more desirable by pairing them with beneficial other effects which you cannot escape. Fusionette's Fury is patterned after Force Feedback, allowing four regular enhancements to carry Knockback, in addition to the one on the proc effect, for reasons described under Escape Velocity. In fact, this set is the reason why the Very Rare set calculates Knockback on its Proc as a Single IO rather than a Dual IO -- at level 30, a Dual IO on Schedule D would not be enough to enhance Knockdown to Knockback. Piece Enhancement Bonus (+5 Boost) Set Bonus Knockback/Damage 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) 1pc: N/A Knockback/Accuracy 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) 2pc: 1.35% endurance bonus Damage/Endurance 26.5 (33.1) / 26.5 (33.1) 3pc: 7.5% movement speed bonus Knockback/Accuracy/Damage 38.2 (47.7) / 21.2 (26.5) / 21.2 (26.5) 4pc: 2.5% global damage bonus Knockback/Endurance/Recharge 38.2 (47.7) / 21.2 (26.5) / 21.2 (26.5) 5pc: 6.25% global recharge speed Knockback/Chance for -ResU 76.4 (95.5) / 3.5 PPM 6pc: 9% movement speed bonus U Designates a unique enhancement. Category Base Bonus +5 Boost Accuracy 47.7% 59.6% Damage 74.31 92.9%2 Endurance 47.7% 59.6% Recharge 21.2% 26.5% Knockback 248.2%3 310.3%3 1 This is the raw value. The real number is slightly reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Green zone) 2 This is the raw value. The real number is moderately reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Yellow zone) 3 This is the raw value. The real number is heavily reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Red zone) Compared to Sudden Acceleration, Fusionette's Fury has a bit more damage, getting close to the territory of a true damage set -- however, its set bonuses are markedly worse by most standards, having niche application outside of the good, but not exceptional, 5-piece bonus. Ballistic Dismissal - Uncommon (Levels 10 to 20) A set for when you really want people to get out of your face, Ballistic Dismissal pairs your knockback with a powerful repel. By coming online at level 10 as an uncommon, it's fairly accessible for ranged characters who need a panic button beginning at level 7. The proc is unique to prevent repel abuse. Piece Enhancement Bonus (+5 Boost) Set Bonus Knockback/Endurance 28.9 (36.1) / 16 (20) 1pc: N/A Knockback/Accuracy 28.9 (36.1) / 16 (20) 2pc: 3% movement speed bonus Knockback to Knockdown/RepelU Mag 8 Repel, ∞ PPM 3pc: 0.75% hit point bonus U Designates a unique enhancement. Again, went for something very different here. The unique turns unreliable knockback effects like Energy Torrent into reliable crowd pushers that can redirect part of the fight where you need it to go. 3. New Damage Sets that Enhance Knockback (?) New Enhancement Sets that include unique Knockback IOs. Why damage sets? Well, by targeting these specifically, we can exclude melee from getting benefits they really don't need. The question I'm not sure of is if these are still needed; these were part of my original proposal, but I feel the above two parts supersede these sets by addressing the situation in a more elegant way, and three sets is already a lot to add at once. Are any more sets still necessary? The relevant part from the original post is quoted below for posterity.
  5. Background for readers who may not be aware: Because of the way Enhancement Converters can be used to speculate using the conversion system the players who work to make money at Wentworth's are able to hoard Enhancements that would otherwise be lowering the price on the auction house. This is likely to continue to happen, and as more Influence enters the economy (from defeating bad guys) this will drive inflation. One way the moderators were able to forestall a rapid runaway market was to seed the auction house with cheap common and uncommon salvage before opening to the public. (This is why there are ten million or so of every common salvage available for $1 000 each.) What happened earlier this month: As you are no doubt aware, there is consistent demand for the special Luck of the Gambler Enhancement that reduces global recharge. The price has been consistently dropping (to about $7-8 million), which was making them affordable for "regular" players. Then someone purchased all of them from the auction house and relisted them all for $12 000 000. This kept the market from making the Enhancements available to non-speculators. Problems in dealing with this: There are several things the moderators could do to address the issue. My personal thought is that there are fundamental flaws in how the Influence and Invention systems currently operate, and a larger conversation about how the in-game economy should work is merited. Barring that, just deciding to seed the "usual suspects" of Enhancements at some fixed market rate isn't going to do enough. Just like in real life some humans actually enjoy amassing wealth. I liked playing around on the auction house, then I found out that Enhancement Converters were being used to speculate. In a way this is a good thing, you know, since we don't have enough active accounts on 24/7 to fill the large demand perfectly calculated builds require. In another way this leads to levels of wealth that the system was not designed to accommodate. This game has an Influence cap and experience with other games says that seeding high end useful items will just turn those items into a different way to store any Influence you earned in excess of the cap. The hoarding will get worse as the items now have a guaranteed value they can store long-term in abundance. (For an example, see what happened on Team Fortress 2 with buds. Though in that case an economist actually suggested adding them so that exact thing could happen.) Trying to seed the auction house with Recipes instead seems like a practical idea, but that just shifts where the distortions happen (onto Rare Salvage), although this sort of stopgap is practical, and helps to influence players from speculation on those Enhancements, other recipes will be affected because they happen to share the same Rare ingredient. To summarize: Allow players that aren't trying to speculate on the auction house to buy what they're trying to buy. That means altering the @#$%^&*~! economy.
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