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Found 11 results

  1. Greetings, I hope your day is full of wonder, I noticed on the AH there are many IOs being sold for less than the cost of crafting it. Example: level 50 IO has a base cot of 450,000(ish) [not memorized] - listed for 200,000(ish) The enhancements are being sold at less than half this amount. I am not implying there is anything wrong with setting the price at this level, I am hoping to understand the motives for doing this. I can imagine several reasons being: Influence to burn. has the recipe memorized (which would make it 'at cost' at the price
  2. (Is anyone here getting semantic satiation out of the word 'Knockback'? Just me?) The Problem So there have been a lot of Knockback threads, and my personal pet peeve is that KB to KD IOs tend to be a bit of an IO tax on high, random knockback powers that people want to use constructively. I've previously suggested a powerset revision myself, but it occurred to me in the shower that there was an easier way of dealing with the problems. First, let's review the problems with Knockback. If you're not interested in reviewing my ennumerated list of current problems, you can skip do
  3. I've been mulling it over for awhile now and the thought came back to me with the release of Sonic Manipulation, why do we have Resistance Debuffs as one of the only player debuffing aspect that we don't have any debuffing enhancements or IO sets for? I don't mean have a proc like Achilles chance for Resistance Debuffs, but straight up having enhancements. We have enhancements for To Hit Debuff, Defense Debuff, Slows, Endmod, but no enhancements slotting for Resistance Debuffs. What I'd propose here would be to discuss the merits of adding enhancements to en
  4. Hi! I was wondering what you think of a new enhancement type that effected the radius of PBAoE powers that did NOT effect max number of targets? Giant Monsters, Hami and TF/Trails are a challenge to add dps/buffs/debuffs as mdps. (Burn as an example with an 8' radius will hardly effect 1 Giant Monster or larger Bosses with adds). Just throwing this out there.
  5. When logging into the beta server I no longer have the freebie popmenu. I have tried to re-validate and re-install tequila to see if that fixes it but nothing. What am i doing wrong?
  6. Hello all! I would love some thoughts/critiques on my dark melee/bio armor build below. I am usually pretty good at maxing out stats in more focused builds, but the layered nature of /bio and the nuances for dm/ (both are new to me) makes it feel a little like I'm spreading out the benefits a bit thin. Thoughts? Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Venom: Level 50 Science Brute Primary Power Set: Dark Melee Secondary Power Set: Bio Armor Power Pool: Leaping Power
  7. i feel kinda dumb because i’m new to this stuff! but i got converters & every time i try to drag an enhancement to the “input”- nothing happens! can anyone help? thanks!
  8. Here are some suggestions to appease both sides of the argument, and bring back game balance to what is often considered the prime of the game. Homecoming exists as a sort of capsule of City of Heroes, which is much easier for returners as a result. I think that reinstating some of the difficulty from before, and adding new options will benefit everyone. What do you guys think? Discuss new options below.
  9. It really isn't fun forking over 25-100 million for some of these Hami-o's while others sell for less than 2 million. I am looking at you Microfilaments.... I can't see any real harm in allowing converters to work with HO's? Normalizing the value of HO's shouldn't impact attendance to Hamidon raids, but I am no economist. If you take PvP seriously at all you know how sought after some of these are and why paying 350+ million influence just to max out super speed & super jump just feels terribly asinine. Thoughts on how to tackle this? edit: There are some great suggestions on h
  10. If we're buying Enhancement Boosters, it's probably because we want to boost our Enhancements all the way to +5. I mean, why would anyone go to +1 or +2 and then stop? But boosting Enhancements to +5 requires going through the motions of +1ing each one five times. If you're doing a whole set, it can take forever. Please, please add the option to boost an Enhancement 5 times in a single go, using up 5 Enhancement Boosters if we have them in stock. It would save soooo much time. Thanks.
  11. Background for readers who may not be aware: Because of the way Enhancement Converters can be used to speculate using the conversion system the players who work to make money at Wentworth's are able to hoard Enhancements that would otherwise be lowering the price on the auction house. This is likely to continue to happen, and as more Influence enters the economy (from defeating bad guys) this will drive inflation. One way the moderators were able to forestall a rapid runaway market was to seed the auction house with cheap common and uncommon salvage before opening to the public. (This is
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