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Found 9 results

  1. Eco-Friendly Powerset Recycling So! one of the biggest issues faced when creating new powersets is the difficulty faced introducing new assets to the game, which is why many of the newer powersets are created from existing assets that are already used in other powersets (Such as Savage Assault, Ninja Training and Radiation Melee). In order to produce new powersets, it seems most likely that they would be created from what we have already, which is why we've seen many more Manipulation and Assault sets than any others (since they are mostly formed from existing powers).
  2. Hey there, So while there's been a really great job getting Primary and Secondary powersets proliferated, Ancillary Pools lag behind a bit. This was driven home for me on several characters recently. My Ice^2 Scrapper, for instance, has ended up throwing Shurikens around, and he'd much rather be flinging Ice Blasts. I have an Electric Dominator and a Controller, both of whom would love an Electric mastery APP. Cold/Ice Defender that doesn't have a Cold-themed one, and so on. It's not a huge issue, but I really think it could stand to get some attention.
  3. Well, this forum post was originally gonna just be focused around suggestions for buffing Munitions Mastery, one of the more unique epic pools in concept with crap execution/power level, but while I was crunching numbers across sets for comparison, it really struck me how there are a few Blaster pools that are...major outliers in power level. So I figured why not devote the time with all my number crunching to go over how each of the sets compare, and suggestions on which ones most need looking at. Section One: Armors The purpose of an epic pool is to give archetypes access to
  4. I am tinkering as usual with my Night Widow build aka the Mu Widow. I am curious which pool people prefer for their Widow or Fortunatas of any flavor and why. Soul: Gloom: which has a great DPA. I find the dot part annoying, because I don't know if the dot will finish or do I need to attack again Soul Tentacles: seems to be an very proc'able cone, but it's still a cone Dark Obliteration: a good AOE proc'able or straight AOE Darkest night: I am guessing few folks take it Melee pet has anyone taken it? Mu Mu Lightning: second best
  5. Lobster's (Rambling) Guide to Mastermind Epic Pools (I'll be editing this to fix formatting and update as time permits, apologies for any errors in the initial post!) Background info: This is in part a guide to the mastermind epic pools, it's also prep for another post I'll make with suggestions for improvement, hopefully providing good examples as to why they are semi-terrible and, in my opinion, the worst collection of epic+patron powers (compared to the other ATs). Incarnate 50s on live: Bots/dark, Nec/dark, Nec/pain, Demon/pois, Merc/storm, Nin/Time
  6. Currently, the power Fissure (both in Controller and Dominator flavour) requires you to be on the ground to activate it. The old i25 patch notes changed the way a number of powers worked (Foot Stomp, Atom Smasher, Burn, Tremor, Ice Patch). Before these changes, they needed to be activated while you were on the ground. Now, they can also be used while flying, so long as you're close to the ground - a nice quality of life adjustment. Given that there is precedence for similar powers being adjusted in this way, it would be nice if Fissure could also be used while flying, i
  7. So I was noticing that Mids does not seem to have correct information on the Epic Snipes (at least for stalkers). So I went in game and did the info on: [Mu Mastery.Zapp] vs [Soul Mastery.Moonbeam] vs [Mace Mastery.Mace Beam] Here's what I got: Is the 5% chance for another 98.99 in error on Moonbeam? They all do 197.7 (mace is split between smash/energy), then should do another 98.99, but Moonbeam has only a 5% while the others are 100%? And I am not sure what the "special" energy damage is in Mace Beam for the crit/placate damage. Has anyo
  8. Recently, I was playing around with Water Spout from the Leviathan Mastery and saw that many people double up on the -res procs (one Achilles Heel, one Annihilation); but was wondering if damage procs work well in there, too. So I /respec a scrapper (claws/sr) and added it with the following damage procs: Posi (PB) + Javelin (JV) + Bombardment (Bomb) + Lady Grey (LG) + Explosive Strike (ES) + Overwhelming Force (OF). I then went to DA and dropped it on a level 54 mob group (few Banespawns and a Elder of Sorrow): Power dropped at x:18:41 (eighteen minut
  9. Looking at specifically dark mastery and soul mastery, they have almost identical powers with most of the stats in Dark Mastery being significantly more powerful. Specifically, hold duration, the debuffs from darkest night, and tentacles. There's a lower CD on soul darkest night but the stat discrepancy between them really makes that not matter. Other sets have a lot of similarities(elec/mu for instance) to the patron sets, which make choosing patron sets a little less appealing, which is bad since you need to do an arc to even access them. Thoughts on an approach to th
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