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  1. Eco-Friendly Powerset Recycling So! one of the biggest issues with creating new powersets is the difficulty faced introducing new assets to the game, which is why many of the newer powersets are created from existing assets that are already used in other powersets (Such as Savage Assault, Ninja Training and Radiation Melee). In order to produce new powersets, it seems most likely that they would be created from what we have already, which is why we've seen many more Manipulation and Assault sets than any others (since they are mostly formed from existing powers). So with that in mind, I was pondering what other powersets could be engineered from the assets already available, effectively 'recycling' them into new forms. I had a couple of crude ideas that I've listed below, they are in no way a working product, more a proof of concept that could hopefully inspire a new arsenal of powersets that could be introduced in one way or the other. The aim of the game is to use as much existing material as I could, so they would seem plausible to implement at the least, and entirely possible at the most. Earth Blast (Now in Game!) You are able to upheave and project stone to powerful effect! Earth Blast focuses on a mixture of smashing and fire damage, and many attacks have a chance to stun your foes. - Stone Spears: Taken directly from Earth Assault. This power fits nicely for a simple single-target damage attack - Lava Blast: A power belonging to the Minions of Igneous, hurling lava that deals high fire DoT - Shards of Stone: A power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth, firing rocky shards in a cone. - Basalt Bomb: Another power belonging to the Minions of Igneous, hurling a ball of magma that explodes and deals high fire DoT. - Hurl Boulder: Taken from Earth Assault/Stone Melee. A good short range/high damage attack that was a nice fit. - Upthrust: A power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth. delivering smashing damage in an AoE, with a lethal DoT effect and chance to knockdown. - Ryolite: Another Minions of Igneous power, holds a foe and deals moderate fire DoT - Fissure: Another Earth Assault power. Fissure acts a nice ability later in the set with close range and high damage. - Meteor: Another unique Talons of Vengeance power. We remove the special NPC mechanics, and focus on the superior smashing damage, moderate fire DoT, and a chance to stun or knockback. Earth Manipulation (Now in Game!) You can manipulate the earth to contain and control your enemies, while bringing rocks crashing down upon them. - Stone Prison: Taken from Earth Control. This power suits just fine for the single target immobilize as you may expect. - Stone Fist: Taken from Stone Melee. This works as the first melee attack available. - Fossilize: Again taken from Earth Control. Just like many manipulation sets, the inclusion of a single target hold also seemed fitting. - Build Up: A standard Build Up power as expected. - Tremor: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works as a nice AoE melee attack as seen in other Manipulation sets. - Mud Bath: A modified version of Mud Pots. This power also grants endurance recovery and health regeneration to the player. - Fault: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works as a nice control power that has no damage. - Ash Fall: Another power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth, functioning much like Snow Storm - Seismic Smash: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works perfectly as a high damage melee attack with mez capability. Throwing Blades You are trained with deadly throwing blades, armed with an assortment of martial weaponry to attack your foes from afar. - Shuriken Throw: Taken from Martial Assault. This fits well for the low damage/quick recharge attack. - Throwing Dagger: An NPC power used by a multitude of enemies, ideal for a moderate damage ranged attack. - Trick Shot: Taken directly from Martial Assault. this ability works well as a nice AoE ability. - Shrapnel Shuriken: A renamed version of Weapon Mastery's Exploding Shuriken. This works as a basic AoE power. - Aim: Your basic blast set 'Aim' power. - Masterful Throw: Also taken from Martial Assault. This works perfectly as a snipe ability. - Fan of Blades: NPCs like Chance McKnight have a similar ability called 'Shurikens', which is a cone version of the standard Shuriken power. Though I would perhaps give it the Eviscerate/Ripper animation. - Explosive Shuriken: Taken from Martial Assault. this power works well as a low-range/high-damage attack - Blade Storm: The T9 for this set would likely be a mix of projectiles thrown in all directions, likely using the same animation as Typhoon's Edge. Other sets in this thread: Primaries (Blast, Control, Melee, Henchmen) Secondaries (Manipulation, Assault, Armor, Support) Ancillaries If you want to submit your own idea for a powerset here, then the thread is open to you! Just remember that the goal of this discussion is to bring forward new ideas by reusing the old. We're not strictly looking at numbers here, it's all about how you can construct new powersets by using what's already provided in game, which falls into three categories; Using existing powers. This is the most preferable way of designing powersets here in the thread. If you can use existing player powers in your suggestion, then that's perfect! If you'd also like to re-use 'new' powers suggested in this thread, those are fine too. Modifying NPC powers. While not as easy to work with as player powers, taking NPC powers not yet accessible to the players is another great way of building a new powerset. Try not to change too much, though! Reusing in-game assets. The most difficult thing when creating new powers isn't the numbers, it's the FX and animations. If you can find suitable FX or animations to help create 'new' powers, then that's just about all you need. With that in mind, try to consider the following too; If you can find suitable power icons, use them! The best way to help visualise the function of your powerset is to illustrate it with power icons. If you're reusing old powers, these should be readily available, but for anything else a 'best fit' is just as good. Try to get your powerset to follow the design of others. While not all powersets are identical, most of them have a vague structure about them that helps serve as a guide to what they should look like. Consider what your powerset brings to the table. While we're not delving into the complexities of numbers and balance, it's always good to consider the mechanics of your powers, including new things like combo systems and building charges. Weapons and pets are hard, but not impossible! If you want to submit a powerset that uses weapons or pets, try to think of what in-game models exist to support it. For Masterminds, consider what the basic and upgraded henchmen may look like. Ancillaries are welcome too. I recently opened up this thread to the creation of ancillary powers, so if you have ideas for those, feel free to post them! Reusing existing powers is preferable for all powersets, but doubly so for ancillaries. Try to keep the concept flexible. Powersets should be open to all kinds of character themes, so try to avoid making it too niche. There's a few exceptions like Demon Summoning and Beam Rifle that are arguably focused on one origin or another, but that's where I would draw the line. Don't feel somebody else beat you to it! If you have an idea for a powerset, but somebody else has created something similar, you are still welcome to submit your own version of it.
  2. Hey, which villain/hero epic pool, would people suggest for a Dp/Device blaster looking to be as tanky as possible?
  3. Hey there, So while there's been a really great job getting Primary and Secondary powersets proliferated, Ancillary Pools lag behind a bit. This was driven home for me on several characters recently. My Ice^2 Scrapper, for instance, has ended up throwing Shurikens around, and he'd much rather be flinging Ice Blasts. I have an Electric Dominator and a Controller, both of whom would love an Electric mastery APP. Cold/Ice Defender that doesn't have a Cold-themed one, and so on. It's not a huge issue, but I really think it could stand to get some attention. Thanks for your time! Generator
  4. Well, this forum post was originally gonna just be focused around suggestions for buffing Munitions Mastery, one of the more unique epic pools in concept with crap execution/power level, but while I was crunching numbers across sets for comparison, it really struck me how there are a few Blaster pools that are...major outliers in power level. So I figured why not devote the time with all my number crunching to go over how each of the sets compare, and suggestions on which ones most need looking at. Section One: Armors The purpose of an epic pool is to give archetypes access to powers and abilities usually reserved for other archetypes, to help shore up weaknesses in a given archetype. For blasters, clearly that hole is survivability. Given that most of the epic pools are evaluated for their armor variant, and EVERY blaster epic/patron has an armor variant, this is the section I'll be diving into the most. Out of the nine epic pools blasters get, 7 are resistance-based, and 2 are defense-based. Let's breakdown the Resistance-based toggles first, based on their baseline (unenhanced) values: Resistance Armors Body Armor 8.75% Smashing/Lethal auto Pickable at T1 Charged Armor (Electrical) 19.25% Smashing/Lethal 19.25% Energy 0.33 end/s Pickable at T2 Charged Armor (Mu) 19.25% Smashing/Lethal 19.25% Energy 0.33 end/s Pickable at T1 Dark Embrace 19.25% Smashing/Lethal 10.5% Negative/Toxic 0.33 end/s Pickable at T1 Fire Shield 19.25% Smashing/Lethal 14% Fire 7% Cold 0.33 end/s Pickable at T2 Shark Skin 19.25% Smashing/Lethal 19.25% Cold 0.33 end/s Pickable at T2 Temp Invulnerability 21% Smashing/Lethal 0.33 end/s Pickable at T2 All armors provide smashing/lethal protection, all except Body Armor have an endurance cost of 0.33/s, some are first pickable in the pool, some require having another power taken before being able to take the armor toggle, some provide additional protection bonuses. Here's how I'd rate them one-by-one: Body Armor - F Tier This one just plain sucks. Other than costing zero endurance, it offers nothing that other other toggles can't provide, but better. It's got less than half the resistance EVERY. OTHER. ARMOR. PROVIDES. Charged Armor (Electrical Mastery ver) - B Tier This one I feel is the baseline solid toggle all the others can be balanced around. It provides standard smashing/lethal resistance, and additional strong resistance in next most common damage type after smashing/lethal. It requires a power pick before being able to pick up, but that's the opportunity cost for taking an objectively more premium toggle. Charged Armor (Mu Mastery ver) - S Tier Hold up, you say. This is exactly the same stats wise as the Electrical Mastery version. Same resistance values, same endurance cost. Why does this deserve to be S Tier? It's strictly better for the factor of opportunity cost. Electrical requires an entire power slot investment before being able to take the armor. Mu lets you take it RIGHT OFF THE BAT. It's got all three premium damage type resistances, and zero opportunity cost. Not only is Mu Charged better than Electrical Charged, it's the single best resistance toggle of all the epic pools due to its types. For tight endgame builds that value every power pick, not being forced to take another slot in the pool before taking the best toggle is HUGE. Dark Embrace - A Tier This one is definitely an above average toggle. It includes exotic damage resistances to not one but two additional damage types, including Toxic, which is exceptional due to the fact that damage type doesn't have a typed defense. Another reason is this is another freebie first pick that doesn't require another power pick to acquire. Fire Shield - B Tier Average resistance toggle overall. Needs a power pick in order to be available. Offers additional moderate resistances to two uncommon damage types, which is almost as good as having solid resistance one more common damage type. Not great, not bad. Shark Skin - C Tier Kind of a below average toggle. Unlike all other patron armors, needs a power pick to be able to actually access it, which is a point against it. The reason I brought this down a notch is because cold is a rather uncommon damage type, so unless the PVP meta is all Ice blasters, the secondary resistance isn't going to come up very often. Temp Invulnerability - D Tier This is the other toggle that is rather badly another pile of suck. It does have an opportunity cost of a prerequisite power pick, so that makes it worse than a couple other options. The actual upside is an additional 1.75% smashing/lethal resistance against the...19.2% energy resistance of Charged, 10.5% neg/toxic of Dark...yeah that is not nearly enough of an upside to justify a lack of additional damage type. Proposed Changes: - Change Body Armor to be an equivalent of High Pain Tolerance from Willpower instead of Resist Physical Damage from Invulnerability with the following stats: 7.5% Resistance to All Damage Types 20% Maximum HP This allows Body Armor to keep its identity of the "enduranceless armor" while also allowing it to differentiate itself from the other armor types. It's probably still not the ideal armor choice for min/maxed builds, but this gives it what it needs to be a fun, thematic armor. - Buff Temp Invulnerability in any of the following three ways: Make it available at level 35 / Boost Smashing/Lethal Resistance / Replace with Mind Over Body from Willpower Suggested new buffed resistance would be 26.75% Smashing/Lethal Resistance. This is equivalent to the baseline epic resistance (19.25%) plus the value from Resist Physical Damage from Invulnerability (7.5% for Scrapper/Brutes). This would make it an exceptionally strong toggle for those two damage types, but since it needs an additional power pick before being able to be selected, and lack of any other damage type protection, I feel balances it out. The other option would be to rename the power Mind Over Body, bring back the Smashing/Lethal to the normal 19.25%, and add a new stat of 19.25% Psionic Resistance. My concern with this change is whether Mind Over Body thematically translates to "Force Mastery". - Not a proposed change, but the fact that if choosing a set solely for its armor, Electrical Mastery is completed deprecated by Mu Mastery, it's worth evaluating the rest of the set to make sure Electrical offers some things Mu does not (spoilers, it doesn't, multiple powers in Electrical are strictly worse than its Mu counterparts). And now, defensive toggles evaluation: Defense Armors Frozen Armor 10.5% Smashing/Lethal 21% Cold Res 7% Fire Res 0.33 end/s Pickable at T2 Scorpion Shield 10.5% Smashing/Lethal 7% Energy Def 12.25% Toxic Res 0.33 end/s Pickable at T1 Frozen Armor - C Tier This is pretty comparable to Shark Skin from the Resistance toggles. Baseline defense in smashing/lethal (which isn't saying much, given there's only 2 defensive toggles), and additional resistance in some uncommon damage types. Kind of a below average choice given it requires a power pick before it can be taken, and Scorpion Shield...well, exists. Scorpion Shield - S Tier If Mu Mastery Charged is the nut pick of Resistance armors, Scorpion Shield is...well it blows Frozen Armor out of the water, and is honestly one of the best defensive toggles in the game, really. There's no prerequisites to picking up this power, it's takeable from the get-go. The secondary effects are the two best I can ask for; Energy being an extremely common damage type, and Toxic resistance gives resistance protection to the one damage type that doesn't have a typed defense. This toggle might actually look overpowered if there was more to compare it to among epic pools, but since it kind of stands alone, it's just allowed to be good, I guess. No suggestions for defensive toggles, really. **Will update post with additional comparisons, perhaps with less detail**
  5. I am tinkering as usual with my Night Widow build aka the Mu Widow. I am curious which pool people prefer for their Widow or Fortunatas of any flavor and why. Soul: Gloom: which has a great DPA. I find the dot part annoying, because I don't know if the dot will finish or do I need to attack again Soul Tentacles: seems to be an very proc'able cone, but it's still a cone Dark Obliteration: a good AOE proc'able or straight AOE Darkest night: I am guessing few folks take it Melee pet has anyone taken it? Mu Mu Lightning: second best ranged single target pool power it terms of damage. It can return endurance to the user 30% of the time Electrifying Fences: very proc'able immobilize AOE, the range is a bit short Ball Lightning: very proc'able AOE or straight AOE Static Discharge: decent ranged proc'able cone, but it's still a cone Ranged pet
  6. Lobster's (Rambling) Guide to Mastermind Epic Pools (I'll be editing this to fix formatting and update as time permits, apologies for any errors in the initial post!) Background info: This is in part a guide to the mastermind epic pools, it's also prep for another post I'll make with suggestions for improvement, hopefully providing good examples as to why they are semi-terrible and, in my opinion, the worst collection of epic+patron powers (compared to the other ATs). Incarnate 50s on live: Bots/dark, Nec/dark, Nec/pain, Demon/pois, Merc/storm, Nin/Time, Beast/traps Non 50s on live : 30 level 30+ of varying combos. Current MMs: 50 Thug/cold, 50 beast/time, 38 nec/nature: 20s-mid 30s: Merc/rad, Demons/dark, merc/storm, demon/kin. What do *I* think an epic/patron (hereafter I'll just say "epic" for both) pool should provide? At least one of the following: It should give the AT access to something they can't typically do that affects how they can play and what they can do: for example blasters getting armors, controls and debuffs, scrappers getting ranged attacks, debuffs and controls, etc. It should provide a compelling and distinct reason to pick a given set over another. There is a marked difference between choosing Body Mastery (conserve power, focused accuracy, physical perfection) or Leviathan Mastery (snipe, ranged attacks, hold, pets) on a scrapper, or Ice Mastery vs. Leviathan master on a dominator, for example. What should it NOT do? Give the AT worse versions of what they already have (most attacks in the MM pools). Give the AT access to something they can't typically do in a sub-par fashion that doesn't let them do anything they couldn't do before : the attacks in the MM epics also fall in this category for me. Give them things that archetype doesn't want or need (more taunts for tanks, armor "nukes" for masterminds) Be basically the same as another epic pool but with a damage/element type shift. Mechanical background : MM attacks, ROUGH stats: T1 blast : ~30/3-4s/5.5-6.5 end T2 blast: ~50/6-8s/9.5-10.5 end Cone: ~45/14s/17 end Aoe: ~27/16s/19 end Energy Defender ROUGH stats for comparison. Note that other other than the sort of weird higher cone damage (For more end and more recharge), defenders do more damage across the board, and are a low damage AT. T1 blast: 36/4s/5end T2 blast: 60/8s/8.5end cone: 35/12s/12end aoe: 33/16s/15end The pools So, what does each having going for them? Charge Cone: 28/12s/15 1T HOLD 66% duration godmode (31% uptime with 155% global recharge) Melee (with minor pbaoe): 60/36s/12.7 Aoe hold (EMP: comes with penalties, huge recharge) Chill Range: 31/8s/10.6 Aoe sleep Long timer dull pain [25s downtime with 175% rech) ARMOR: S/L defense, C/F res Hibernate Field Range: 31/8s/10.6 ARMOR: S/L res Cone: 29/24s/14.8 Aoe: 27.5/16s/19 66% duration godmode (31% uptime with 155% global recharge) Heat Bonfire Range: 40/8s/6.5 Aoe: 38/32s/19 1t HOLD Self Res Leviathan Cone immob Cone: 36/32s/19 Melee: 109/40s/23 (for comparison, tanker KO Blow s 158/25s/18.5, and they can pair it with Rage) ARMOR: S/L/C res 1T Hold Mace Aoe immob ARMOR: S/L/E defense, tox res Aoe: 30/32s/19 POWER BOOST 1T hold Mu Cone: 30/32s/19 ARMOR: S/L/E res Aoe immob with -KB Melee: 60/36s/12.7 1T HOLD Soul Cone: 33/20s/16.4 ARMOR: S/L/N/T res Oppressive Gloom Cone immob 1T HOLD You'll note that I bolded some powers. These powers are the powers *I* label as the defining powers in a set - the powers (or power in some cases) that make that set unique and worth taking. These are the powers that either bring something new or unique to the table or are just plain good or fun. Digression: I DO NOT CONSIDER "DAMAGE VIA ATTACKS" as a thing for masterminds. I know some people like to use the attacks, or play crazy petless MMS, but I would argue that those people are playing against type (which is fine, but don't expect special consideration for it, it would be like a tank trying to play without their armors and focusing on soft controls or something). Therefore, if an epic pool is going to have attacks in it, it should provide them in a way that do significant damage, letting us do something we wouldn't normally do. A good comparison is the single target holds in the scrapper epics : they are pretty usable if you want to take them and, while worse than controller/dominator holds, when slotted they are very good at what they do. I would argue that all the attacks in the mastermind epics are garbage in the sense that while they do provide that attack, they don't provide it at a significant level to be relevant. I would be totally fine with an epic pool that had 2-3 attacks, mean for MMs who really want to attack, that were significantly stronger than the base mastermind attacks (in the same way that pool attacks - I've heard - are better than you would think because they don't suffer the mastermind damage penalties). The powers Armors: The resist armors are "fine" - and if you are taking a set with the armors and have room there's no reason not to take them, but they're not letting you do things you couldn't before. You were already tanky if you make the best use of bodyguard. They just make you a bit better at that. The defense armors (of which there are only TWO for 8 sets, we'll come back to that) however, are great, because they can let you hit the defcap for smashing and lethal, which is a new thing and can have a noticeable effect on play. Aoe immobilizes : There are a lot of them, so I don't consider most of them as set defining (except for Mu's, which has -KB which can be amazing to counter your pets knockback and keep enemies in bot burn patches for example), but they do give most sets access to a new, useful tool and are worth taking. Single target holds: These are sort of a middle ground in the sense that they do let some sets do things they couldn't, and make others much better at locking down bosses. However, they are present in many sets (like resist armors) so I don't rate them as set defining. However, I definitely recommend taking those whenever you have one available. The godmodes I have rated as unique and set defining but I personally view them as a waste except as set mules, but I understand others might disagree so I highlighted them in case that's your thing. Probably more relevant to tankermind builds who don't mind having the right inspirations available to offset the annoying crashes. AOE controls: the sleep from chill and EMP from charge : limited though these are, they are still aoe controls - something most secondaries lack - so they can be useful. That being said, I have never felt a need to take EMP (or the energy pool in general…), but I have use the sleep on occasion to aid with split pulling or to keep a second spawn from aggroing. Not much use in mid to late game teaming, basically a soloing aide. Hibernate & Rise of the Phoenix are unique and if you like them, worth taking the pool for. Power boost is amazing for many secondaries (goes great with /time's Farsight!). Strange that it is missing from the Energy pool, as it was a signature power in the blaster energy secondary to start…. It's also frustrating that it's only in a set that was already very good. KO Blow : I have never taken it because 23 end for an attack that does less damage than a Scrapper T1 (to give you an idea of how much of an enemy's life% you will hit for) is silly to me, no matter how cool the animation is. E very set has a terrible damage cone power, and some also have terrible damage blasts or single target attacks (yes, TF looks huge compared to our other attacks, but it's less than a scrapper T1). Tl;ndr: Why pick one pool over another? Charge - Pick it if you want EMP. For me, I can't think of a non-thematic reason why I would pick this pool - I don't think EMP is good enough to be worth the drawbacks and recharge. Also, as I said above, I don't think the attacks or godmodes - as they are - are good mechanical options for masterminds. Chill - pick it if you want to cap S/L defense and don't want mace. Dull pain and hibernate are also solid and more like the kind of long recharge defensive power I would want on an MM (compared to the godmodes), so overall it's a solid defensive set. Field - Don't pick this set? The only thing it has going for it is a godmode… It looks like it wants to be the ranged attack set, but the #s on these attacks are so bad I can't recommend them. This set should have had at least power boost or boost range going for it. Heat - Pick this for Bonfire. The attacks are crap, luckily you can skip them and grab Char (and Rise of the Phoenix if you really want a self rez). Bonfire was good before, now with the kb->kd proc it's an amazing control for MMs, with some damage (probably more if you run a bunch of procs). Leviathan - Take it for theme? I dunno, unless you want to throw sharks or spit vomit, I don't see anything special about this set. KO blow would be cool, except for the whole "less that T1 scrapper damage". Shame we didn't get the Arctic Breath option from brutes, that at least has -def and -res debuffs. One thing you can do with this set is use KB blow for the hold and get two holds from the set…I mean, that's something? Mace - pick this for Power Boost AND capping S/L defense. It also has a solid aoe immob and a hold - oh and a random skippable cone (same damage as your existing aoe but double the recharge!). If there's a "best" set for raw power, this is it. Mu - Pick this for Electrifying Fences (what??). Seriously. It's the only aoe immob we have access to that has -kb on it. Meaning that it will hold enemies in your Bots burn patch instead of letting them get knocked out of it by all the other blasts. It's also good to a lesser degree with mercs and thugs/ for the same reason. If you don't want to spend precious slots slotting KB->KD procs, and you're bots/, and none of the other epics scream out at you, grab the armor (b/c you have to and it's not bad), the aoe immob and the single target hold. Attacks are garbage. Soul Mastery - Pick this for Oppressive Gloom. If you're going to be in melee all the time (/time, /nature, etc.) having a permanent pbaoe stun aura is great! It only takes out minions, but that's still a decent amount of damage negated and can mag stack with other stuns (/storm's Thunderclap is the main one that comes to mind, but some pets have stunning attacks as well). Thoughts and hopes for the future I'm not happy with where the MM pools are right now, compared to other AT's pool options, but it is what it is - and there are some solid options in there! The recent dominator and snipe changes on the beta have given me hope for interesting balance changes going forward. I'm not sure how sweeping they'll be, but who knows! So I thought it was worth putting out my thoughts on these pools, after having spent ….way too many hours on too many masterminds on live and now. With this in mind, I'm working on a suggestion post for later tonight or tomorrow. EDIT: I finally got around to putting together and formatting my overhaul suggestions, which are here.
  7. Currently, the power Fissure (both in Controller and Dominator flavour) requires you to be on the ground to activate it. The old i25 patch notes changed the way a number of powers worked (Foot Stomp, Atom Smasher, Burn, Tremor, Ice Patch). Before these changes, they needed to be activated while you were on the ground. Now, they can also be used while flying, so long as you're close to the ground - a nice quality of life adjustment. Given that there is precedence for similar powers being adjusted in this way, it would be nice if Fissure could also be used while flying, instead of requiring you to be on the ground.
  8. So I was noticing that Mids does not seem to have correct information on the Epic Snipes (at least for stalkers). So I went in game and did the info on: [Mu Mastery.Zapp] vs [Soul Mastery.Moonbeam] vs [Mace Mastery.Mace Beam] Here's what I got: Is the 5% chance for another 98.99 in error on Moonbeam? They all do 197.7 (mace is split between smash/energy), then should do another 98.99, but Moonbeam has only a 5% while the others are 100%? And I am not sure what the "special" energy damage is in Mace Beam for the crit/placate damage. Has anyone used Mace Beam? In short, Mu / Soul / Mace all have similar load-outs: 1) a ST blast, 2) a snipe, 3) something unique, 4) a hold, and 5) a Pet. Mu Mastery: it's all energy which (I believe) is still less resisted than smashing/lethal. But not as much as Negative. The unique is Ball Lightning, a great TAoE power! Takes slots, though: More=Better. Soul Mastery: it's all negative energy which is the least-resisted of the bunch. The unique is Shadowmeld. Not something you want to rely on, but it's a great 1-slot power that helps absorb Alphas strikes. I'd put a single LotG recharge in it. Mace Mastery: it splits it's damage between smashing and energy, which might be useful (e.g. vs. robots). The unique is Disruptor Blast, a TAoE power, like Mu Mastery (but smash/energy), more=better for slots. Leviathan Mastery: is not a typical load-out like the other three villain epics. It gets a ST Blast (lethal damage), a PBAoE (smashing) that carries the set (whole reason people would take it), Hibernate (let's be honest, if you need this at this level, you're not doing too well), a cool-looking hold (lethal), and a pet. Unless you only need one power and can 6-slot it with procs (Water Spout), I'd skip it. I usually take Soul Mastery, as I like the snipe (until I found out it's gimped) and use Shadow Meld as a light-RP power (lol) and a LotG mule. I often don't have a lot of slots by the 40's, so I can't invest too many slots in the powers, and there is a lot of proc-damage opportunity in most of them.
  9. Recently, I was playing around with Water Spout from the Leviathan Mastery and saw that many people double up on the -res procs (one Achilles Heel, one Annihilation); but was wondering if damage procs work well in there, too. So I /respec a scrapper (claws/sr) and added it with the following damage procs: Posi (PB) + Javelin (JV) + Bombardment (Bomb) + Lady Grey (LG) + Explosive Strike (ES) + Overwhelming Force (OF). I then went to DA and dropped it on a level 54 mob group (few Banespawns and a Elder of Sorrow): Power dropped at x:18:41 (eighteen minutes after the hour, 41 seconds in). Power finished at x:19:11 (30s duration). In that duration the procs went off as follows (in order): :42 - LG (51.65), Bomb (77.48) :52 - ES (64.57), ES (64.57), LG (51.65), Bomb (77.48), OF (KD), ES (64.57), JV (64.57) :02 - Bomb, Bomb, JV, PB, LG So because it's a pseudo pet, the every-ten-seconds chance applies. The :42 marker is the "drop" and the power started doing it's own damage (ticks of 6.85) at :43. So between the drop and the next chance for procs (10s), how much did the power do via DoTs? It did 28 ticks of 6.85 or 191.8 damage to the mobs. Granted, more mobs = more damage, but similar for proc chances, unless I'm wrong on how it's calculated. Also in that first 10s, my T3 Reactive Interface hit 5 times for 14.45 damage, for a total of 72.25. It did not go off the second 10s (:52), but did on the third (:02). So I am wondering, if I just improve my damage (say, 5 Annihilations + 1 Achilles) would the performance be better? What do most people usually run for Water Spout? Here's the raw capture log:
  10. Looking at specifically dark mastery and soul mastery, they have almost identical powers with most of the stats in Dark Mastery being significantly more powerful. Specifically, hold duration, the debuffs from darkest night, and tentacles. There's a lower CD on soul darkest night but the stat discrepancy between them really makes that not matter. Other sets have a lot of similarities(elec/mu for instance) to the patron sets, which make choosing patron sets a little less appealing, which is bad since you need to do an arc to even access them. Thoughts on an approach to this?
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