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Found 2 results

  1. Let's Talk About: Group Fly As we all know, Group Fly seems cool in theory and absolutely horrible in practice. This is because it doesn't work in a way which the players imagine it should. So how do we fix Group Fly? Below, I have put a few ideas just to get us started, but I don't expect them to work/be easy to implement or anything else, they are just here to kick off the imagination of people interested in the topic. Maybe the base ability should be changed from PBAoE to map-wide effect - this way people wouldn't fall to the ground randomly. Obviously this would have to have a consent option (which I think should be OFF by default), and a pop up box with a "never show me this crap again" tick box. Alternatively it could wear off slowly, lowering players to the ground softly when they lose it. This way players don't just drop their deaths when the person with the power leaves the map. Masterminds are heartbroken the most by the disappointment of Group Fly. Perhaps it could work only on their pets, and to hell with the other classes? Just delete it from their pools or add it to masterminds only .. er.. somehow. Does Group Fly work with Afterburner? If not why not? That'll do for now, let's see what you've got.
  2. Not REALLY a guide, but I don't know where else to stick it, so here it is. My basic binds that I'm using now that I switched from Teleport to Fly (since I'm doing Shadow Shard stuff now!) I remember seeing a long time ago a better set of binds that someone had made that somehow determined whether or not you were actually MOVING and turned fly on or off automatically depending on whether you were moving or not, but I don't recall where I found that. So, for a second best thing, here's my bind files. It turns on over on the first button press, then switches to fly, then back to hover, then turns off hover and repeats the cycle: bindhover.txt: e "powexectoggleon hover$$bind_load_file c:\coh\bindfly.txt" bindfly.txt: e "powexectoggleon fly$$bind_load_file c:\coh\bindhover2.txt" bindhover2.txt: e "powexectoggleon hover$$bind_load_file c:\coh\bindhoveroff.txt" bindhoveroff.txt: e "powexectoggleoff hover$$bind_load_file c:\coh\bindhover.txt" I initialize the loop by going ingame and typing: /bindloadfile c:\coh\bindhover.txt and pressing the "e" key on my keyboard to hover for the first time.
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