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Found 2 results

  1. This is a reference to take into account when you suggest new powersets or changes to existing ones. While these formulas can be broken with enough justification, they should definitely be followed as a starting point in order to make sure your power "feels right" when compared to other powers in COH. Note: I am not a powers developer and I have no idea what most of these numbers mean in a practical sense, I am just posting them by request. Standard Damage Formula 0.2*(0.8*Recharge+1.8) Standard Area Factor Spheres: (1+(Radius*0.15)) Cones: ((1+(Radius*0.15))-(((Radius/6)*0.011)/5)*(360-Arc)) Standard Attack Endurance Cost =0.2*(0.8*Recharge+1.8)*EndConstraint*ATConstraint EndConstraint = 0.65 ATConstraint = 0.8 for most ATs primary and secondary power pools, 1.0 for Master Mind primary and secondary, and all other non-primary/secondary pools. PvP Damage Formula ((CastTime+InterruptTime)*0.7+Recharge*0.04+0.4)/AreaFactor PvP Damage Modifiers AT Melee Ranged Tank 1.04 0.83 Scrapper 1.32 0.75* Blaster 1.26 1.82 Defender 0.88 1.33 Controller 0.95 1.21 Brute 1.04 0.89* Stalker 1.04 0.80* Corruptor 1.04 1.33 Dominator 1.51 1.75 Mastermind 0.85 1.09 Kheldian 1.05 1.26 Soldier 1.04 1.33 Sentinel 1.22 1.37 *Keep in mind Epic Attacks for Melee ATs tend to always use Melee damage modifiers, but pool powers like Sorcery's Arcane Bolt always use ranged modifiers.
  2. Update: Additional Content is provided in the comments below that includes derivations of this formula. I presented this earlier in an unrelated forum post but I felt it was worth sharing to an audience looking for this type of information (or at the very least it makes it easier for me to find this formula when I need it again down the road 😁). Have you ever tried to calculate how long it takes for a power to recharge when your recharge buffs are not constant? Perhaps you have Hasten that isn't perma'd, leaving you with 120 seconds of +70% Recharge bonus then an unknown amount of time until Hasten is off cooldown. Perhaps you had a Force Feedback Proc that triggers a +100% Recharge bonus for 5 seconds...so how does that impact your total recharge time of a power? Perhaps you cast Ageless Destiny and it provides a cascade of Recharge bonuses that diminish over time... how to you factor that in? The good news, there is a VERY simple formula that you can use that incorporates every recharge buff you have. Here it is: Examples: The above formula might be difficult to decipher, but I'll try to explain. Any recharge buffs that are permanent, or temporary buffs that last at least as long as the Total Recharge Time, are added together and go into the denominator of the formula. So, let's say we have 95% recharge enhancement slotted into the power and we have 80% global recharge from outside sources (set IO bonuses, LotG +Rech, etc). This gives us a total of 275% recharge in the power (100% from base, 175% from boosts), thus the denominator becomes: As for the numerator, that is simply the Base Recharge of the power minus the sum of the products of each temporary buff's duration and amount. So to continue our example, let's assume the power we are analyzing is Hasten which has a base recharge of 450 seconds (X) and provides a 70% recharge buff (B1) for 120 seconds (T1). How long does it take for Hasten to recharge? Plug it in. So we are not quite perma-hasten, but at least we know we will have 13.1 seconds of Hasten being inactive. Now lets assume we used a power during this period that has the Force Feedback +Recharge proc in it. How much would we reduce the total recharge time if we got Force Feedback to proc once? That would be a 100% recharge buff (B2) that lasts for 5 seconds (T2). Let's plug it in. As we can see, the single proc was able to reduce out total recharge time by an additional 1.8 seconds. This may not seem like much, but consider it like this: how much extra permanent recharge would we need to achieve the same performance as one Force Feedback proc? I went on a slight tangent there, but it's interesting to see that just a single FF proc can have that much of an effect on our equivalent permanent recharge boost. Now that we've gone this far, let's expand our problem solving capabilities ever more. With no FF procs, we had a recharge of 133.1 seconds. How many FF procs would we need to get Hasten down to 120 seconds or less (perma-Hasten)? To solve this, we will need to make a small tweak to the formula. Since we are assuming we are achieving perma-Hasten, we can no longer treat Hasten's recharge buff as temporary. Instead we treat the buff as permanent and it will go into the denominator of our formula. Also, since we don't know how many FF procs we need, we incorporate a variable that we will solve for (N): From the results we now know that we would need the FF to proc at least 8 times to achieve Perma-Hasten. So let's finish this example off by answering if we did get 8 FF procs within a 120 second window, what would Hasten's final recharge time be? Potential Oops: Now, let's say we didn't know Hasten would become perma'd with 8 FF procs and we had used the original formula (thus treating Hasten as a temporary buff and using its values in the numerator). What could we have done to know we made a mistake? Simple, whenever you calculate the Total Recharge Time of a power and it results in being less than a temporary buff's duration, that buff needs to be treated as a permanent buff and you need to re-do the calculations accordingly. In our example, we would have calculated T = 118.5 seconds, which is less than 120 seconds and ultimately a wrong answer (although in this case, it would have been close). Destiny Example: Alright, that is a lot but hopefully everyone is starting to understand how to use the formula to calculate these recharge times. Let's now look at another example of Hasten where it gets paired with another 120 second duration power in the T4 Ageless Destiny. This power provides a 40% recharge buff for 10 seconds, a 10% recharge buff for 30 seconds, a 10% recharge buff for 60 seconds, plus a 10% recharge buff for 120 seconds (they all stack). Let's see if Hasten, with the T4 Ageless Destiny, and the same permanent boosts we've been using throughout (95% enhance, 80% global) would be enough to make Hasten permanent. In this example, we still would not achieve perma-Hasten. We could solve for what amount of permanent recharge boost would be needed to achieve a total recharge time of 120 seconds: So close. If we had another 9.167% recharge (284.167% total), we would be able to achieve perma-Hasten through the use of Hasten and T4 Ageless Destiny. So there you have it. A simple single formula for solving a power's recharge time. I hope it was helpful. Bookmark this info somewhere because I guarantee you will use if at some point while building up a character in a Hero Designer tool (e.g. Mid's Reborn) and you will click on a buff and not trust the recharge numbers it spits out.
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