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  1. I recently created a Grav/Bubble controller with the intention of throwing baddies all over the place. I think it will be really fun to get wormhole running with fold space. Then once they are in a nice corner i will use bubbles, incarns, and singy to practically lock people in a perpetual knockback against the wall or something. I dont know about this being the strongest or toughest build out there but man am i going to feel like a real Troller! My question is, is there a more funny troller to play? Maybe grav/storm with hurricane etc?
  2. Slot Machine's Random Challenge Up for a new challenge? Does the RNG really hate you? Maybe you're just looking for a new character to try? Ever want to create a new character and wish there was a tool that would randomly select a character for you? "Do you feel lucky, punk?" 3 d100 Rolls Roll #1 ________ Roll #2 ________ Roll #3 ________ https://rollthedice.online/en/dice/d100 Play for fun or for prizes. Win Big!! For Prizes: Roll AT & Power Sets then post to this thread: AT, power sets, name, costume, maybe
  3. Pretty much what the title says: have you ever come across things in other games and thought "man, I wish we had that in City?" Whether an interesting mechanic, a fighting style as a power, or even something cosmetic like outfits or animations. Tell me what stuff you've come across that you'd love to steal from other games to frankenstein into City of through the magic of wishing. While there's a lot of stuff I could go into myself, I've lately been following Iron Harvest 1920+ and thought that several aesthetic choices and even units in the game would make for excellent Nemesis mo
  4. Task Force Olympics Event #3 Event Date - Saturday June 27th @ 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific Task Force Order -Blind Starting Place - Unknown Ending Place - Unknown Task Forces Will be announced 30 minutes before start time! Server - Excelsior RULES FOR THE EVENT -Temp Powers Turned off (Ones that dont turn off are allowed) -No Inspirations -Mission need to be set at +0 X1 -Long Range Teleport Pool Power also WS will be banned -Base Teleporter is Allowed -No archetype switching is allowed -Only one AT of each type (example Scrapper,Blaster,Corr is o
  5. Thank you everyone that attended the event it was a blast! We had a total of nine teams of six for a total of 54 players competing in this event! The Prize money was 350 million to each person in first place 250 to each person in second place and 150 million to each person in third! I will be posting this friday about event #3 and am looking forward to more people joining. If anyone would like to contact me my in game global is @Peanut Also i am funding most of the event solo and i have had some people make some very generous donations. if anyone would like to help it would be a
  6. Alright Ladies and Gentlemen! The Moment Everyone has Been Waiting For! I have reviewed and overlooked everything! I Have your official winners! I would like congradulate everyone for competing in a tough event like this! Just a little something before i announce. I really want to say thank you to everyone that was involved in helping me with this event. To all the team captains that helped pitch in ideas and helped me keep things clear here on the discord. I have been wanting to do something like this for a real long time and finally i was able to do it! The best part of City of Heroe
  7. First of All I want to say thank you to everyone that has joined the discord server! It means a lot to me that people have shown interest in this event! Below I will be going over the rules and event info! Date - Saturday May the 9th Time - 9 pm eastern time / 6pm Pacific Server - Indomitable Starting Place - Grandville by Recluse Ending Place - Independence Port by Ms. Liberty Task Force Being Run in Order! -Lord Recluse -Imperious Task Force -Ms. Liberty Rules for the event - Temporary Powers Will Be Turned off - Missions need t
  8. Welcome to the weekly cool characters thread #2! This is a thread I started last week in the General Discussions tab, but felt it fit in here better! Here is a place where you can share a picture or description of a hero/villain you've seen somewhere around Paragon City! I'll be creating a new thread here weekly to keep the flow fresh and not cluttered, as well as allow people the time to find characters they want to share! Note: To take a screenshot in City of Heroes, by default it is the Print Screen button! It automatically saves to your "Screenshots" folder where ev
  9. So I been reading this comic book lately many recommended for called Astro City, and let me tell you. It really gotten me interested despite the odd concepts. Like, how they made their Superman a 35th century hero blasted to the past to prevent human destruction, or Winged Victory being a troubled woman and was gifted with magical abilities, and so much more made me thinking. What obscured and odd 'trippy' concepts can you guys think of to publish here to see what you would oddly create if you were in Astro City?
  10. I don't know if this is something that already happens weekly because I'm relatively new to the community, but I've noticed how fun and creative people can get with this games ever-expansive character creator! So here it is! Week one of my idea with engaging with the community I've fallen in love with, a way to share cool heroes/villains either you've made or have seen around Paragon City! I'll be starting a new thread weekly to keep the flow fresh and not cluttered, as well as allow people the time to find characters they want to share! EDIT: I have realized that this sho
  11. TEAM LETHAL LOTTERY EVENT SATURDAY OCTOBER 5, 9 PM EASTERN (6 PM PT) OVERVIEW 6v6 arena matches where each round your team of 3 players gets paired with another team of 3 players and will face off against another randomly paired 2 teams. The number of rounds played during the group stages will depend on the number of teams signed up. Finals format is to be determined based on number of teams attending. You play as one of the 2 the characters you signup with. We're looking at running the event on test server which has the PVP mez duration fixes and allows p
  12. I play and have played a lot masterminds. I swear the pets have personalities. My first villain on live, right after launch, was Necro/Poison. The third zombie was suicidal, he would run into combat face first while his brothers puked from a distance. The second grave knight was a coward. He refused to melee unless I /goto'd him. The lich just hated me. My current Beasts/Nature mastermind's second howler wolf has separation anxiety. He stays right beside me until I tell him to attack, and returns as soon as that specific enemy is down, never joining the others in
  13. You've been doing the whole cape and cowl routine and finally you're working Talos Island. Time to grab a mission! Where is it, obviously?
  14. Okay Hotshot, You've infiltrated the office and taken down some bad guys. But let's get to the real challenge. Which elevator do you use? Which is the 'correct' one? And why?
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