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  1. R_M'S GUIDE TO WRITING GUIDES or GUIDECEPTION When someone on Discord suggested I write this, it was meant as a joke—but after I thought about it, I realized I did have a few pointers I could pass on about guide-writing. And passing on pointers is what writing a guide is all about, so…here we are. Hopefully these tips will provide you with a bit of guidance that will help you make your own guides even better. But if you want some really useful advice, and have the time and effort to spend, I'd suggest reading a book or two about technical writing for beginners. For example, Technical Writing for Dummies. It's fashionable to make fun of the "for Dummies" title, but these books are usually written in a clear and simple style that helps get the basic point across. It's not going to come close to what you'd get from a technical writing degree or even a single school course, but you don't exactly need to study rocket science to write a computer game guide. If you don't want to spend the money to buy it, you can probably find something suitable in your public library's ebook program. KEEP IT SIMPLE, SIR-OR-MA'AM First things first. There is a form of cognitive bias nearly everyone has, and about the only way to overcome it is work in technical support for a while. After we learn to do something, we tend to forget how hard it was to learn. We just know that it's easy for us now, and we unconsciously assume that everyone else knows about the same things. So we tend to skip steps that are obvious to us but aren't obvious to other people. For example, say you wanted to tell someone how to clear their web browser cache. Your natural impulse might be to say "All right, open your web browser's 'options' menu, and…" But the person you're talking to might not necessarily understand computers. You might need to start by telling them to log into Windows, or even to make sure that their computer's power switch is turned on. If your guide is going to be most useful, you need to start from basic principles. That's why, in my own guide to making millions on the market in minutes, I don't just tell people, "Craft an Uncommon Enhancement and convert it by type until you have a Rare." I go step by step, telling them how to open the converter interface, drag the Enhancement into it, and so on. It may help you to pretend you're explaining it to your mother. 🙂 ESCHEW OBFUSCATION Try to keep your language as simple as possible, avoiding using too many and too long words. If someone is trying to figure out an unfamiliar process, they shouldn't also have to struggle with unfamiliar words or grammar. I'm not always best at this, myself; my natural writing style tends toward verbosity. But pay attention to feedback. If someone tells you they're having a hard time understanding part of your instructions, you may have to go back and rephrase. TRY NOT TO GUESS Sometimes in some of my guides, I didn't know something, so I took a guess. Guess what parts of the guides turned out to be wrong? If you don't know something, and haven't been able to find it out, say so. It's okay; no one expects you to know everything. Of course, that only works when you actually know you're guessing. And, of course, if someone points out somewhere that you were wrong, you should correct the guide when you can. MAKE LISTS Lists can be useful when you have multiple things to discuss. If there are separate steps you're describing that lend themselves well to doing sequentially, a numbered list works great. If you want to describe multiple related things, a bullet list is a good choice. These make it easier for readers to process multiple steps or multiple items than just writing paragraphs about them. ASK FOR FEEDBACK It can be a good idea to run your guides by beta readers before you post them. They can tell you whether you're being clear enough for someone who isn't you to understand, as well as point out any problems with grammar or spelling they notice. If any other good ideas cross my mind, I'll make sure to update this guide to say so. As always, if I made any mistakes, please let me know!
  2. KnightSoul

    Guide Index

    Last Update: 8/112019 (Internal links repaired. Please notify me if any are still faulty.) This is an index of Player Guides, for players, by players. Thank you to everyone that contributes. This is a resurrection of Zombie Man's pre-shutdown Guide to Guides. You can find The undead Guide to the Guides (Zombie Man 4-21-12, [i23]) on the web archive. Its full of all the pre-shutdown guides that countless players wrote and an excellent resource. This Index will be focused on the material written for the I26 Homecoming servers. [glow=yellow,2,300]Mirrors to be found at <placeholder> and <web.archive placeholder>.[/glow] Information on contributing is in section one, the first linked post. This post contains the links to the Index subsections below, allowing quick navigation to the links to the guides. Click the header to be on your way. I. Introduction: The Guide Index. II. Before You Start -Preparing to Play Manuals, New Player's Guides, Account Information, Overviews. Homecoming - What's new with City of Heroes Homecoming Account Info Beginner Guides Tips Guideposts for long range planning Character Creation Names and Titles Rolling Role-Players Origins Alternative Characters Costume Hero/Villain Planners III. Archetypes, Powersets, Powers and Builds Guide to Archetype and Powersets Heroes (Blaster, Controller, Defender, Scrapper, Tanker, Kheldian) Villains (Brute, Corruptor, Dominator, Mastermind, Stalker, Soldiers of Arachnos) New (Sentinel) Pool Powers Travel Powers Other Pool Powers Ancillary/Patron Pool Powers Specific Powers & Character Concepts What Archetypes Can Do Powers used by Several ATs Character Concepts In General Incarnate System General Incarnate Powers and Slots IV. Operating Your Game - How To Make Things Go Commands User Interface Binds & Macros How To Bind & Macro Binds for Specific Purposes Travel Binds Remapping V. Communicating With Others Playing Nicely Know Where and How to Speak Understanding One Another Sying it With Style VI. Combat Mechanics Introduction to Combat Defense, Accuracy, and To-Hit Damage, Experience, Rewards and Leveling Health and Endurance Other Combat Mechanics Control, Aggro and Strategy Pulling Managing Aggro VII. Foes Combating the Environment (PvE) Giant Monsters ArchVillains and the Hero class Foes in General and other Specific Foes Combating Other Players (PvP) VIII. Missions Contacts, Difficulty, and Missions in General Mayhem and Safeguard, Schemes and Policebands Specific Missions Trials, Raids, Events, and Task/Strike -Forces Hero Content Villain Content Shared Content Respecification Trials The Hamidon Raids Lord Recluse Strike Force Miss Liberty Task Force Ouroboros and Flashback Going Rogue and Praetoria Alignment System IX. Teams, Groups, and Bases Teaming How to form a team How to run a team- leader tips Team Strategy Knowing Your Teammates Capabilities Voice Communication Super (Villain) Groups and Bases Creating a group Creating a Base Base Salvage and Crafting (Not applicable in the Homecoming fork.) X Powers -Enhancements and Respecification Enhancements Respecification XI. Inventions - Enhancements, Recipes, "Loot" and the Market Inventions in General Invention Salvage, Recipes, and Drops The Consignment Markets and Economy XII. Other Game Systems Badges Setting Badge Title How to Get a Specific Badge How to get a Specific Badge Set Badge Lists Badge Trackers Arena and Gladiator Day Jobs Mission Architect XIII. The In-Game World - Tale of Three Cities Background, Storybook, and Lore Areas and Zones and other Places Finding Yourself Hero Zones Villain Zones Praetorian Zones Shared Zones XIV. The Out of Character Experience Community History, Customs and Culture Leading by (Bad) Example Comic Books and "The Industry" XV. Looking Under the Hood - Advanced Mechanics 3rd Party Customization (maps, graphics, sounds, fonts, icons) Screenshots, Demos, Videos Computers & PeripheralsHomecoming Development XVI. Getting Help and Other Resources Official Channels Using the Homecoming Forums Other Websites with Guides and Further Information
  3. R_M'S GUIDE TO R_M'S GUIDES or THE DAY THE HAT RACK FELL OVER It's been said that I'll write a guide at the drop of a hat. Just looking at all the guides I've written since City of Heroes came back in the form of Homecoming, it's possible the people saying it might be right. Here are all the post-Homecoming guides, from right here on this forum. Rather than the order in which they were written, I'm listing them in the order I think they would be useful to new players. The Complete Newcomer's Guide to City of Heroes Introduction to the Game Logging In and Character Creation Basic Terminology and Concepts Starting Out with Your First Character Mini-Guide: How to Autofill your Login Name and Password How to Make Millions on the Market in Minutes A P2W Store Primer A Reward Merit Vendor Primer R_M's Auction House Guide to Fixed-Price Items and Special Salvage A Powerleveling Primer Getting Around the City of Heroes and Villains (and Praetorians) How to Unlock All Mayhem Missions in a Hurry Running the Abandoned Sewer Trial Running a Speedy Justin Augustine TF A Comprehensive Guide to the Incarnate System Running the Behavioral Adjustment Facility Incarnate Trial R_M's Guide to Writing Guides But those aren't the only guides I've written to City of Heroes. Here are a few others that are still relevant (including a little updating by me for the new I25 realities). R_M's Guide to Team Leadership R_M's Consignment Market Buying Guide for the Casual Player R_M's Guide to Soloing the Bloody Bay Shiva Strike Mission And here are a couple that are out-of-date and need work to be brought current, if they can even be brought current at all. If I update them, I'll edit this post to move them to the previous category. For now, just remember: the stuff I say here may no longer be true. (This is especially true for the "XP Gain" guide, which is more useful as a reminder of how things used to work than an indication of how they work today.) R_M's Guide to Obtaining Invention Set Recipes Outside the Auction House R_M's I9/I10 XP Gain/Debt Loss Guide R_M's Guide to Getting Cheap Months (heh)
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