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  1. I truly enjoy haunted houses, both in RL and in games. When I played Everquest, my favorite hangouts were the undead-infested house in the Estate of Unrest and the vampire-infested Castle Mistmoore. Dr. Kane's House of Horrors is PERFECT. You fight through a Haunted House gone horribly wrong, only to discover that there is a real undead-raising mad scientist behind it. You fight his zombies, his monsters and his abominable final creation. (And the Black Whip demon!) Something that I'm seeing more and more of, since HC keeps making more goodies available to base builders is FANTASTIC haunted houses run by supergroups. These are SG bases made into mazes, and in one spectacular case a castle that puts a lot of EQ, WOW, and even OG CoH design to shame! I mean, wow, I wanted to adventure in that castle! I wanted there to be undead baddies to fight! One of the SG bases had drop-scares! (Witch Mansion on Everlast) How awesome is that?! I am just blown away with the creativity and effort players put into these bases. So, very seriously, HC devs, you need to be engaging these SG base designers and incorporating their works into the game as maps with enemies to fight. This is a good way to increase the 'vastness' and variety in CoH, and a good way to strengthen the loyalty between players and HC. The more haunted houses there are in CoH, the happier I'll be!
  2. Something wicked this way comes......The Eternal Night Ghosts, goblins and witches that go bump in the night, we return to Mayhem Motel in search of a fright. Warwolves, vampyri, and zombies out in full view, may bring out new costumes and salvage for you. Banners and Rikti and Zombies, what fun, we'll continue the mayhem 'til the dawning of the sun. It is that time of year again fellow denizens of Torchbearer. By next week we shall be engulfed in more or less a solid month of candy fueled chaos. This is usually the busiest time for our shard, gaining more and more interest in the ToT League with each passing year. We'll be back in the saddle, chasing down roving Jack in Irons and Eochai, as well as herding cats. As many of our players are back to working in office or even busy work at home positions, you will likely not see the same person in charge the majority of the time. With that in mind we ask the following: Be participating - if you need to be AFK briefly, plz say so. Also, as a general FYI, the hospital is across the street from Mayhem Motel. If you are AFK for prolonged periods, you will be kicked to make room for players present and actively playing No dual/multiboxing if the league is full and others are waiting to join - currently the only exception I can think of is if there is a need for an additional 50 anchor. Which leads to my next point... If you are a team lead that is logging or alting, please replace the team lead position with a 50 If you get the XP bug, please let either your team lead or league lead know. They will ask you to drop and then re-invite you. This continues to be a consistent issue, but more difficult to determine who is integrated into the league in a zone w/o a population cap. The same as last year, we will not be running a Tip Team w/in the league. I like the idea of having a parallel team/league/what have you that folks can drop in and out of for tip missions but not something we have specifically planned out. Be patient when asking for invites. We're not ignoring anyone but the league leader is managing nearly 50 people. Also, just be aware that team leaders may also invite to their teams w/in the league. Also be aware that the league leader cannot move player positions w/in a team, so if a level 16 ends up with the star please don't get angry and hostile. Be mindful that this event tends to be the first time many players are exposed to such large scale team/league events and will quite frequently not understand what to do. If you want to help, please calmly provide clear and detailed explanations on how to remedy the problem. Remember the Golden Rule - treat others as you would like to be treated Lastly, please remember that this is entirely a player led event as we run it. If you cannot be civil and gracious, please do not participate with us. We try our best, we try to be fair, and we're here to have a good time. If we're not having fun, then we're done. For some of our regulars, the plan will be to continue normal Hami raids as scheduled. For folks that decide you want to try out our Hami raids, welcome. We have a breakdown of our raids over on the Player-led calendar. My last note for the time being, due to the currently demanding nature of my job and my own health issues, my role in this year's ToT event will be more limited than usual. I ask that everyone show the same amazing support, Dad jokes, and honorary faceplants with whomever is in the hot seat at the time. Mayhem Motel - We'll leave the fright on for ya!
  3. Is there an updated list of all the badges for Halloween? Also, ones which benefit from Halloween like Crotoa being dark and ghosts constantly spawning. I've gotten badges in the past from Halloween but never a serious attempt and last year just didn't have time working on the Covid ward. Any help is appreciated. 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 😱
  4. Journey to a faraway land this Halloween and come stop by Nightcastle on Torchbearer. There should be plenty of treats to be had, and maybe a few tricks. A mythical island abandoned long ago- a tall castle looms over the grounds below. Explore the keep, jump into an arena, navigate a hedge maze, or even climb a mysterious witchtree. Legend has it a dragon slumbers somewhere beneath the castle grounds, it would be unwise wake him. If you would like to join in for fun giving out treats, participating in a scavenger hunt, or maybe just want to see some cool Halloween bases- send Dacy or myself a message on the forums or on Discord. If you want to tour the castle or pet a dragon, come stop by @ Pizza-2544 (Dont forget to use /visscale 7!) More details for Halloween Coming Soon™
  5. Ran this tonight 10/2/19, and it seemed to both work well and be appreciated by participants. SO we'll do it again. Starting at approximately 20:00 (8 PM) EST / 00:00 UTC / 02:00 (2 AM) CEST (and I'll let you work out the other conversions from there), I'll periodically advertise in LFG for a rolling Halloween event team. We'll be hitting any Deadly Apocalypse or Zombie Apocalypse we can. Between horrific battles to prevent the end of the world, we'll look for Jack and Eochai and Trick or Treat to pass the time. Come one, come all, stay as long as you like. Tonight we managed to keep it going for around 3 hours, and successfully stopped so many Apocalyptic events and giant monsters I quite lost track.
  6. Its October and this occurs. The Omen, Exorcist, gah!!!
  7. A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for Trick or Treat league in PI this year. We caused a lot of mayhem at the motel and I'm betting management is glad to be rid of us. Eochai and Jack were good sports, and the zombies & banners made numerous celebrity appearances. Enormous thank yous to Radium Gurl, Az'rial, and Lord Aragas who were all instrumental in leading, running, and maintaining the league. So big shout out to all of the players that ran us with over the course of the last month; we had a blast and hope you did as well. I hope the costume contest winners enjoy their prizes. 65 participants (of a possible 70) all walked away with a shiny lvl 50 LotG Global Recharge. Mayhem Motel, we'll turn the fright on for ya. (Just not until next year)
  8. until
    "Monsters Under the Bed!" On October 31st at 5pm ET, join us for a 5 Billion Infuence Costume Contest hosted by The Cosmic Council! https://discord.gg/fAwtGg4 Come join us on Halloween Day on Excelsior at 5pm ET in Kallisti Wharf for a spooky CC with your best monsters! PRIZES: 1st Place - 1.5 Billion Inf 2nd Place - 1.25 Billion Inf 3rd Place - 1 Billion Inf 4th Place - 500 Million Inf 5th Place - 250 Million Inf 5 Honorable Mentions - 100 Million Inf each
  9. Heroes, Villains and Praetorians The "Paragon Patrol" will host a Halloween Themed Costume Contest one hour before the Homecoming Costume Contest starts. Itll be at the same place in central Khalisti Wharf at the Statesman Plaza Statue. We will start at 10pm MESZ and we will be done before the main event starts. Bring your spookiest, scariest and most haunting costumes ! We hope that enough people are interested, the more the merrier ! There will be PRIZES for the TOP 3 candidates: Number 1: 50.000.000 Influence Number 2: 25.000.000 Influence Number 3: 10.000.000 Influence We hope to see you there ! This is our first try at a community costume contest.
  10. Howdy, I made an AE Adventure consisting of 3 Missions for this Halloween... It just needs some Beta Testing and Feedback for improvements... Also be aware there is a lot of text in the form of Clues, Pop ups, and dialogue with the contact (be aware, only the leader can see the Contact text if you test it with friends)... There is a GM in the final mission, but if anyone thinks it's a bit too hard, then I can downgrade it to something else and make the appropriate text changes... Let me know what you think of it... The AE # is 33618... It is meant to be story driven, and uses a unique and fun method with most of the text... If you think the pacing of the text is off, let me know in a PM here and/or in game, so I know where to look, so I can fix it...Thanks... Happy upcoming Halloween All, and can't wait for Trick or Treating in-game... Thanks, Zip
  11. When does this start? Has it been posted? Gotta get my tricking and treating on!!
  13. Is there any possibility of the permanent versions of the Trick or Treat costumes that were sold on the Paragon Market or handed out at ComicCon being added to the P2W Vendor? https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Model_Replacement_Costume_Powers These are what I'm talking about
  14. Hello everyone, we hope you’re enjoying the Halloween Event so far. Today we’re announcing not one, but two Halloween Costume Contests! Contest 1: City of Heroes & Villains Themed Costumes (October 12th) Come on out to Kallisti Wharf to celebrate the season - City of Heroween style! Bring your best, funniest, cutest, and most interesting City of Heroes and Villains themed costumes for a chance to win MAJOR prizes! Choose from the hundreds of villain groups or try a shot at one of our signature heroes! Parodies are welcome and encouraged! Contest 2: Traditional Halloween Costumes (October 26th) Want to celebrate the season as a vampire, Frankenstien, werewolf, witch, or one of the other many amazing classic Halloween costume themes? Head on down to Kallisti Wharf the weekend before Halloween to celebrate the season and the communities amazing creative spirit! (Hey, ghost is another good one!) See you guys there, we’ll bring the candy! When? The first contest will take place on October 12th @ 9pm UTC The second contest will take place on October 26th @ 9pm UTC 9pm UTC is: 10pm UK time 5pm Eastern time 2pm Pacific time 11pm Central European time Click here to see 9pm UTC in your timezone Where? Statesman Plaza in the centre of Kallisti Wharf on all five shards (Torchbearer, Excelsior, Reunion, Indomitable and Everlasting) Heroes can reach Kallisti Wharf via the tram Villains can reach Kallisti Wharf via the Smuggler’s Submarine in Sharkhead Isle and Grandville Prizes? The prizes for both contests will be the same The 5 best costumes on each shard will win: 1 permanent costume power A permanent golden title: Halloween Costume Contest Runner-Up 100 reward merits The best costume on each shard will win: 1 permanent costume power A permanent golden title: Halloween Costume Contest Finalist 250 reward merits The single best overall costume will win: 3 permanent costume powers A permanent golden title: Halloween Costume Contest Winner 1000 reward merits
  15. As title suggests, please increase the time duration of these two events. Forming a pick up group, then traveling to the zone where the event is taking place, and finally coordinating the strategies involved to "win" take a certain measure of logistical finesse in order to achieve the desired outcome (aka gain merits, salvage, badges, etc.) - but making the duration of these events so short is frustrating. I really enjoy the Halloween event overall, so I would like to see these two events in particular increase in duration. I don't know how long these events last exactly, but anecdotally, they felt anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes. Today, I had a pick up group formed by around six minutes in, everyone was in the zone and at their respective banner (for this example) by ten minutes, and we made the banner vulnerable by the fourteenth minute. We failed to reduce the banner's health in time, let alone the other three, in order to "win" the event. Alternatively, add bonus time after each banner is defeated to increase the duration of the event. Edit: On my second attempt today for the Banner event, I managed to assemble 6 team members and we got much further, knocking out three of the four banners (and getting the final one to halfway) before the timer ran out. I know it can be done with a pick up group, and perhaps even more so with a dedicated group - but please consider my suggestion of either increasing the duration of both these events or at least adding time for each banner defeat. Edit 2: I believe there is more support from the community to instead try decreasing the number of concurrent zones experiencing a particular event. I support this approach as well and it may be easier for the HC team to implement as well.
  16. You wanna do something silly SEVER WIDE? It's simple really. Just wear the Pirate costume earned from Trick or Treating. The goal is to get a majority of players wearing the costume for a period of time. If you don't have that costume yet, just bring your Halloween salvage to the NPC Malkiel Ivesse, just south of Mrs Liberty in Atlas. Additionally, if you didn't know, when you ToT in a Halloween costume, you have a chance to get a Whispered Rumor tip mission as a drop from Treats that can lead to badges. Thanks a lot and please tell your teammates/friends about this so we can spread the word.
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