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  1. What's up fellow heroes and Villains??!! Recently finally finished building my gaming PC and have started working on my artwork again. Currently working on Models of all my Heroes and Villains and wanted to share my first creation with you all. This is Sarina, my magic corruptor villain. Will show what she looks like in game and how my design came out for her. Would love you s input and advise that can help the rest of my work get better. Thanks!!
  2. Ok, ok yeah, yeah simmer the fvck down. I'm trying blueside...sigh. The thing I noticed off the bat is that I can't kill Longbow, I actually tried going after the flying ones in Atlas then realized I'm a "hero". At least on red I can kill LB and Arachnos. Currently in KR, what a dump, you think with all the taxes people pay they would clean up some of these areas and hire more cops or bring in the military. I see the effectiveness of having a villain masquerading as a hero, TW/Elec Broot, yeah those Hellions "went to the hospital " sure sure...more like to the factory and turned into Solylent Green crackers or Nutra paste. Who knew going and having Italian food really meant eating an Italian person. Savages. At least let me check that guys wallet before he gets ported off to be a snack cracker. Sure there are benefits everything is sorta convenient (we only have like 20 travel powers now to get to other zones 🙄), a bunch of people teaming, rping under Atlas, and the erp crowds in the alleys and dark corners of pocket D. The AE babies begging for farms, people spamming their powers or preening their costumes off like peacocks. DFBs, itrials, TFs, and PI council kill fests galore! I did the Atlas and KR bank mishes and was letdown it was over in like 2 seconds. Seriously a handful of thugs and a RI "villain " and poof! done. Lame...would be nice to turn around and rob the bank anyways. I find street sweeping more challenging then the missions so far, going to go into the Hollows since I heard that has good missions. Its too easy to jump on the TF bandwagon and level fast but being the signature heroes bitch doesn't sound too appeasing either. Save it with the Recluse thing, at least you can kill him in the future breaking that cycle. Don't see that on blueside using Posi helmet as a piss pot or Valk's head on a pike at least not that I know as of yet. So thats where I'm at, for now going to make it a Fri or Sat night kind of thing. Too much of the niceness and pardon me sir makes me want to start stacking bodies. Final note, what is up with these heroes with the evil names? Slaughter Flaming Skull, Mind Destroyer, etc not very heroic and not in line with the Yuki Pink Bunny Cookie or Captain Super Cool that I see frolicking around. Reminds me of the DC Kingdom Come series in away.
  3. With the very obvious drop in population and the resulting fallout threads. Speculation, finger pointing, dogs and cats living together, and MASS HYSTERIA!!!! *Ahem* But, I digress, if you've done any reading about humans and all their squishyness or evolution. You know we as a species fixate on the "bad" its a survival mechanism, we remember the bad to make us more cautious so dinosaurs don't eat us so easily. Or in this game so the badgers don't get ganked so easily in pvp zones.(but they do, hey dinosaurs need to eat too) Some people are grumpy butts, overly opinionated, inflated egos, imaginative, desperate, speculative, wishful, etc, etc ad nauseum. We invent our discussions, questions, threads, builds, and whatever we can come up with. So now your asking, why? Well thats simple it might be the knee jerk response to have our community continue on, legitimate question, starting trouble, or whatever conceivable or inconceivable reasoning we as our widdle brains can attest to fills us with emotion...of some sort. We go on inventing and dare I say investing our precious time into this further continuation of our lil world. The big thing I have noticed is the DOOM threads, now you might argue the point with your more rational side saying "no no thats not what I was saying " but....it is. Now whether you realize it or not, subconscious vs conscious decision to start these threads. We you me him or her, have all experienced the END, it happened once before Live did it to us and that damnable company that shall not be named. So these threads pop up because let's face it folks, death comes for all of us. This game is no different. So speaking of humans and their baggage, what happens when you get bored or something becomes repetitive or too easy. Well, you invent something to do so you're not bored, try something different (shame on you mid life crisis people), or you go do something else. I'm thinking more than likely that is occurring. This is my speculation. I know people that post on here that don't play or haven't played in awhile. Hell I went from multiple times a week to maybe once or twice now. Not for any definite reason mind you but, I'm sure there are a ton of reasons. Which is what I did in a roundabout way above. Coupled with the fact that there is no advertising, no inside info articles on gaming sites, etc, etc AND a volunteer team. Well you get the point, no new blood equals a timeline of existence. PLUS, the ever constant reminder of the boogeyman aka the company that shall not be named and either the fictitious or very looming threat of that. I will not speculate on that, I don't read the gossip rags. So draw your conclusions, speculate, or read the innards of some hapless sacrifice whatever. The lack of definitive information regarding what is exactly going on most definitively defines the future ability to formulate a plan to stave off the death knell of this world of ours.
  4. Badges are a nice reminder of what your character has accomplished and where they've been. However, sometimes it difficult to recollect which "big bad" your character might have faced if there isn't a badge associated. Also, while in the heat of combat, you don't always get a change to appreciate the character model or costume of those special characters you face against. I'm thinking it would be nice to have something like this. To see your character's Rogue Gallery, as it was. Here is what I am thinking: A character viewer, like the character select screen, and some captured information from when you fought them. What do you think? Is this worthwhile? Anything you would like to see?
  5. Heroes of the awakening are a group built from returning players and new players alike, our main goal is to reunite the players of city of heroes and bring them a forever growing community they can always feel part of. We host near daily Farming sessions and Task forces as well as a range of other activities such as costume competitions and holiday events. Our discord keeps us in contact and allows us to reach out to you all and with our 8 Team channels you can chat uninterrupted with your team or task force while you play. We make a monthly calendar with all our events kept up to date, a newsletter with whats been happening and build guides for your next alt, all found on our discord. We have a purpose built base with rooms made for RP and even living quarters for everyone and Teleport spots to every location. Our lounge features a dance floor and casino which our DJ plays his tunes through our discord so you can listen anywhere. If this sounds right for you simply reply to this thread or message one of the globals below ingame! or even if you have further questions please join our discord and we will be happy to help. @Arctic Boy @The Royal Family @House Music @Grimholt @SugarySpice https://discord.gg/6Hz4Gz -Arctic Boy
  6. For good actions, amazing sound and great performers : and a special thumb up for the best smiling percutionist, Noriko Terada at 06:10 in the vid, or here :
  7. The final drafts of all three parts of The City of Dread have finally been released to the mass public. I have worked for countless hours on this trilogy to give the player the finest experience! Without spoiling anything, all three parts have a different goal that must be achieved by the final mission, but everything's connected from the start to the finish so continuity is not absent. Dialogue and clues are very important throughout this trilogy and I suggest you read everything to properly understand the storyline. Below this paragraph will be a bunch of details regarding each part! If you have suggestion and feedback, please email me on the Excelsior shard to the global @Savantir07 🙂 Have fun!!! 🙂 The City of Dread [Part One] Arc ID: 10860 Enemy Groups: Malta Operatives, Crazed, Council, Arachnos, Longbow Description: Embark on a journey to unveil the mystery. Figure out who is behind everything, test your limits, and do what you have to in order to save the world. This part of the story is only the beginning... The City of Dread [Part Two] Arc ID: 11104 Enemy Groups: Family, Crey, Council, Arachnos, Custom Group Description: Continue the journey to cripple the ** Spoiler ** and ensure the safety of Rhode Island. Test your limits again with new allies, new enemies, and a whole lot of kickass! This story continues... The City of Dread [Part Three] Arc ID: 11332 Enemy Groups: Devouring Earth, Ghosts, Reflections, Talons of Vengeance, Snakes Description: The ** Spoiler ** has detonated, and Paragon City is under dire threat. You must be Paragon's Hero, you must finish the journey and destroy all those who threaten the world! (First mission has a defeat all task, have fun and be patient. Final boss in the fourth mission is tough! Be prepared.)
  8. I am a huge fan of detailed environments with atmosphere and intrigue in games, film and literature. Places that carry a feeling of history, and of time and place, but also of mood, tension and personality. I have held this in mind when making my new roleplay oriented base. I have tried to make every area have something to peak your interest or that will feature a detail that could be incorporated into your roleplay. So I am now keen to get the base seen and experienced, to bring the players to the stage if you will and get some great stoylines going and have fun! My base is on Everlasting server. It is set in an old remote Tudor Mansion on The Rogue Isle. A University for Heroes. An unfortunate location certainly, not only in location but also by name. 'Recluse High' is a School / University for heroes of all ages. Those who wish to develop their unique skills and help bring salvation, truth and justice to all of Paragon. To cleanse the streets of the filth and heal the suffering of it's people who seem to be constantly caught in the crippling grasp of terror and evil doers. The professors, teachers and fellow pupils will help you to achieve that end. Recluse High's gates are now open to welcome you to visit and explore the wonderful mansion and grounds. I am seeking a wide range of roleplayers. From Mad professor types, Scientists, Archaeologists, Historians, misfit pupils, teens or adults, even experienced heroes who wish to hone their skills even further, or use the universities library and amenities for their own research purposes. Magic users, Martial artists, Combat veterans. This does NOT exclude players of questionable allegiances. Villains ARE welcome to the roleplay too. Perhaps undercover, or playing in that grey area between being good and evil. Perhaps as a native to the mysterious lands. As The Rogue Isle has many locations that could harbour the more twisted and strange types. The starting concept is that although the school is a hero driven school, the head of the school is a villain undercover. Working with the Arachnos secretly to keep an eye on any potential heroes who may be of risk and to also groom those who may be of great use for the Arachnos cause after their studies. * This does not mean it's a villain school* As heroes are fully welcome and encouraged to play here first and foremost. I find that it is important for roleplay to have conflict and intrigue and deception for fun to truly be had! Apparently the ancient Graveyard is haunted, and some say that the land itself carries some ancient terrors from a civilisation long gone. The flora and fauna seem harsh, even resentful at times. Most certainly there have been some troublesome uses of the arcane performed at the school. Rituals which have left some static in the air and a sense of being watched when one innocently navigates the halls and corridors. Not to mention the sounds of strange voices calling out late at night that echo throughout the school. Strange unexplained energy shortages during storms, and maniacal cackling heard from close to the laboratories. If you are keen to take a look at the base take a portal to University-5704. You are welcome to roleplay there freeform if you wish, but if you are keen to get serious about the roleplay please consider messaging me and joining the SG so that some structure and roles can be set up to encourage some events and storyline building. I am VERY keen for people to make use of the base and take full advantage of what it could offer your characters and storylines. I look forward to hearing from you! Parellax - Everlasting Characters: Nancy Noruba (Student Character) , Miss Blackthistle (Head Mistress) Some Screenshots ❤️ https://imgur.com/OmG8noT - Main Gate https://imgur.com/ubCsxZu - Arcane Library https://imgur.com/CdWot3W - Dojo https://imgur.com/ue9b43Q - Maze Wide View https://imgur.com/wvrESE0 - Main Entrance https://imgur.com/T8YBPjy - Main Entrance 2 https://imgur.com/Wvod5Cw - Maze https://imgur.com/5GlXSiL - Graveyard https://imgur.com/jb2LitW - Graveyard 2 https://imgur.com/TzAsiBg - Headmistress' Office https://imgur.com/XLs8WpG - Main Hall https://imgur.com/DYEr8B5 - Main Hall 2 https://imgur.com/S4y5NZk - Lobby Reception Desk https://imgur.com/NWHotWO - Toilets https://imgur.com/q3aa4so - Secret Villain Underground Base https://imgur.com/7U7neGI - Secret Villain Underground Base2 https://imgur.com/6rM1p7p - Secret Villain Underground Base3 https://imgur.com/BIKy9ce - Sunken Amphitheatre 1 https://imgur.com/reu30yE - Sunken Amphitheatre 2 https://imgur.com/iw3l427 - Sunken Amphitheatre 3
  9. Ry

    Ry's Characters

    Hey guys, here's a list of RP characters I play. I'll be updating this as I make more alts or play some older ones more often. It's basically the biographies and a bit of trivia in the form of likes/dislikes! I hope this will make some new connections and that my alts can catch your eye. Now, in no particular order of power level or play time, let's begin! Snow Blight: Grace Ramirez has sunk deep into the criminal underworld over the past few years, claiming territory scattered across the Rogue Isles by sheer force and tactical spending. She can be either a powerful enemy or your best friend. She's an unstable personality, often described as a "Jekyll and Hyde" type. Despite her violent tendencies and outbursts she has earned the love and respect of most of her crew, affectionately called "Momma" by her girls due to her saving them from enemy drug lords, or simply giving them a place to feel safe. Spoiling them with gifts certainly helped. As the villain "Snow Blight" she leads The Poisoned Apple gang, claiming turf primarily in Port Oakes. She seems to be at war with Arachnos, The Family and the heroes of Paragon, calling them out several times on social media, saying she'll do "What she wants, when she wants". Likes: Winning, action, rap music, birds. Dislikes: Losing, vegetables, elderly people, police. Domination: Oliver Felix's mutant powers developed rather late in life compared to most; despite this shift, mastering his abilities was instantaneous. Gravity itself was his to control at the ripe age of thirty-five. Before this transformation he lacked proper direction and purpose. Early on he tried to get into politics in his hometown of Nottingham but received criticism for his very right-handed views on most subjects. His transformation shifted his mindset even further towards elitism and a lack of empathy. Over the years he built up a small following in England before taking his resources and allies overseas. As his villain career began Oliver's sheer power and ruthless use of it earned him the name Domination in the press. With little protest to the name, he continues to search for allies who share his political values, aiming to change the world and build a new society with those he deems worthy. Likes: Reading, brandy, politics, fighting. Dislikes: Stupidity, nightclubs, heroes, video games. Arbiter Cotton: Despite Arthur's pranks, constant interruptions at meetings and love of life in general, he has claimed the prestigious rank of an Arbiter, much to the disgust of his colleagues. Many have tried to assassinate him or figure out how he has this rank within Arachnos, with an equal amount of missing posters and corpses. He may smile often, but behind that gleeful and toothy grin is a very dangerous man. With an intense and tight web of connections, weapons and technology, Arbiter Cotton has maintained his place and rank. He knows his reputation and welcomes the challenge; after all, only the strongest survive. Likes: Meat, parties, comedy, women. Dislikes: Vegans, religion, metal music, tardiness. Bunny Boy: Beckett Rose started his journey towards heroism through smaller acts of kindness. Over the years he volunteered in an animal shelter and helped his neighbours with their chores, never asking for payment. Later in his teens, his powers of heightened reflexes and incredible jumping emerged. At first, he continued his charity work with one major change: he did so in costume. On his way home one night he was witness to a mugging; without any hesitation, he sprang into action. Despite never being in a fight a day in his life, Beckett acted on instinct and kicked the thug unconscious with one quick strike. After the police arrived on the scene, an officer noticed he saved the day without a license. Instead of scolding the young man, he pointed Beckett in the right direction. Likes: Art, soccer, heroism, animals. Dislikes: Villains, guns, hunting, extreme violence. Hellzone: Matias Moore had a troubled childhood, born out of adultery and raised in a shed with only his mother for company in his early years. His education and lifestyle absent of normality and socialisation; despite living in England most of his life, he never got to see a grand majority of it, locked away by his shamed father. During childhood Matias felt emotionally dead and tried to find ways to feel happy with many attempts being unsuccessful, until one day, he swatted a fly. After years of having a void inside himself he smiled for the first time. With the first spark lit, a murderous flame began to burn. After growing up and moving out his uncomfortable home, he lost contact with his family and began to experiment with weapons, forming a personality over time in his pursuit for the thrill of taking lives. Likes: Guns, murder, sports, gold. Dislikes: Censorship, rent, powers, prison. Eruption: In the satanic worldview of the Hellions, falling is a good thing. Metaphorically speaking, that is, rather than falling flat on your face. Zack Daggero grew up in a rough household, one of the many children adopted by a woman as cruel as she Is blind. Fighting with his siblings and petty thefts led him down the path towards gang warfare. Somehow, he survived enough shootouts to make a deal with a demonic entity for volcanic powers. Under the name Eruption, Zack claims to have bested the demon by cheating his way out of paying his end of the bargain, though the details of such a claim are sketchy at best. He's a loyal Hellion to the core despite many criticisms and hate, he won't abandon his colours for anyone. Fire always wins! Likes: His fiance Eve, donuts, Call of Duty, cars. Dislikes: Lag, science, family meals, holy magic. Roksana: Born into a poor family in the heart of Russia, Roksana displayed remarkable strength at an early age. Her Father wanted to capitalise on this gift, making her train using what little money they had under strict wrestlers and bodybuilders. Rather than protest to the idea, Roksana enjoyed the challenge and over the years got stronger and stronger. Shortly after her parents died Roksana discovered that she was a metahuman, explaining why she could keep up with the toughest fighters over the years. Later in her adult life she fought in underground cage matches, claiming several heavyweight titles along the way. Roksana used her prize money to open up her own arena in the Rogue Isles, running it strictly ever since. Likes: Metal music, vodka, fighting, gambling. Dislikes: Unpatriotic people, water, pacifists, Christians. Stallion: Marshal Knight always wanted to be a hero, though his dream didn't see the light of day until he was a man. It took years of preparation both physically and mentally to get himself ready for what was to come. Both Rikti Wars and the Praetoria invasion that followed years later tested the sheer limits of his will and resources. Marshal was by no means a rich man, or an overwhelmingly powerful one either. His training could only take him so far and after several bad injuries in the field he learned strength and determination alone simple wouldn't cut it. Under the official alias "Stallion" he arranged dozens of charity events and sponsorships to help those in need, slowly working his way up the political ladder to establish a connection of resources to help others and better equip himself. Over time, people in those circles started using him as a poster boy for ELITE. Marshal agreed to this, on the condition it didn't hinder his work. Likes: Exercising, helping the community, his wife Crystal, horses. Dislikes: Villains, crime, weapons of mass destruction, drugs. Steel Scale: The Rogue Isles is full of people who have committed heinous crimes, but not every crook is as monstrous on the outside as they are on the inside. Charles Vega is no gentleman, standing over eight feet tall with a crisp smell of the ocean glued to his heavy mass. His voice is guttural and gravelly, resembling a pestle and mortar grinding down rocks into powder. He's a predator, the Isles are his jungle. This foul creature has a kill count almost as big as his appetite, his long-jagged fangs have bitten into man and woman alike, in a constant fight against his beastly instincts to completely devour them. After a few rampages shortly after his transformation, he was given the name "Steel Scale" by the WSPDR news chain (much to his disgruntlement) and has worked for numerous criminal organisations as a hit-man. Charles rarely showing long term loyalty for one individual faction, though he's gone on record to say its not completely out the question. Despite the immense physical strength and stamina, he claims if he had a choice, he'd revert back to his human form, not many know the exact details of how he turned into a monster, but him ripping and tearing through many Aeon Corp facilities gives people a few ideas. Likes: Board games, jazz music, motorcycles, cooking. Dislikes: Aeon Corp, Rikti, loud noises, psychics. Chainsaw: Joseph Mosca is vicious even by a mobster's standards, his short fuse and tendency to use a chainsaw for interrogations have earned him a very bloody reputation. The Family have a mixed relationship with him at best, over the years he's done both good and bad by them, but never to the point where his life was made forfeit. As punishment for one of his more recent "screw ups" Joey was ordered by his superiors to work with his cousin in the Rogue Isles. There he decided to work on maintaining a healthy relationship between Arachnos and The Marcones in Port Oakes, providing himself stability in a bad situation. Likes: Blonde women, beaches, scaring people, gun fights. Dislikes: Rain, short jokes, ties, Tsoo. Professor Wraith: Few speak about Professor Wraith, even fewer respect him in the ranks of Arachnos. Raymond Wraith is a mad scientist who sees himself as a jack of all trades. Experimenting in most fields of science and engineering while enhancing himself with Crab Spider cybernetics. Middle-aged and lacking any rebellious intent, he spends his time and effort staying unseen and working on his projects. Some say there's more to this quiet working man than meets the eye, some claim he's a little -too- compliant. Whether those rumours are true or not, his sarcasm and dry wit have earned him a few scowls in his life and while he isn't on Doctor Aeon's level, there's clearly potential in his work, maybe that's why Arachnos keeps him around. Likes: Being left alone to work, tea, chess, computers Dislikes: Animals, Black Scorpion, art, magic. River Spider: For young villains, their greatest ally is also their most dangerous foe.” These words ring in the mind of this young man daily. Born into a high-ranking family of the Rogue Isles in Grandville. Myles Quinn signed up for Arachnos as soon as he could. His Father served as a Mu Guardian for many years and expected his only son to continue the bloodline to its full potential, however, this did not come to pass. Despite his heritage Myles could not access this power, his magic connection tampered by a minor mutation, giving him the ability to breathe under water. Naturally, he felt robbed, to have his families power excluded from him and traded for something quite underwhelming. But rather than give up and feel bitter, Myles trained hard to earn his spot, graduating into the Wolf Spiders despite many doubts. Shortly afterwards his father went MIA, unable to congratulate him. Myles has made it his personal mission to find his father, on this quest his talents were soon recognised by Arbiter Cotton and under the name River Spider he has become the Arbiter's apprentice, despite their differences in personality he is loyal to the lighthearted Arbiter, who promised to help him unravel the mystery of his missing parent. Likes: Training, work hours, discipline, destroying enemies. Dislikes: Vigilantes, Heroes, socialising, lust.
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