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  1. On Saturday, October 30th, The Theme Team will be hosting several instances of Dr. Kane's House of Horrors. We'll run it until we get tired and send out a tell in LFG if we're short on Themer's. Hopefully, we can get a good mix on the teams. Since we are allowed four people per run, I will make a dual time slot for each team, running every half hour. If the team gets done sooner, they can choose to start earlier for the next round. Let's make it casual and not worry so much about exact timing. We will be going for all four badges each time so make sure you have a Halloween costume for each of your toons. Let me know what time slot(s), plus name/build, you would like and I'll try to make sure the teams are even with damage, control, buffs, etc. You must be a minimum of Level 15. We will max out at Level 29. It would be helpful if your toons were the max level! 12 pm EST/9 am PDT: @TrixieKixx Champagne Dreamz (FF/Beam Defender) @FrauleinMental Ruby Kit Kat (Rad/Rad Stalker) @Vigilant Vergil C. Abyssus (Water/Sonic Corruptor) 12 pm EST/9 am PDT: @TraumaTrain Thundercrack (Electric/Electric Brute) @Midnyte Sally Swashbuckler - Katana/SR Scrapper @Bananiac Le Savant d'Ombre - Dark/Zombie MM 12:30 pm EST/9:30 am PDT: @TrixieKixx Mizz Direction (Ill/Rad Controller) @FrauleinMental Sunset Smash (WP/SS Tank) @Vigilant Vergil Amentia (WM/Shield Brute) 12:30 pm EST/9:30 am PDT: @TraumaTrain Witch Hunt (Archery/Tactical Arrow Blaster) @Midnyte Frau Rammstein - Beam Rifle/Inv Sentinel @Bananiac Amber Elfling - Staff/SR Stalker 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PDT: @TraumaTrain H3K70R (Invuln/Energy Melee Tanker) @FrauleinMental Cosmique (PB) @Midnyte Moonlight Mistress (Staff/WP Scrapper) 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PDT: @TrixieKixx Trace Memory (Emp/Psychic Blast Defender) @Vigilant Vergil Nox (Night Widow/Fortunata) @Bananiac Forlorne - Fire/Fire Blaster 1:30 pm EST/10:30 am PDT: @TrixieKixx Punkin Pie (Emp/Dark Blast Defender) @TraumaTrain Tsov Tom (Street Justice/Willpower Brute) @FrauleinMental Coffee Ring (Water/Dark Corruptor) @Midnyte Nyte Goddess (Dark/Rad Tanker) 1:30 pm EST/10:30 am PDT:
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