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  1. Bug Fixes Soulbound Allegiance's Chance for Build Up proc again proc on Pets. It should not proc on players when summoning pets. Fix for issue with Engagement status that has been keeping Targeting Drone from dropping it's Up-Front damage buff while in combat. Fixed a bug where Degenerative Interface was over-stacking on raid encounters. Fix Rune of Protection FX persisting until zoning. Fix incorrect color of Common Vigor Alpha. General Chain powers now have a unique border, courtesy of @GuyPerfect: Beam Rifle (Sentinel) Refractor Beam Electric Control Jolting Chain Synaptic Overload Electric Melee Chain Induction Electricity Mastery (Sentinel) Rehabilitating Circuit Martial Assault Trick Shot
  2. Bug Fixes Fixed a client crash that could occur when combining enhancements Fixed the enhancement screen to correctly show salvage (boosters & catalysts) in the second slot when combining
  3. Issue 26, Page 4 Homecoming Crash Handler The new Homecoming Crash Handler has been enabled. If your game crashes, you will now be presented with a number of options for providing us with information to help diagnose and resolve the crash (see an example here). If you are still stuck on the safe mode client it is of paramount importance that you submit crash reports for the 32-bit or 64-bit clients. It is likely that this is the last major update that will support Safe Mode. Please read this thread for more information relating to the discontinuation of Safe Mode. Tanker & Brute Changes Scaling & Stats Tanker: Ranged damage modifier increased from 0.5 to 0.8, Melee damage modifier increased from 0.8 to 0.95, Bruise has been removed in favour of a flat damage scale increase. Buff modifiers increased to match Controller values. Damage buff cap increased from 400% to 500%. Brute: Ranged and Melee damage modifiers are now equal at 0.75. Damage buff cap lowered from 775% to 700%. All Brute and Tanker Epic pools now use ranged damage modifiers. Note that due to the above changes, Epic Pools should see no damage change at all. AoEs Most Tanker Melee AoE powers have had their target caps increased. Most cones now have a 10 target cap. Most PBAoEs now have a 16 target cap. Tanker now gets an inherent buff to the radius of AoE attacks and arc of cones. +50% for AoEs. +50% for cones. Some powers are unaffected by this buff. This is noted on the power description. Full list of Tanker target cap changes, area changes, etc: Brute Fury Generation Hitting AVs no longer gives bonus Fury, but Fury generation for attacking has been increased in a variety of ways: Brute Fury generation now takes into account the cast time of the attack for successful hits. Any attack slower than brawl will now generate bonus Fury if it lands a hit. Brutes now get bonus fury generation in teams - the larger the team, the larger the bonus. Fury now takes 10 seconds without attacking to start its accelerated decay, instead of 5 seconds. The goal of these changes is to improve Fury generation in teams when the Brute is not the only brute, or is in the company of another tanking AT. Gauntlet & PunchVoke Gauntlet is now applied via a global proc. Any single target power that takes endurance cost enhancements will trigger an AoE taunt. Every AoE power that takes endurance cost enhancements will taunt the enemies it hit. All Auras that take endurance cost enhancements will taunt the enemies they hit. Radius is now the same for all attacks (10ft, 5 targets max) Taunt scale is now 10% higher than the Brute's. Brute PunchVoke is now also applied via a global proc. Any power that either inflicts damage or takes accuracy enhancements will trigger PunchVoke. Power Acquisition Levels To improve Tanker AoE capability during level up progression, the following powers had their acquisition levels changed: Battle Axe > Whirling Axe = 20, Swoop = 28 Martial Arts > Dragon Tail = 20, Focus Chi = 28, Crippling Axe Kick = 35 Stone Melee> Tremor = 28, Hurl Boulder = 35 War Mace > Whirling Mace = 20, Clobber = 28 Taunt Auras Brute and Tanker Ice Armor powers no longer have built-in Taunt, they are now instead covered by the inherent global proc. Other Changes The following tanker and brute powers should now accept regular Taunt Enhancements: Oppressive Gloom, Cloak of Fear, Burn (note that burn patches don't taunt, only the up-front damage does.) Spines: Spine Burst> No longer ignores Radius buffs. Spines: Quills > Now ignore Radius buffs. Burn for Brute and Tankers should also accept Taunt Sets (note that any proc on burn will not pass through to the patch.) Brute > Martial Arts > Taunt / Crane Kick: Fixed incorrect power order. Pets & Henchmen Updates Mastermind pets which have been commanded to Stay or to Go To a location will hold that position and will not chase after targets or move closer to use powers that are out of range. Be aware this also means they will not move out of damage patches on their own. Mastermind pets in Follow mode will now always stay within a 100' radius of their owner, regardless if they are in Defensive or Aggressive stance. Pets that are primarily ranged attackers will try to stay in the Supremacy radius. The pet AI now ignores the aggro cap. This should prevent pets from standing around twiddling their thumbs in Incarnate Trials and other situations where many pets are attacking the same target. Pets now give a strong preference to selecting targets that are within 50' of the pet's owner. This helps melee-oriented Mastermind pets stay in Supremacy range more often, while still allowing them to move and effectively engage targets outside the range. A number of pets have been classified as "Ranged Only" pets. The AI for these pets will no longer change position in order to use melee powers such as Brawl. They still possess these powers and will use them opportunistically if a target is in range, but will not move in order to do so. The pets that no longer move in to use melee attacks are: Mercenaries > Soldiers Mercenaries > Medic Mercenaries > Spec Ops Mercenaries > Commando Necromancy > Lich Robotics > Battle Drones Robotics > Protector Bots Robotics > Assault Bot Thugs > Thugs Thugs > Arsonist Thugs > Enforcers Powers Combat Log Combat log output has been standardized. Many powers used to report the wrong damage type and effects in the combat log, this process has fixed that, in addition to making the combat log a lot easier to parse. Phantom Army Added new customisation options for Phantom Army Mirror (copy of current character costume) Phantom Mirror (copy of current character costume with Phantom Army VFX) Other Pool > Teleportation > Long Range Teleport: This power now grants a popup tray power that allows a second chance at teleporting should you fail to teleport the first time. The Second Chance power will remain for 2 minutes or until you zone. Lowered Weaken Resolve's -res debuff from scale -1.5 to scale -1.0. Brute > Katana > Golden Dragonfly: Max targets reduced from 10 to 5 Scrapper > Katana > Golden Dragonfly: Max targets reduced from 10 to 5 Stalker > Ninja Blade > Golden Dragonfly: Max targets reduced from 10 to 5 PvP Powers Changes Global Damage Procs like Hybrid Double Hit, Plant Manipulation's Toxins and Bio Armor's Offensive Adaptation should now use PvP damage formula in PvP instead of the PvE damage formula. Misc power changes: Mez Duration and Suppression rules have been enforced for the following enhancements: Mez Duration and Suppression rules have been enforced for the following powers: Mez Duration and Suppression rules have been enforced for the following player pet powers: Knockback Suppression rules have been enforced for the following powers: Knockback Suppression rules have been enforced for the following enhancements: Bases Renamed "Bathroom" tab to "Bath & Kitchen" Added 38 new base items created by @Naomi: Miscellaneous Added a new command line parameter: -gfxreset This will cause the game to reset all graphics settings and launch the game in windowed mode. Added some safety checks to game startup to ensure the game will not try to run borderless or on a monitor that's no longer connected. Switched to a different method of hooking the Print Screen key. This should fix the issues with using modifier keys in conjunction with it, as well as allow it to pass through to the OS so the traditional "copy to clipboard" functionality works again. Resynchronised modifier key state in certain edge cases (mostly involving the numeric keypad) to try and resolve issues of the shift key rarely getting stuck. Bug Fixes Fixed the team window showing "On mission map" when a teammate is in their Supergroup Base and vice versa. Prevent immediate crash when passing a -patchdir parameter to a nonexistent directory. This seems to be happening on certain Macs. Fixes for many Mapserver crashes unearthed by the new crash handler. Various fixes and stability improvements to the client. This should allow some users that were previously stuck on the Safe Mode client to now use the new client. Fixed a bug that allowed players to inadvertently delete the geometry of entire zones. Possibly fixed a bug in certain AMD/ATI video drivers that crash the client when queried for how much video memory they have. Provost Marchand (Brickstown) will no longer give Hero-only missions to Villains/Rogues under rare circumstances. Powers Fixes Archery > Ranged Shot Fixed a bug where would not animate in the character customization screen. Blaster Ranged > Electric Blast > Corrected an FXGEO feedback error with this power's FX. Blaster Support > Atomic Manipulation > Beta Decay: Text should no longer state it taunts enemies. Blaster Support > Atomic Manipulation > Electron Shackles: Should no longer accept Endurance Modification enhancements or sets. Blaster Support > Psoinic Manipulation > Drain Psych: -Regeneration effect should no longer be enhanceable. Dark Control > Umbra Beast: Should now accept Fear Enhancement and Sets. Devices > Targeting Drone: The power description for Targeting Drone has been fixed. Dominator > Fire Control > Fire Imps: Should now always summon 3 imps. Dominator > Psionic Assault > Drain Psych: -Regeneration effect should no longer be enhanceable. Dominator > Savage Assault > Call hawk & Feral Charge: Should no longer accept Dominator Archetype Enhancement sets. Pool > Force of Will > Mighty Leap > Takeoff effect can now be cancelled. Pool > Force of Will > Weaken Resolve: Fixed typos. Now accepts Accurate ToHit Debuff enhancements. Gravity Control > Singularity should now apply and take advantage of the Impact mechanic. Ice Melee > Frozen Fists (Brute/Stalker/Scrapper) Power Description should no longer say it adds -res. Incarnate > Hybrid : Should no longer fail to shut down after zoning. Martial Arts > Crippling Axe Kick: now accepts defense debuff enhancements and sets. Poison Weaken and Cold Domination -Special powers should no longer be boosted by +Special powers like Power Boost. As a rule, Str effects should not be affected by other Str effects. Pool > Concealment > Stealth and Invisibility: translucency issues should now, FINALLY be fixed. Pool > Leaping > Spring Attack: should now do damage when used by Sentinels Proton Volley's Fast-Snipe sphere FX should now tint properly. Radiation Armor > Beta Decay: Taunt magnitude should now always be Mag 4 Radiation Melee > Contamination AoE should now reliably trigger when hitting a contaminated target. Sentinel > Bio Armor > Athletic Regulation: Should no longer accept travel enhancement sets. Sentinel > Energy Aura > Power Armor: Should now accept Healing Enhancement Sets Sentinel > Fire Blast > Blazing Blast: Should now do 13 ticks of damage over time. Tanker Melee > Psionic Melee > Greater Psi Blade: Should no longer do AoE insight damage. Temporary Powers > Ethereal Shift should shut down automatically as other Phase Shift powers. Boosts > Performance Shifter > Chance for +Endurance: Should now have a chance to grant the caster Endurance if used on an offensive attack. Arachnos Soldiers > Summoned Spiders should no longer play a teleport fx every 10 seconds. AE Critter > Sonic Resonance > Liquefy: This power had a range of zero. It has been changed to 60ft. AE Critter > Pain Domination > Soothing Aura: This power is now an Auto, as most AE versions of Toggle powers. AE Critter > Force Fields > Personal Force Fields now lasts 30 seconds instead of 0.75 seconds. AE Critter > Assault Rifle > Ignite: Should now properly do damage.
  4. Bug Fixes Fixed a major performance issue relating to the Targeting Drone fix from earlier today
  5. Powers Player Buffing Procs like Chance for Build Up should no longer proc on pseudo-pets, most of the time they did nothing and simply added confusion. Panacea no longer grants +Regen in PvP, instead it has the same Chance for +Heal as in PvE Bug Fixes Doc Buzzsaw was not aware of the decreased level range for Positron Part 1. She now spawns all the way down to level 8. Powers Bug Fixes Fixed the Tanker and Brute Global Taunt Proc not triggering on aura powers. Fixed bug with Gauntlet not triggering main-hit taunt messages. Clockwork Reassembly power should again calculate the chance for each individual spawned Gear, instead of only once at death. Average spawn count over time will not change, but it will be rare to get no Gears out of a defeated boss. Fixed many missing PStrings on crafting windows and mail attachments. Proton Volley's Fast-Snipe sphere FX should now tint properly in the Dark Theme. Fixed an issue with many powers displaying duplicate effects in their power info window. Addressed a bug where sometimes, after zoning, Bio Armor would have two both, offensive and defensive Adaptations active simultaneously. Many Lore Pet powers were not subject to PvP Mez suppression, this has been fixed. Players should no longer see a debuff icon when Carnival Master Illusionists summons pets. Players should no longer see a debuff icon when Tuatha Bosses use Animated Stone. Fixed short tool tip for Sirocco's Dervish to clarify it is a chance for damage. Mind Control > Terrify: This power no longer states it accepts Accurate ToHit Debuff sets. This power has never had a ToHit Debuff component. Fiery Melee > Breath of Fire: Fixed an animation bug when the power is used with Shield Defense. Energy Blast > Sniper Blast: Fixed sound sync issues with the tintable fast cast version of the power. Sentinel > Dark Blast > Antumbral Beam: Fixed missing sound FX. Dominator > Martial Assault > Masterful Throw (Quick Version): Adjusted the projectile and hit timing. Blaster > Devices > Caltrops: Enhancements and Procs should now work on this power. Dominator > Assault > Martial Assault > Caltrops: Enhancements and Procs should now work on this power. Dominator > Assault > Thorns > Thorntrops: Enhancements and Procs should now work on this power. Brute > Fury: Fixed a bug where some auras would passively grant the brute small amounts of +Fury. Blaster > Sonic Attack > Fixed PString messages on Power Customization. Fixed a bug where Targeting Drone's Up-Front damage would not always cancel out in combat. Incarnate > Interface (All Damage over Time Procs): Fixed a bug that resulted in lower than expected chance (thanks @Bopper & @Gulbasaur!) Short Tooltip for the following procs for the following procs changed to clarify they provide a chance for damage: Gladiator's Net Javelin Volley Mako's Bite Defender & Corruptor > Epic > Power Mastery > Power Build Up: This power should no longer have it's strength enhanced by other Power Build Up powers. Stalker > Ice Melee: Attacks in this powerset should now properly display CRITICAL float messages when they crit. Stalker > Ice Melee > Frost: This power should now take range enhancements, same as other versions of Ice Melee > Frost Pool > Sorcery > Rune of Protection: Clicking on this power should not trigger the animation if the power has not recharged. Pool > Hasten: Clicking on this power should not trigger the animation if the power has not recharged. Peacebringer > Light Form: Clicking on this power should not trigger the animation if the power has not recharged.
  6. Powers Brute Melee > Battle Axe > Cleave: Max targets reduced from 10 to 5 Scrapper Melee > Battle Axe > Cleave: Max targets reduced from 10 to 5 Tanker Melee > Battle Axe > Cleave: Max targets reduced from 16 to 10 Tanker and Brute inherent taunt procs now generate a combat message for the caster, to help determine if the taunt proc is currently working. Bug Fixes Fixed several client crashes reported through the Homecoming Crash Handler Fixed Adamastor summoning ritual not actually summoning Adamastor Fixed a bug with many special encounter enemies failing to telegraph their moves or spamming abilities they should not be using all the time (for example, Marauder spamming Nova Fist without warning) Fixed scripting issues in The Magisterium iTrial Fixed scripting issues in the Dilemma Diabolique iTrial Fixed an issue that caused cutscenes to not play Fixed scripting issues with the Propaganda event New characters should no longer see a "SILENT" popup upon first login. Invention > Build Snow Beast: should no longer show as a PString in mail attachments. Invention > Sentinel ATOs should no longer show as a PString in mail attachments. Fix issue with AltGr causing the A key to clear text boxes. Powers Bug Fixes A strange Fury power should no longer show up in the Brute enhancement slotting screen. Fix bug where Brute PunchVoke was not triggering on aura powers. Fixed some procs that had their chance erroneously increased to 100% in the last patch. List of procs affected: Fixed some powers that had their chance to knock back and control effects erroneously increased to 100% in the last patch. List of powers affected: Warshade > Dark Nova: Default color theme activation was not triggering the transformation fx. This has been fixed. Some Kheldian powers were usable while shape-shifted even if the power icon was disabled. This has been fixed. Pool > Grant Invisibility: This power's effect would completely cancel out in combat, requiring buff being re-applied. Now the buff only suppresses in combat, and returns automatically after 10 seconds out of combat, so long the buff has not naturally expired. Sentinel > Willpower > Up To The Challenge> fixed terrible grammar. Incarnate > Lore > Banished Pantheon Radial Superior Ally: Recharge buff should no longer be resisted by player recharge resist buffs. Sonic Attack > Shockwave: Tooltip no longer states -Res. This power has never had -Res. Staff Melee > Sky Splitter: Self Buffs should no longer be affected by the level of the target. Staff Melee > Precise Strike: Brute version should no longer list twice that it accept Taunt enhancements. Dominator > Energy Assault > Bone Smasher: Energy Focus debuff should now apply to the target, not the caster. Dominator > Electricity Assault > Voltaic Sentinel: Fixed a bug where the pet was ignoring enhancements. Impervious Skin > Status Resistance, +Regeneration: Text now clarifies the regeneration rate bonus is unique. Arachnos Soldiers and Widows > Tactical Training: Assault: Fixed an issue where their version of this power was not granting Taunt/Placate resistance. Pools > Sorcery > Arcane Bolt: Should no longer knock foes back. Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets: Fixed a bug where Lethal DoT chances where being calculated up front instead of on every tick. Inherent > Rest: Should no longer spam the user with Phase messages. Mastermind > Pain Domination > Painbringer: This power had a 1% chance of knocking down a buffed ally. This has been removed. Dual Pistols > Fixed a bug where Standard Ammo Only effects were applying under all Ammo types and Toxic Rounds would do nothing. Mastermind > Beast Mastery > Fixed a bug introduced in last patch where the pets attack chains were not working as designed. Tanker > Electric Armor > Power Sink: Should no longer state it grants the tanker Rage. Tanker Melee > Katana > Sting of the Wasp: Power description no longer shows Ice Melee power description.
  7. Bug Fixes Fixed very old memory corruption bug that could randomly cause crashes or other strange behavior while loading into a map Resolved a longstanding issue that would cause a crash if the game is installed in a folder with a path name longer than around 130 characters Both of these are thanks to the new crash reporting infrastructure introduced with Page 4. Please keep the reports coming!
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