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Found 2 results

  1. Generator


    Hey, So I've got a build concept that would work well as an Ice/Martial Blaster. Anyone got any advice on the pairing? I don't think I've tried MC before. Later, Generator
  2. Happy holidays! I have played every type of Defender out there to 50 and back save for Nature and Electric at this point. I found a fun concept for a Nature/Ice, and put together a rough draft build. As I've never played nature before (only level 15 on this guy right now), I'd love the input/advice of nature affinity veterans. Goals I've shot for here: - Softcap Ranged defense. - I let entangling deal with melee along with my stacking hold. I found success with this using choking cloud/dominate on my rad/sonic. - Heavy recharge - 81.25 before hasten here. - Build upon Nature's strong resists where possible. Where I'm not quite happy: - My S/L resist is super way overcapped. Tough is somewhat redundant, but is on the way to weave. - It would be nice to come out to a similar build but have strong S/L defense as well, while retaining my resists. Unfortunately that would probably require scorp shield. I prefer an epic resist shield on a set that has tohit debuffing. Other than that, I'm very happy with the power selection, and everything is nicely enhanced and procced out. Note that Mass hypnosis and World of confusion are just set mules. I may actually use MH solo I guess! It's fun to have. General power usage questions: - Do you ever really use Regrowth? It seems fine, but it looks like the set, when mature, wouldn't need it much. - How effective is lifegiving spores? It seems pretty nifty and looks cool, but I don't really understand the numbers on this power. So far I enjoy using it but don't have perspective on its true impact. Here's the build:
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