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  1. Sentinel Proliferation: Stone Armor New secondary for Sentinels. This version of the set does not get access to Mud Pots. Instead, it has a new power called Terra Firma. You can transform your skin into various forms of rock and stone. Stone Armor is one of the few Sentinel Defensive Power Sets that offers defense to Psionics. Powers: Rock Armor Toggle: Self +DEF(Lethal, Smashing), Res(DeBuff DEF) Your skin becomes stone while this power is active. Stone Armor protects you from Smashing and Lethal attacks. They are less likely to land and affect you. Stone Armor also grants you resistance to Defense DeBuffs. Stone Skin Auto: Self +Res(All but Psionics), +DEF(All but Psionics) Your tough skin is naturally resistant to most types of damage. This power is always on and costs no Endurance. Earth's Embrace Self +HP, Res(Toxic) You are so connected to the Earth, you can draw upon its power to add to your health. Activating this power increases your maximum Hit Points, and grants you resistance to Toxic Damage. Terra Firma Auto: Self + To Hit, +ACC, +Range, Res(ToHit) Being on solid ground allows you to more carefully aim your attack for optimal range. This power increases your chance to hit, accuracy, and range of your attacks and makes you more resistant to To-Hit debuffs, but only applies when you are near the ground. Rooted Toggle: Self +Res(Knockback, Sleep, Disorient, Hold, End Drain, DeBuff DEF), +Regeneration While this power is active, you merge with the Earth and draw forth its power to become resistant to Knockback, Sleep, Hold, Disorient and Endurance Drain effects, and increase your Hit Point Regeneration rate. Rooted also grants you resistance to Defense DeBuffs. Crystal Armor Toggle: Self +Recovery, +DEF(Energy, Negative), Res(DeBuff DEF) While this power is active, your skin becomes encrusted in various quartz crystals. Crystal Armor makes Energy and Negative Energy attacks less likely to hit. This power also grants you an Endurance recovery buff and resistance to Defense DeBuffs. Crystal Armor also adds an Elusivity defense bonus to Energy and Negative Energy Attacks in PVP zones. Minerals Toggle: Self +Recharge, +DEF(Psionic), Res(Confuse), +Perception Activating this power summons several rare earth rock Minerals to orbit around you. These Minerals can disperse thought patterns and make Psionic attacks less likely to hit. They also bring clarity of the mind increasing the recharge time of your powers, increasing your perception, and making you resistant to Confusion. Brimstone Armor Toggle: Self +Res(Fire, Cold, Toxic), +Special While this power is active, your skin becomes encrusted in cracked magma. Brimstone Armor makes you highly resistant to Fire, Cold and Toxic damage, and helps your attacks set enemies on fire, delivering damage over time. Notes on the damage over time from Brimstone Proc: The DoT damage uses AT modifiers: Ranged_Damage for attacks with base ranges > 20 ft and Melee_Damage otherwise. The DoT damage is scaled based on the attack's cast time (scales between 0 and 3 seconds). This mostly ensures a constant DPS increase despite the speed of one's attacks. Geode Toggle: Self +Regeneration, +Recovery, Invulnerable; Self Hold When you activate this power, you encase yourself in various protective mineral layers that can absorb incoming damage while you heal and recover endurance at an incredible rate. You can emerge at will by deactivating the power, but you cannot stay in this Geode for more than 30 seconds. If enemies inflict enough damage, they might break you out of this effect. If Brimstone Armor is owned, this power will also grant Geothermal Power every 2 seconds, increasing the damage inflicted by Brimstone's Fire by 8% per stack. Note: The Geothermal Powers should last for 60s and can stack up to 15 times. This gives the Brimstone Proc damage a 2.2x boost at max strength.
  2. Read Here for Issue 25 Consolidated Patch notes for changes implemented prior to Homecoming launch 05/16/19 GENERAL [*]Halcyon has been renamed to Reunion (EU). [*]For the next week each account will be given 20 transfer tokens every 3 days to allow for easier migration. [*]The XP Boosters in Super Packs have been replaced with charges of the Experienced power (which grants Patrol XP). [*]Moved the Respec Recipe from the Merit Vendor (formerly 50 Reward Merits) to P2W (10 million influence). [*] Completing a Morality Mission now rewards 30 merits regardless of whether the player switched, reinforced, or double-reinforced their alignment. [*]The costume change delay timer has been lowered to 15 seconds. CUSTOM XP RATES [*]The base XP rate on all shards is now back to 100% (AE rewards still halved outside of Dev Choice content). [*]You can now acquire +25%, +50%, and +100% XP boosters for free from the P2W Vendor (or the Transact 4 Victory vendor in Praetoria). [*]These boosters will reduce your inf income by the same amount they boost your XP gain. [*]The boosters last for 1 hour of in-game time, but you can acquire up to 8 hours at a time. [*]The boosters stop working immediately at level 50 - Veteran Levels must be earned normally. [*]The boosters can be deleted from the Powers window (right click > Delete Power). [*]Please note that this is an experimental feature, it may be altered or removed without notice. POWERS [*]Beta Decay (Tanker, Scrapper, Brute, Blaster): the "first target" 10% recharge buff should no longer erroneously stack for all foes in range. The 2.5% per target recharge buff will continue to stack as expected. Max recharge buff with 10 targets should be +35%. [*]Beta Decay (Blaster): Will now require a target for it's "first target" 10% recharge buff to be applied. [*]Bio Armor > Evolving Armor: Fixed a bug where the stacking portion of the buff was overlapping 50% of the time. [*]Frost Bite: Fixed a bug with the damage scale for this power which caused it to heal targets. [*]Paragon Police > Call for Backup: this power will no longer endlessly summon PPD reinforcements. It previously attempted to limit itself to 3 uses by doing weird things with Stealth which didn't work; it now uses the Meter attribute. [*]AV Purple Triangles now provide protection against OnlyAffectsSelf. BUG FIXES [*]The PPD in Kings Row will no longer infinitely multiply using the "Call for Backup" power. [*]Patrol XP should now work again. It was not compatible with server-wide XP buffs. 05/09/19 [*]Arenas Enabled [*]Salvage Market seeded to keep costs down: 10K for common salvage, 100K for uncommon salvage, 1M for rare salvage, and 50K for a Brainstorm Idea 05/07/19 General [*]All servers now set to +50% XP Boost [*]There was an issue with Respecs granted from leveling badges; they were following the old limit of holding a maximum of 3 respecs at a time, which means you got the respec for levels 10, 20 and 30 but not 40 and 50. This should be fixed now [*]Added free respec for all due to the cooldown issue and the level 40 badge not awarding a respec (may take a day or two to arrive) [*]Fixed the infinite cooldown bug affecting some powers Tasks [*]Arcs marked Developer's Choice in Architect Entertainment will no longer be affected by the Architect XP reduction (This is an experimental change, and may not work as expected - in the event of bugs, we’ll work on fixes) [*]The minimum level for Positron TF Part 1 has been lowered to 8 Badges [*]As the #badge-hoarders have noted, Echo: Faultline did not have any exploration badges. This patch fixes that oversight, returning three badges that were in the original Faultline zone before Issue 8 to Echo: Faultline, and adding 8 new exploration badges and a zone accolade [*]Moved "Newsman", "Faultless Mystic" and "Apex" from Faultline to Echo: Faultline [*]Added "Riveting", "Upcycled" and "Rock Bottom" to Faultline [*]Added "Forsaken", "Pristine", "Claim Denied", "Spare Parts" and "Dug Too Deep" to Echo: Faultline [*]Added "Epicenter", Echo: Faultline zone accolade. [*]Added "Fashion Victim" for spending 50,000,000 inf on the tailor. Rewards a Free tailor token for your trouble 05/05/19 [*]Super Packs Added [*]XP Boosts adjusted for servers, on permanently until otherwise noted. [*]Character Shard Transfers enabled 05/01/19 [*]Architect Entertainment -50% XP Nerf added to discourage farming missions from flooding the system. [*]Weekday +50% XP Boost added on all servers to encourage players to spread out playtime away from weekends. [*]Weekends on Everlasting and Indomitable will be set to +250% XP Boost [*]Leveling Pacts disabled due to instability. [*]Fixed scenario that allowed players to create Architect missions with enemies that actually healed you instead of damaging you. [*]Fixed bug that caused players to receive multiple copies of the 15th Anniversary Badge reward 04/29/19 [*]City Zones set to unload if empty, may cause slightly increased loading times when entering an empty zone. [*]Players can now skip the login queue if reconnecting within 10 minutes of a previous disconnect. [*]All logging for player information has been disabled 04/28/19 [*]Indomitable and Everlasting shards added to the pool with +100% XP Boost [*]Login Queue System enabled - Shards limited to 1,500 players [*]15th Anniversary badge added 04/28/19 [*]Excelsior Shard added to the pool
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