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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there! ColdZero from Homecoming/Excelsior here. This is a guide on how to play City of Heroes on Linux. We will be running the 64-Bit version of City of Heroes, if you are curious. Firstly, I want to thank the user RogerWilco for notifying me about Island Rum having been ported to Linux, as it has simplified my guide dramatically, compared to what it used to be. I also want to thank the maintainers of Island Rum for the Linux, macOS, and Windows versions of Island Rum. Tips are BLUE Attentions are RED My system specs: *Linux Mint: Cinnamon, 20.04 *i7-4770 with Kernel version 5.4.0-39-generic *Nvidia GTX 970 (using driver 435.21) *16GB DDR3 RAM To be able to do this, you'll need the files for i24 / Homecoming. If you don't already have it, then you can click this link here to download the files. They will be out of date, so we'll be updating them later on in the guide ourselves. Please note that FireFox can't download files past a certain size with that link, so you will need to use Chrome / Chromium to download the game. Prerequisites: *Linux *A dedicated graphics card (although integrated graphics should run as well, although I haven't tested) *A dual-core CPU (Tested on an i3-4130, i7-4770, and an AMD FX 4300 CPU) or better. *At least 4GB of RAM The start of the guide So, this is my second overhaul of the guide! I hope this version is much easier to follow along compared to one where I had you download a script that I was maintaining. I would've completed this sooner, but, I've been quite busy lately. Anyways, onto the guide! Now, we're going to need to have 3 things already for this process to be simplified. These three things are as followed: A copy of City of Heroes already, one that we have ourselves that we can simply copy over, or the one downloaded from the link above. Wine to already be installed. If you don't have it, you can easily install it yourself by following the guide here VIA the official WineHQ website for your current flavor of Linux. Just search for your flavor (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora) and open the Terminal, then copy-paste the commands it gives you to follow. Make sure to grab winehq-stable. A copy of the Linux version of Island Rum. Now, with those 3 things out of the way, we need to extract islandrum-linux.zip that we've just downloaded; This can easily be done by locating the file in your ~/Downloads folder, right clicking it, and clicking "Extract Here". Once this is done, we'll need to go inside the folders (islandrum-linux / Island Rum), and copy the "Island Rum" folder that's next to _MACOSX, and place it in somewhere easily accessible. Mine will be next to my CoH folder, as shown below. The next step is to go inside the "Island Rum" folder, and you'll find a few items inside of it. We want to double-click on Island Rum.x86_64 to run it. Now, we can either let this fully download and install the game ourselves, or, if we already have the game downloaded / a copy of it ourselves, we can just point to our new path and Island Rum will detect the change in location and just patch it. To do this, click on the little Palm-Tree in the upper left, and a drop-down menu will appear. From here we just go down to Options, and where it says "Install Path" and has a white text-box, first deselect "Use Default", and then click inside the box to change the path. Once done, what we want to do next is locate our CoH folder that we've downloaded / already have, and then we click the floppy-disk / save icon in the bottom right. Once completed, Island Rum will populate with the new location, and should download some updates. Once that's done, click on the big right-arrow at the Bottom Right, download some Mono files that are needed (this has to be done, so just click on "Install" until it's over), and CoH 64-bit should start right away! Congratulations! You've successfully gotten City of Heroes to run on Linux! Whenever an update needs to happen, it will automatically download the needed files. If you need any help, please, let me know!
  2. Up until today, CoH was running flawlessly on my Arch Linux machine. Today the 3D graphics are glitching all over the place but mostly on the shiny metallic surfaces. See the attached image. If I drop the graphics down to "Performance" the glitching stops. But then what is the point of a Radeon VII if you can run it on Ultra?
  3. I saw the MacOS guide, but haven't seen anything for Linux. Wondering if there are any guides to getting Mid's Reborn running in Linux? Or if someone would make one? Preferably for a lighter weight distro that would run well in Virtualbox. If I could easily run Mid's in Virtualbox, then I can work on builds on work computers (....of course only during lunch. 🙂) But as a Linux noob I found it challenging to get Wine, Winetricks, .NET4.7.2 all properly installed, and then get Mid's working. Seems like this would be useful to the community. The situation is much better now that it's on Github, but I've frequently seen it mentioned that folks are reluctant to install Mid's because of security concerns about 3rd party code. Having a straight forward way to run it as a sandboxed Virtual Machine would alleviate any worries.... Anyway, if no one else makes a guide, I'll eventually get around to making one myself. But having spent several largely unsuccessful hours already, I can promise you it will be better if someone knowledgeable in Linux does it. 😉
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