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Found 4 results

  1. In another thread someone’s brought up that an important thing to agree on or at least find out is “what year is it in-universe?” And I wanted to hear from folks what they felt the year was in city of by this point? Some people I know did timeskips even further along than the shutdown. So for their characters, it’s 2030, for others - myself included - treat it as current year. But I think that if we want to continue the greater story, it might actually be best to pick up where we left off; in paragon and the rogue isles it’s still the year 2012, statesman’s death is recent as is the end of the praetorian war, and Gravity Falls started airing back in June. Part of why I feel this way is that it means the “coming storm” has not been twiddling it’s thumbs all these years, it also means that we don’t have to gloss over progress or changes which should have happened, and ultimately let’s the devteam exert a bit of control on the March of time in game. (Also, so many characters would be aged up otherwise). But that’s my thought on the matter and I want to hear yours.
  2. My questions are specifically about buffs. Do the pets have high base damage/def/tohit/recharge/other attribute that is easily buffed or lower base attribute with a built-in buff? What are their caps? If someone has tested this or numbers are available, please post a link because I have been unable to locate the info. If the answer to the previous question is very complicated, a simpler question is what buffs are "transformative" in how they boost the pet. (like SB/FS on fire imps or bubbles on bots) Thank you for any insights. I hav
  3. I have become curious about the villain "Mangle". In the hero alignment mission, "A Talking Cylinder", we rescue the hero, Arc Flash, who says she wants to help Mangle because he's a "tormented creature" (and then the player goes on to defeat Mangle). I also recently discovered a villain alignment mission, where you go to give Mangle the beatdown and put him in his place, and Overdrive shows up to stop you, again calling Mangle "tormented" and in need of help. I think I may have gotten a similar story in the vigilante version of the Talking Cylinder mission, but I've only done that one time, so I'm not totally sure. In any case, does Mangle's story ever get resolved? Perhaps in the higher-level villain alignment missions? My highest-level villain is 29, so has not yet done any of the next two tiers of alignment stuff. I'm kind of wondering if Mangle has an arc similar to Frostfire's arc on blueside. I'm not asking for spoilers; I'm mostly just curious if this actually goes somewhere.
  4. This might be reading too far into things like "reused assets" and "programmers are not writers," but when some bits of lore collided with each other in my head I realized it had implications that I don't recall anyone bringing up, or at least not recently. Okay, so. Valkyrie got her powers from an old spear which infused her with nanomachines, and her Praetorian counterpart Battle Maiden got her powers in a similar way. Both of these weapons came from Warrior Earth, and you get several opportunities in high-level content to visit it... and when you get there it's a wreck. Ruined buildings, rubble everywhere, the locals are armed with swords and crossbows and dressed in metal armor and historically inaccurate Viking helmets. By all accounts the world is in a primitive state, and they even sound like it when they call Statesman your "clan elder." So someone clearly made a mistake. ...and that "someone" is the inhabitants of Warrior Earth itself. At some point there was an advanced society with incredible levels of technology that reached that given point far before Primal or Praetorian Earth. But something happened - a disaster, a war, something - that devastated the planet so thoroughly that centuries later it's reverted to (or only managed to climb back to) a feudal society. The former civilization's scientific knowledge is just straight-up gone, and what remains is viewed in an almost mythic light. When you go there, you are visiting a post-apocalyptic world. (Oh man if someone points to a contact that's been around since like Issue 4 that lays all of this out for you I'm gonna feel like such an idiot.)
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