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  1. ---File links are Current as of 12/01/2022--- ***Tested on Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, and Ventura (Installation Only)*** I'll try to keep this up to date, but make sure to check Manga's original thread for the most current file (should it be updated again). This guide is a visual walk through of "Method 2". Backup Island Rum Install New Launcher Create a Launcher Shortcut First Launch Post Install Migration
  2. Updated: 03-11-2021 @ 7:46p EST Before I start ANYTHING, I need to thank @cheeseninja for the crucial direction on this as the VM based solution wasn't going so well performance wise. Tested on my Base Model Mac Mini M1 with all Game GFX settings to ULTRA! Not smooth as butter that way, but turning down to what a sane person would isn't a bad thing. 😛 Notes: Rosetta 2 will need to be installed if not already, Type the following into the Terminal and Press the "Enter" key to install it manually softwareupdate --install-rosetta Otherwise it will install when you run the Launcher If you accidentally interrupt the process of installing Rosetta 2, then you will get an error Click the Close button and reopen the Launcher to start over When trying to copy/paste while in the Launcher's settings, use the standard Windows key combos, not the MacOS translated key combos IE: To copy you have to use Control+C not Command+C Step 1: Install Homecoming Launcher Step 2: Permissions Step 3: First Launch Step 4: Launching the Game Step 4: Post Install Migration About the Launcher Creating Shortcuts Possible Errors As much of a headache as all the testing was, trying to figure out Why it wasn't doing this or that, it's great to see that, with the help of those more used to these things, we finally have a streamlined solution to getting you up and running on modern hardware once again!
  3. Install City of Heroes: Homecoming on Mac Catalina (August 8th, 2020) Open a Terminal Window Applications->Utilities->Terminal Install Homebrew (a utility that installs other utilities) /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)" Install xquartz (some video thing) brew cask install xquartz Install wine (a Windows emulator) brew cask install wine-stable Download "Island Rum" (this is an application that downloads the City of Heroes app) http://telstar.eekstudio.com/islandrum-mac.zip Unzip islandrum-mac.zip Copy "Island Rum.app" to Applications Run "Island Rum" It probably won't work. If it doesn't, click Settings->Security->General->Open Anyway That should launch it It will hopefully say "Client not detected. Install or cancel?" Go with "install" Wait a good long while. It will download the game to "/Applications/CoH" Try the "Play" button If it works, you're done, have fun. It probably won't work. Shut down Island Rum Back to the terminal cd /Applications/CoH wine64 "/Applications/coh/hc-bin64/cityofheroes.exe" -patchversion 20200628_1602 -auth -patchdir homecoming Some Windows popup will notify you about wine configuration being updated It will ask to download some "Mono" thing. Let it. It will ask to download some "Gecko" thing. Let it. If you got this far, it should load up City of Heroes! Oops, we forgot to make accounts. Visit https://forums.homecomingservers.com/register/ and make a forum account Then make a game account here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/gameaccount/ Ok, now log in to the game (with the game account, not the forum account) and start "arresting" the bad guys! (Don't be a villain, you're better than that) Note: If the line for the launcher isn't working, there's a launch script in /Applications/CoH called islandrum.sh. The last line should have the right launch command if you remove the "/bin/sh -c" and quotes.
  4. First off thanks for all you guys do to help out the Mac community. Sadly I followed all the steps to the best of my ability and I am currently stuck on step 3: installing the HC Launcher, specifically the "First Launch" section in the guide. When I click on "New Launcher" I did not get the EULA screen but I got an install screen asking me to select a path to put the game itself. When I click Install I get an error message saying it cannot be installed due to firewall issues. It's hard to make out exactly what it says because it appears off screen and I need to use Mission Control to see it. Basically I can't launch the new launcher and the game won't install. I tried manually installing rosetta 2 and got the same results. Before this guide i tried running it with Island Rum and couldn't get it to run. The game installs but the game itself won't launch, no white screen, just a wine64-preloader pops up in the menu bar that says "Program Error." Any help here would be much appreciated.
  5. I figured this would be safe here as "PC" stands for "Personal Computer", not (just) "Windows Computer" Why not have a place here where we can talk about Virtual Systems now that they've become more common, right? Here's what I've got going: (Most to least used) Host 1: Host 2: Host 3: As you can expect, I have a knack for pushing each platform, but at the same time, I'm learning more about the world of VMs as I go.
  6. I'll make it short for now (on my tablet), but I wanted to point out probably the simplest tool I've ever used for making an installation media for MacOS. Something is either wrong or changed in Mojave and newer because I can't use the simple command-line to create bootable USBs. Even worse was when I briefly tried the latest OS beta. And the I came across the Patched Sur found on github (?) and man did that masks things simple. Not only does it do all the work, but it lets you choose your version of the OS you want to build. Having used the beta in a VM to nab the live edition (the tool was designed for beta), I can even use the live edition as a source. I already had the beta installed on my 3rd partition, but when I aimed the refreshed installer at that drive it did an in place upgrade. Now depending on your hardware and its "official support status (my MBP 2012 is not), you may have to manually install the preloaded kexts from the USB. The patcher is Supposed to automate that, but a simple sudo command (I'm super green on terminal) later and I got Wi-Fi. Oddly enough, it Says I'm on the 2.4Ghz band, but I'm getting 5Ghz speeds from the router. Either way, having the full 1.5Gb of vRAM is much nicer than the 3Mb you get in parallels. I can't see much of a performance difference when doing basic functions so far.
  7. CURRENT STATUS: Codeweavers just released a brand-new Wine interpreter that deals better with 32-bit executables on November 22, 2019. I'm going to experiment with it over the Thanksgiving holiday to see if I can fix the broken macOS Catalina status. FORMER STATUS: Broken on macOS Catalina because the .Net 4.0 and 4.7 installers are both PE32 executables. I have not yet figured out a workaround. Only works (more or less) on Mojave. YMMV. You should be running the most recent Island Rum regardless, which shares a dependency upon Brew. Download the attached "Hero Designer Mac Installer.zip", then extract and run it. If you're running a recent Mac release, you'll get an error that this is from an "unidentified developer". Open "System Preferences, Security & Privacy, General". You'll see in the "Allow apps downloaded from" section, "Hero Designer Mac Installer was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer". If you trust me, click "Open Anyway". If you don't trust me, just unzip the file yourself and run the shell script inside of it after carefully reading it to make sure I'm not doing anything stupid or malicious. Wait a while. You won't see anything happening (unless you're one of the careful people who opened the .app in Terminal and watched the output), then eventually Homecoming Hero Designer will open, and you'll have a "Homecoming Hero Designer" icon on your desktop that you can double-click, drag to Applications, or whatever you want. Hero Designer Mac Installer.zip Lots of to-do here. What started as instructions to write your own shell script is morphing into an actual installer...
  8. Okay, please be patient with me as I am going to try to list everything I have done to get this game to work with no avail. Some background: I was running the game for close to 4 weeks when all of the sudden I got the "two black windows"--reference photos below. This happened after no OS upgrade, I changed nothing on my computer except the wifi it was connected to, which is my own router. Here are my specs **30April2020** macOS: Mojave 10.14.6 MacBook Pro(Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Graphics Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB Applications currently installed: Island Rum(v. 040520202) Wine Stable 5.0 Wine Bottler Homebrew -winetricks Things I have tried already: Forums posts in which I found these solutions attached. Clean Install. This includes removal of: homebrew, island rum, CoH folder, uninstalling winetricks (Forum post) Removing the ~/.privatewine folder and letting it re-create itself (Forum Post) Removing the .wine and .private wine libraries. (Forum Post) So my problem at first was this screen: After much randomness, and reinstalling the game 3 different times, this is now my problem: Keep in mind this screen only comes up after i delete the ~/.privatewine folder. If I do not delete the folder I dont get a "wine64-preloader" and the launcher just goes from a green check back to normal. **01Apr2020** UPDATE: I upgraded to Catalina 10.15.4. I removed Wine-Stable, Winetricks, Winexe, Homebrew, and the old Island Rum. Reinstall the new Island Rum and the new files associated with it. Here is what my "coh" folder looks like. Currently my problem is that I am still getting the "wine64-preloader" hangup. I am really out of options at this point. I have exhausted all forum posts and there seems to be no comprehensive guide, which is understandable because Macs stink for gaming-but it is what I am working with. I was hoping this post can serve as a step by step guide for those who are not so tech-savy such as myself to get this game back up and running. I appreciate any and all advice. I understand this is a purely volunteer ran
  9. Hi friends, posting about an issue I've had a couple of times on Mac where the audio is broken and begins crackling. In the past I've ridden this out and subsequent updates eventually resolved it; however it is currently still broken for me. For fellow mac users, I figured we can use this thread to provide more debugging information to help devs create a fix for this. System Details: macOS Mojave 10.14.6 2.4GHz Intel COre i7 16 GB RAM Audio Format: 48,000 Hz My strong suspicion is that this may be a wine issue, specifically the file "winecoreaudio.drv" which is the driver for wine. Beyond this I am a bit out of my depth. However, I found a solution that works for the time being for me: 1. Open "Audio Midi Setup" app on your Mac (this should be in utilities, but you can also just use finder) 2. Select "Built-in Input/Output" from the menu on the left in the app 3. Change the Output from 48,000 Hz to 44,100 Hz (48,000 Hz appears to be the Mac default--I checked 3 different Macs) So far I haven't noticed any audio degradation from doing this in game or other applications, but again if anyone else has these issues let me/devs know please! x DK
  10. I'm using a 2016 15" MacBook Pro. I got Island Rum to download CoH successfully (it doesn't handle paths with spaces in the name well, evidently, but I did get it to work by using a different path with no spaces, which I continue to use) but now when I try to start City, I get the blue LOADING... in the center of the screen, and then I get a full screen version of it in some incredibly gross resolution, like 640x480 or something, and it just hangs. Command+Tabbing out I get to a Wine error screen saying Show Details revealed it to be an illegal instruction exception with a fairly consistent offset; always at 0x93819b18 for me. I did run it through TestRun through the Wineskin app bundled, and got the following logs, which are attached. I've tried both with `-fullscreen 0` and without at the suggestion of a friend, and am pretty much at my wits end. Backtrace.txt is the Wine backtrace. LastRunWine.log LastRunX11.log backtrace.txt
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