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  1. Ok this pain in the ass changing from anything into human form with no shields up frankly sucks ass. Is there a macro to change into human form and activate shields? At least Gravity Shield and Shadow Cloak, popping into human from Dwarf to hasten and Stygian Circle equal face plant in a mob.
  2. will add complete overview asap - apparanetly that slipped through the cracks 12/22/2021 Contents Builds Codes Exempt Overview Tri Form Exemping Overview Macros & Keybinds Attacks Other Light Form, Unleash Potential, Heal, Taunt, Teleport, Etc. Quick Form and Power Tray Keybinds Null The Gull - Disable Power Tray Peacebomber Demo 2nd Post Updating Recommendations 6/18/21 Builds Peacebomber Force Of Will - Ranged defense 7/10/21 overview - updating Code Peacebomber Force Of Will - Ranged defense 7/6/21 Peacebomber Force Of Will - Ranged defense 6/30/21 Peacebomber Teleport Pool 7/10/2021 overview - updating Code Peacebomber Teleport Pool 5/15/2021 Exempt Overview Macros & Keybinds Null The Gull - To Disable Pop-up Form Power Tray Peacebomber Demo Demo 1 Chain: dwarf flare, solar flare, nova detonation, and lum detonation /or/ nov det, lum det, DF, & SF AoE Attack Chain Available Exempt lv 21+
  3. I have been searching on google and in the forums here for useful and unique Macro's and Key Binds. Thus far I have not found a good comprehensive listing. So first I would like to know if there is a list of of good such Macros and Binds that I did not find. Second, I invite all to post their good Macros and Binds that are useful and a little unique that others may have not thought of. Thanks and hope I can find some good and read about some good ones. I use to have a lot of good Macros and Binds and had a file with all of them. But after thinking CoH was dead forever I deleted that file full of them.
  4. I've found CityBinder to be extremely useful for setting up key binds. You can find it here (https://sourceforge.net/projects/citybinder/), but it hasn't been updated since 2015, so lots of things were missing like power sets, Arachnos ATs, several emotes, costume change emotes. Also, the UI left a lot to be desired. That's where I come in. I've been working on making a bunch of improvements to it by adding missing content and improving the UI to make it a bit more intuitive, clear, and better looking (like unsquishing cut-off labels, greying out inactive options, adding margins around the edges of windows). I call this version "CityBinder for Homecoming." Eventually, I'd like to add an image macro generator, but I'm new to using Lua and IUP (the library for UI elements), so I'm still learning how to do it. I'd like to upload the first version soon, after I fix a few things, but where should I upload such a thing? Here are some screenshots showing CB with an enhanced Inspiration popper window (with a new set of default self-tell colors, new bubble icons that show a sample of your color choices all together, and the addition of Dual Inspirations) and my experimental image macro maker so far.
  5. Currently, the /powexec_location [loc] [power] command allows for location-based powers to be activated without the use of an actual click in a variety of ways: Activated on one's self Activated on one's target Activated on a set distance It'd be nice if it was possible to use one's mouse cursor as an additional way of determining where said power could be activated as well. This would be useful for powers that benefit from a more varied positioning than the current parameters allow for, such as: Using Teleport to move in any direction instead of a separate bind for each Placing down patch powers more optimally Granted, this is pretty low priority: the main reason that I'm proposing this is because I mainly use a touchpad, and clicks are a little inconvenient - if it were possible to activate a location based power by pressing its relevant bind twice (instead of causing it to deactivate its location reticle), it'd have much the same desired effect as this proposal.
  6. I've searched high 'n' low for the answer to this, but to no avail. Is there a way to create a macro for powers such as Monitor Duty Teleport or the P2W power Base Transporter that passes the base code? These powers lose some utility when you have to enter the code manually after using them, as I don't recall the actual code (using a public base). Thanks!
  7. Back with another one. And I'm sure I've seen this posted before, but can't find it anywhere. I have an Illusion troller with 3 costumes. The objective is to cast Phantom Army (which manifests based on his current costume), then change to a different costume. So far I have gotten the following to work, kinda sorta: /macro H cce 1 CCRapidBoil$$powexec_location target phantom army This results in a costume change, then PA matching his new costume appearing at the target. So both halves of the macro work, just not in the order I want them to. I tried flipping the commands (powexec_location target phantom army$$cce 1 CCRapidBoil) but this returned an error that it did not recognize the cce command. Help?
  8. It's that time of year, so I thought I'd repost this so everyone doesn't have to go find and dig this up: /macro opacks "salvage_open S_HVSuperPackSalvage$$salvage_open S_RVSuperPackSalvage$$salvage_open S_WinterPackSalvage" have fun stock the market ??? profit
  9. Good evening folks! Have just found out you can macro enabling and disabling earning xp! Here you go! /macro NoXP "option_set NoXP 0" (turns it OFF - You will gain XP) /macro XP "option_set NoXP 1" (Turns it ON - You will gain no XP) Hope this helps!!
  10. I am filling out my various power trays (1-3) with a simple /macro . nop but would like something other than the default gray (temp power) icon/graphic. I know the game can use badges, as well, with the /macroimage function, so what I would like to do is have either an as-subdued-as-possible or better-yet-empty graphic/icon for this. So, hide the ugly grays: Anyone know or suggest an internal image?
  11. Popmenus seem to be heavily underutilized in my opinion. If you search for "popmenu" there are six pages worth of results while searching "bind" or "macro" yields over 40! Or 20 something if you are searching plural. Even on the CoH subreddit the results are massively skewed. Sure we have the Popmenus: the what, why and how guide (which is really helpful) but honestly most people are lazy (like me!) or they just don't have the time and would rather install them than create them, it's even stated on top of the guide! So that's where this post comes in to consolidate the hidden gems. I will move this to guides but feel free to share your popmenus in the mean time so I can add it in! Post has been moved to Guides, you can find in here. Popmenus Utility Ashlocke's Handy Menu courtesy of @Ashlocke Teleport Menu courtesy of @heywoods1230 (also another one at the bottom of the post by @Huron) Extor's Emotes Popmenu courtesy of @Extor Prime Alphabetic Badge List PopMenu courtesy of @Janrithand later @ROBOKiTTY (scroll all the down the post) Inspiration Maker Popmenu courtesy of @Microcosm (second post down) Costume Change Popmenu courtesy of SnowGlobe on original forums MasterMind MMpet popmenu (which I tweaked to suit my needs) courtesy of @Hopestar(third post down) Expanded Numpad Although here are some binds & macros in there, there is a popmenu & custom.window courtesy of @qwy Task Force, ITrial & Raids Mothership Raid courtesy of @Hyperstrike (second post down) Behavioral Adjustment Facility or BAF courtesy of @Oklahoman Dilemma Diabolique or DD courtesy of @Oklahoman Lambda Sector courtesy of @Oklahoman
  12. i26 Unbindall (Keybindreset) I use it like it's an attack in the chain. A How to Recover Guide. by qwy Preamble Personally, I've found using them often means never really needing them. If you're unfamiliar they wipe your active (Client managed) bind file clean. It's all gone. No more binds you had a hand in. No option for recovering them. They have ceased to be. It probably sounds like I was being facetious with the title and first sentence. I wasn't. Commands adside, the result of a glitch, a hiccup loading a bind or even certain input errors can result in the same end effect. I used to use a popular movement based bind set that is constantly loading files. Often, as things started heating up, BOOM! Bindload misfire! Heavily modded keys, all make with the bye bye. Around the 112thteen time, is when I first met unbindall, our eye caught each other across a busy cmdlist. I knew right away, I was on a road to recovery. Of healing. We got pretty serious, right away. I learned some hard lessons in the beginning but, I kept looking for excuses to get together. Peppering bind files with it like a love struck middleschooler, defacing a textbook with the name of their first crush. The most meaningful of which is a reset on every alt, I hit constantly. The more I'd hit it the fewer problems I'd have. This is typically how I turn off ninja sprint or, beast surge, I can't even remember the last time I even had a problem. Unbindall is the wind that gives my alts wings, their license to soar. Example CTRL+R "up 0$$down 0$$forward 0$$backward 0$$left 0$$right 0$$camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Rojas/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/1/A.txt$$bindloadfile @/Rojas/1/A/1.txt" 1. The First Step Without a few ducks lined up, ahead of time, this command is a bad day, waiting to happen. There's a lot of heads on this hydra. It's a little hard sticking to a single step and have it provide an actual value, on its own. I'm going to bounce around two key points with this and, recovery methods are going to get the most stage time. The second especially if, like me, you've got mad altoholism, is ongoing to be an evolution. It's certainly, the most daunting step, cultivating a global bind profile. If you just have a couple of characters and playing at lower levels, it's not important yet although, the concepts here will help you save and recover just as well. In all scenarios, knowing what's on the active file, what you actually want on it, what should be accessible to all alts, what the current character needs are, where the hell are all these files and how you're going to get them where they need to be, is a long road but it starts with knowing what you already have. That's where bindsave comes in. 2. Active, original and default files AKA Keybind.txt and the spectors. Even if you just have one main, getting familiar with some of the inner workings isn't a bad idea, if you've got a lot of advanced level alts, a global bind profile is a really good idea. A hot of the presses copy of the original bind file is a great start. That puts backing up your current active files on the table and of course, methods to back up and load. so, let's start by getting the client interface tools involved. Part way through, we're jumping on the fast track for a comparative argument on the value of this guide. We need to backup the active file and to get a fresh copy of the original file. We can't actually see either, only copies that are first, parsed in an order that's based on numerical values of key ID. More on that later. The one file we can see, is Keybind.txt, aka the default file. There seems to be an artifact of a default version of this file we can't see. It occasionally loads, onselect, of the big dropdown. It might not happen here however, check the work, along the way. It's not a problem these steps won't overcome, incidentally. Keybinds.txt is a long-term committed. love triangle with /bindsave and /bindload. Those commands are almost short enough to be a viable recovery plan using a slashcommand. For one alt, anyway. Navigate to the root of your installation folder. If you're having trouble, search for cityofheroes.exe, it's in the folder we want. Once you find it, copy and paste it right in the root, there. It might not be important, I actually don't even care what's on it. You might later, so, if that happens, there it is. If you're feeling confident, login an established alt, with lots of work done, or, for the less confident, there should be some of your influence on a new characters bind file if you want to roll a new one. If you're not sure, enter the following bind in to chat. Change CTRL+' , if you already have something on that it. 2.1 Test bind /bind CTRL+' "t $name, I'm a copy of the active file" In all cases, we have our copy of the root, we're logged in on a character, known to have an altered bind, let's save over the keybind.txt. Within the client, navigate to the option menu's, keymapping tab, and hit the top-right, blue button, "save to default". Go back to the game folder and copy and paste it again. Open up the copy, make sure you're seeing what you expected to see. The bind above should be on the second line, if you used it. So, "save to default", and, "load from default" are keybinds.txt's side pieces. Renaming the file between saves, you could backup all your toons this way. I wouldn't but, you get the idea. On left side of the keymapping tab, is the big dropdown, I mentioned, you could set it to original, hit save to default, go back to the folder, change the name of keybind.txt to global.txt, (this is that thing I keep talking about.) change the name of the copy we made before this one, back to keybinds.txt, navigate back to the options Keymapping tab and hit the second from top blue buttons or, just run this. 2.2 Back on the fast track /bindsave$$unbindall$$bindsavefile KeybindsNEW.txt$$bindload In fact, we could of skipped this whole thing with; 2.3 The step skipper /bindsavefile c:/CoH/UnbindBackup/Active.txt$$unbindall$$bindsavefile c:/CoH/UnbindBackup/OG-Fresh.txt$$bindload$$bindsavefile c:/CoH/UnbindBackup/OG-Root.txt$$bindloadfile c:/CoH/UnbindBackup/Active.txt The point was, to put in to perspective the difference between commands ready to trigger vs, relying on the interface alone. The keymapping tab's dropdown should probably stay on default however, the deeper down this rabbit hole, the less important the entire tab becomes. The command finished all the heavy lifting. The original copy was made and your active binds have been restored. Let's take a quick look at the new file. It should be in a folder named data with keybind.txt. Although, If you haven't already made a data folder, you don't have one. Make one now, it's good. Unnecessary here but, I'll have more on that in future guides. After you generated the data folder, before opening it, go to the piggs folder. Inside is KeybindsNEW.txt. Move it to the data folder and get familiar with it, before adding to it. Ideally, it grows into something useful for all your toons but, in those catastrophic moments, your binds are going to be down anyway, and this guide is about getting them back. Getting back on track, it's a catastrophe, your binds are down, this file, as it is now, those are the binds in play. Having had that bird's eye view, adds a bit of calm to the situation. Opposed to having your team watch you autorun, full frontal leeerroooyy style, in to the AV, while you're navigating to the blue buttons, let's take a look at some other options. 3. Back to the catastrophe The first thing we need is some backups. However, we're going to skip that for the time being. Ideally, they're created with commands, that can easily exceed the chat character limit. This brings popmenu's and custom.windows in to play. So, keep that in mind as we cover the restore options, below and, grab the commands for save and load, that suit you. With that, partly, out of the way, here are the choices; the big blue buttons, slashcommands, macros, popmenus and custom.windows. 3.1 Macros If they're already in your tray, it's fixed, game on! Otherwise, you'll have to get them there. Relative Path /macroimage "TalonsOfVengeance_MorbidCut" "SuperflySnuka" "camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent Binds/global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent Binds/AT/general.txt$$bindloadfilesilent Backups/XXXX/binds.txt" Absolute Path /macroimage "TalonsOfVengeance_MorbidCut" "SuperflySnuka" "camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent c:/CoX/Binds/global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent c:/CoX/Binds/AT/general.txt$$bindloadfilesilent c:/CoX/XXXX/general.txt$$bindloadfile c:/CoX/XXXX/build2binds.txt" /macroimage "TalonsOfVengeance_MorbidCut" "Custom Window" "customwindowtoggle ." /macroimage "TalonsOfVengeance_MorbidCut" "my pop" "popmenu NameOfWindow" The first one works for a basic global environment. It grabs the global bind file, a bind file, unique to that AT and another one unique to the active environment (build, interface or play style) Edited for your situation, it's like nothing even happened. The other two, just move the situation to step 2. Without the legwork upfront, none of them excel. 3.2 Popmenu - and, why not? 2.1 True, the bindload option requires a reboot. But, if you command the command to command chat to write the command... Relative Path: Option "Recover" <&show chat$$beginchat /"chatloadfile Backups/XXXX/chat.txt$$optionloadfile Backups/XXXX/options.txt$$wdwloadfile Backups/XXXX/wdw.txt$$bindloadfile Binds/global.txt$$bindloadfile Binds/AT/general.txt$$bindloadfile Backups/XXXX/binds.txt"&> Option "Bu&tton Machine" "show chat$$beginchat /bindloadfile binds/Macros.txt" --- Absolute Path: Option "Recover" <&show chat$$beginchat /"chatloadfile c:/CoX/XXXX/chat.txt$$optionloadfile c:/CoX/XXXX/options.txt$$wdwloadfile c:/CoX/XXXX/wdw.txt$$bindloadfile c:/CoX/Binds/global.txt$$bindloadfile c:/CoX/Binds/AT/general.txt$$bindloadfile c:/CoX/XXXX/binds.txt"&> Option "Bu&tton Machine" "show chat$$beginchat /bindloadfile c:/CoX/binds/Macros.txt" ...and, press enter. Voila! The first option loads the window preferences, chat setup, options settings and the 3 bind files for the global scenario I mentioned above. With the character limit raised, we're far from having to worry about command lengths. The second, a macro button machine file (patent pending). WIth this idea, once this file is loaded, the keys will generate macros that perform whatever variety of commands you can think of. Here's an example. 1 macroimage Brawling_ComboLevel1 Melee "powexectray 2 5$$gototray 9$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/152.txt" 3 macroimage Brawling_ComboLevel3 Range "powexectray 1 5$$gototray 9$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/352.txt" Q "macroimage TalonsOfVengeance_MorbidCut Q targetcustomnext enemy Quantum" E "macroimage v_archetypeicon_stalker E beginchat /bind E targetcustomnext notteammate notmypet base " Example macros were readily available for cut and paste. they're kind of useless here 2.2 Popmenu/sub menu Here's an example submenu with a reset macro to restore individual alts? Menu "Oh yes" { Divider Title "- There Here-" Title "The Dream Team is Here" Divider Divider Option "Super Fly Snuka" <&macroimage TalonsOfVengeance_MorbidCut "Super fly" "bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Snuks/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Snuks/RelevantPathStuff/binds.txt"&> Option "Jack the Snake" <&macroimage TalonsOfVengeance_MorbidCut "Jake the Snake" "bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Snakie/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Snakie/RelevantPathStuff/binds.txt"&> Option "Iron Shiek" <&macroimage TalonsOfVengeance_MorbidCut "Iron Shiek" "bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Shiknessest/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Shiknessest/RelevantPathStuff/binds.txt"&> Divider } In all cases, access to a popmenu, is going to need a non-bind solution to make it pop (Read, Macro). With the potential of hotkeys though, once it's open, it's got a bunch of potential to help keep you alive until binds are back up. Either way, not a bad option to keep in your back pocket. 3.3 custom.window By far, the best choice, in this particular circumstance, in my opinion. No need to look for it, no confusing it with something else and depending on a couple of other factors, a character limit, well above anything we'd want here. Window . 0 0 100 150 Button "" "" Button Apps "macro_image GenericPower_AutoOverlay APPS popmenu APPS" Button "" "" Button ToonLaunch3000 "" Button Relative "unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent XXXX/global.txt$$chatloadfile XXXX/chat.txt$$optionloadfile XXXX/options.txt$$wdwloadfile XXXX/wdw.txt$$bindloadfilesilent Binds/AT/XXXX.txt$$bindloadfilesilent XXXX/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent XXXX/build1binds.txt" Button "" "" Button "" "" Button Absolute "unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent c./CoX/XXXX/global.txt$$chatloadfile c./CoX/XXXX/chat.txt$$optionloadfile c./CoX/XXXX/options.txt$$wdwloadfile c./CoX/XXXX/wdw.txt$$bindloadfilesilent c./CoX/Binds/AT/XXXX.txt$$bindloadfilesilent c./CoX/XXXX/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent c./CoX/XXXX/build1binds.txt" Button --- "" Button Macros "" Button "Super Fly Snuka" <&macroimage TalonsOfVengeance_MorbidCut "Super fly" "bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Snuks/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Snuks/RelevantPathStuff/binds.txt"&> Button --- "" Button "" "" Open 0 End Example: Snipped from custom.window. Yea, I named it, ".". 4. Adding the ability to use Custom and Pop menus The stickied guides for adding these menus are great! Easy to understand and the options themselves, won't require as many steps as I've got here. I've got a lot to learn. I'm more inclined to experiment. Blowing up stuff is more fun than documenting an explosion. I've really got a lot to learn... Check out those guides, if you haven't. Then, set yourself up with a couple of options to restore. 5. Generating the backups to load So, the commands that save are the same as the ones to load, the only difference, is the actual word, "save" and "load". Once you've decided which option you'd like to use, edit the paths, "XXXX" as the character name and make a copy of it. From there, change the, "loads" to, "save" or the, "saves" to, "load", leaving you with a matched set. Don't forget to save after big changes, high holidays and on leap years. Get a real text editor, if you don't have one and lookout for future guides, exploring the potential of file managed, global profiles. 6. Anti-climatic conclusion and... unbindall, the reason it hasn't stomped out my spirit? Combined with a following bindload, or series of bindloads, in a single command, they all happen around the same time. You always want to write them in the order you want to execute. Consider the last string in section 2, there would have been no need to go to the install folder at all, it generates an archive folder and saves the active bind file, unbinds everything and saves a copy of it in the new folder, and uploads the original keybind.txt and saves a copy to the new folder and than loads the original active bind file like nothing even happened. As I was writing this out, I decided to test what would happen if I shuffled the order, some of the results were unexpected so, it never hurts to test things under controlled environments. Ultimately, the first pass was the plan I was trying to execute and in that order, it did exactly that. Disclaimer If any additions, corrections, errors or elaboration stand out, let me know. If anyone recognizes work that should be contributed to another author, I'm more than happy to remove, extend credit or take whatever steps are appropriate to remedy the situation. Hope this is helpful.
  13. I have a lvl50 Stone Tank, lvl50 Warshade, lvl50 Peacebringer and other characters with teleport or, mystic flight. Along the way, I've come to know what I like and don't like. I also have a lot of binds and a lot of alts, leading me, like a lot of people I'd guess, to start putting energy in to one global profile to cover as much as makes sense and smaller profiles for toons that develop out of it. I'm up to 11 level 50s in all so, that global has matured a lot along the way. There's great guides on this topic already. They've definitely helped steer me along the way. if this is something you're interested in, I highly recommend checking the previous posts for more information. This guide will be focused on what I haven't come across yet. Couple quick things, 1. I haven't tried Jaunt yet. I suspect this works but it hasn't been tested. With P2W flight and Ninja/Beast Run, I don't tend to lean towards travel powers like back in live. My stone tank's run speed at almost 70mph. KInd of an extreme example although, at an average of 60mph on others... anyway. 2. I've messed around with powexeclocation but ultimately, my preference for teleport is excename. I use powexeclocation for other things and I'm fairly confident it can be used here, interchangeably. 3. I only like LeftDoubleClick, sometimes. I use the client to grab a, "fresh off the press" copy of keybind.txt as the base for my global file. I splurged on some extra characters and named it Global.txt. This first bit goes in there. @/Global.txt SHIFT+LBUTTON "powexecname Translocation$$powexecname Jaunt$$powexecname Teleport$$powexecname White Dwarf Step$$powexecname Shadow Step" LeftDoubleClick nop CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP1.txt" My active binds are kept in the Install/data folder. My subfolder is, "@", where all the binds go. CTRL+LeftDoubleClick loads a file to mimic SHIFT+LBUTTON. It's in another subfolder named, "!". It's for anything global, Global.txt couldn't manage alone. Edit to taste. @/!/LDCTP1.txt LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Translocation$$powexecname Jaunt$$powexecname Teleport$$powexecname White Dwarf Step$$powexecname Shadow Step" CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP0.txt" CTRL+: Flips LeftDoubleClick back to my preferred default, off. @/!/LDCTP0.txt LeftDoubleClick nop CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP1.txt" This manages itself until the next reset. Warshade Minimum So, on to warshades. We have Shadow Step covered, so Dwarf is all we're missing. I'm using, a minimalist global folder structure here. Everyone has their own methods, so I wanted to present a, "just the facts" version to illustrate my thinking and conforms to other methods with less to cut. Afterwards, a puffed-up opinion piece, closer to what I use. That being said, Essentially, I'm mimicing the above. 1. @/WSToonName/NotDwarfBinds.txt - Minimum <KEY1> "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/WSToonName/IsDwarfBinds.txt" This is a bare minimum option. <KEY1> loads the Dwarf binds. 2. @/WSToonName/IsDwarfBinds.txt - Minimum SHIFT+LBUTTON powexecname Black Dwarf Step LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt" <KEY2> "powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/WSToonName/NotDwarfBinds.txt" Unlike the multi power option, I prefer LeftDoubleClick's default is functional if I go Dwarf. <KEY2>, pops back to human form and Shadow Step is restored. 3. @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt - Minimum LeftDoubleClick nop CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP1.txt" This keeps the activity, back and forth, in the global folder . 4. @/!/WS-LDCTP1.txt - Minimum LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt" And, like the first bit, this manages itself until <KEY2> gets pressed. Then, were back to square one. WIth that, the teleport part is finished. It's nothing fancy but, hopefully useful. Warshade Options So, here's a little more QOL and global flexibility. The teleport part is essentially the same. For anyone just getting familiar with this, we're rolling binds. Anyone who's spent any time with them will testify, interrupts, too-much-too-fast keyboard action or occasional glitches can knock them out of sync. With easy access to reset them, it's hardly worth mentioning. WIthout, possible disaster. Likely frustration. There's a lot of ways to do this and, here's a couple I use a variation of. 1. @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt SHIFT+1 "powexectoggleon Dark Nova$$windowhide Tray7$$gototray 4$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithNova/IsNovaBinds.txt" SHIFT+3 "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$windowhide tray7$$gototray 4$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt" SHIFT+C "+$$powexectoggleon Penumbral Shield$$powexectoggleon Twilight Shield$$powexectoggleon Gravity Shield" CTRL+C "powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$windowshow tray7$$gototray 9$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds" CTRL+R "up 0$$down 0$$forward 0$$backward 0$$left 0$$right 0$$camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt" I've added spaces, for legibility, that will need to be deleted before using. The rest of these can be edited for your pleasure. The Keys are relevant accept to illustrate one of the QOL pieces. SHIFT+1: Only added to illustrate where toggling on Nova fits in. SHIFT+3: Toggles Dwarf on, handles some window & tray stuff and then the binds load as follows. unbindall: I use this like it's part of an attack chain. Personally, I've found using it often means not really needing it. *(READ FOOTNOTE BEFORE USE!!) Global.tx: Now, it's my personal clean slate. Nictus/AllBuildBInds.txt: The Character's general binds load to catch Global overrides or, anything unique. Kheld.txt: I have global file for both forms, shared by PBs & WS so, Kheld.txt... This would be where it goes, if you do to otherwise, it's dead to us. BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt: I spend more time on the human form so, a division. SHIFT+C: Notice the +$$ in the front, that's why I added the key names, it serves two functions In human, it kicks on two shields at once. More importantly, it picks up a cue from SHIFT+C in the next file and kicks on gravity shield, coming out of the other forms. If there's a bind issue, it buys a little time. CTRL+C: Emergency protocol if anything interrupted SHIFT+C. In most cases, rolling SHIFT+C works so, another key is the only choice for insurance. (Unbindall is in here too.) CTRL+R: Restores default NotDwarf state. I use this command for reset on everything. (Unbindall is in here too.) 2. @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt SHIFT+LBUTTON powexecname Black Dwarf Step LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld/WS-LDCTP0.txt" SHIFT+3 "windowhide tray7$$gototray 4" SHIFT+C "-$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$windowshow Tray7$$gototray 9$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/AllBuildBinds.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt" CTRL+C nop CTRL+R "up 0$$down 0$$forward 0$$backward 0$$left 0$$right 0$$camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt" The teleport binds show up again. The path added a subfolder named /Kheld/ which isn't necessary. It's only there to further illustrate the global purpose. SHIFT+1: Is gone, carried over from the last file and still toggles Nova on. SHIFT+3: We're in Dwarf so, this just maintains the window and tray stuff. SHIFT+C: Starts with -$$ to carry over to the last SHIFT+C command and auto toggle a primary shield. Both forms are toggled off, window & tray stuff then load the previous state. (Unbindall is in here too.) CTRL+C: With the rolling bind on SHIFT+C having more to offer, I only wanted CTRL+C if, SHIFT+C fails. Deleting it here, preserves its original command if, preferred. CTRL+R: Restores default NotDwarf state. I use this command for reset on everything. (Unbindall is in here too.) The last two steps from the Minimum version are nearly identical. Only the paths have changed to protect the innocent. We went from, @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt to. @/!/Kheld/WS-LDCTP0.txt. *UNBINDALL/KEYBINDRESET: These two commands are identical. They will wipe your active (Client managed) bind file clean. You won't be able to recover what was lost. Bindsavefile, managing files locally and knowing what you need to load and when, is imperative to successfully implementing either of these. If you're not sure what these do, don't use them without doing some homework. I apologize for endlessly nagging about this. I'd just hate to find out, I was the guy that walked you through vaporizing your data, like it didn't matter. If this tutorial was helpful, I posted a recovery guide right here. Thanks for checking out the guide! Let me know If there's any corrections, improvements or elaboration in order.
  14. I was asked how one could improve dropping Inspirations on MasterMind pets and after giving it some thought and research I wrote the following for anyone with the same questions. I've included the very simple stuff as well since I don't know the level of the reader. Of course everywhere I've put a bind combination (e.g ALT+P ) you can change it to any other convenient key or combo that you prefer. Also at this point I will recommend a document I found that covers so much more of the technical aspects of playing CoX; it's the Tech document at www.shenanigunner.com and is very, very good. I usually prefer binds but any of these can be converted to a macro by replacing the '/bind <key> <command>' with '/macro <ToolTip> <command>'. The shenanigunner document also goes into making macros with the actual power images on them instead of grey buttons, and also insta-casting targeted AoE powers (like summoning pets) so it is a one-click process with no delays. /macro_image texturefile <Tooltip> <command_string> so /macro_image BeastMastery_SummonDireWolves Dire Wolf "powexec_location 0:20 Summon_Dire_Wolf" To do those kind of binds you will need the document at Google Sheet for Macro Images (big thank you to whomever was responsible) because the texturefile name often does not exactly match the power name command in the game itself. (Make sure you look on Tab 4 - POWERS.) For example, the Teleportation powers 'Recall Friend' actally comes out as Teleportation_TeleportFriend instead to get the correct icon. The following binds can be used by individually copying and pasting them into the chat box for the ones you want (and before you use ANY new binds I recommend making a copy of your current ones by using /bind_save_file <path><filename>) So for example /bindsavefile C:\CoH\MM\Mastermindname.txt and those can be loaded with /bind_load_file <path><filename>. All underscores (_) and case (Capitalization) are ignored. Also, please remember, if you are copying and pasting these binds into a file to group load, that you MUST remove the /bind at the beginning of each line. Loading from a file is handled by the /bindloadfile command. 1/ This following bind sets ALT+P to cycle through your pets that are alive. This seemed like a better choice than creating a set of binds for each pet by name, which in addition to making too many would break if you changed a name. I've also shown it as a macro for people who prefer that. /bind ALT+P "target_custom_next mypet alive" /macro NxtPet "target_custom_next mypet alive" 2/ To take inspirations for my character I use the following common binds. Each one starts from the RIGHT side (the smallest inspiration) and continues through the bind until the command matches an inspiration it can find in your tray. If you prefer taking the largest inspiration first, then the order would need to be reversed with the largest of each type at the end of the command and the smallest at the beginning. There is no cooldown so you can repeat as fast as you like, which is why I start with the smallest. /bind F1 "inspexec_name RESURGENCE$$inspexec_name DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT$$inspexec_name RESPITE" /bind F2 "inspexec_name ESCAPE$$inspexec_name EMERGE$$inspexec_name BREAK FREE" /bind F3 "inspexec_name UNCANNY INSIGHT$$inspexec_name KEEN INSIGHT$$inspexec_name INSIGHT" /bind F4 "inspexec_name RIGHTEOUS RAGE$$inspexec_name FOCUSED RAGE$$inspexec_name ENRAGE" and so on for whichever inspiration types you want. 3/ An alternative (less effective in my opinion) is to stack the inspirations in the order you want them and then activate the bottom slot a number of times. This method cannot take into account new inspirations that may drop during an ongoing battle and so quickly becomes outdated but some prefer it. /bind F1 "inspexec_tray <row> <column>" /bind F1 "inspexec_tray 1 1" 4/ And this is where the problem with the pet inspirations binds or macros comes in. There is a bug in the code somewhere so that, if you have different levels of an inspiration, anyone who tries to stack pet inspirations the way we did for our character (in section 2) will when it's activated: it will LOOK like it has taken both the first low level inspiration AND the mid-level inspiration (if you had one). Check your and your pets buff bar. it actually it uses only the mid-level one and makes the low-level one invisible. the slot for the low-level 'used' is unusable. This will only clear up if you manually move an inspiration to that slot, forcing it to redraw, or going to another map/zone. Try dropping an inspiration on the empty space. The second problem with pet inspirations is that unlike characters in section 3, pets cannot be fed inspirations by slot numbers. There's no such command. (Why not?) 5/ One method is to feed the pet by name, without the ALT+P bind, which is slightly faster since you don't have to target the pet but requires many more binds/macros and memory work so I've only listed a few examples for them below and don't recommend this method. (Note the Left and Right options on the chord keys to get six key inspiration options). so /inspexec_pet_name <inspiration> <pet_name> /bind LSHIFT+F1 "inspexec_pet_name RESPITE Dire Wolf" /bind LALT+F1 "inspexec_pet_name BREAK FREE Dire Wolf" /bind LCTRL+F1 "inspexec_pet_name INSIGHT Dire Wolf" /bind RSHIFT+F1 "inspexec_pet_name ENRAGE Dire Wolf" /bind RALT+F1 "inspexec_pet_name LUCK Dire Wolf" /bind RCTRL+F1 "inspexec_pet_name CATCH A BREATH Dire Wolf" And then the same thing again for each T2 pet and each T1 pet on F2 and F3 combinations. I just don't think it's worth it. Additionally it makes for some very awkward finger combinations if you keep one hand on the mouse the way I do. 6/ Which means that we're left with my semi-preferred option to feed pets by bind/macro, although it's not as simple or as complete as I'd like as if we had a command to feed pets directly. So the following is what I'm now using on my MMs. From Step 2, I take the F1 bind for using an inspiration on myself and then I add the three inspiration sizes in ascending order to the chord keys to feed the pet. /bind F1 "inspexec_name RESURGENCE$$inspexec_name DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT$$inspexec_name RESPITE" /bind SHIFT+F1 "inspexec_pet_target RESPITE" /bind ALT+F1 "inspexec_pet_target DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT" /bind CTRL+F1 "inspexec_pet_target dramatic RESURGENCE" So this method has all Heal inspirations on F1 combinations which, since it's the same as F1 for personal use, should be easy to remember. And the same four binds would be used for F2 (Break Free, etc.) and F3 (Accuracy) and F4 (Rage) etc. combinations. /bind F3 "inspexec_name UNCANNY INSIGHT$$inspexec_name KEEN INSIGHT$$inspexec_name INSIGHT" /bind SHIFT+F3 "inspexec_pet_target INSIGHT" /bind ALT+F3 "inspexec_pet_target KEEN INSIGHT" /bind CTRL+F3 "inspexec_pet_target UNCANNY INSIGHT" So in use the above bind sets would be used either in combination with the /bind ALT+P "target_custom_next mypet alive" from section 1, or by selecting the appropriate pet with your mouse. Select pet to feed, Press SHIFT+F3 (for small accuracy) and SHIFT+F4 (for small rage) and so on if you have others. Pressing ALT+F3 and ALT+F4 uses a medium size inspiration. If they can fix the code so that the the pet inspirations will 'drop through' to the first available size that would be a BIG quality of life improvement! Please do let me know of any errors I've made or any suggested improvements.
  15. This forum post for (SG) Longbow Syndicate/Titan Squad/Titan Mob, Torchbearer use only please. Thank you. -Longbow Warden 1 (@Longbow Warden 1, @Supercharged Titan) Discord: https://discord.gg/eRvYQfA SG Binds /Titan Squad /Recruitment (May 2020) - Titan Squad /bind f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(SG) Titan Squad is recruiting new members. PST for invite. Base Passcode: TSQD-1606 (Coalition: Longbow Syndicate)$$ e lecture" /bind shift+f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(SG) Titan Squad is recruiting new members. We are a founding group on the server. PST for invite. Base Passcode: TSQD-1606 (Coalition: Longbow Syndicate)$$ e lecture" /bind ctrl+f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(SG) Titan Squad, a name of recognition. We are looking for all players interested in leadership/teamwork positions. PST for more information.$$e lecture" /bind alt+f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(SG) Titan Squad, a name of recognition. Group events available. We are looking for new members interested in leadership/teamwork positions. PST for invite." /Recruitment (May 2020) - Titan Mob /bind f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(VG) Titan Mob is looking for new members. PST for invite. Base Passcode: TMOB-2304$$ e lecture" /bind shift+f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(VG) Titan Mob is recruiting new members. We are affiliated with (SG) Titan Squad. PST for invite. Base Passcode: TMOB-2304$$ e lecture" /Masc /bind ctrl+f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(VG) Titan Mob, a name to recognize. Daily events available. We are recruiting new members interested in leadership or teamwork positions. PST for invite." /bind alt+f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(VG) Titan Mob, a name to recognize. We are recruiting all players interested in leadership or teamwork positions. PST if interested.$$e lecture" /Fem /bind ctrl+f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(VG) Titan Mob, a name to recognize! We are recruiting all players interested in leadership or teamwork positions. PST if interested.$$e lecture" /bind alt+f8 "say <bgcolor #00ffff><color black>(VG) Titan Mob, a name to recognize! Daily events available! We are recruiting new members interested in leadership or teamwork positions. PST for invite." /Recruitment (SG/Tells) /Personal /bind g "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Welcome $target to $supergroup." $$bind shift+g "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Welcome $target." /bind ctrl+g "tell $target, Hello, I am $name. Are you interested in joining (SG) $supergroup?" $$bind alt+g "tell $target, Hello, I am $name. Are you interested in joining (SG) $supergroup?$$sgi $target" /Non-Personal /bind g "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Welcome $target." $$bind shift+g "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Welcome $target to $supergroup." /bind ctrl+g "tell $target, Hello. Are you interested in joining (SG) $supergroup?" $$bind alt+g "tell $target, Hello. Are you interested in joining (SG) $supergroup?$$sgi $target" /Leadership /Mobs /bind h "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. Have you completed a patrol for the day?"$$bind shift+h "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. Have you completed a patrol for the day? (See Event: Patrol Day)" /bind ctrl+h "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Congratulations $target. You are now a Mob.$$promote $target"$$bind alt+h "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. You are now a Mob.$$promote $target" /Squads /bind h "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. Do you have 5 day job badges?"$$bind shift+h "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. Do you have 5 day job badges? (See Event: Day Jobs)" /bind ctrl+h "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Congratulations $target. You are now a Squad.$$promote $target"$$bind alt+h "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. You are now a Squad.$$promote $target" /Titans (Squad) /bind shift+t "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. Have you controlled any zone for 20 minutes? "$$bind ctrl+t "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. Have you controlled any zone for 20 minutes? (See Event: Zone Control)" /bind shift+t "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. Are you intersted in Titan Training?"$$bind ctrl+t "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>$target. Are you intersted in Titan Training? (See Event: Titan Training)" /bind alt+t "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Congratulations $target! You are now a Titan!" or (non-personal) /bind alt+t "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Congratulations $target. You are now a Titan." /Longbow Syndicate /Events 1a. Guarding Base: (SG) SuperGroup Name - begin. Base Passcode: XXXXXX-#### 1b. Guarding Base: (SG) SuperGroup Name - status. Base Passcode: XXXXXX-#### 1c. Guarding Base: (SG) SuperGroup Name - complete. Base Passcode: XXXXXX-#### 2a. Field Ops: Zone Name, Point of Interest - Begin. 2b. Field Ops: Zone Name, Point of Interest - Status. 2c. Field Ops: Zone Name, Point of Interest - Complete. 3*. Public relations status updates. *Roleplay /Binds - Events /bind shift+h beginchat Field Ops: Zone Name, Point of Interest - Begin.$$bind ctrl+h beginchat Field Ops: Zone Name, Point of Interest - Status. $$bind alt+h beginchat Field Ops: Zone Name, Point of Interest - Complete. /bind shift+t beginchat Guarding Base: (SG) SuperGroup Name - begin. Base Passcode: XXXXXX-####$$bind ctrl+t beginchat Guarding Base: (SG) SuperGroup Name - status. Base Passcode: XXXXXX-#### /bind alt+t beginchat Guarding Base: (SG) SuperGroup Name - complete. Base Passcode: XXXXXX-#### //bind f6 (SG) Longbow Syndicate is looking for new recruits! (No class/power restrictions.) Create a character with the Freedom Corps costume preset then PST to any active Longbow for a group invite! /bind f8 "say (Join the Longbow!) (SG) Longbow Syndicate is recruiting all Longbow, any rank, no class or power restrictions. PST for invite. $$e lecture" /bind shift+f8 "say (Join the Longbow!) (SG) Longbow Syndicate is recruiting all Longbow ranks, no class or power restrictions. PST for invite. (Blue/Red)$$e explain" /bind ctrl+f8 "say (Join the Longbow!) (SG) Longbow Syndicate is recruiting all Longbow ranks, no class or power restrictions. PST for invite. Thank you.$$e explain" /bind alt+f8 "say (Join the Longbow!) (SG) Longbow Syndicate is recruiting all Longbow, any rank, no class or power restrictions. PST for invite. Thank you." /Leadership /bind shift+f8 "say <color red>(Join the Longbow!) (SG) Longbow Syndicate is recruiting Longbow of all ranks, no class or power restrictions. PST for invite. (Blue/Red)$$e lecture" /bind ctrl+f8 "say <color red>(Join the Longbow!) (SG) Longbow Syndicate is recruiting Longbow of all ranks, no class or power restrictions. PST for invite. Thank you.$$e explain" Anyone need an active SG? (SG) Titan Squad. We have about 26 active players atm. // Macros /macro 1-CC cc 0 $$ macro 2-CC cc 1 $$ macro 3-CC cc 2 $$ macro 4-CC cc 3 $$ macro 5-CC cc 4 $$ macro 6-CC cc 5 $$ macro 7-CC cc 6 $$ macro 8-CC cc 7 $$ macro 9-CC cc 8 $$ macro 10-CC cc 9 /macro milsalute petsayall <em militarysalute>$$ macro atease petsayall <em atease>$$ macro dance petsayall <em dance> // Obsolete!!! /Recruitment (Broadcast) /bind f6 "b <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>(SG) Titan Squad is looking for new Members, Squads, and Titans. . . Anyone Level 10+ is entitled to Squad rank. PST for invite. Base Passcode: TSQD-1606 (Coalition: Longbow Syndicate)$$ e lecture" /bind shift+f6 "b <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>(SG) Titan Squad is a founding group of the server. Our base is large enough to accommodate over 50 active players. Join us if you are interested in teamwork or leadership positions. $$ e lecture" /bind ctrl+f6 "b <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>(SG) Titan Squad, a name of recognition! The group is looking for more players. Multiple positions available (Member, Squad, Titan), pst for more details! (New events announced!)" /bind alt+f6 "b <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>(SG) Titan Squad, a name of recognition! New events announced this month! We are recruiting all players looking to grow with us as a group. PST for invite." /bind F6 say Anyone interested in making a Longbow? Add me: @Longbow Warden 1 /bind shift+f6 say Blue/Red side. Join the Longbow Syndicate! (Casual RP. No class/power restrictions.) /bind ctrl+f6 say Join the Longbow Syndicate! Please start name as Longbow. Red/Blue side. (Casual RP. No class/power restrictions.) /Welcome to Titan Squad! /Non-Personal /bind g sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Welcome to $supergroup, $target. /Personal /bind g "sg <bgcolor #00ffff><color #000000>Welcome to $supergroup, $target. Our group warmly greets you as our newest member!" /Rules-1 /bind shift+g "sg <bgcolor #00ffff>**Group rules**$$sg <bgcolor #00ffff>Rank matters: Titans lead, squads work together. Recruit actively, assign ranks to new members to help them stand out in our group! Everyone above level 10 is entitled to Squad rank." /Rules-2 /bind alt+g sg <bgcolor #00ffff>Please share any experience and unused inventory with fellow members however efficiently handled. Thank you for making Titan Squad a name of recognition! SG Binds + Macros.txt
  16. Hullo! I took a break from CoH, and when I came back I discovered some Mastermind changes had taken place! Yay! At the same time, I noted that the "Go To" command for sending pets to specific places seems to have been altered in a negative way! Oh no! At first I couldn't tell if it was just me, or lag, but recalling my earlier experiences, I'm rather convinced that this issue started occurring following the Mastermind changes that altered Pets' distancing when it comes to moving into melee, or staying at range. I hope others share their experiences, to better isolate when this issue started, and what the effects/solutions might be: Fine Tuned Pet Movement using the 'Go To' command is a non-essential, but high value ability. It allows players to maneuver their pets in more complex ways, whether getting them in/out of rooms within the tight hallways of an Office tileset, place them around corners or in specific areas to avoid aggro, or even move them around for roleplaying purposes. The Accuracy of the Go To command seems significantly reduced now, as indicated by the screenshot mashup found in the Attached Files in this post. If this is being addressed or fixed in the next update that's on Beta right now, awesome! If not, is it something that can be looked into? Many thanks to all you developing staff who are continuing to build this game and make it better for us all. Cheers!
  17. I'm trying to create 2 macros. so I can toggle between "easy" and "hard". The why isn't really relevant. When I type each of these separately: /macro RAWR SetDifficultyLevel 4$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 8$$SetDifficultyBoss 1$$SetDifficultyAV 1 /macro MEW SetDifficultyLevel 0$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 1$$SetDifficultyBoss 0$$SetDifficultyAV 0 The macro button shows up as I'd expect, but the content of each one contains the first setting. In other words RAWR has "SetDifficultyLevel 4" MEW has "SetDifficultyLevel 0" I can edit each of them and paste the remainder to append to what's already in the macro. In other words, I paste "$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 8$$SetDifficultyBoss 1$$SetDifficultyAV 1" right after "SetDifficultyLevel 4" and "$$SetDifficultyTeamSize 1$$SetDifficultyBoss 0$$SetDifficultyAV 0" right after "SetDifficultyLevel 0" At this point, the macro behaves as intended. My question is, what should I have in the macro initially so I don't have to make this a multi-part process? I know, if I were clever-er, I'd be doing this via pop-menu. I'll consider that a next phase.
  18. I have taken to exclusively using 'poof-to-base' macros to enter my bases (e.g. /macro base enterbasefrompasscode amazon-963). If your SG base has a passcode set up you can do this. It requires no badges or day jobs, is not subject to interrupts, charges, or cooldwns, and can be used from anywhere. How does this work with day jobs? When you exit your base after entering this way, it puts you back where you poofed from (if open world) or by the door (if an instance). Does time spent logged off from in the base count towards the base badge, or from the outside location badge?
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