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  1. Hi again, everyone! I got some time to think about other potential homebrew powers recently, and since my writeup on Light Control actually started off as a support set, I figured that creating a proper one was long overdue. In this case, I decided to go for a counterpart to Time Manipulation – a power set revolving around manipulating space in different ways. Design Rationale A lot of Space Manipulation’s abilities revolve around the concept of “support through repositioning”, shifting space in a more advantageous way for your allies. This comes in a variety of forms, from moving dangerous enemies away from more vulnerable targets, to phasing allies taking too much heat, enhancing the distance that allies can attack from, and even causing attacks to strike another, more durable ally instead of their intended target. As such, one intentional weakness of the set is a lack of any healing options. Space Manipulation excels in the field of damage prevention, kind of like Force Field, albeit mitigating damage through more indirect means. With proper use of its abilities, health recovery should hopefully be unnecessary in the first place! I also purposefully tried to avoid the more ’creative’ aspects of manipulating space (portal slicing, turning enemies into spaghetti, and so on); many of Space Manipulation’s powers are much more subtle and indirect in nature, save for a single ability that reduces foes’ resistances. I wanted Space Manipulation to feel a bit like playing a game of chess, repositioning allies and foes alike to provide tactical advantages for the team. Questions to the Forums (Other Questions/Comments Welcome!) Is this proposed set something you’d be interested in playing? What kinds of use cases can you see for it? Does it fill a niche that other power sets already provide, or is even strictly better than them? If so, what adjustments would you make to resolve this overlap? Space Manipulation was meant to perform about in line with existing support sets – how do you think it ranks performance wise compared to them? Are there any discrepancies that need clearing up about the powers on display/elaboration on why some powers were made as written? What powers could you see yourself taking or skipping? Would your answers change depending on the content you’re running? (E.g. simple PUG, hard mode ASF?) As always, I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on this! Space Manipulation Power Table Power Level (Primary|Secondary) Effect Displace 1 1 Ranged, Minor DMG(Smash), Teleport Teammate or Foe, Foe Knockdown Focal Point 1 2 Toggle: Ranged Ally (Targeted AoE), Ally +Res(All DMG, Knockback), Foe Attract Expand Distance 2 4 Location (Ranged AoE), Foe -ToHit, -DMG, -SPD Warp Shield 6 10 Toggle: Ranged Ally, Ally +DEF(All), +RES(DEF Debuff), Special Dimension Veil 8 16 Toggle: Ranged Ally or Foe, Ally Intangible, Foe Intangible, -Regen, +Prot(Repel, Teleport) Repulsion Zone 12 20 Location (PBAoE), Team +Res(Status), Ally -Intangible, Foe -Intangible, Repel Dispersal 18 28 PBAoE, Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Teleport, Knockback, Chance to Disorient Twist Matter 26 35 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe -Res(All), -Special Compress Space 32 38 PBAoE, Team +Range, +SPD, +Res(Slow), +ToHit Powers T1: Displace You teleport a single foe or ally to another location of your choice. A successful hit must be made in order to Displace a foe, and if so, may knock them down and deal some smashing damage from the sudden change in location. Damage Minor (Smashing) Recharge Slow (15s) Minimum Level 1 (Controller) 1 (Corruptor) 1 (Defender) 1 (Mastermind) Effects Ranged (Foe Only) Teleport Teammate or Foe Foe Knockdown Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Enhance Damage Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Knockback Distance Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Ranged Damage Knockback Teleport Universal Damage Universal Travel T2: Focal Point You cause additional space to gather around an ally, pulling in nearby foes and providing your target with some resistance to damage and knockback effects. Focal Point will not pull in nearby foes if Warp Shield is also active on the selected ally. Endurance 0.26/s Recharge Slow (10s) Duration 2.25s Radius 30 ft Minimum Level 2 (Controller) 2 (Corruptor) 1 (Defender) 2 (Mastermind) Effects Toggle: Ranged Ally (Targeted Area of Effect) Ally +Resistance(All Damage, Knockback) Foe Attract Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Enhance Damage Resistance Set Categories Resist Damage T3: Expand Distance You create a localised space distortion where things are much further away than they appear, causing foes inside to move slower and miss their attacks more often. Attacks that do hit will have their damage reduced due to their longer travel time. Recharge Long (90s) Duration 45s Radius 25 ft Minimum Level 4 (Controller) 4 (Corruptor) 2 (Defender) 4 (Mastermind) Effects Ranged (Location Area of Effect) Foe -Damage, -Speed, -ToHit Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Enhance Slow Enhance ToHit Debuff Set Categories Slow Movement ToHit Debuff T4: Warp Shield You surround an ally in a protective spatial anomaly, making any attacks directed against them less likely to hit as well as increasing their resistance to Defense Debuffs. Any damage that would still affect them will instead be inflicted on the target of your Focal Point if it is currently active. Endurance 0.26/s Recharge Slow (10s) Duration 2.25s Minimum Level 10 (Controller) 10 (Corruptor) 6 (Defender) 10 (Mastermind) Effects Toggle: Ranged Ally Ally +Defense(All), +Resistance(Defense Debuffs), Special (Redirect) Enhancements Enhance Defense Buffs Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Defense T5: Dimension Veil You cause a target of your choice to phase into a sympathetic dimension for as long as this toggle is active, turning them intangible and unable to affect or be affected by others in normal space. Targeted allies are able to move freely, but foes will find the dimension hostile, severely reducing their regeneration rate and anchoring them in place, immobilizing most foes and preventing them from teleporting or being forcefully moved. Maintaining this veil is taxing on the user, and cannot be kept active for more than 30 seconds. Endurance 0.52/s Recharge Slow (60s) Duration 30s Minimum Level 16 (Controller) 16 (Corruptor) 8 (Defender) 16 (Mastermind) Effects Toggle: Ranged Ally or Foe Ally Intangible Foe Immobilize (Mag 10), Intangible, -Regen, +Protect(Repel, Teleport) Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Immobilization Duration Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories Immobilize T6: Repulsion Zone You create a protective space at your location that pushes status effects away from your allies. This effect extends to many foes as well, who will be forced out of this area. Casting this power again will move this space to your location. Targets affected by Dimension Veil will phase back into reality while inside your Repulsion Zone. Recharge Slow (10s) Duration 240s Radius 25 ft Minimum Level 20 (Controller) 20 (Corruptor) 12 (Defender) 20 (Mastermind) Effects Location (Point Blank Area of Effect) Team +Resistance(Status) Ally -Intangible Foe -Intangible, Repel Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost Increase Attack Rate Set Categories None T7: Dispersal You cause the space around you to rupture outwards, violently teleporting nearby foes away to random locations before dealing a minor amount of damage and throwing them off their feet. The process can even cause them to become disoriented. If you have Focal Point active, Dispersed enemies will teleport to your targeted ally instead. Damage Minor (Smashing) Recharge Slow (45s) Radius 9 ft Minimum Level 28 (Controller) 28 (Corruptor) 18 (Defender) 28 (Mastermind) Effects Point Blank Area of Effect Foe Teleport, Knockback, Chance of Disorient (Mag 2, 40%) Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Enhance Damage Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Knockback Distance Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Enhance Disorient Duration Set Categories Melee AoE Damage Knockback Stuns Teleport Universal Damage Universal Travel T8: Twist Matter You violently twist the space your foes inhabit for a short period of time, debilitating their damage resistances and weakening their secondary power effects. The targets power effects like Heals, Defense Buffs, Endurance Drains, Disorients, Holds, Immobilizes, Knockbacks and more, are all weakened. Recharge Long (150s) Duration 40s Radius 15 ft Minimum Level 35 (Controller) 35 (Corruptor) 26 (Defender) 35 (Mastermind) Effects Ranged (Targeted Area of Effect) Foe -Resistance(All), -Special Enhancements Enhance Accuracy Reduce Endurance Cost Enhance Range Increase Attack Rate Set Categories None T9: Compress Space You cause things to become much closer than they appear for nearby allies, increasing the range of their attacks and their chance to hit. These compressed distances also provide a boost to movement speed and some resistance to slow effects. Recharge Very Long (360s) Duration 90s Radius 25 ft Minimum Level 38 (Controller) 38 (Corruptor) 32 (Defender) 38 (Mastermind) Effects Point Blank Area of Effect Team Range Increase, +Speed, +ToHit, +Resistance(Slow) Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost Increase Attack Rate Enhance Running Speed Enhance ToHit Buff Set Categories To Hit Buff Running & Sprints Universal Travel
  2. The time is now! After fully re-attuning myself to the mastermind experience after all these years, and seeing countless complaints and suggestions from fellow players as to how to advance the experience, here is the total compilation of mastermind needs. That's right, needs. Because despite the zeal of the titular concept above, at least one player finds one of these to be of utmost import. However, there are some higher priority suggetions, at least from my perspective, and so I will be color coding the urgency of certain submissions as follows: Ultimate Priority -1 High Priority -2 Moderate Priority -3 Highly Reccomended -4 Topic-for-Thought -5 Community Inspired -6 UPDATE: Now includes popular suggestions from within and outside of the thread (with credit given) in green. The Wishlist is a catalogue with additional links detailing full potential reworks of Mastermind Primaries. Visit this thread to find the full extent of the primary changes: This thread will be categorized by Cosmetic, Specific Primary Sets, Specific Secondary Sets, Enhancement Sets, and Miscellanious. Priority is not divided by category; there can be a Ultimate Priority QoL suggestion and a T-f-T enhancement one. Each suggestion will exist to address one or more shortcomings within the category, which will be discussed at the end. While there will be some inadvertant aversions of topic in this thread, I won't be repeating many suggestions from my last threads. Suggestions are not inherently mutually inclusive; some of these would be great together but others are similar enough to clash or are alternate options, and thus stand on their own. Now that all is in order, let us begin. Miscellanious Increase all pets to share casters experience level, from level 1 onwards. Swarm pets (Posse, Living Hellfire, Nanites?) will maintain the -1 level differential. Add the aura buffs from ATOs to Supremacy, rising in effectiveness from level 15-50 until it is at the same strength as they are now (credit to Everfreefire, et al. for this one) Remove aura buffs from Expedient Reinforcement & Sovereign Right; proliferate to the t4 and t9 pet upgrades with a new enhancement set category "Upgrade Integral Pets" or "Equippable Pets" which will include a proc for pet debuff res. Arachnos' Order: Defense/10% Recovery Resistance or concept of that nature. Equippable Aura Def and Res buffs would be enhanceable, but lowered by 0.5% and 4% respectively. (Now High Priority) EX: Equip Thug gives +8 def base. Upgrade Equipment gives +16 res base. Adding the Upgrade Integral Pets Proc would increase these to 9.85 and 18.54 without boosters. T9 Pet Upgrades offer set-themed buffs Mercs get range or acc (not to-hit) increase Thugs get range or rech increase Zombies get speed increase etc Significantly reduce mastermind attack powers endurance costs across the board (Credit @plainguy ) Add an "Attack my Present Target" option to list of mastermind commands (Credit @MsSmart) This could be implemented as a toggle. Add a 'Come to me' option to list of mastermind commands (Via Monos and Galaxy MM Changes) Add a "Follow my/this target" option to list of mastermind commands. This would essentially be 'Attack my Target' but without the aggression. Zombies Improve Wraith AI to use Necroplasmic Grasp when not damaged (rarely does) Make Wraith share level of caster Remove Grave Knight Toxic res, add smash or lethal or both (they are knights) Grant Lich Containment Grant Lich Self Soul Extraction (thematic, maintains Lich's support role) Give lich proper zombie resistances (aside from psionic res) Give Grave Knights Slice remove Dark Blast @ajlee209 Enable Critical Modifier in PvP (Various) Allow Soul Extraction to be usable on enemies corresponding to their rank the type of Ghost (with AVs and GMs spawning either Wraith or multiple Wraiths) (Various) Increase cone radius for Zombie vomit (Various) Zombies are an effective set, but certain thematic upgrades are in order to prevent the lack of damage resulting from the boss pet being a controller from causing it to fall behind other sets strengths. Obviously not all sets will hit as hard as others, or even hard at all, but Lich has been known to feel lacking as a pet when not coupled with a res or def support secondary. These will offset that and give further control potential so its greatest strength compares to the trumps of others. Mercenaries Convert Serum into an augmented Adrenalin Boost + Fortitude Remove End Crash, Add high -def and moderate -res 800% regeneration, recovery 25% dmg, to hit 25% def Remaining Adrenalin Boost/ Fortitude stats Stealths Spec Ops Last 1 minute, recharges in 7 Weaken Serum's stats, remove crash, turn into an AoE (Credit Rosewire) Spec Ops adds random moderate stackable debuff when stealthed (debuff crits) Stealthed SCAR Snipe has chance to secondary effect debuff Medic loses Frag Grenade, Granted Triage Commando loses buckshot Granted Willie Pete Round Commando LRM Rifle recharge reduced to 1 minute 30 sec, damage buffed, AI uses in combat often Give LRM Rifle a fire patch (Credit @shadowrex ) LRM Rifle tagged as "snipe" for enhancement category Replace Serum with Super Serum (or retain the name) a unique transformation that acts as a 3rd Upgrade. 30% Resistance 1 minutes 30% Def for 1 minutes 50% Dmg for 1 minutes 15% To Hit for 1 minutes Replaces all Brawls with Smash | High Dmg Melee | Chance for Knockdown Grants Willie Pete Round to Soldiers, Spec-Ops Grants Dull Pain to Soldiers, Spec-Ops, Commando, Medic. Grants Shrapnel Bomb to Soldiers | Moderate Ranged AoE | Fire, Lethal, Smashing Dmg | Chance to Hold Grants Long Range Explosive to Spec-Ops | 3 Long Ranged Trip Mines | 15s Recharge | Creates a patch that spawns Trip Mines Grants Buckshot Burst to Commando | High Dmg Cone | 3 Ticks of Lethal Dmg | Chance for Knockdown Grants Footstomp to Commando Grants Empty Arsenal to Commando | Superior Dmg Nuke | Cold, Toxic, Fire, Lethal Dmg | 30s Recharge Commandos LRM Rifle is obscenely underwhelming, being 4 minutes in recharge, long cast, and weak. And Serum is easily the worst mastermind power available, with buffs easily providing the benefits it has without the existing debuff that undermines these very buffs. Being smash/lethal damage, soldiers do nearly no damage at all, and should be given additional means to circumvent this great weakness through heals, debuff, and at least one pet that is actually damage impressive. Demons Ember Demon AI Prioritize Group Healing In Combat Ember Demon needs to prioritize group healing in combat Ember Demon should use Abyssal Reconstruction more often Ember Demon Abyssal Reconstruction upgrade max target from 8 to 30 Hellfire Gargoyle Hellfire Smash should add -res like its other moves Let Hell on Earth accept to-hit IOs Please fix ember demon heal Demons are my mastermind main, so I'm really ardent on this one: Ember Demon needs to use its heal more often! Demons are a great set, with no shortcomings in its intended affinities, and so I would simply ask that the support pet do what it's meant to do. Ember Demon almost never uses Abyssal Reconstruction in combat, which is troublesome considering it's low damage being supplemented by its role as healer. More importantly, the extremely small target cap means the use of Hell On Earth immediately prevents either the caster or main pets from being healed due to the surplus of additional targets. Thugs Functionally Perfect Gaussian's Proc in enforcers (see enhancement section) Robots Nanites upgrade Replace nanite heal with nanite support pets summoned similarly to Hell on Earth Spawns nanite colony around selected pet, increasing recovery and max health of selected pet Nanites offer group pet percent heal over time which increases with each nanite spawned (10) Nanites last for 1.5 minutes Recharge 6 minutes *Credit to @Rosewire @AgentForest* Create a toggle that summons two little floating drones, zapping nearby bots with healing rays Rays heal via priority health to pets, heal user when pets are full Robots are functionally perfect, and simply had a worthless power that was in dire need of upgrade. The new power can act as an IO holster for the aura procs, and mitigate need for aid other in those that role non-heal supports (though they may still want it as nanites will recharge slow and can be killed). Ninjas Give all ninjas increased defense from inherent Resistance Add moderate lethal and minor smash res to all ninjas inherent Resistance Add minor defense resistance to all ninjas inherent Resistance Re-evaluate Smoke Bombs endurance cost and recharge appropriately *Credit @Unknown Magi Offer Jounin Explosive Shuriken with increased recharge @kelika2 Personal attacks changed from bow abilities to Minor, moderate, and AoE Shuriken throws Add a moderate but short lasting, low radius Defense buff AoE to Smokebomb Ninjas, despite their theme, have the lowest unbuffed defense of the pets that offer it, paling in comparison to bots force field and thugs leadership. While it is appropriate that it not be as high as the formers' buff-granted defenses, they should at the very least approach it; while having unique strengths of their own and resistances worthy of the combat practiced elite that they are. Beast Mastery Functionally Perfect Ensure all debuffs have appropriate IOs slottable Give t1 and t2 pets a longer reched, high damage attack *Credit @Kinvesu* Increase likelihood Beasts use their group buffs in combat (or simply allow them to if they cannot) Ensure all bites and claw swipes offer DoT or a chance for DoT (some do not) This last point brings us to the enhancement category which is of vast importance. Masterminds have been struggling to find IO compatibility for what feels like eons, desperately dispensing pets with little end-game enhancement backing. While masterminds, like any class, will be fine once maximized through incarnates and the lot, the reward and efficiency from enhancements is both limiting and necessary to the extent that upgrading the class can feel like litte more than a catalog of constraints. Not surprisingly, I've seen many become disinterested in the archetype as a result. Here are some suggestions (and a few definite must fixs) to help brighten up that dismay. Return player proc to Soulbound Allegiance Debuffers such as cold and therm with the knowledge have found GREAT utility in the ability to have a minor build up through the faculties of their own build, with no outside source. The Boost Up from Soulbound is definitely nothing new or unique, but was a surefire assurance that your next Heat Exhaustion or Benumb or Weaken was going to hit your elusive opponent. This was true of both PvP as well as PvE instances. Return pet proc to Gaussian's when placed into a pet with +to hit These last two were changes recently added to the beta server, and they really need to be reverted as quickly as possible. Mastermind IO advantage was hyper low before, and this change removes a cherished, long recognized benefit to powers that thug users have benefitted from for ages. Enforcers gaining the boost up proc was considered integral and removing it without warning or request was truly silly. This one NEEDs to come back. Ensure pets can be slotted with all appropriate IOs Bruiser slottable for hold enhancement sets Dire Wolf slottable for slow Commando slottable for snipe, knockback etc. Some of these not working might be glitches, but the fact that they haven't been permitted for ages has hurt IO viability for masterminds. Including the corresponding enhancement categories for all pets will improve the issue at hand greatly. Install the "Upgrade Integral Pets" enhancement category w/ proposals Arachnos' Order | Rare Defense enhancement set with Defense/10% Recovery Resistance proc (on user) Roar of the Devoured | Rare Resistance enhancement set Resistance/10% Mez Resistance (on user) Possession of Oranbega | Uncommon Defense enhancement set Tactical Command | Uncommon Resistance enhancement set These would be enhancements that are unique to pet affecting buffs, notably all of the the henchmen Equip and Upgrades, current Serum, Hell on Earth, Smokebomb, Fortify Pack, and current Repair. Proposed with slotting into the Equip and Upgrades in mind, however. That concludes the priorities that I have found through my own experience, and through community concern. Tell me (and the devs!) what you think! Popular responses will be added above. And lets make sure to keep this on topic, so these well needed changes find their way to the live servers in record time. I'm particularly interested in the IO change discussion, so if necessary that can be another thread.
  3. So, something I noticed when playing my Thug MM is that when you use the "Equip Thugs" ability to upgrade your minions and their LOOKS, they keep their new looks when traveling around wherever you go. However, when you apply "Upgrade Equipment" to your minions, it upgrades their abilities and LOOKS, but, whenever you travel through a door or to a new location/mission they lose their new look, except for the Bruiser. The first picture is them having both upgrades on them, except I traveled to a new location, and again, only the Bruiser kept his look (it's hard to see, sorry about that). The second picture is what they look like normally right after the upgrades and should continue to look like. It's definitely a bug, and a costume mishap with the minions--not sure if it's happening with any other MM pets though. Hopefully this is the right section to put this in since it is a costume issue, just not with my character.
  4. The upgrade powers masterminds use to upgrade their pets. Ya know. Train Beasts and Tame Beasts for Beast Master Masterminds for example? Do something with them. There's no reason to put any slots in them. Even just making it so they'll accept pet enhancements means you could put the defense and resistance aura enhancements on them instead of sacrificing pet slots to it. But you could go further with it and make sets specifically for these powers with their own effects. They could be as simple as more aura enhancements that give your pets bonuses while around you. You could go further and they could apply bonuses directly to the pet. Even further than that they could give bonuses specifically to the powers that upgrade power bestows.
  5. Remove the -2 level shift and -1 level shift the Minion and Lt. class pets get when you are able to summon more than 1 of them. This isn't needed anymore because it only hurts MMs in the midgame. Other ATs don't have this level shift with their multiple pets, nor do Gang War temp minions get this problem either.
  6. I just posted this in a thread with a new player and thought why not help others out that are just plain confused by all the keybinds or just hate them.. I prefer macros, I started out on them on live and they have remained with me ever since. My first serious toon for the long road to 50 on live was a Bots/FF and I did everything with him. Full backstop, pve, pvp, base raids, badging, you get the picture. I have no patience for the key bind experience for some its a fantastic way to play out their mm fantasy. This in itself might be a huge deterrent for some thinking that all that effort has to go into just setting up an MM. So the remedy in my mind at least is the macro. If anyone else has some useful ones feel free to add. These are the most common macros for MM pet control. I use ATK and BG as my primary commands. /macro ATK "petcom_all aggressive$$petcom_all goto" /macro DEF "petcom_all defensive$$petcom_all goto" /macro BG "petcom_all defensive$$petcom_all follow" ATK is a goto option that locks the pets in a specific area and gives them the kill all command. DEF is the same as above but pets will only attack when fired upon the same as the rules of engagement that US troops do now. BG the infamous bodyguard mode, puts pets on a defend the mm command. I use BG during travel, between areas/rooms and as I'm running drop ATK in the middle of the mob. If you want to be in a close supremacy range for your pets and then what better way than for me their master than to be in the middle of combat. Hence, why I always shoot for high s/l res/def on my mm. This is turn always you to soak up the alpha if no melee types are around. This will insure that no pets are lost in the initial strike, because, a mm with no pets is a sad, sad creature. There are other commands, macros, etc that I have but you have to really dedicate yourself to the AT like I do, there are ones for the thug bruiser to act as the de facto tank of the group and can command him as such, ones to only attack as ranged, etc. These will get you started at least to make you a better casual mastermind. Some other playful or useful macros. /macro BYE petcomall dismiss This one is a larger one /Macro WHT "team WHAT DO WE WANT?$$petsay_all <em protest> /macro DMG "petsay_all MORE DAMAGE!$$emote drat" /macro TNK "petsay_all BETTER TANKS!$$emote frustrated" /macro SUP "petsay_all COMPETENT SUPPORT!$$emote grief" This is to call out teams, team wipes, or just fun. These are fun for crowds, hanging out in the Atlas/Pocket D. Magic trick /macro ALK "emote alakazamreact$$petsay_all <em alakazamreact> Or Dance off, bro! /macro getfunky "petsay all <em dance>" Hope these help and provide entertainment to your game time.
  7. Masterminds are an often misunderstood AT. To be fair, it is the AT I've the least experience with, as in Live I never leveled one past lvl 24. By comparison now I have 3 lvl 50+ IO'd Masterminds of the following sets: Robotics/Empathy, Demons/Electrical Affinity, and Thugs/Time. Over the course of my play I feel that there's a couple of obvious ingrained issues with MM's in general the first being the Mastermind Endurance Tax, and second being the Effectiveness of the Henchmen. I've tried for awhile to consider the best way of addressing these issues and I think the most pragmatic method would be a slight redesign of the existing Mastermind ATOs. Mark of Ascendancy currently has a recovery bonus in it's 5th slot of either 3% or 4%, depending on whether it's Superior or not. I'd propose we change that from Recovery to Endurance Discount of 3.75% or 5% depending of whether it's Superior or not. You might be holding up a red stop sign here and be wondering "wait...what??? you want to take away from my recovery" but wait I've got you fam...the existing proc in the set gives endurance/pet +resistance/regen aura. What about if we change the Endurance portion to a 4% recovery bonus similar to how miracle's recovery proc works while maintaining the pet resistance/regen aura portion. That might be enough right there to dare I say...Fix the MM Endurance Tax. Command of the Mastermind could be used to address the Effectiveness of the Henchmen by... replacing the 6th set bonus with an effect that gives a +1 level boost to your Tier 1 Henchmen, and the Superior Command of the Mastermind 6th set bonus could be a +2 level boost to your Tier 1 Henchmen and a +1 level boost to your Tier 2 Henchmen. This overall would make MM Henchmen much better especially when dealing with Incarnate content as it puts them up to your level. Once again....Dare I say did I just fix the Effectiveness of the Henchmen? I'm hoping on a plane now so I'll be excited to check any thoughts on this after I land. As usual, thanks.
  8. So I've made threads about this in the past and each time I've learned something about making these suggestions for fixing Mercs work. I consulted users over the Discord and was advised to keep suggestions as simple and direct to the cause as possible, so that's what I'm going to do now. I have also consulted Mastermind players, also on the Discord, who share my concern with Mercs' poor performance since the day City of Villains launched with the Mastermind archetype. I'm going to keep things as simple as I can think of. I'm going to list each henchman, a list of proposed changes to its powers like patchnotes would be presented, and my reasoning for enacting the changes I propose to each henchman. I will then summarize my proposed changes, why they're beneficial, and why there should be minimal objection. All numbers provided will be at base level 1. Soldiers: Burst: Increase damage to 9.9 (3 ticks of 3.3), fix activation time to 1.0 like Assault Rifle -> Burst is for players. Resulting damage per cast cycle will be 1.98, or very slightly behind Thugs' Pistols Heavy Burst: Increase damage to 18 (6 ticks of 3), which will bring damage per cast cycle up to 1.69 or just slightly higher than Thugs' Dual Wield Auto Fire: Fix activation time to 4s like Assault Rifle -> Full Auto for players and widen the cone angle to 20 degrees. That will slightly increase damage per cast cycle to 0.9, or slightly above Thugs' Dual Wield, and allow it to hit far more targets than the current 5 degree cone angle does. Why?: This will bring Soldiers' damage output much closer to Thugs as a reference point, who are pretty close to other T1s in terms of damage while Soldiers' were far behind. So this just brings the T1 up to par with the rest. Medic: Replace Frag Grenade with another support power handed out in a manner similar to Stimulant: choose either an absorb shield, max health, or a regeneration buff enhanceable with healing. This power should have a duration of 90s and a cooldown of 4s. Stimulant should also have a cooldown of 4s and a duration of 90s. Also consider replacing Heavy Burst with another healing enhanced power as suggested above. Why?: Medic having Frag Grenade is detrimental to its function and survivability, and the henchman could stand to have a stronger presence in improving Mercs' survivability as, indeed, is its function. This should make slotting for healing more worthwhile as well. Spec Ops: Burst & Heavy Burst: Enact the same damage and activation time changes that were done for Soldiers. Snipe: Reduce cooldown to 6s and change activation time to 2.67s similar to Assault Rifle -> Sniper Rifle for players. This will increase damage per cast cycle to 2.01 from its current 0.88. Web Grenade: Add 15 Toxic damage (5 ticks of 3 Toxic over 8.2s) and shorten the recharge to 8s. This means a damage per cast cycle of 1.52. Flashbang Grenade: Cut recharge down to 45s, increase -To Hit and other debuff durations to 30s. Increase -To Hit debuff to -7.5%. Tear Gas Grenade. Cut recharge down to 45s, change -Damage to -7.5% To Hit, and increase debuff duration to 30s. Why?: Strongly enhanceable -To Hit which, along with their hard control, applied much more consistently will help provide survivability. Debuffs for half a minute, crowd control for 6s, should make Spec Ops a decent debuffing henchman that provides much of Mercs' survivability by reducing the enemy's chance to hit for a decent window of time. They also lack severely compared to some other Tier 2 pets' damage, and that would be addressed with the changes to their attacks and web grenade. Commando: Burst: Same thing done for Soldiers here. Full Auto: Fix animation and activation time 4s like Assault Rifle -> Full Auto for players, and reduce recharge to 30s. This changes the damage per cast cycle from 0.39 to 0.76. LRM Rocket: Simply reduce the recharge to 30s. This increases the damage per cast cycle to 0.67 from 0.09 (lol). Why?: This should help the Commando's AoE damage to be decent. Serum: Cut down the recharge to like 90s or something and remove the crash. Why?: Well sure it's like putting a tier 9 super armor on your pet, but the problem here is that it only protects a portion of your damage output from getting snuffed out, whereas for other players it protects all their damage and that makes it a lot more meaningful. Here, it's just a waste as you make one pet harder to kill but then neuter its offense by taking away all its endurance for 20s, a painfully long time, only a minute later. I wouldn't use this power even if it were given to me for free as it is. So why do all this? Why should no one object? I see Mercenaries was built to be a sort of utility set with decent damage like Necro was made to be, but it just doesn't perform this function with the source of its utility being on terribly long cooldowns that stops them from being present for a great majority of the time. They also suffer very low damage not just from their type being resisted, but because their damage output is just plain low. Increasing their damage values to approach other henchmen is the logical thing to do here, and fixing their activation times like has been done for players' AR is also needed to help them go through their abilities so they can have their effects out faster. They have almost no other defense outside of their Spec Ops' CC and debuffs. Imagine Bots without shields, or Thugs without Enforcers (and damage), or Necro without the Lich. That's what Mercs is like right now. Here is data produced by Galaxy Brain testing all Mastermind pets, and only pets, on SO enhancements. Mercs are dead last in single target. It also needs to be noted that Bots in the Single Target category, though only appearing ahead of Mercs by 10 DPS, is likely further ahead than this graph shows, so Mercs are relatively further behind than that.
  9. With the ban lifted figured I'd finally post this. If you don't like the effects, I couldn't preview them on my trash computer so it wasn't easy to tune/change them.
  10. Whenever a thug mastermind enters a new zone, their pets "equipped" look disappears, and you have to "equip" or "upgrade" them again just to get the appearance back.
  11. I've got a robots MM with group fly, and the robots are constantly dropping back out of the aura's radius and falling to the ground. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Hello forum goers, it has been some time, once again I am back with a new powerset proposal. I have done multiple melees, and more recently engaged in control & assaults, so I decided this time as I "always" provide aid and assistance in providing revolutionary ideas to suggestions and feedback, I would now try involving myself with support based powersets for Defenders, Controllers, and possibly Corruptors. The theme for this one is Spiritualism, it involves the player unleashing their personal spirit to help unlock others full potential. I'm providing this description as this support powerset as many of my other proposals, is different. The new twist is that it also allows for allies to grant the same Buffs to other teammates granted from the caster, as well as provide them with an additional powers while under these buff affects. Are you intrigued so far, well as always... Special thanks to @Vanden for providing the icons. Excellent job with the multi-colored effects its work spectacularly. Introducing... Spirituality Spirituality gives you the ability to to unleash your spirit onto another to awaken your teammates full potential to garner various forms of earthbound threats that may degrade an allies performance. The goal of Spiritualism is to reach enlightenment, in order to unrestrained by any control based affects as well as allowing allies to ward of enemies through projections of their mind soul and body. It is a primary powerset for Defenders and Controllers, and a secondary for Corruptors and Masterminds Power Tables Defenders and Controllers Spirituality is available as a primary set for Defenders and Controllers. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Self Persistence 1 Toggle: Self +Def, Res (Smashing, Lethal, Fear) +Perception Gratification 1 Ranged, Ally +DEF, Res (Psionic, Sleep, Snare) + Ally Grant Gratification, Spirit Blade Redirect 2 Self: Ranged, High Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Knockback Empowerment 6 Close, Ally +DMG, +ACC, + DEF, Res (Slow, Repel) + Ally Grant Empowerment, Spiritual Drain Shamans Embrace 8 Ranged, Ally Heal + DEF, Res (Immobilize, Sleep, Slow, Fear) + Ally Grant Soothing Embrace, Spiritual Push Mindfulness 12 PBAoE, Ally +Resistance (Disorient, Sleep, Slow, Immobilize, Fear, Psionics) + Ally Grant Mindfulness + Unguarded Soul Third Eye (Symbol Change) 18 Targeted Area of Effect, +Perception, Resistance Mez Protection (All), Psionics, Energy) + Ally Grant Sightless Soul Transmigration 26 Close, Ally Rez + Ally Grant Spiritual Transfer Earthly Detachment 32 Toggle: Ranged Ally Targeted AoE, Ally + Perception, DEF (Energy), Resistance (Status Protection, Immobilize, Disorient, Sleep, Hold, Confuse, Fear, Psionics, Knockback, Slow + Foe Knockback, Repel + Ally Grant Upheaval, Weaken Spirit Corruptors and Masterminds Spirituality is available as a secondary set for Corruptors and Masterminds. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Self Persistence 1 Toggle: Self +Def, Res (Smashing, Lethal, Fear) +Perception Gratification 2 Ranged, Ally +DEF, Res (Psionic, Sleep, Snare) + Ally Grant Gratification, Spirit Blade Redirect 4 Self: Ranged, High Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Knockback Empowerment 10 Close, Ally +DMG, +ACC, + DEF, Res (Slow, Repel) + Ally Grant Empowerment, Spiritual Drain Shamans Embrace 16 Ranged, Ally Heal + DEF, Res (Immobilize, Sleep, Slow, Fear) + Ally Grant Soothing Embrace, Spiritual Push Mindfulness 20 PBAoE, Ally +Resistance (Disorient, Sleep, Slow, Immobilize, Fear, Psionics) + Ally Grant Mindfulness + Unguarded Soul Third Eye (Symbol Change) 28 Targeted Area of Effect, +Perception, Resistance Mez Protection (All), Psionics, Energy) + Ally Grant Sightless Soul Transmigration 35 Close, Ally Rez + Ally Grant Spiritual Transfer Earthly Detachment 38 Toggle: Ranged Ally Targeted AoE, Ally + Perception, DEF (Energy), Resistance (Status Protection, Immobilize, Disorient, Sleep, Hold, Confuse, Fear, Psionics, Knockback, Slow + Foe Knockback, Repel + Ally Grant Upheaval, Weaken Spirit Powers These are the following powers in the Spirituality powerset Self Persistence You strengthen your first chakra of survival increasing your basic instinct and awareness to overcome any physical obstacles, to combat the spiritual blockade of overcoming fear granting you resistance to this affect. Grants the caster resistance to Lethal and Smashing damage. Gratification You open your targets second chakra, bringing them euphoria beyond normal limits and boosting their morale. Gratification removes the guilt from the target, protecting from psychic assaults and mez effects. As you awaken their chakra, gratified allies become able to extend this effect onto other teammates for a short time. This ability will persist for a limit of 5 uses until their acquired spiritual awakening fades away. Grants ally Spirit Blade Spirit Blade Power granted from opening Second Chakra, funnels your spiritual energy in the form of a blade to smite a foe. Deals moderate energy and smashing damage. Redirect You expand your spirit to reroute enemy attacks and protect your allies. Redirect causes damage enemies who strike you for a short time, as well as offering a chance to knock them away. Allies within range of the redirection are offered increased defense, as the attacks are simply returned to the assailants. Empowerment The extend your souls reach to untap your allies full physical potential, increasing their offensive and defensive capabilities, granting them resistance towards shame as it Slows you down. Empowered Targets are able to extend this ability for a short time. This ability will persist for a limit of 3 uses until the spiritual effects wear off. Grants ally Spirit Drain. Spiritual Drain You extract the spirit of your foe transferring the energy to yourself. Shamans Embrace You gather the spiritual energy of your surroundings to heal a target. Embraced targets are able to heal others for a limit of 2 minutes. Grants ally Spiritual Torrent. Spiritual Torrent Propel your souls energy in the shape of ones self resulting in a rushing wave of spiritual energy. Deals moderate damage. Mindfulness You open up the minds of allies close to you, preventing the disorientation of their performance amplifying their truth of their performance on the battlefield. Grants Ally Mindfulness for a limit of 3 uses. Grants Ally Unguarded Soul. Unguarded Soul You utilize you spirit to project your energy to disrupt with your targets chakra network degrading their defense. Third Eye You awaken your third eye granting your allies nullification towards Psionic any mez effects, blockading them from delusion that cloud their judgment, transcending your chakra through your mastery of your spirit. Grants ally Sightless Soul. Sightless Soul You disrupt your targets spirit plummeting their senses lessening their perception Transmigration You transcend your chakra through your mastery of your spirit to move the vacant soul into its deceased body. Grants ally Spirit Transfer. Does not grant ally this move Spirit Transfer You dispense the spiritual energy of a target and imbue that energy into yourself. Earthly Detachment Your mastery of chakra had granted you the ability to depart from the physical plane, those closest to targeted ally will grant protection from any physical restraints such as mez and status protection. Grants ally Upheaval and Weaken Spirit. Does not grant ally this move Upheaval You harness the spiritual energy form the afterlife to raise the hands of enlightenment, knocking foes upward. Deals Superior Damage, has only 1 usage Weaken Spirit You extend your spirit onto a foe by sheer presence, severely plummets their ability to dish out damage on those who have departed form the physical plane. This is an auto move. Conclusion Thank you for viewing my proposal I decided to do one with a spiritual theme as I was looking for ways to increase personal motivation given these circumstances. Hope you guys enjoy this new concept for Defenders and support based AT in general, hope that the theme was enough to allow for this new approach to this playstyle. Hopefully reading through this post will awaken your spirit and unlocked new potential for this thread. I will release potential animation and effects in the future for visualization.
  13. pets getting fly no matter where they are is a welcome change but team teleport now seems way less desirable you took it because of the shortcoming of group fly had with pets not keeping up with you while flying at full speed now I don't see a reason to ever take it over group fly besides RP reasons the flight set has better IOs with defense and even faster flight speed then before plus flying is just plan fun, teleport is constant clicking with keybind macros to be efficient proposal team teleport should get a sub pet power that comes with it much like fly (after burner) and super jump (double jump) are about to get the next patch this sub power only affects you and your pets it has same range has team teleport travel wise but will always teleport your pets to location you choose so you can instantly summon your pets to your side (lets be honest the only reason team teleport is ever taken is for pets and people dislike randomly being teleported) this lets summon classes only teleport their pets and not annoy their teammates each time also the global aspect would be balanced since it only affects summons/pets
  14. Masterminds are able to continue utilizing the Evasive Maneuvers defense buff even while in combat. As long as the player doesn't use their attacks (single target, cone, AoEs) and relies only on their Mastermind Pet commands, they can effectively keep the 17.72% defense buff to ALL (positional and typed) while in combat.
  15. I was helping a mastermind character named Geisha Girl on Excelsior (permission given by her to use her name) to complete her mission 'Stop release of mutagen' given by Lorenzo Tate as part of the 'Will of the Earth' arc. The giant crystals you have to destroy (not to be confused with small emanators) spawned HUGE, like 17 enemy, ambushes for her and her team of ninjas, while I, a single brute, only got 4 enemies when I attacked one the crystals. I think she's being hit by the old 'ambush bug'. It's been a good long while since I've played a MM to any level (during the Live era), but I remember getting huge ambushes when I had a full team of pets out. I suggest looking at the code for ambushes to see if it looks for friendly NPCs to fight rather than just PCs.
  16. And if so, where can I see this info?
  17. Here it is. The Mastermind Fire Farmer. Thank you everyone! Brigg
  18. See my guide to MM epics here for background info and my thoughts on the current state of things: The recent dominator and snipe changes on the beta have given me hope for interesting balance changes going forward. I'm not sure how sweeping they'll be, but who knows! So I thought it was worth putting out my thoughts on these pools, after having spent ….way too many hours on too many masterminds on live and now. In my previous post I laid out what I thought each set should bring, so here are my proposed reworks. Keep in mind that these suggestions are intended to take the minimum amount of work to implement. So no new powers beyond what can be made by swapping damage types and effects on existing powers. Also note that I've always found it frustrating that masterminds - THE pet class - didn't get at least one pet option in the epic pools. Yes, yes I know they can "already do that" but I dunno, I appeal to the "rule of cool" (often invoked in D&D) - it would be FUN. People play masterminds (usually) because they love pets, why not give them another? Plus, with the patron pets as they are now, they are super hard to perma anyway (which is a subject for another thread…). Not mention that controllers, dominators & SoA get more pets. Point being here is that just swapping in a pet for one of the less interesting powers in the patron pools would be great BUT I provide a non-pet option for the patrol pools below in case that's a bridge too far. The one place where I'm really breaking with original design #s (although, I would argue, not with the design intent) is changing the damage formula (increasing it) on mm epics - I think that change should be part of the epic itself, since MMs can't normally deal good damage, providing that is sort of in line with the epic philosophy of giving ATs access to something new. [Also, honestly I'm tired of trying to talk myself out of mace mastery on most of my mms 😉 ]. So, here are my proposed changes to the mastermind epic pools to make each one unique, desirable, and worth taking as well as making power choices tougher and more meaningful. One major thing I want to address is that only 2 of the 8 sets have a defense based shield (compared to 4 resist sets).
  19. I just saw some stuff about pet costumes on Thunderspy and was wondering if there was a way to customize the look of pets on Homecoming. My forum searches and other internet searches not returned any relevant results--not sure if that indicates there isn't a way to customize pets, or if I just gave up before finding it.
  20. Lobster's (Rambling) Guide to Mastermind Epic Pools (I'll be editing this to fix formatting and update as time permits, apologies for any errors in the initial post!) Background info: This is in part a guide to the mastermind epic pools, it's also prep for another post I'll make with suggestions for improvement, hopefully providing good examples as to why they are semi-terrible and, in my opinion, the worst collection of epic+patron powers (compared to the other ATs). Incarnate 50s on live: Bots/dark, Nec/dark, Nec/pain, Demon/pois, Merc/storm, Nin/Time, Beast/traps Non 50s on live : 30 level 30+ of varying combos. Current MMs: 50 Thug/cold, 50 beast/time, 38 nec/nature: 20s-mid 30s: Merc/rad, Demons/dark, merc/storm, demon/kin. What do *I* think an epic/patron (hereafter I'll just say "epic" for both) pool should provide? At least one of the following: It should give the AT access to something they can't typically do that affects how they can play and what they can do: for example blasters getting armors, controls and debuffs, scrappers getting ranged attacks, debuffs and controls, etc. It should provide a compelling and distinct reason to pick a given set over another. There is a marked difference between choosing Body Mastery (conserve power, focused accuracy, physical perfection) or Leviathan Mastery (snipe, ranged attacks, hold, pets) on a scrapper, or Ice Mastery vs. Leviathan master on a dominator, for example. What should it NOT do? Give the AT worse versions of what they already have (most attacks in the MM pools). Give the AT access to something they can't typically do in a sub-par fashion that doesn't let them do anything they couldn't do before : the attacks in the MM epics also fall in this category for me. Give them things that archetype doesn't want or need (more taunts for tanks, armor "nukes" for masterminds) Be basically the same as another epic pool but with a damage/element type shift. Mechanical background : MM attacks, ROUGH stats: T1 blast : ~30/3-4s/5.5-6.5 end T2 blast: ~50/6-8s/9.5-10.5 end Cone: ~45/14s/17 end Aoe: ~27/16s/19 end Energy Defender ROUGH stats for comparison. Note that other other than the sort of weird higher cone damage (For more end and more recharge), defenders do more damage across the board, and are a low damage AT. T1 blast: 36/4s/5end T2 blast: 60/8s/8.5end cone: 35/12s/12end aoe: 33/16s/15end The pools So, what does each having going for them? Charge Cone: 28/12s/15 1T HOLD 66% duration godmode (31% uptime with 155% global recharge) Melee (with minor pbaoe): 60/36s/12.7 Aoe hold (EMP: comes with penalties, huge recharge) Chill Range: 31/8s/10.6 Aoe sleep Long timer dull pain [25s downtime with 175% rech) ARMOR: S/L defense, C/F res Hibernate Field Range: 31/8s/10.6 ARMOR: S/L res Cone: 29/24s/14.8 Aoe: 27.5/16s/19 66% duration godmode (31% uptime with 155% global recharge) Heat Bonfire Range: 40/8s/6.5 Aoe: 38/32s/19 1t HOLD Self Res Leviathan Cone immob Cone: 36/32s/19 Melee: 109/40s/23 (for comparison, tanker KO Blow s 158/25s/18.5, and they can pair it with Rage) ARMOR: S/L/C res 1T Hold Mace Aoe immob ARMOR: S/L/E defense, tox res Aoe: 30/32s/19 POWER BOOST 1T hold Mu Cone: 30/32s/19 ARMOR: S/L/E res Aoe immob with -KB Melee: 60/36s/12.7 1T HOLD Soul Cone: 33/20s/16.4 ARMOR: S/L/N/T res Oppressive Gloom Cone immob 1T HOLD You'll note that I bolded some powers. These powers are the powers *I* label as the defining powers in a set - the powers (or power in some cases) that make that set unique and worth taking. These are the powers that either bring something new or unique to the table or are just plain good or fun. Digression: I DO NOT CONSIDER "DAMAGE VIA ATTACKS" as a thing for masterminds. I know some people like to use the attacks, or play crazy petless MMS, but I would argue that those people are playing against type (which is fine, but don't expect special consideration for it, it would be like a tank trying to play without their armors and focusing on soft controls or something). Therefore, if an epic pool is going to have attacks in it, it should provide them in a way that do significant damage, letting us do something we wouldn't normally do. A good comparison is the single target holds in the scrapper epics : they are pretty usable if you want to take them and, while worse than controller/dominator holds, when slotted they are very good at what they do. I would argue that all the attacks in the mastermind epics are garbage in the sense that while they do provide that attack, they don't provide it at a significant level to be relevant. I would be totally fine with an epic pool that had 2-3 attacks, mean for MMs who really want to attack, that were significantly stronger than the base mastermind attacks (in the same way that pool attacks - I've heard - are better than you would think because they don't suffer the mastermind damage penalties). The powers Armors: The resist armors are "fine" - and if you are taking a set with the armors and have room there's no reason not to take them, but they're not letting you do things you couldn't before. You were already tanky if you make the best use of bodyguard. They just make you a bit better at that. The defense armors (of which there are only TWO for 8 sets, we'll come back to that) however, are great, because they can let you hit the defcap for smashing and lethal, which is a new thing and can have a noticeable effect on play. Aoe immobilizes : There are a lot of them, so I don't consider most of them as set defining (except for Mu's, which has -KB which can be amazing to counter your pets knockback and keep enemies in bot burn patches for example), but they do give most sets access to a new, useful tool and are worth taking. Single target holds: These are sort of a middle ground in the sense that they do let some sets do things they couldn't, and make others much better at locking down bosses. However, they are present in many sets (like resist armors) so I don't rate them as set defining. However, I definitely recommend taking those whenever you have one available. The godmodes I have rated as unique and set defining but I personally view them as a waste except as set mules, but I understand others might disagree so I highlighted them in case that's your thing. Probably more relevant to tankermind builds who don't mind having the right inspirations available to offset the annoying crashes. AOE controls: the sleep from chill and EMP from charge : limited though these are, they are still aoe controls - something most secondaries lack - so they can be useful. That being said, I have never felt a need to take EMP (or the energy pool in general…), but I have use the sleep on occasion to aid with split pulling or to keep a second spawn from aggroing. Not much use in mid to late game teaming, basically a soloing aide. Hibernate & Rise of the Phoenix are unique and if you like them, worth taking the pool for. Power boost is amazing for many secondaries (goes great with /time's Farsight!). Strange that it is missing from the Energy pool, as it was a signature power in the blaster energy secondary to start…. It's also frustrating that it's only in a set that was already very good. KO Blow : I have never taken it because 23 end for an attack that does less damage than a Scrapper T1 (to give you an idea of how much of an enemy's life% you will hit for) is silly to me, no matter how cool the animation is. E very set has a terrible damage cone power, and some also have terrible damage blasts or single target attacks (yes, TF looks huge compared to our other attacks, but it's less than a scrapper T1). Tl;ndr: Why pick one pool over another? Charge - Pick it if you want EMP. For me, I can't think of a non-thematic reason why I would pick this pool - I don't think EMP is good enough to be worth the drawbacks and recharge. Also, as I said above, I don't think the attacks or godmodes - as they are - are good mechanical options for masterminds. Chill - pick it if you want to cap S/L defense and don't want mace. Dull pain and hibernate are also solid and more like the kind of long recharge defensive power I would want on an MM (compared to the godmodes), so overall it's a solid defensive set. Field - Don't pick this set? The only thing it has going for it is a godmode… It looks like it wants to be the ranged attack set, but the #s on these attacks are so bad I can't recommend them. This set should have had at least power boost or boost range going for it. Heat - Pick this for Bonfire. The attacks are crap, luckily you can skip them and grab Char (and Rise of the Phoenix if you really want a self rez). Bonfire was good before, now with the kb->kd proc it's an amazing control for MMs, with some damage (probably more if you run a bunch of procs). Leviathan - Take it for theme? I dunno, unless you want to throw sharks or spit vomit, I don't see anything special about this set. KO blow would be cool, except for the whole "less that T1 scrapper damage". Shame we didn't get the Arctic Breath option from brutes, that at least has -def and -res debuffs. One thing you can do with this set is use KB blow for the hold and get two holds from the set…I mean, that's something? Mace - pick this for Power Boost AND capping S/L defense. It also has a solid aoe immob and a hold - oh and a random skippable cone (same damage as your existing aoe but double the recharge!). If there's a "best" set for raw power, this is it. Mu - Pick this for Electrifying Fences (what??). Seriously. It's the only aoe immob we have access to that has -kb on it. Meaning that it will hold enemies in your Bots burn patch instead of letting them get knocked out of it by all the other blasts. It's also good to a lesser degree with mercs and thugs/ for the same reason. If you don't want to spend precious slots slotting KB->KD procs, and you're bots/, and none of the other epics scream out at you, grab the armor (b/c you have to and it's not bad), the aoe immob and the single target hold. Attacks are garbage. Soul Mastery - Pick this for Oppressive Gloom. If you're going to be in melee all the time (/time, /nature, etc.) having a permanent pbaoe stun aura is great! It only takes out minions, but that's still a decent amount of damage negated and can mag stack with other stuns (/storm's Thunderclap is the main one that comes to mind, but some pets have stunning attacks as well). Thoughts and hopes for the future I'm not happy with where the MM pools are right now, compared to other AT's pool options, but it is what it is - and there are some solid options in there! The recent dominator and snipe changes on the beta have given me hope for interesting balance changes going forward. I'm not sure how sweeping they'll be, but who knows! So I thought it was worth putting out my thoughts on these pools, after having spent ….way too many hours on too many masterminds on live and now. With this in mind, I'm working on a suggestion post for later tonight or tomorrow. EDIT: I finally got around to putting together and formatting my overhaul suggestions, which are here.
  21. Sometimes, after completing a mission, I will dismiss all my pets and re-summon them in the next mission. As soon as I see the EXIT button, I will dismiss all and then click exit. In the chat window, I will frequently see that a pet was defeated by something even though the pet is leaving because I dismissed it, not because it was defeated. The reason for dismissing my pets is I don't have to worry about them attacking/getting attacked as I travel and I don't like leaving a pile of corpses (especially with Robotics/) where-ever I zone (like in a base or at a train station). Maybe even change it so when the Master Mind changes zones, they don't leave a pile of corpses behind since his/her pets travel with the MM.
  22. i26 The Mastermind's PetMouse by qwy QuickLinks: Top | Beasts | Bots | Demons | Mercs | Necro | Ninjas | Thugs Preamble This offsets my last mastermind post. I probably use this about 70% to 80% of the time. It's super easy, does what I need it to do and I can keep my hand on the mouse, for the most part. I just use a generic, left, right and middle scroll. Nothing special required. 1. How it's different I've seen other mouse based controls but nothing quite like this. Watching them maneuver through most every environment it would seem like there's a lot more work going on, behind the scenes, then there actually is. You can move them around with an almost military like precision, with one covering while the other advances, with single clicks of the LBUTTON. Another unique feature is the RightDoubleClick as an emergency abort follow, it was kind of fun using it for, " goto" but, ultimately, I preferred it this way. 2. How it Works Similar to most other mastermind controls, it starts with selecting one of the four groups or, modes. There are (2) types of modes; flexible, consisting of lieutenants and minions and, strict, with either the boss or all-pets. Strict is meant literally. Like other pet controls, to break the connection, another group must be selected. The lieutenant and minion modes aren't actually groups. There's a sense of group control however, only one pet is ever actually receiving commands, at a time. Command is toggled, between pets, with the, "go to" bind. This mode relies on the, "PetCom" command which sticks to the last targeted pet. Therefore, targeting a pet, outside the group, interrupts the selected mode, until the next time a, "go to" command is issued, (bound to ALT+LBUTTON). This flexibility allows quick access to any pet and still be in command of the selected group. Just, kinda not really. Included, is a Popmenu, with hotkeys modeled after my version of NumPad controller, providing support of each pet individually or, in groups, all centered around the W key. The two combined make a complete Mastermind solution however, this originated as a component of my version of the actual numpad controls posted here, and can be recombined with a simple cut and paste. Doing so adds additional targeting options that are easily accessible with the right thumb while maintaining control of the mouse. The bind keys for PetMouse were chosen from, what's left after installing the full bind set, as well as a global tp bindset, mentioned in another guide. I find them fairly ergonomic, despite this and, I'd encourage taking them for a spin before swapping them out. Let's go to the binds; 3. The Binds 3.1 Pet Commands Keys Minions.txt Lieutenant.txt Boss.txt All.txt 2: PetCom attack PetComPow* attack PetComAll attack ALT+LBUTTON: TargetCustomNext mypet* TargetCustomNext mypet* PetComPow* go to PetComAll go to PetCom go to ALT+RBUTTON: PetCom stay PetComPow* stay PetComAll stay RightDoubleClick: PetCom follow PetComPow* follow PetComAll follow ALT+RightDC: PetCom defensive PetComPow* defensive PetComAll defensive SHIFT+RightDC: PetCom aggressive PetComPow* aggressive PetComAll aggressive CTRL+RightDC: PetCom passive PetComPow* passive PetComAll passive * This definitely requires primary specific files. Some editing is probably going to be necessary. 3.2 The PetMouse File Load Commands Keys Commands SHIFT+NUMPAD4: TargetCustomNext alive mypet <PrimarySpecific> $$ Load Minion.txt SHIFT+NUMPAD5: TargetCustomNext alive mypet <PrimarySpecific> $$ Load Lieutenant.txt SHIFT+NUMPAD6: Load Boss.txt SHIFT+ADD Load All.txt CTRL+ADD Load Off.txt 4. The FIles Off.txt | T1.txt | T2.txt | T3.txt | All.txt The following code is intended to provide information and therefore, not entirely complete. However, the attachment to this post includes the entire package, covering all the primaries. The following posts are primary specific. The complete code is posted, along with any relevant points I might have and their attachments are scaled back QuickLinks: Top | Beasts | Bots | Demons | Mercs | Necro | Ninjas | Thugs 5. Installing 5.1 Off.txt A little editing is required. Determine the folder you're going to store these files in and, edit the (5) load commands, found in 4.1, and on the .mnu file at 981 and 982, replacing; @/!/PetMouse/Bots/Off.txt to match. Next, notice, I'm, using the 2 Key, just above the W key, for attack. It's super convenient and I'd recommend keeping it, if that works however, with this being the PetMouse Off state, edit this command line back to your usual. The menu is bound to the 4 key. This was an ergonomic decision however, an extra mouse button, the TILDE or whatever may suit you would be just as workable. The macros, generated by the .mnu file, also contain the bind to 4 so, edit them as well. One on line 2 and another on line 981. 5.2 T1.txt and T2.txt Assuming, the 2 was fine for attack, only the, "<Edit for TIer>" needs to be edited to something that reflects the given names of these pets. In other words, if you have Thugs and you named them Manny, Moe and Jack, going with, "ugs" or "Thugs", isn't going to work here. Both of the lieutenant and minion files will need this. You might have to get creative. 5.3 T3.txt This one's easy. All (7) command lines need, "<ID>", to get edited to, at least, (3) sequential characters of their summing power. PetComPow, doesn't care what they're called. For example, if you have the Beasts primary, you're limited, first, to, "Summon Dire Wolf". The problem here is, "Summon" is used in the powers of all your pets so, you're actually restricted to, "Dire Wolf". Therefore, "Dir, ire, wol and olf" are all good. In the case above, in 5.2, Thugs named Manny, Moe and Jack wouldn't be an issue. We'd be all set with, "ugs" The All.txt file is All.good so, let's talk loading. 6.Loading 6.1 Menu Load Features The included menu is the key to loading. At the top of the file, there's all the information required for installing it in the proper location and a macro command to bind the menu to the 4 key. Once the menu is opened, there's a link to add an optional macro to load the binds or load them through chat. Notice Line 6-13, those are the lines that might require editing to match your pet names. I'm assuming the edits will be fairly self-explanatory however, if any assistance is required, let me know. 6.2 New Menu! I modeled this menu after MMPad+, with numpad controls, centered around the, "W" key allowing independent pet control without ever having to take your hand off the mouse or away from your movement keys. Enjoy! PetMouse.rar QuickLinks: Top | Beasts | Bots | Demons | Mercs | Necro | Ninjas | Thugs
  23. Table of contents: Commonly Asked Questions Common Mistakes What is Bodyguard Mode (BGM) Power Bar Set Up Example Builds Helpful links In Closing Commonly Asked Questions Q: What is the most common reason people do not play Masterminds? A: The most obvious reason is due to the lack of info of masterminds. The second most common issue is other players giving masterminds a hard time due to pets getting in the way. Pets were fixed in Page 4 of CoX Homecoming Q: If you were to give advice to a new mastermind player what would it be? A: The best advice I could give is that bodyguard mode is a life saver. Q: What are the highest DPS pets? A: Robots. However Thugs can easily contend for highest DPS Common Mistakes The biggest and possibly the most prevalent mistake is a mastermind who does not micromanage each pet. Newer mastermind players do not know when or how to use BGM (Bodyguard Mode) Newer mastermind players do not know when or how to use BGM (Bodyguard Mode) Masterminds not using the IO Auras for pets Call to Arms: Defense Bonus Aura for Pets Expedient Reinforcement: Resist Bonus Aura for Pets Sovereign Right: Resistance Bonus Command of the Mastermind: Recharge/Pet Defense Bonus Aura. Mark of Supremacy: Endurance/Pet+Resist all + Regen Aura. Edict of the Master: +Defense Bonus Setting up your num pad to micromanage your pets https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Mastermind_Numpad_Pet_Controls Treating each pet as separate parts. You should be treating each as a separate entity that works by itself. Newer MMs may find this hard at first however with time it will be easier. What is Bodyguard Mode (BGM) Bodyguard mode(BGM) a stance to put your pets in that will turn you into a sudo-tank. You can set BGM by selecting the Defensive Stance and the Follow all pets within Supremacy range will be set to BGM and they will be damage mitigators. Defensive/Stay and Defensive/Goto work as well. Each pet takes one 'share' of the damage, and the Mastermind himself takes two 'shares'. This is in addition to any damage that the pets themselves might incur from Area attacks. Example: If a Mastermind has 3 pets set to Def/Fol, and he gets hit with a 100 point attack, each pet will take 20 points of the damage, and he himself will take 40 points. Example 2: If a Mastermind has 3 pets set to Def/Fol, and he gets hit with an Area Effect attack for 10 points of damage, then each pet will take 2 points of damage, and he himself will take 4 points. Pets that were also in the Area of Effect will take an additional 10 points each, as normal. This in effect turns your mastermind into a sudo-tank as long as your pets are alive. Power Bar Set-up Num Pad Method There are several ways to set up your power bars on masterminds. The first option you can do is to set up your num pad as a way to control your pets. This option tends to be the most common among masterminds. http://web.archive.org/web/20120904222729/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=117256 Multi Bar Method If you do not have a num pad the next option is to set up separate bars for each group of pets (see below for example) Multi Bar Individual Method The third most common way seen by masterminds is swapping to individual commands you can do this by summoning pets-clicking Options- Show Individual Pet Commands then placing the commands in their respective power trays. (see below for example) All Pets One Bar Method The fourth and probably the most common way for beginner Masterminds is to control all the pets at once. This is the suboptimal method to control the pets due to the fact that in a team masterminds pets can sometimes aggo more than what is intended. The other reason that controlling pets this way is a suboptimal method is because pets tend to get in the way when your team needs to click a door or a glowie. At the end of the day it is best for each mastermind player to find their own bar set up that is right for them. Be it any of the methods above a combination of them or their own unique style. Example builds Some things I look for personally in a build are ranged defenses. Part of the reason for this is because if your pets die they can easily be resummoned where as if you die then you are taking time out of someone else’s attack pattern to rez you. With high ranged defense you should be over top of your group and be playing field general with your pets while also providing the Debuffs/Heals/Buffs to your team and allies. Lets now take a look at a few builds that can accomplish this goal of high ranged defense. Above is an example of a Demons Thermal Soul Mastermind lv 1- Summon demonlings- Superior Command of the Mastermind: Rech/Pet +AoE Defense Aura Superior command of the mastermind Dam/End Superior Command of the Mastermind Acc/Dam Edict of the Master Defense Bonus Edict of the Master Scc/Dam Edict of the Master Dam/End Lv 1- Health Preventive Med Chance for +Absorb Panacea +Hit Points/End Lv 1- Stamina- Power Trans Chance to Heal Self Power Trans EndMod Lv 1- Warmth- Miracle heal/end Miracle End/reach Miracle heal/reach Miracle Heal/End/Reach Miracle Heal Miracle +Recovery Lv 2- Fire Shield- Steadfast Protection Res/end Steadfast Protection Res/+Def 3% Steadfast Protection Knockback Protection Lv 4- Cauterize- Numi Heal/End Numi End/Reach Numi Heal/Reach Numi Heal/End/Rech Numi Heal Numi +Regen/+Recovery Lv 6= Enchant Demon Rech IO Lv 8- Hasten- 2 Reach IO Lv 10- Gladiator’s Armor End/Res Gladiator’s Armor Rech/Res Gladiator’s Rech/End Armor Gladiator’s Res/Reach/End Armor Gladiator’s Armor Res Gladiator’s Armor TP Protection +3% Def (All) Lv 12- Summon Demons- Expedient Ref Acc/Rech Expedient Ref Acc/Dam Expedient Ref Dam/End Expedient Ref Acc/Dam/Rech Expedient Ref End/Dam/Rech Expedient Ref Res Bonus Aura for Pets Lv 14- Fly- Blessing of the Zephyr Knockback proc (4points) Run,Jump,Fly,Range/End Lv 16- Hover- Blessing of the Zephyr Knockback proc (4points) Run,Jump,Fly,Range/End- LotG Global Rech LotGDef/End Reactive Def Scaling Res Damage Lv 18- Hell on Earth Soulbound Alleg Chance for Build UP Sover Right Res Bonus Lv 20- Thaw- Reactive Armor Res Reactive Armor End Reactive Armor Res/End Lv 22- Kick- Sudden Acc Knockback to Knockdown Lv 24- Tough- Reactive Armor Res Reactive Armor End Reactive Armor Res/End Lv 26- LotG Global Rech LotGDef/End LotG Def Shield Wall +Res 5% Res (all) Lv 28- Summon Demon Prince Sup Entomb Acc/Hold Sup Entomb Hold/Rech Sup Entomb End/Rech Sup Entomb Acc/Hold/End/Rech Sup Entomb Rech/Chance for +Absorb Call to Arms Def Bonus Aura for Pets Lv 30- Forge Gaus’s Syncho ToHitBuff Gaus’s SynchoToHitBuff/Rech Gaus’s Syncho ToHitBuff/Rech/End Gaus’s Syncho Rech/End Gaus’s SynchoToHitBuff/End Gaus’s Syncho Chance for Build Up Lv 32- Abyssal Empowerment- Rech IO Lv 35- Stealth LotG Global Rech LotGDef/End LotG Def Lv 38- Melt Armor- Achilles’ Heel Def Debuff Achilles’ Heel Def Debuff/Rech Achilles’ Heel Chance for Res Debuff Lv 41- Heat Exhaustion- Rech IO Lv 44- Dark Embrace- UnGuard Res UnGuard +Max HP Impervium Armor Psi Res Aegis Psionic/Status Res Impervious Skin Status Res Lv 47- Soul Tentacles- Artillery Acc/Dam Artillery Dam/End Artillery Dam/Rech Artillery Acc/Dam/Rech Artillery Acc/Rech/Range Artillery End/Reach/Range Lv 49- Invisibility- LotG Def/End Reactive Def/End This build in the hands of someone willing to manage their pets will quickly come to find out that they should not get into melee range of things and to hover overhead throwing out their shields as well as Warmth and Cauterize to keep both their pets and team alive. This is a great general build for anyone looking to play with a team or large group while at the same time be perfectly fine solo’ing AVs. In a pinch this build can also do a low end Fire Farm due to Demons casting Def to Fire/Cold shields however you may find yourself healing your pets and resummoning them than you are actually throwing your debuffs out. When fighting an AV or in team play your opening attack may change a bit or it may look like Set pets to petcom_all Defensive as well as petcom_all Follow Move pets to location safe from the fight to start using petcom_all GoTo Cast Farsight on as many targets as possible do not be afraid to get in close to cast this to help your melee fighters as well as yourself. Distortion Field into Time Crawl this holds any adds around and or slows them so your AoE can do its job Remember you are not the damage and are more commanding your pets from the air or the ground Move pets using petcom_(pets name) GoTo into place that have Hell on Earth on them This will allow Hell on Earth to Proc more consistently Cast Mending on that target as often as possible Soul Tentacles and reposition pets closer By now Hell on earth is either down or just about which means its time to let bodyguard do its job Build 2 is a Robotics/Time/Soul Build this time focused on being a well rounded high defense focused debuffer. lv 1- Battle Drones- Superior Command of the Mastermind: Rech/Pet +AoE Defense Aura Superior command of the mastermind Dam/End Superior Command of the Mastermind Acc/Dam Superior Mark of Supremacy Dam Superior Mark of Supremacy Acc/Dam/End Lv 1- Health Preventive Med Chance for +Absorb Panacea +Hit Points/End Lv 1- Stamina- Power Trans Chance to Heal Self Power Trans EndMod Lv 1- Time Crawl - Pacing of the Turtle Acc/Slow PotT Dam/Slow PofT Acc/End PotT Acc/End PotT Range/Slow PotTEnd.Rech/slow PotT Chance of -Rech Lv 2- Temporal Mending - Miracle End/Rech Miracle Heal/Rech MiracleHeal/End/Rech Miracle Heal Miracle +Recovery Lv 4- Time Juncture - Deflated Ego ToHitDebuff Deflated Ego ToHitDebuff/Rech Deflated EgoChance for Recovery Debuff Lv 6= Equip Robot- Rech IO Lv 8- Hover- Blessing of the Zephyr Knockback proc (4points) Run,Jump,Fly,Range/End LotG Global Rech LotGDef/End LotG Def Lv 10- Boxing- Stupefy Acc/Rech Stupefy End/Stun Stupefy Acc/End Stupefy Stun/Range Stupefy Acc.Stun/Rech Stupefy Chance of Knockback Lv 12- Protector Bots - Superior Command of the Mastermind Acc/Da, Superior Command of the Mastermind End/Pet +Res+Regen Lv 14- Fly- Blessing of the Zephyr Knockback proc (4points) Run,Jump,Fly,Range/End Lv 16- Distortion Field - Sup Entomb Acc/Hold Sup Entomb Hold/Rech Sup Entomb End/Rech Sup Entomb Acc/Hold/End/Rech Sup Entomb Rech/Chance for Sup Entomb Acc/Hold/End/Rech Lv 18- Hasten- 2 IO Rech Lv 20- Time Stop- Basilisk Gaze Chance For Rech Slow Basilisk Gaze Rch/Hold Ghost Widow Chance For Dam(Psionics) Lv 22- Tough- GladtArmor TP Proc +3%Def(all) Impervious Skin Res/End Impervious Skin Status Res Lv 24- Weave - LotG Global Rech LotGDef/End LotG Def Shield Wall +Res Reactive Def Scaling Res Damage Lv 26- Assault Bot- SoulBound Chance for Build Up Call to Arms Acc/Dam Call to Arms Dam/End Call to Arms Acc/Dam/Rech Call to ArmsEnd/Dam/Rech Call to Arms Def Bonus Aura for Pets Lv 28- Farsight- LotG Global Rech LotG Def Lv 30- Stealth - LotG Def/End LotG Def/Rech LotG Def/End?rech LotG Def LotG Global Rech Lv 32- Upgrade Robot- Rech IO Lv 35- Slowed Response -Achilles’ Heel Def Debuff/Rech Achilles’ Heel Chance for Res Debuff Lv 38- Chrono Shift- PrefShift Chance for +End PrefShift EndMod Lv 41- Dark Embrace- UnGuard Res UnGuard +Max HP Steadfast Proc Knockback Protection Lv 44- Soul Tentacles- GravAnchor Immob GravAnchor Immob/Rech GravAnchor Acc/Immob/Rech GravAnchor Chance For Hold Lv 47- LotG Global Rech Blessing of the Zephyr Knockback proc (4points) Run,Jump,Fly,Range/End Lv 49- Invisibility- LotG Def/End Reactive Def/End In this Robotics/Time/Soul build you will still play as a field general however with your defense being as well rounded as they are you can survive in melee to get in and throw Farsight on your tanks/scrappers/brutes/and stalker in team play. If you are solo your opening rotation may look something like this Set all pets to petcom_all aggressive on chosen target This will force them to attack the nearest thing. You should then quickly set your pets to BGM after they fire their first power During these fights pets dying is not bad so long as you are quick about resummoning them. Cast Farsight (this is your bread and butter power.) Cast Distortion Field into Time Crawl this holds any adds around and or slows them so your AoE can do its job Tab to the next group repeat your Robots should have things from this point. Set pets to petcom_all Passive petcom_all GoTo and send them near you Move to re-set where pets are attacking Repeat step 1-5 as needed till trash mobs are dead. If you are fighting an AV the attack pattern changes slightly Set pets to BGM Move your pets using petcom_goto to keep them out of the AV’s alpha. Cast Farsight Cast Distortion Field into Time Crawl this holds any adds around and or slows them. Cast Chrono Shift on as many allies as you can. Time Mend any ally that needs it after the opening of the AV If you have Vanguard Medal use it If the AV is not dead by this point Cast Soul Tentacles as well as Distortion Felid and Time Crawl Move your pets inwards so they can use smash as needed If you are ever at a loss for what to build for on a Mastermind the is Positional Def (ranged is preferable this way you can stay out of harm's way and let your pets work in BGM). If you find yourself over capped in one or more positional defenses it's not a bad idea to look into taking the Ghost Widow Patron set as opposed to Black Scorpion the opposite also is true if you find yourself lacking Scorpion Shield works just as well as Dark Embrace. Helpful links https://www.reddit.com/r/Cityofheroes/comments/bn51p3/helpful_mousecentric_mastermind_binds_that_i_want/ https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Mastermind_Numpad_Pet_Controls In Closing In closing the most daunting thing about masterminds is knowing you are not the damage and also not the primary debuffer/healer your role is a jack of all trades master of none. Masterminds are one of if not the hardest AT to master and at the same time one of the most rewarding experiences in the game to master. There is no such thing as a bad set for masterminds so feel free to open up and try things like Ninjas Electrical Affinity. Finally a good mastermind is someone who can keep their pets controlled while still maintaining productivity of attacking. You never notice a great mastermind however everyone remembers a bad mastermind.
  24. i26 Mastermind NumPad Controls+ MMPad+ by qwy QuickLinks Top | Beasts | Bots | Demons | Mercs | Necro | Ninjas | Thugs Preamble: I've only rolled one MM since coming back, Bots. It's fair to say, I might not have rolled an MM at all, if I hadn't seen the original Numpad Controls posted on the Homecoming forum. I had forgotten all about how much fun Masterminds are with them. Before I got out of Outbreak, the Sandolphan's original binds were installed and I was fully reacquainted. So fun! As I leveled up, I kept adding to it every time a new idea came to mind. This version represents my, most sincere, first step from the original. I'm trying to stick to the simple elegance of the original, scaling back some of the far off, or clunky additions for another time. What's new: Not straying too far from the original, here are the key additions; An easy selection method for controlling individual pets Can target a specific pet, cycle through a group of pets or cycle through all of them Added "Petsay" to the selection method Trigger both upgrades in 1 click. - only bots have been tested Follow modes, have been moved to SUBTRACT, for easy slap panic All commands can now change the selected pet/group strance, i.e. defensive follow, passive stay, aggresive attack Dismiss added to select method Added popmenu with some basic commands, control options of the pet window, generate a variety macros and a bind cheat sheet. Added a custom.window to load the file and generate macros with icons consistent with the primary to summon and load numpad controls. What's different: It should look pretty familiar, right out of the box. A few key difference; The All.txt file has been replaced with Pad.txt and, is specific to each primary . There are now, (11) files per primary. (5) for individual control of each minion and lieutenant. Additional editing required. (2) for the toggle upgrades to occur in a single click. (1) Pad.txt, this versions, "All.txt" (3) One for each tier group Disclaimer The folder hierarchy mirrors my own. It's stored in the Installations data folder and has, what may appear to be, superfurlous sub folders. This is in anticipation of additional bind sets, I'm planning on sharing in the near future. Editing paths and file names, to suit your needs, shouldn't be an issue. with exception to the custom.window and Popmenu paths, which are required by the interface. Help Me / Help You If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If any files were edited as part of your installation, please describe the new variables on any requests for assistance. Not having rolled other primaries, any help testing and correcting mistakes I might have made, would be very much appreciated. 1. Binds according to selected pets: 1.A Base Binds NUMPAD0: Select All Key No Chord +ALT +SHIFT +CTRL Defensive Key Aggressive Key Passive Key NUMLOCK: - - - - DIVIDE: all pet say all minions Say all lieutenants say boss says MULTIPLY: open popmenu toggle custom.window SUBTRACT: all follow all def follow all agg follow all pas follow NUMPAD9: all go to all def got all agg got all pas got NUMPAD8: all attack target all def att target all agg att target all pas att target NUMPAD7: all stay all def stay all agg stay all pas stay NUMPAD6: all passive select boss alias NUMPAD5: all aggressive select lieutenant B NUMPAD4: all defense select lieutenant A NUMPAD3: select boss select minion 3 summon boss dismiss boss NUMPAD2: select lieutenants select minion 2 summon lieutenants dismiss lieutenants NUMPAD1: select minions select minion 1 summon minions dismiss minions NUMPAD0: select all nop dismiss target dismiss all ADD: roll upgrades #PADENTER: pet heal targeted DECIMAL: cycle target next pet all cycle target next minions cycle target next lieutenants target boss 1.B Group Binds NUMPAD1-3: Select Group Key No Chord +ALT +SHIFT +CTRL Defensive Key Aggressive Key Passive Key NUMLOCK: - - - - DIVIDE: selected group say all minions say all lieutenants say boss says MULTIPLY: open MMPad+ popmenu toggle MMPad+ custom.window SUBTRACT: selected group follow selected group def fol selected group agg fol selected group pas fol NUMPAD9: selected group go to selected group def got selected group agg got selected pas got NUMPAD8: selected group attack target selected group def att target selected group agg att target selected group pas att target NUMPAD7: selected group stay selected group def sta selected group agg sta selected group pas sta NUMPAD6: selected group passive select boss alias NUMPAD5: selected group aggressive select lieutenant B NUMPAD4: selected group defense select lieutenant A NUMPAD3: select boss select minion 3 summon boss dismiss boss NUMPAD2: select lieutenants select minion 2 summon lieutenants dismiss lieutenants NUMPAD1: select minions select minion 1 summon minions dismiss minions NUMPAD0: select all nop dismiss targeted pet dismiss all ADD: roll upgrades, all #PADENTER: pet heal targeted DECIMAL: Selected group target next pet cycle target next minions cycle target next lieutenants target boss 1.C Individual Binds ALT+NUMPAD1-6: Select Pet Key No Chord +ALT +SHIFT +CTRL Defensive Key Aggressive Key Passive Key NUMLOCK: - - - -- DIVIDE: selected pet say all minions say all lieutenants say boss says MULTIPLY: open MMPad+ popmenu toggle MMPad+ custom.window SUBTRACT: selected pet follow selected pet def fol selected pet agg fol selected pet pas fol NUMPAD9: selected pet go to selected pet def got selected pet agg got selected pet pas got NUMPAD8: selected pet attack target selected pet def att target selected pet agg att target selected pet pas att target NUMPAD7: selected pet stay selected pet def sta selected pet agg sta selected pet pas sta NUMPAD6: selected pet passive select boss alias NUIMPAD5: selected pet aggressive select lieutenant B NUIMPAD4: selected pet defense select lieutenant A NUMPAD3: select boss select minion 3 summon boss dismiss boss NUMPAD2: select lieutenants select minion 2 summon lieutenants dismiss lieutenants NUMPAD1: select minions select minion 1 summon minions dismiss minions NUMPAD0: select all dismiss selected pet dismiss targeted pet dismiss all ADD: roll upgrades. all #PADENTER: pet heal targeted DECIMAL: target selected pet cycle target next minions cycle target next lieutenants target boss 2. The Files QuickLinks Top | Beasts | Bots | Demons | Mercs | Necro | Ninjas | Thugs 2.A Default File: @/!/MM/<Primary>/Pad.txt - This was originally the All.txt file. As I started adding commands to the original, it began to take a more primary specific turn. It's still the default stance and loads all the other files for it's primary. With this file selected, all pets respond to base commands. Editing shouldn't be necessary. 2.B Group Files: @/!/MM/<Primary>/<Groups>.txt - Carried over from the original, there are still (3) group files named after their summoning power. These files use the command, "PetComPow" and, "PetSayPow" which identifies the name of the command that summons them. Renaming pets doesn't impact this command at all. The way they're targeted is the only exception. The boss uses the command, "PetSelectName". Lieutenants and minions use; "TargetCustomNext". Both of these commands require a string of letters, numbers or symbols, unique to that group, for this to work. I used the first (3) characters of the pets default name to identify their group, as my group file default name (with exception to Bots). For example, I named one of my lieutenants, "Norad Protocol", the other, "Orb Systems Pro" and made sure, "Pro" was unique to their group. 2.C Pet Files: @/!/MM/<Primary>/<Individual>.txt - There are (6) pets but, the boss file from group is loaded, regardless of how a boss is selected. That leaves us (2) files for lieutenants and, (3) for minions. These files use, "PetComName", "PetSayName" and, "TargetCustomNext" so renaming a pet can impact every command line. My unique pet file default name uses the last (2) characters of the actual default pet name, followed by, "A" or "B" for lieutenants and 1-3 for minions. When renaming a pet, consider how that name will link to both, the pet file and the targeting command in the group file. The commands in question can be edited as well however, consider my example from above. The actual default name for a bot lieutenant is Protector (I ignored Bot). The names I used, above, linked to my default for the group file using, "Pro" and, my default for pets using, "orA" and, "orB" Each primary has unique considerations however, I tried to keep things as simple as possible. Now that you're aware of the guidelines I followed, with a little creativity, you should be able to come up with something that works for you. 2.D Bind Files In effort to appear organized, binds are available in the proceeding posts. With (11) bind files, (4) support docs and (2) menus, per primary, things got a little cramped here, on the first post. The .rar on this first post, includes everything. The following posts, have attached .rar files that are specific to that posts primary. QuickLinks Top | Beasts | Bots | Demons | Mercs | Necro | Ninjas | Thugs 3. Rolling Binds Bound to the, "ADD" key, the Pad.txt triggers the first step, on the first use and loads 2up.txt, the second half. 1up.txt takes responsibility off of pad.txt, mirroring the command. The +/-, after the commands opening quote, initiates the two step behavior. This has only been used with Bots but, it should work on, at least, a few others. Watch how the icons respond, if it's not working. This is usually a good indicator on what changes need to be made. Sometimes, it's just a matter of changing the key press, itself. Sometimes, a long hold or, a quick tap, will produce different results. If it's not coming together, edit the three files and use them as a rotating bind set. @/!/MM/<Primary>/Pad.txt | @/!/MM/<Primary>/1up.txt ADD "targetcustomnext alive mypet$$powexecname upgrade one$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/MM/<Primary>/2up.txt" @/!/MM/<Primary>/2up.txt ADD "targetcustomnext alive mypet$$powexecname upgrade two$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/MM/<Primary>/1up.txt" 4. Support Docs Includes: ReadMe.txt | Install.txt | Help.txt | LoadMMPad+.txt 5. Optional Menus custom.window & Popmenu The custom window is essentially an in-game version of the LoadMMPad.txt file. The Popmenu has some pet controls, pet window tools, a cheat sheet for the binds and also serves as an in-game version of LoadMMPad.txt Downloads MMPad+.rar This is all bind files, consolidated menus and support documents for all primaries. The posts to follow will include the binds for copying and pasting off the forum and .rar files for individual primaries. The optional windows and menus will be primary specific so, if you end up using more than one primary, I suggest going with the versions on this post or this download instead. * Only Bots thoroughly tested. - Testers Wanted! MMPad+v200703.rar
  25. A few things I’d like to say before we get to this: 1) I posted this under archetypes because I wanted more than just masterminds to respond to this. I also wanted others who saw a mastermind on their team to give input. Which powersets make you groan or feel sorry for them? Which powersets make you get all excited and expect great things from them? 2) Don’t think of any specific combinations of powersets, or any specific roles. Which powerset just tends to be the “best” overall? Ones that could really go well with any role at any moment? Ones that don’t flop or make you want to kick them off your team? In the event that you cannot choose just one, I have enabled the option to select multiple powersets for both polls. http://www.strawpoll.me/20247277 Primary http://www.strawpoll.me/20247291 Secondary http://www.strawpoll.me/20247917 I missed some secondaries in the one above http://www.strawpoll.me/20252247 Should be fixed now IT IS POSSIBLE TO SELECT MULTIPLE POWERSETS FOR BOTH POLLS DO NOT THINK OF ANY SPECIFIC COMBOS OR ROLES; JUST IN GENERAL
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