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  1. MELEE DAMAGE SET TESTING: Link to Rankings Hello everyone, It has come to light that the current metrics for testing performance are not reflective of normal game play conditions. Common metrics such as fighting a Pylon or clearing a Farm map do not take into account the realities of playing through a mission, which is 90% of the normal content players would be going through. In other threads, we often see these metrics tossed about to claim the power of certain sets over others, but rarely do we see... or rather even have metrics on "Normal Game Play". Pylons have unique properties that don't reflect "real" ST damage for most content, as shown by wild DPS swings from person to person on them (due to their stationary nature, and other factors). Farm maps similarly do not reflect how moving through a map, or just fighting different types of enemies can affect performance which leads to certain sets seeming much better when thrown at those specific environments. That said, mission environments can vary wildly as well which makes testing on them rather unreliable. (Luckily, we are able to pick maps in AE.) PREMISE: After conversations with @Infinitum, @TheAdjustor, @Steampunkette, and @GM Sijin, it seems that the balance of attack sets has become a bit clouded by the current meta. IO bonuses, Procs, Incarnates and the like have lead to outlier cases and combos that make sets seem much better or worse than they possibly should be. It is tossed around that the game should be balanced around SO's, but to our knowledge there have been few tests to actually gather data in a realistic setting on them. Copied from Beta: (The rules of this test are better described here: ) Overview & Biases: The above link will go into a bit more detail, but the goal of this test is to provide benchmark tests for Scrapper Primaries in a more or less neutral environment (no gimmicks, no enemy resists, etc) that aimed to emulate a standard mission experience. This means a 4-floor defeat-all mission with slight variations to mob placement, size, and level room to room as well as a mix of enemy ranks with a mandatory defeat of 2 boss spawns and a final elite boss spawn. With /Willpower and no pools/epics besides Combat Jumping (for the SO test, IO's had hasten), the enemies and difficulty setting were just enough to get "Safety" as a metric as many sets have clear design intention of trading damage for utility or mitigation, or vice versa, and allowing myself to actually experience or mitigate damage I felt is a worthy point of interest. Given this is an "everyday" sort of benchmark, ignoring the impact that Ice Melee's safety provides I feel would be unjust compared to if I just made myself invincible and went to town to track raw output. Likewise, a set like Fire Melee really showed where it can struggle if it's not constantly killing. This test has less mobs than a farm, but more to deal with than a Pylon, so results may vary wildly from the expectations provided by those popular trials. Both of those I feel do not provide a full picture between the mix of AoE and ST output, favoring the extremes on either end. The office map simulation just as well does not highlight certain sets in the way you'd expect either. Something like the new Energy Melee may massacre Pylons but end up on the low/mediocre end here or vice versa with other sets. I hope you find the following enlightening in some ways, and let the results speak for themselves when it comes to the changes to multiple melee sets we see here in Beta. Results on SO's only: All sets were played with a SO build with /Willpower as a secondary and no pool powers/epics except Combat Jumping, in order to isolate the primary set as much as possible. (except for Claws and Kinetic Melee which were given Overwhelming KD IO's + a lvl 50 damage IO to have the same slotting + knockdown on their ranged cones. These were ran due to the incredibly common practice of slotting for KD, and only 2 melee sets actually "needing" it.) Results without the IO in Claws can be seen here: As you can see by some of the names, we have been testing these changes internally for quite a while now to make sure things land in the desired spot! Breaking down this chart, each column represents a different aspect: AVG = the average clear time of the mission from all 10 runs (minutes : seconds : milliseconds) SWING = How far away from the Total Average the set performed SD Deviation = Standard Deviation from run to run, measuring how consistently each set performed despite the 10 runs having slightly different mob formations and placements BEST TIME = the best run time of the set, shows the max potential WORST TIME = the worst run time of the set, shows the minimum potential SAFETY = This counts the number of deaths in the 10 runs. A score of 0.50 means that I took substantial damage but never died, a 0.00 means I was practically invincible! SAFETY ADJ = Each point in the Safety column is multiplied by 20 seconds, and then added to the average to show an Adjusted Safety Average. With those all factored in, we can rank the sets against each other on more than just the average clear time: From left to right, we have the results with Claws KD, Claws "Pure", and the average between the two. Now, lets see how this changes when we jump to an IO build: Results on a "Mid Level" IO Build: All sets were played with a n IO build with no purples, winter sets, or "special" procs beyond a single Damage Proc like Mako's or Obliteration that *any* Melee attack could slot. All sets achieved 72.5% global recharge (142.5% most of the time with Hasten up, only a 20s cooldown there). All sets had the normal uniques like Numina, Kismet, etc slotted All sets ran the tests at +3/x5 difficulty With recharge and procs thrown into the mix, the top sets become a LOT closer in clear times, and safety really isn't a concern outside of Energy Melee where rapid ET's kinda hurt lol. Like above, lets see how all the factors weigh in: The margins are so close for the "top tier" that with more than 10 tests a piece I'm sure they'd all be near dead even! Combined Results:
  2. Upon revisiting the game I've had time to play kinetic melee a power that used to deal a substantial amount of damage until being massively reduced in the live server. I have seen and supported various suggestions on how to return kinetic melee to its former glory. However upon discussing on what kinetic can do it grew into an idea of an entirely new power. While noticing the various types of force related powersets, Kinetics (Both), Force of Will, Gravity Control, and Force Field, I had wanted to create a powerset that would be based of the 4 fundamental forces of nature, allowing for more variation in attacks. Instead of just repelling targets and dealing damage, you'd be able to harness all the forces from Strong and Weak interactions, from expanding on electronegativity, as well as manipulating gravity in a unique way that hasn't been implemented in the game. Special thanks to @Vanden for providing the icons. Introducing a new addition to force based attacks... Force Melee Force Melee allows you to concentrate sharp attacks of the four fundamental forces of matter to defeat your foes. Dealing with these forces is an unstable feat and will often substantially bombard opponents with force, leading to varying affects depending on the forces being performed as the forces that keep them intact are being used against them. It is a primary powerset for Scrappers, Brutes, and Stalkers, and a secondary powerset for Tankers. Power Tables Brute & Scrapper Force Melee is available as a primary set for Brutes & Scrappers. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Power Level Effect Forced Strike 1 Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Immobilize, Slight Hold (Strong Force) Particle Decay 1 Melee, Moderate DoT (Lethal/Energy), Foe -Recovery, Slight Knockback-To-Hit (Weak Force) Fission Blow 2 Melee, High Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Knockback -To-Hit (Weak Force) Channel Force 6 Self: +Damage +To-Hit (Strong Force) Forced Foe 8 Melee, (Cone) Moderate Damage (Psionic/Energy), Foe Disorient, -To-Hit, Magnetic Field 12 Location (Point Blank Area of Effect), Moderate DoT (Smashing/Energy) Foe Slow, Taunt (Electromagnetism) Void 18 Ranged, (Targeted Area of Effect), High DoT (Lethal/Energy/Negative/Cold) Foe -Perception(Gravity) Electromagnetic Flux 26 Melee, Superior DoT (Energy/Lethal/Fire) Self +Endurance, Foe Slow, Confuse (Electromagnetism) Immense Mass Punch 32 Melee, Superior Damage (Energy/Lethal), Foe Immobilize, Knockback, Disorient, Slow, Confuse -To-Hit (SF,WF,EM,G) Stalker Force Melee is available as a primary set for Stalkers. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Forced Strike 1 Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Immobilize, Slight Hold (Strong Force) Particle Decay 1 Melee, Moderate DoT (Lethal/Energy), Foe -Recovery, Slight Knockback-To-Hit (Weak Force) Fission Blow 2 Melee, High Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Knockback -To-Hit (Weak Force) Assassin's Exertion 6 Melee, Special Damage(Lethal/Energy) (Any force if you think about it) Channel Force 8 Self +Damage, +To-Hit (Strong Force) Placate 12 Ranged, Foe Placate; Self +Stealth/Hide Forced Foe 18 Melee, (Cone) Moderate Damage (Psionic/Energy), Foe Disorient, -To-Hit, Electromagnetic Flux 26 Melee, Superior DoT (Energy/Lethal/Fire) Self +Endurance, Foe Slow, Confuse (Electromagnetism) Immense Mass Punch 32 Melee, Superior Damage (Energy/Lethal), Foe Immobilize, Knockback, Disorient, Slow, Confuse -To-Hit (SF,WF,EM,G) Tanker Force Melee is available as a secondary set for Tankers. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Power Level Effect Particle Decay 1 Melee, Moderate DoT (Lethal/Energy), Foe -Recovery, Slight Knockback-To-Hit (Weak Force) Forced Strike 2 Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Immobilize, Slight Hold (Strong Force) Fission Blow 4 Melee, High Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Knockback -To-Hit (Weak Force) Magnetic Field 10 Location (Point Blank Area of Effect), Moderate DoT (Smashing/Energy) Foe Slow, Taunt (Electromagnetism) Forced Foe 16 Melee, (Cone) Moderate Damage (Psionic/Energy), Foe Disorient, -To-Hit, Immense Mass Punch 20 Melee, Superior Damage (Energy/Lethal), Foe Immobilize, Knockback, Disorient, Slow, Confuse -To-Hit (SF,WF,EM,G) Channel Force 28 Self +Damage, +To-Hit (Strong Force) Electromagnetic Flux 35 Melee, Superior DoT (Energy/Lethal/Fire) Self +Endurance, Foe Slow, Confuse (Electromagnetism) Void 38 Ranged, (Targeted Area of Effect), High DoT (Lethal/Energy/Negative/Cold) Foe -Perception (Gravity) Powers under the Weak interaction will knockback foes Powers under the Strong interaction will immobilize foes sometimes holding them Powers under Gravity will reduce movement Powers under Electromagnetism will disorient foes and will often be confused Powers These are the following powers in the Force Melee powerset Exertion Improves most Force Melee powers while active, chance to exert more force among an opponent and will greatly inflict affects (listed above) dealing greater damage. Forced Strike You manipulate the strong interaction to increase the density in you fist and binding the particles around your blow to perform a sharp attack dealing moderate damage. Forced Strike has a small chance to grant you exertion. While active exertion will hold foes in place. Recharge Fast. Particle Decay You utilize the weak force diffuse a repulsive strike onto your opponent to diverging them into pieces on a molecular level, performing moderate damage over time. Particle Decay will have a moderate chance for exertion increasing the damage. Recharge Fast. Fission Blow You deal a slow but sharp attack that divides a foe at a subatomic level, scattering them away from the caster performing high damage. Fission Blow will have a high chance for granting exertion, while you have exertion active it will deal moderate DoT. Recharge Moderate. Assassins Exertion A signature stalker attack, this deals superior lethal and energy damage on its own its a frontal attack, you deal a strike a exerts an impressive amount of force onto a target, sometimes stunning them. When used with exertion this attack will degrade a foes defensive attributes. Recharge Slow. Channel Force You bind your body by harnessing the strong force, increasing your self density, allowing you to perform more heavy and crushing blows. This greatly boosts your attacks and chance to hit. Recharge Long. Forced Foe You begin to show great mastery of the fundamental forces and begin to mobilize them through your mind. By casting a neural force on you opponent you use their own strength against them. You use your mind to perform telekinesis binding them, then uplifting your opponent in place the dispersing them backwards within a conical range of the caster, potentially colliding them onto other opponents. When used with exertion the caption COLLISION COURSE will appear above a foe dealing Moderate DoT. This attack normally deals Moderate Damage, Recharge Slow Placate Allows you to coerce a foe to cease all aggressive action. A successful placate will also hide you for a brief moment converting the caster into a intangible dematerialized state bound by raw force. However this hide will not provide a defense bonus. However it will offer an automatic exertion or an Assassins' Blow. Magnetic Field You create a large sphere of electromagnetic energy around a location nearby, attracting foes toward you as magnetic debris flown into enemies within the sphere. This levitates targets in the air for a brief moment upon use. This attack will also disorient a target reducing their movements. While used with exertion, electromagnetic pulses will infiltrate a foes neural system confusing them and attack their allies. Maintaining this attack is a taxing feat and will greatly reduce a players endurance. Moderate DoT, Recharge Very Long. Void You compress gravitational force into a single point on a target of your choosing, completely confining them in place, plummeting their mobility to escape the darkest void of space. Collapsing the fabric of reality around said target, and slowing nearby enemies in the gap of space time. Containing this ability is a difficult task and will also drain the users endurance gradually after use, leaving the player vulnerable but not devoid of regaining endurance. When used with exertion the caption COLLAPSE will appear above the foes, holding them from within the range of the attack. This attack deals High DoT, Recharge Very Long. Electromagnetic Flux You conduct electrical energy onto an opponent, this rapid rush electronegativity attracts other other substances creating miniature magnetic field (In terms of the actual attack above) around an opponent disorienting them. This strike while encased in a magnetic field not only leaves fatal blow on the target but will also confuse them after impact attack their own teammates. This attacks grants a high chance for exertion. This attack deals Superior Damage on a foe and will partially reduce the casters endurance. Superior DoT, Recharge Very Long Immense Mass Punch You harness all the fundamental forces of matter into a single devastating blow, trembling the environment itself, however Gravity is mostly at play. This attack consisting of the strong force to bind you blows to enhance your strike, the weak force to diffuse all the energy output at a focused point. Electromagnetic waves to disorient a foe on impact and Gravity to reduce their movement as it land a tremendous amount of downward force onto an opponent crushing them, warping the space around them preventing them from recovering. After an attack with a massive magnitude foes nearby might suffer from all the affects of coming in close proximity of the forces of nature. This attack will provide an automatic exertion however it can not increase with exertion. Superior Damage, Recharge Long NEW Animation and FX for Visualization Icon Power Name Animation FX Forced Strike Mental Strike Default Particle Decay Quick Strike Kinetic (Blue) Fission Blow Sweeping Cross Blue Radiation Assassins Exertion Assassins Psi Blade (Without Blade) Blue (Default) Channel Force Power Shield Blue (Default) Placate Placate Afterburner Forced Foe Propel Propel (Random Object is instead a Targeted Foe) Magnetic Field When Self (Personal Force Field) Location (Insulation Field) Dimension Shift w/ Magnetic Aura Void Siphon Power Base Portal Electromagnetic Flux Assassins Strike (Default) Ex: Assassins Blow Electricity Immense Mass Punch Atom Smasher Attack Kinetic, Caster Electric, Ground Fault Epilogue Hope you enjoy this idea of implementing force in a way that we haven't seen use before in the game, there is a plentiful amount of science involved, however I hope I introduce and displayed them in a way that was enticing and not to like an actual physics course of fundamental forces, like I said this was idea I have been having for a while please enjoy and feel free to leave a comment on what you think. Thanks
  3. So once again I'm back optimizing my build starting from scratch! My last Dark/Shield Scrapper Murcielago was amazing and hopefully in a few years I'll have him back to that level. Below is the building I will be working towards again. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1521;675;1350;HEX;| |78DA6593D972124114867B6030B207B210CC02C444B6640093AA688C5AA5182B115| |228D13B2B4EA00D9414500329934B5FC1F50534EA8D0FA4CFE072EF321EE7FC20CA| |14D4D77DF673BABB7894F77CB8F9E4AA507CD71B7AA7B357AE187ABB2D8D911DBD7| |B68E80D419FB7786854EAB2A11FB4A2BB9B232409F7CCF68AB221A596D78D47BC8C| |F43579F950363B522BD7C8B5DADB06B69A3569C86657EB2D3CA556ABA115A4DEAE3| |70FFCBD4D551A9D5ABDEDB5F69BF5835A97B42E6B576E4B590DDC68D72BDAB556F5| |78AFA877BAD2389EA2BA92F437FE14687DA62AE2362172AAB025C024534D8169A6C| |B4BE68AE5E310A3B49855C5A9717082797A8DD4AA5DA442BC4F9DB75B7493AFC2BE| |36A5678B182EF878C8C68EF8F6DBD0DD617ACAE02ED37717BCC79CA47E1C88EF40F| |CD18F36E627E621D970DBA66364837306FFE3F8857F3969914E976A73B2AFCDB90E| |1D3885FA0314DC8D1ADC6BEC97812E879AC6C8C68B1ABCAFB9AEA537E009F896B9F| |C0E7CCF54C8D78F33F36FF399C46E31970BCC4C9199DB61DAC927809A0259AEE1CC| |0AB8CA7C4C3663D6C19A8EB1EF9C2BFA8319FF09FE62264D50F0B9FAA89909EB604| |D31111396CC4FB210E71421F47D4439C29C430D23C71C72CC21471439A2C8A192CF| |34C751A631CF18384FBA59F4359BE6BC7130051E934D04B38E3C60D9D90A5805257| |3611F846F807A98C7ACE72FF22C17D699E72E811BE0656690F22DB28F58C42C8214| |270159628965651A5D1AB234F29D909D865EB5A7DC7FEE15EE2FE9B29867167167D| |4FEFBA51F7DA2302871B26749C5832599625945D4FE1B369DA3F466586B965C969F| |B5BE3FB0D607D6FB03EBCFAEFE7B46E42F4392AFAE8137BFC5F720B9CDCC5C617EF| |B6BE350D0F7D433E6CC73F005EEC94B660C73C90ECD203524C90D495687242B4392| |DF3137E577| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  4. Time and time again do we see the oft-suggested 'Melee/Support' archetype. It comes in different names, but rarely in different structure. There's no doubt that there is a demand for an archetype that can fill the role, but despite the constant vocalisation of that it tends to eventually be drowned out by the slew of feedback that questions its viability. Without going into too much detail, there are issues in the Melee/Support design that are problematic, many of which lie with the Support side of things. Not all Support sets are suitable for operating in close range, and many of them lack the ability to protect the player as well as his teammates. Which is why I've been pondering a new powerset type in response to this; Unity. Unity powersets are simple. They act like AoE versions of the current armor powersets, allowing them to not only support the team, but also protect themselves from the amount of aggression they will face in melee range. Now, this isn't just a conversion of the armor powersets, but it does use them, as well as many support powersets, to create a structure to work from. Naturally, this new powerset type comes with advantages and disadvantages, intended to serve as a middle ground between armor and support... it does not outperform them, but it does allow for a change of playstyle. Unity as a powerset is intended to provide a little extra support mainly for other melee archetypes, but can also aid ranged archetypes with a little positional adjustment. So, here is the basic formula for a Unity powerset; 1 - AoE Armor toggle: This initial power acts much like an Armor power, but also grants the armor to nearby allies as well. Typically a resistance/defense power for smashing and lethal. 2 - Autopower: A simple autopower that will act as a baseline protection for the player. It could be as simple as a resistance power, or a +MaxHP power as seen in armor powersets. 3 - AoE Heal, Buff or Debuff: Similar to support sets like Empathy, Pain, Thermal and so on... a simple AoE Heal power or similar effect helps keep both you and your allies alive. 4 - Second AoE Armor toggle: Just as above, filling in resistance/defense power for fire, cold, energy and negative. 5 - AoE Damage/Debuff Power: Much like many armor and manipulation sets, having access to an AoE damage or debuff power helps keep on the pressure. 6 - AoE Mez Protection: A Click power that grants mez protection to yourself and nearby allies for a short while, definitely needed to keep the fight going. 7 - Self Heal/Buff: A little more in the way of personal survival could do well here, allowing you to keep yourself alive so you can continue to support your allies. 8 - AoE Debuff Power: Like before, another debuff power would do wonders to keep the enemy at bay, ensuring that you and your teammates have an easier time in the fight. 9 - AoE Mega Buff/Debuff: As the capstone ability of this powerset, something with high power and long cooldown is likely best here, whether it's a buff or debuff. With that in mind, let's look at some easy examples of what could be done; Fiery Unity: - Flame Ward: A hybridisation of Fire Shield and Thermal Shield - Temperature Protection: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura - Warmth: Same power that belongs to Thermal Radiation - Blazing Aura: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura - Plasma Ward: A hybridisation of both forms of Plasma Shield - Thawing Heat: A PBAoE version of Thaw - Healing Flames: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura - Consume: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura - Melting Blast: A PBAoE version of Melt Armor Icy Unity: - Ice Ward: A hybridisation of Ice Shield and Frozen Armor - Permafrost: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Chilling Embrace: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Icicles: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Glacial Ward: A hybridisation of Glacial Shield and Glacial Armor - Black Ice: A PBAoE version of Wet Ice - Hoarfrost: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Energy Absorption: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Heat Siphon: A PBAoE version of Heat Loss Other powersets will likely take more work, but hopefully you can see what can be done with some very basic concepts. Now, as for their application, I have some ideas as to what could be done, just as a little showcase as to what archetypes could be built around something like this; Guardian: Primary: Unity Secondary: Melee Ancillary: Ranged/Mez Inherent: Stalwart: The effects of your heals, as well as resistance and defense buffs affect you and your allies more depending on what other archetypes are present. While there are more Brutes, Tankers, Scrappers, Stalkers or Sentinels nearby, your outgoing buffs receive a large boost to strength. When there are more Blasters, Masterminds, Controllers, Dominators, Defenders or Corruptors nearby, your personal buffs receive a large boost to strength. While there are more Peacebringers, Warshades, Soldiers and Widows nearby, both your outgoing and personal buffs receive a small boost to strength. Overseer: Primary: Henchmen (Melee Conversion) Secondary: Unity Ancillary: Ranged/Mez Inherent: Command: Your outgoing buffs to pets are more powerful if there are less teammates nearby. With more teammates nearby, your pets will instead deal more damage. Champion: Primary: Assault Secondary: Unity Ancillary: Ranged/Debuff Inherent: Adaptiveness: Your melee powers have reduced endurance cost when there are more Brutes, Tankers, Scrappers, Stalkers or Sentinels nearby. Your ranged powers have reduced endurance cost when there are more Blasters, Masterminds, Controllers, Dominators, Defenders or Corruptors nearby. When there are more Blasters, Masterminds, Controllers, Dominators, Defenders or Corruptors nearby, all your powers have a slight reduced endurance cost.
  5. brigg

    The Electric Tank

    I finally put together an Electric Armor/Electric Melee tank that is quite rounded out. Hope it helps! Brigg
  6. here's short question for pro PVPers: in lvl 50+ melee pvp, who has higher chances to win 1v1: scrapper or brute? considering best 1v1 melee pvp builds, enhancements and endgame stuff for this fight both for scrapper and brute side.
  7. This is an idea to actually fill a spot that I see like a deep hole in City of Heroes now. There is no actual way to create a "Nova" (marvel) kind of character, or "Cannonball", or even Namor/Superman and any other flying+melee character from comics (there are so many examples possible, it's like 30% of superheroes are like that), let's say the "human missile" character. What makes it impossible to recreate it is mostly this: all AOE attacks that could make it seems you're using super strength (like Foot Stomp, Tremor, Atom Smasher and many many others) are all GROUND ONLY, therefore is a big NO-NO to flying characters and it makes impossible to create a strong flier (and pve without a single aoe is really slow, you need at least one, more so if you're a melee tanker which is surrounded by mobs even when playing alone, to use its resistance). The only sets that have something usable for that (excluding of course weapons of all sorts) are Psionic Melee (if you try to avoid the swords, which is already close to impossible due to the strongest attack being one, also it forces you to use "telepathy/mind control" when taunting) and Electric Melee (where you are forced to transform into a lightning to dash into enemies, and nobody would put it aside for Spring Attack, the cool-down and damage difference is far too great to ignore) The others are martial artists or weapon masters or visually or mechanically nor fit for either Hover or a "generic punching hero" (or even bugged when using Hover, I reported some of those with screens/video months ago) ... It's like City of Heroes at the moment forces you to be Hulk if you want to be strong, either with Rage mechanics or grounded-only AOEs that make the whole sets non-hover usable. At the moment Homecoming got all kind of sets with energies and elements and strange powers ready to be used (and I bet you even have difficulties imagining new ones since we got it all already, even Venom is possible to imitate with several different power sets), and yet we still cannot create a simple "flying-strong" character but just grounded Hulks? Well this is my suggestion for you, you still lack an Explosive set and a generic-melee flying-friendly set that's not a martial artist and that actually contains a decent AOE and a rare dashing ability would fit well (Spring Attack revised for the set) would be great in it (it would help to make the set "special", and Spring Attack is ready to be cloned, upgraded and included in a set and it functions already for both grounded and flyers chars). SOLUTION: a version of Super Strength or an "Explosive Punches" or "Cosmic" that has one decent AOE similar to Thunderstrike or Tremor (the animation is perfect to simulate strength and it's used by the Troll boss Atta for that specific reason and the slow animation is only bad when it's single target like in Energy Melee, but Thunderstrike and Tremor which are AOE are amazing with that cause you always hit someone after the slow animation, even if the one you targetted is dead in the meantime) and a version of Spring Attack with cooldown in line with similar dashing/AOE attacks, the animation is already perfect as it is, also while flying (it seems like the hero is launching himself like a missile, crashing on enemies and knocking them down). Shield, Savage and Electric already give you a dashing ability that explode AOE on impact, I think you can add another one which does the same but with Spring Attack's animation (and I suggest to NOT buff the actual Spring Attack available in pool powers since it would just make every player out there get another AOE, which doesn't solve anything or even gets things worse). No, we need imho a version of Spring Attack included in a specific Power Set built to include that (like electric, savage and shield do). I'd say such set should be very similar to Electric Melee in its function (single target melee attacks, Thunderstrike/Tremor AOE and final Spring Attack/Lightning Rod dashing AOE) with some differences of your choice, personally I don't care for details just that you create it to make it possible the creation of simple strong+flying superheroes. The name "Impact" (or Impact+ something else added of your choice) is perfect for a reason: it permits you to create a Power Set with "Explosive punching/hands" (Cannonball and aoe Cosmic alternatives to single-target specialized Energy melee) but with also a "no effects" version (to imitate a simple strong character), and the name would fit in both ways (Impacting punches can either come from a form of strength or energy or the missile-style dashing T9 power etc.), leaving the choice to the player if he wants the explosive energy on its hands or not, but the impact feeling on the opponents should remain the same. You can easily get animations from other sets, Tremor would be perfect as it is if you just made it Hover-friendly (no-grounded only), Spring Attack for the AOE/dash, and for single-target attacks there are many animations usable from other sets that can give you an "impact" feeling or even simple punches (a single target version of cross punch for example wouldn't be bad, in fact I would avoid cones for the set since it would have two aoes already and the game's got Titan Weapons as "strength" cones specialist already). This set would also be a viable "solution" for peoples who dislike the Rage mechanic (which is again, very Hulk-like and not in tone with Nova/Cannonball/Namor/BlackAdam/Superman clones) pretty much. Imho it would get very popular very fast, cause it fills a gap that I'd say it's laughable since the comics are filled with such characters, the simpler comics character one can imagine is the flying-strong one and yet it's the most difficult to create or even impossible at the moment. Another possible solution would be to render Tremor simply usable while flying, that would make peoples able to imitate Super Strength (like Atta does) and the set I described by also using Spring Attack with TONs of recharge sets and Fighting punches from pool powers, ignoring everything else from Stone Melee apart from Taunt (as you can see, it's very very difficult for a non-min-maxer and yet not very effective/under balanced due to pool powers being weaker, which is why I think an entire Power Set is needed to just fill the spot). A solution you shouldn't consider instead is to change Super Strength to fit this idea, cause it's actually perfect to create "Hulk/Heracles" style characters, so you should leave it like that and just create something that can fill the flying-gap (with explosive hands + no effect you'd have the excuse to do a 2nd Super Strength without Rage, with Spring Attack + Tremor which opens up several melee characters possibilities). If anyone found another solution I would be all ears and grateful, but I doubt it since it's like months I'm trying to create a simple character like that and I'm never satisfied with the result.
  8. Reaper Scythe Both a reskin and a unique take on the Battle Axe melee set. Note: because I liked their suggestion so much, this idea is going off another posters' suggested changes for Battle Axe (here). tl;dr of those battle axe changes is, axe's secondary effect would be slightly extended range (+2 to +4 feet) with some extra cleave action (some attacks are actually narrow cones) and the overall set is improved to have some higher damage attacks in conjunction to having higher recharge times. It's important to note these changes because my set takes away much of that in exchange for its unique mechanic. To reiterate, I'm suggesting this have the same cast times for most of its powers so that the set's animations can also be ported to Battle Axe as an option as well as vice versa. This, I feel (in a fantasy world where new sets are being animated), could be a way to breath new life into old sets without directly tipping the scales into power creep. The same could technically be done for any older sets, really. Another note, this is a 2-handed set. This means, technically, you could use Battle Axe animations if you want to pair this with shield or if you are Battle Axe and want to use the 2-handed animations, you cannot do so if you have Shield Defense. If you're an American comicbook purist who feels there should be an equivalent somewhere amongst DC or Marvel, this suggestion may not be for you. I'm a comicbook casual but an anime/manga enthusiast, mostly. Archetypes Reaper Scythe is a melee attack set for current Tanker, Brute and Scrapper archetypes. I'd like a version of Battle Axe for Stalker too so that I could create a scythe wielding assassin. Mechanics Reaper Scythe's unique mechanic is called Marked for Death. Every attack within the set that does damage has a small chance of granting a target the "marked for death" effect. A target under the effects of Fear has a moderately increased chance to gain the "marked for death" effect and a target under the effects of Sleep have a greatly increased chance to gain the "marked for death" effect. Reaper Scythe attacks against a target under this effect lowers their resistance to Sleep, Fear, Immobilize, Hold and Disorient effects. Marked for Death does not stack or refresh but instead, pays its effects off when it expires. As a granted power, its effects are determined by the user (the target with the "marked for death" effect). On minion and below targets, "marked for death" lasts 6 seconds. Upon expiration, the target will cast an AoE mag 2 4sec fear around itself and be immune to "marked for death" for 6 seconds. If the target dies before it expires, it will 100% pass this effect onto another minion foe within 20ft and have a moderate (20%) chance to also pass the effect onto a Lt. or above target. On a Lt or above (including players), "marked for death" lasts 6 seconds. Upon expiration, the target receives a moderate amount of Negative Energy damage and -1 mag protection for 18sec. To clarify, Reaper Scythe attacks deal Lethal damage only while Marked for Death deals Negative Energy damage to Lt or above. Name Primary Secondary Description Throat Slash 1 1 Melee, Moderate DMG(lethal), 40% Foe Knockdown, +Mark for Death Butcher 1 2 Melee, High DMG(lethal), 40% Foe Knockdown, +Mark for Death Dissect 2 4 Melee, Narrow Cone, Superior DMG(lethal), +Mark for Death Taunt 6 10 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe Taunt, -Range Reap 8 16 Self +DMG, +ToHit, Special +Absorb Crescent Cut 12 20 Melee, Superior DMG(lethal), 70% Foe Knockup, +Mark for Death Rift into the Abyss 18 28 PBAoE, Foe -ToHit, Foe Terrorize Pull 26 35 Close, Extreme DMG(lethal), Foe Teleport, +Mark for Death Guillotine 32 38 Melee Cone (180 degrees), Superior DMG(lethal), Foe +Mark for Death, +Special Powers, Alphabetically: Butcher Melee, Single Target, High Lethal Damage, Slow Recharge Counterpart to Battle Axe's Chop, this can only hit one foe but shares the same damage. A foe hit with Butcher has a chance to be Marked for Death and Knocked down. Set Categories: Melee, Knockback Crescent Cut Melee, Single Target, Superior Lethal Damage, Slow Recharge Counterpart to Battle Axe's Swoop, and shares the same damage amount. A deadly vertical slash can send your target flying upward. A foe hit with Crescent Cut has a chance to be Marked for Death and Knocked up. Set Categories: Melee, Knockback Dissect Narrow Cone, 3 Targets, Superior Lethal Damage, Slow Recharge Counterpart to Battle Axe's Gash, this shares the same cone radius but without the extra range or knockdown. This attack is slow but can strike multiple foes. Foes hit with Dissect have a chance to be Marked for Death. Set Categories: PBAoE Guillotine Melee Cone (180 degrees), Superior Lethal Damage, Special, Very Slow Recharge Counterpart to Battle Axe's Pendulum, this shares the same radius but without the extra range or knockdown and does slightly less damage. This attack spares none in its arc. Foes hit with Guillotine have a chance to be Marked for Death. If a target that is Marked for Death is hit by Guillotine, the Marked for Death effect will instantly expire after this attack. Set Categories: PBAoE Notes: When a target that is Marked is hit by a Reaper Scythe attack, their resistance to mez is reduced. This attack will apply that effect before Marked for Death is made to expire. Pull Close Range (40ft), Single Target, Extreme Lethal Damage, Foe Teleport, Very Slow Recharge Counterpart to Battle Axe's Cleave, this attack can reach at a longer range but only hits one foe. Yank a victim closer and pull your blade through them. Foes hit by Pull have a chance to be Marked for Death. Set Categories: Ranged, Teleport Notes: Same range as Claws Focus, this has the added effect of pulling a target to you (teleportation). This is the set's strongest attack, same as Battle Axe's Cleave. Reap Click: Self +DMG, +ToHit, Special +Absorb (8% Max HP), Long Recharge Counterpart to Build Up, Reap has the same damage and ToHit buff with the same duration but gets stacking +Absorb for every hit on a foe that is Marked for Death. When striking a foe that is Marked for Death, you can feed off their fear and inevitable demise, lessening their resolve to fight back. Set Categories: ToHit Buff, Heal/Absorb Notes: Stacks to max of +25% Absorb ontop of any Absorb you currently have. Max duration of 20sec. Rift into the Abyss PBAoE, Foe -ToHit, Fear, caster must be near the ground, Long Recharge Counterpart to Battle Axe's Whirling Axe, this skill does no damage but can put foes in a state of paralyzing fear. Set Categories: ToHit Debuff, Accurate ToHit Debuff, Fear Notes: For animations, I'd like two versions: one where you stab the ground, opening up a chasm underneath you as well as a "slash open the air" animation revealing a portal into someplace else for a short time. Either can work with current Whirling Axe. Throat Slash Melee, Single Target, Moderate Lethal Damage, Fast Recharge Counterpart to Beheader, the damage and effects match just without Battle Axe's extra range. Attempt to remove your opponent's head with a slash at the neck. Foes hit with Throat Slash have a chance to be Marked for Death and knocked down. Set Categories: Melee, Knockback Marked for Death Target Self: Special, 6sec Duration The chance of placing this power on a target is low (around 5%). The chance of placing this power on a terrorized target is moderate (20%). The chance of placing this power on a sleeping target is very high (75%). Foes Marked for Death will have their resistance to fear, sleep, hold, immobilize and disorient reduced by 12% for 25sec every time they are struck with a Reaper Scythe attack. When a minion or below is defeated while Marked for Death, they will cast Marked for Death on another minion within 20ft and has a low chance of casting it again on a Lt or above target. When a minion's Marked for Death expires, it casts a short range AoE mag2 fear and will remain immune to Marked for Death for 6 seconds When a Lt's or above Marked for Death expires, it will apply a Moderate to High amount of Negative Energy damage to itself and their protection to Fear, Sleep, Hold, Immobilize and Disorient is reduced by 1 for 18sec. You can reapply Marked for Death immediately after it expires. Just some thoughts, this set is supposed to shine on a Tanker moreso than a Brute or Scrapper. The damage from Marked for Death would have a base standard depending on the target, not the caster and most of its attacks are slow and powerful with a secondary effect meant for permanently shutting down targets once they are mezzed. Also, thanks to malonkey1 as I copied your post format and just plugged in new stuff.
  9. Melee Melee is a powerset currently used by Scrappers, Brutes, and Tanks that uses melee attacks. This thread is designed as a compilation of proposed Melee powersets. I will do my best to go through the entire forum to find all Melee powersets, however if I do miss one (or not describe one as you like) let me know. Tendril Melee ( A flexible take on Spines. --set is not described in post, but linked to via Google Docs-- Toxic Melee ( Toxic damage in a spineless melee set. Bio Melee ( An AoE-centric melee set that combines Lethal/Smashing/Toxic damage for a toxicly lethal smash. Volcanic Melee ( Heat and smashing damage will literally melt your enemies faces. More AoE than Fiery Melee, with different mechanics. Reaper Scythe ( A new take on battle axe that really reaps rewards when attacking higher level foes. Astral Guardian ( Astral projection that packs a punch. --set is not described in post, but linked to via Google Docs-- Psi-Blade ( Occam's Razor eat your heart out! Telekinetic Melee ( Telekinetics with melee range and a mage-hand feel. Mental Melee ( Really getting into the minds of your opponents. Single-handed Spear ( Stabby-stabby-pokey-pokey. Multi-Limbed Melee ( Four arms are better than two! Martial Prowess / MMA ( A mix of current martial arts sets for a different feel. Rapier Melee ( Dibs on the name Inigo Montoya! ST focus with rapier-quick wit and attacks... Vampiric Melee ( When you just wanna say, "bite me." Gravitic Melee ( A really heavy concept. Just remember the inverse square law... Daggers Melee ( Et tu Brute? Temporal Melee ( The time is right for this melee set! Note: Some powerset proposals were left out because they were just suggestions and not detailed sufficiently for inclusion. Note: I will also be doing a compilation for other types of powersets, but am doing them one at a time to keep the sets manageable. Note: DD8811 is the color I am using for Melee. ----- Taking a break, will complete this post at a later date, just finished going through the first 25 pages of the threads. -----
  10. Link to the full writeup here! This powerset is focused around draining the health of your victims, shutting them down with damage and crowd control, all while sustaining yourself on their essence! Melee Powers: T1: Bloody Tear Deal damage to a target and inflict DoT. Standing near a bleeding target heals you. T2: Arterial Slash Like Bloody Tear, but with less initial damage and a longer, stronger DoT. T3: Ravage Loads of damage and DoT, and you still heal by being near a bleeding target. However, this ability costs health! T4: Drain Blood Attack a target, holding both you and them for 2 seconds. In addition to dealing high damage, you heal for a significant portion of damage done. Stalker: Assassin's Bite An Assassin move that deals less damage, but can heal you for lots of health if you use it while hidden. It also teleports you behind the target, but as it's already a melee attack, that's more for show than anything else. T5: Shadow Warp Replaces abilities like Taunt, Confront, and Placate. This ability teleports you, inflicts a PBAoE fear, and has an additional effect per archetype. Tankers and Brutes deal minor damage, with Tankers also taunting foes, and Brutes gaining Fury and +Regen. Scrappers gain +DMG and +Recharge for a while. Stalkers placate nearby foes when using the ability, and become hidden after teleporting, but they don't fear targets with it. T6: Nightfall A PBAoE attack that deals damage to targets, draining their health and burning their endurance. Each target hit gives you a buff to recovery! Stalkers get Assassin's Bite at an earlier level instead. T7: Enthrall A ranged attack that deals high psychic damage and makes targets sleep. Furthermore, Enthralled targets will walk towards you while sleeping, and Drain Blood has increased effectiveness on them! T8: Fell Assault Smash down in the target location and temporarily become Slightly more monstrous, giving your T1-T3 attacks an AoE effect! T9: Biting Swarm Turn into a swarm of bats, becoming basically immune to everything except AoE, as you bite targets in a wide area. Deals very high lethal damage over the 6 second duration. Assault Powers: T1: Sanguine Strike Shoot pressurized blood at a target, dealing high damage but costing a bit of health. T2: Bloody Tear T3: Arterial Slash T4: Hellfire Shoot three fireballs in a ranged cone attack with a wide arc. Deals decent damage, but can only target 3 foes at once. T5: Drain Blood T6: Shadow Warp Dominators heal themselves, and gain a buff to damage and lifesteal as their archetype specific bonus. (This is to help make up for their comparative lack of lifesteal abilities compared to the melee variant) T7: Summon Bats / Bat Strike Using this first gives you a trio of bats that surround you, increasing your defense against ranged attacks. It then turns into Bat Strike, which is a very fast attack that turns one of your bat buffs into an untargetable pet that damages foes and heals you before expiring. T8: Enthrall T9: Biting Swarm
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