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  1. I just finished playing this new arc and the storyline was a lot of fun - it was really interesting to revisit this old contact and see the Vahzilok and Freaks in a whole new light. The varied enemy types were a lot of fun, and the twists and surprises (especially the Crey one) were great! I'm going to do my best to give feedback with minimal spoilers to the arc since my only big complaint was a mechanical one (and could possibly be a bug). The flow of the missions themselves were fine - while each one was fairly same-y (beat up EB/AV, steal something), the differences in environme
  2. I have been attempting to get all the various Ouro badge missions. The ones for "No Temp Powers" or "Enemies were Buffed", etc., however, I cannot get any above level 19. I have attempted several different missions with different options with no success. Most recently, I attempted "Nemesis Weather Control" with "Enemies Buffed", "Enhancements had no effects" and "Inspirations could not be used" Upon completion, I received the Meteorologist badge & the Warhulk badge, but did not receive Lionhearted, Indifferent or Devalued:
  3. First of all im not a Native English Speaker, so im pretty sure i will write some thing wrong ^^ (guten Tag from Germany) There is a thing that really bugs me and that is that i mostly played all lvl 50 avaiable Storyarcs a dozent times and no new lvl 50 Storyarcs have come for a long time 😞 And running lvl 50 Paper or Radio Missions feels like a tasteless meal. On the other side we have SO MANY good Storyarcs in the Lvl range from 40-45, it really bother me that u lvl so fast out there. REALY GOOD underratet Storyarcs! Is it possible to make the lvl 40 storyarcs ava
  4. I had two separate mission errors today that I think are connected to alignment. Returning to Father Time to hand in the New Year mission in the Winter Chalet, he offered to introduce me to Crimson or Umai Kanan (SP?), which is a neat trick for my Rogue. Then, after I finished a Mother Ship Raid and zapped back to Pocket D and then my Super Group's base, I tried to select a new mission with Mr. G and kept getting an Internal Error. I had to zone to St. Martial before he would give me the next mission.
  5. The second mission from Talos contact Andrea Mitchell is "Defeat Lead Cultist, His Coven" (banished pantheon). The mission briefing tells you explicitly that you will need a team with at least 2 players. There are 2 chests, in different rooms, that have to be clicked simultaneously. Or at least, that was the design, and how it was on Live. But when I just did the mission, a single person needed to click one chest, and that part of mission was complete. I can understand if a few bugs have crept in, but I really don't like it if that mission was intentionally dumbed-down to be so
  6. Something that annoys me about this game (way back when it was live) were the missions that were timed or defeat all but weren't labelled as that. They fixed the timed missions, to make sure they were described as timed before accepting them. However, the unidentified "defeat all" missions are still present and unimproved. To be clear, I am not against a mission whose stated goal is: "Defeat all villains in the base". My issue is with missions whose goals are: "Save the hostages" or "Find the evidence". You click on the glowies and rescue the NPCs, but the mission isn't over. You n
  7. While it is not particularly needed it can be fun with 8 people or with friends.Lets say you go in building enemies come to you for 5 minutes wherever you are.Additional enemies may come depending on player count.Or enemies get additional buffs if it is hard to implement.When 5 minutes timer up , There will be AV coming you need to defeat in order to continue.Respawn mechanics doesnt work there so everyone has to die to fail mission.Or you can respawn but you exit mission as well as team too.After AV defeat you can choose to continue for stronger mobs and stronger AV possible multiple AV's.Eve
  8. Advanced Architect Entertainment Tips & Tricks Just a brief rundown of some tricks to enhance your Story Arcs that you won't find in the Mission Architect Creator. For most of the Mission Arc Creator, there are tips above the text windows that give you a brief description and example. They are pretty self explanatory, but for a more in-depth description, visit the link [email protected] for more information. PERSONALIZED CODES These codes will return a word based on the Player speaking to the contact. $name $level $class $supergroup: will display “
  9. I play a Mind Control/Time Manipulation controller in Praetoria. I'm level 19 and have just taken the Resistance mission to recruit Noble Savage. Thing is, I have reached the point where you have your second fight with him ('Meet Once More With James Noble') and I literally cannot out-damage his regeneration. I have tried every possible approach, including popping as many damage and accuracy buffs as I can carry and while that did allow me to bring him close to half health once, he instantly healed everything I had done to him and by then, my inspirations had run out. I am convince
  10. Tried completing the tip mission "Steal the Shadow Shard Artifact" twice. I clicked on the blinkey, beat the two bosses, now I am supposed to talk to Mangle. He never become interactable however, so I can never finish the mission. I cleared the level of all mobs and went back and forth, exited and reentered, but I still cannot interact with Mangle.
  11. In trying to think of a way to infuse interest in some of the more obscure trial and hazard zones, I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to have special daily missions in these zones. Not only would you get a big XP bonus from a hunting mission, but it could also count towards a special reward badge for each zone. Here is just a spit-ball idea of the special badges you could get from the daily missions. There could be one or two daily missions per trial or hazard zone. Perez Prize You have completed 100 daily missions in Perez Park. This badge gives you a permanent 1.25%
  12. There are some things that even veteran players could be informed about and putting that stuff in the loading screen tips would reach a large portion of the player base. One common occurrence is that some member of the team will enter the mission too quickly, before the mission holder is in the zone where the mission door is, and the whole mission will be set to default difficulty instead of the difficulty from the settings. The default setting is +0x0, which for example in level 50 content with a level shift means encountering enemies that con -1 to the players. Since the bug has been a
  13. Please could someone help me out? I'm looking for a list of missions (in order) which tell the main stories. When I say, "Main", I mean the ones involving Statesman (in Primal) and Cole (in Praetoria). Other signature arcs would be a bonus, but I'm interested in the Statesman stuff primarily.
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