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  1. Hello members of the forums, I have been recently playing a control based archetype and have noticed that's there is fairly few control powerset options for control and assault as opposed to melee or ranged. As someone who prefers being a melee combatant myself I never saw this as an issue, as many people (like myself) prefer to attack enemies up close or from a distance. So the shortage of option was never a concern to me. However after playing as a dominator myself, I recognize that it is a unique playstyle and I wanted to expand on the powerset choices. I though it would be cool to introduce new Control and Assault sets, to bring more selections for Controllers and Dominators. The new theme for this powerset, would deal with space and the cosmos, an idea that isn't implemented or explored in game for players. Hopefully these themes may reinvest people into Crowd Control or grant new options for those who traditionally enjoy it. So without further a due, here is my new powerset proposal. Huge thanks to @Vanden for providing the icons. You always provide a great deal of help and creative insight towards these sets. -Omnibus FYI Spatial - Will deal with manipulating and controlling space i.e. distance and how space is bent. Ex: Distorting the space time continuums, decreasing distance between an object etc... Cosmic/Astro - Will deal with manipulating and controlling phenomenons within space and universe. Ex: Stars, asteroids, comets etc.. Introducing a new theme to Control and Assault powersets... Spatial Control Spatial Control allows you to distort the space time continuum, alter the distance between targets, and bend your surrounding environment. The sheer magnitude of altering space is so great it will often repel targets from the caster upon usage. Spatial Control is available as a primary set for Controllers & Dominators. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Gravitational Pull 1 Ranged, Minor Damage (Smash), Foe Immobilize Displace 1 Ranged, Moderate Damage (Smash), Foe Teleport (Knockup) Compression 2 Ranged, Moderate DoT(Smash), Foe Hold Disperse 6 Ranged, Moderate Damage (Smash), Foe Knockback Event Horizon 8 Targeted AoE, Minor DoT (Smash), Foe Immobilize Space Time Rift 12 Location AoE, Foe Intangibility, Hold, Slow Big Crunch 18 Targeted AoE, Foe Hold Tesseract 26 Ranged Foe teleport, Foe disorient, knockback Abyss 32 Summon Abyss Powers These are the following powers in the Spatial Control powerset Damages will be adjusted to Dominators Gravitational Pull You warp space to transfer your foe into the gravitational pull of another planet underneath them, this foreign gravitational field is so immense it immobilizes them in place and deals minor DoT. Displace You alter the distance of you opponent within space to move them upward in an instant, only for them to fall downward dealing moderate smashing damage. When use with Compression/Hold the caption DISTORT will appear above a target (as more space is being distorted), dealing an additional damage allowing for more devastating blows. Compression You crush all the space around a foe binding them, and removing their movement altogether. This attack limits your opponents space needed for them to move and deals moderate DoT. Disperse You alter space to scatter an attack many distances to berate the target in front of you. This attack deals moderate damage. When used with Compression/Hold the caption DISTORT will appear once more above a target dealing additional damage. Event Horizon You select a target of your choosing into the event horizon of a black hole, a point of no return in which light cannot escape. This horizon encompasses over a widespread area immobilizing foes of the surrounding area of the foe of choice. This attack cannot be avoided if foes are in spherical distance of the targeted enemy. Space Time Rift You open a rift on the space time continuum, this distortion of space freezes time around a spherical area of a location of you choosing, foes near the rift will experience a reduction of movement speed while enemies caught directly in it will be held temporally. Maintaining this rift is a taxing feat and will rapidly decrease the users endurance. Big Crunch You compress the space over a widespread area and implode the surrounding environment forcing all foes in a spherical area of the target of your choice to be held. Foes after the affects ware of will still experience a 5 second reduction in movement before they are normal again. Tesseract You open up a cubical wormhole, that transports enemies across space time to another distance. This spatial migration is very disorienting for an opponent and knocking them backwards stunning them for a brief period of time. Abyss You tear through the fabric of spacetime to depths of existence, to summon a gap in reality that unleashes a plethora of spatial based attacks for your assistance. Spatial Assault Spatial Assault allows you to disrupt the space time continuum to alter the movement of attacks and creating shifts in the fabric of reality often disorienting your foes. Spatial Assault is available as a secondary set for Controllers & Dominators. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Expansive Blast 1 Ranged, Minor Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Knockback Momentum Strike 2 Melee, High Damage(Smash/Energy), Foe: Disorient Ripple Effect 4 Ranged (Cone) Minor Damage(Lethal/Smash), Foe: High Knockback Distortion Wave 10 Ranged, Moderate Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Knockback -Perception, DoT proc Power Boost 16 Self +Special +DMG Higgs Field 20 Point Blank Area of Effect Melee, Moderate Damage(Smash/Energy), Foe Knockdown Intense Pressure 28 Melee, Extreme Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Disorient Instance 35 Sniper, Superior Damage(Energy/Lethal), Foe: Knockback Lightspeed 38 Close, High Damage(Energy/Lethal), Foe: Knockback Powers These are the following powers in the Spatial Assault powerset Expansive Blast You extend the movement of your attack through spacetime, creating a repulsing blast that repels a target backwards. Deals minor damage and has a chance for a slight knockback. Momentum Strike You manipulate space to reduce friction and attack you opponent at accelerated speeds, often disorienting a foe and dealing high damage. Ripple Effect You create a ripple in the fabric of spacetime pushing back enemies away from the caster. Deals minor damage and will knockback a foe. Distortion Wave You distort the space time continuum and berate you opponent with a full wave of morphed space that overwhelms a foe surrounding environment, this disruption is so tense it may do damage in the future on the same target if still in a similar area of the attack Power Boost Typical power boost attack, generic special Higgs Field You generate a miniature field of warped space around you in which mass has grown exponentially. This sphere of space increase in mass prevents all foes surrounding the from getting up. Deals moderate damage, and knocks down enemies. Reference to Higgs mechanism in which all matter is given mass my this hypothetical structure/field, anything that has mass must be within or go through this field. Intense Pressure You focus all the pressure of your surrounding environment reshaping the space time continuum, to bombard your target with the force of sheer pressure. The intensity of this attack is so immense it may migrate to another opponent. Deals Extreme Damage, high chance for disorient. Instance You expel a long distance attack that travels at Planck time, dealing superior damage. This attack can potentially disorient foes and knock them back. The sheer speed of this attack is such that the caster loses no momentum upon activation. This attack is instant. Lightspeed You perform a strike that is so fast it moves at the speed of light, teleporting the caster into their opponent. Deals high damage and will knock back a foe. Cosmic Control Cosmic Control allows you to manipulate universal anomalies to restrict you foes movement and control celestial bodies. Controlling the cosmos itself cataclysmic feat and will often deal energy damage from your mastery of outer space. Power Level Effect Orbital Grasp 1 Ranged, Minor Damage (Energy), Foe Immobilize Vacuum 1 Ranged, Moderate Damage (Negative), Foe Knockup Galactic Bind 2 Ranged, Moderate DoT(Energy/Negative), Foe Hold Blazar 6 Ranged, Moderate Damage (Energy/Fire), Foe Knockback Asteroid Field 8 Targeted AoE, Minor DoT (Smash), Foe Snare Stellar Core 12 Location AoE, Moderate DoT (Fire/Energy) Foe Slow, Disorient Nebula 18 Targeted AoE, Foe Hold, -Perception Quantum Tunnel 26 Ranged foe teleport, Foe confuse, knockback Exosolar One 32 Summon Bright Nova Powers These are the following powers in the Cosmic Control powerset. Orbital Grasp You summon a vortex into the orbit of another planet underneath your opponent that's gravity is much larger than Earths, this immense pull of the target immobilizes them. Vacuum You open a funnel in space generating a miniature black hole knocking them downward. Deals Moderate Damage, when used with hold the strength will amplify under the caption COLLISION. Galactic Bind You encircle your opponent with a miniature galaxy bound at their center, the strength of the active galactic nucleus constricts the foes movement holding them in place dealing a moderate DoT. Blazar You jet forward a gleaming blast of scorching energy from the core of a galaxy, this attacks deals moderate damage and a slight chance for knockback. Deals moderate damage however when used with hold the strength will amplify under the caption COLLISION. Asteroid Field You transform the battlefield into an area filled with asteroids, these asteroid bombard multiple targets restricting their movement and mobility. Stellar Core Your mastery of the cosmos allows you to open a rift into the inner core of the sun, the heat from the sun is so immense it stuns your foes while severely limiting their mobility and ability to attack. This attack can be used on an area of your choosing Nebula You unleash a nebula onto an opponent of your choice, the nuclear fusion generated from within these stellar clouds of dust holds a foe in place as it spreads outward over a widespread area affecting other nearby targets, negating their perception. Quantum Tunneling You open a portal of a luminous galactic nucleus, this nucleus containing a supermassive black hole sucks in so much energy it instantly migrates your opponent to its location. The effect of this traveling ways in heavy on your foe, and will suffer from confusion whist in a state of panic. Slight chance for knockback. Exosolar One Your understanding of the cosmos allows you to transport an extraterrestrial from another planet to fight by your side. This being is capable of utilizing cosmos with a variety of energy based attacks. Astro Assault Astro Assault allows you to expel a variety of universal phenomenon's to project onto you opponents bombarding them with the objects from the night sky. Barraging you enemies celestial bodies of deep space a phenomenal feat and its cosmic impact will often degrade the defense of an opponent from the sheer magnitude of the attack. Power Level Effect Meteor 1 Ranged, Minor Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Knockback Orion Arm 2 Melee, High Damage(Smash/Energy), Foe: Disorient Luminous Ignition 4 Ranged Minor Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: High Knockback Galactic Cyclone 10 Ranged, Moderate Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Knockback Heliopause 16 Toggle: Self +Special Foe Repel, Knockdown Supernova 20 Point Blank Area of Effect Melee, High Damage(Fire/Energy) Collapsing Star 28 Melee, Extreme Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Disorient Halley's Comet 35 Sniper, Superior Damage(Energy/Lethal), Foe: Knockback Big Bang 38 Close, Superior Damage(Energy/Smash), +DMG, DEF (All) Foe: Knockback, -Perception over PBAoE Powers Meteor You summon a meteor from deep space to launch at your opponent knocking them down. Deals Minor Damage. Orion Arm You propel your arm forward harnessed by galactic energy for a single fatal swing disorienting a foe. Deals High Damage. Luminous Ignition You generate a miniature sun in the palms of your hands and cast it down outward to your opponent, knocking them backwards. Deals Minor Damage. Galactic Cyclone You circulate the air of your surrounding to create a miniature galaxy in which rapidly rushes forward in a swift strike, repelling foes caught in its path. Deals Moderate Damage. Heliopause You surround your self with the force of outer space, which stops all other external forces from gaining close contact with you. This attack when toggled repels foes when close to the caster. Supernova You show unleash an attack of a exploding star, this rapid expansion of stellar energy combust violently and easily scatters energy over a widespread area. Collapsing Star This move shows great mastery over the cosmos, as you lunge into the air and preform an attacks that compresses the energy of a supernova and concentrates it into a single blow affecting a single target. Will disorient a foe from the sheer impact. Deals Extreme Damage Halley's Comet A focused blast of immense strength and speed for collected over traveling lightyears at a time. This is a sniper attack and is best fired from a distance as it can be interrupted. Deals Superior Damage Big Bang A truly phenomenal feat, you bring forth the very spark of creation. You discharge the unbridled spark of existence across the battlefield, the massive radiance of this move forces all foes to loose their perception over a point blank area, as well as knockback foes and severely degrade their defensive and offensive capabilities. The energy brought forth from this attack is is so uncontained you will gain a boost in you combat attributes from the rapid influx of energy. NEW FX & Animation for Visualization Icon Power Name Animation FX Gravitational Pull Crush Crush Displace Levitate Teleport Compression Siphon Power Target: Afterburner Disperse Transference Speed Boost Event Horizon Time Crawl Caster: Time Crawl Foe: Temporal Mending w/out Self FX Space Time Rift Distortion Field Target: Time Stop Surrounding Targets: Slow Movement Big Crunch Slowed Response Caster: Time Crawl Target: Time's Juncture w/out Self FX Tesseract Translocation Base Select (Item) Abyss Rune of Protection Summon: Singularity (Black) Expansive Blast Aging Touch Aging Touch Momentum Strike Air Superiority Air Superiority Ripple Effect Wall of Force Wall of Force Distortion Wave Future Pain Echo Chamber Power Boost Chronos Chronos Higgs Field Disruption Aura Mass Levitation Intense Pressure Energy Transfer Target: Sound Cannon Jump Effect: Echo Chamber Instance N/A Sound FX: Sniper Blast Lightspeed Burst of Speed Time Shift Orbital Grasp Crush Levitate Vacuum Dehydrate Dehydrate Galactic Bind Time Crawl Time Crawl Blazar Power Burst Power Burst (Orange) Asteroid Field Meteor Snow Storm w/ Rock FX Stellar Core Dimension Shift Dimension Shift (Yellow) Nebula Steamy Mist Steamy Mist (Light Purple, Faded Green) Quantum Tunneling Time Shift Time Shift Exosolar One Time Crawl Rikiti Portal Summon: White Dwarf Meteor Meteor Meteor Orion Arm Sweeping Cross Time Crawl Luminous Ignition Repulsion Bomb Repulsion Bomb (Yellow) (Peacebringer Brightness FX) Galactic Cyclone Psionic Tornado Psionic Tornado: Movement Tornado Heliopause Personal Force Field Personal Force Field Supernova Chrono Shift Chrono Shift & Pulsar Collapsing Star Incandescent Strike Incandescent Strike Halley's Comet Sniper Shot Piercing Beam Big Bang Thunder Clap Dawn Strike - Finally NEW Additional Animation and FX soon for Visualization Epilogue Thank you those who enjoyed viewing my proposal. This is an idea I want to see implemented in the came because of the lack of universal themes in this superpowered MMO. I would like to see more themes like this whether it is in a different set, however I choose control and assault as they were the ones I'd like to see get added onto the most and provides for a whole new range of themes and qualities we can add to powersets in the game. Some of these concept draw from quantum mechanics and scientific studies about deep space, so I hope if you caught some of the references. Nevertheless Hope you enjoyed exploring the cosmos.
  2. So! one of the biggest issues faced when creating new powersets is the difficulty faced introducing new assets to the game, which is why many of the newer powersets are created from existing assets that are already used in other powersets (Such as Savage Assault, Ninja Training and Radiation Melee). In order to produce new powersets, it seems most likely that they would be created from what we have already, which is why we've seen many more Manipulation and Assault sets than any others (since they are mostly formed from existing powers). So with that in mind, I was pondering what other powersets could be engineered from the assets already available, effectively 'recycling' them into new forms. I had a couple of crude ideas that I've listed below, they are in no way a working product, more a proof of concept that could hopefully inspire a new arsenal of powersets that could be introduced in one way or the other. The aim of the game is to use as much existing material as I could, so they would seem plausible to implement at the least, and entirely possible at the most. Earth Blast You are able to upheave and project stone to powerful effect! Earth Blast focuses on a mixture of smashing and fire damage, and many attacks have a chance to stun your foes. - Stone Spears: Taken directly from Earth Assault. This power fits nicely for a simple single-target damage attack - Lava Blast: A power belonging to the Minions of Igneous, hurling lava that deals high fire DoT - Shards of Stone: A power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth, firing rocky shards in a cone. - Basalt Bomb: Another power belonging to the Minions of Igneous, hurling a ball of magma that explodes and deals high fire DoT. - Hurl Boulder: Taken from Earth Assault/Stone Melee. A good short range/high damage attack that was a nice fit. - Upthrust: A power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth. delivering smashing damage in an AoE, with a lethal DoT effect and chance to knockdown. - Ryolite: Another Minions of Igneous power, holds a foe and deals moderate fire DoT - Fissure: Another Earth Assault power. Fissure acts a nice ability later in the set with close range and high damage. - Meteor: Another unique Talons of Vengeance power. We remove the special NPC mechanics, and focus on the superior smashing damage, moderate fire DoT, and a chance to stun or knockback. Earth Manipulation You can manipulate the earth to contain and control your enemies, while bringing rocks crashing down upon them. - Stone Prison: Taken from Earth Control. This power suits just fine for the single target immobilize as you may expect. - Stone Fist: Taken from Stone Melee. This works as the first melee attack available. - Fossilize: Again taken from Earth Control. Just like many manipulation sets, the inclusion of a single target hold also seemed fitting. - Build Up: A standard Build Up power as expected. - Tremor: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works as a nice AoE melee attack as seen in other Manipulation sets. - Mud Bath: A modified version of Mud Pots. This power also grants endurance recovery and health regeneration to the player. - Fault: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works as a nice control power that has no damage. - Ash Fall: Another power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth, functioning much like Snow Storm - Seismic Smash: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works perfectly as a high damage melee attack with mez capability. Throwing Blades You are trained with deadly throwing blades, armed with an assortment of martial weaponry to attack your foes from afar. - Shuriken Throw: Taken from Martial Assault. This fits well for the low damage/quick recharge attack. - Throwing Dagger: An NPC power used by a multitude of enemies, ideal for a moderate damage ranged attack. - Trick Shot: Taken directly from Martial Assault. this ability works well as a nice AoE ability. - Shrapnel Shuriken: A renamed version of Weapon Mastery's Exploding Shuriken. This works as a basic AoE power. - Aim: Your basic blast set 'Aim' power. - Masterful Throw: Also taken from Martial Assault. This works perfectly as a snipe ability. - Fan of Blades: NPCs like Chance McKnight have a similar ability called 'Shurikens', which is a cone version of the standard Shuriken power. Though I would perhaps give it the Eviscerate/Ripper animation. - Explosive Shuriken: Taken from Martial Assault. this power works well as a low-range/high-damage attack - Blade Storm: The T9 for this set would likely be a mix of projectiles thrown in all directions, likely using the same animation as Typhoon's Edge. Other sets in this thread: Primaries (Blast, Control, Melee, Henchmen) Secondaries (Manipulation, Assault, Armor, Support) Ancillaries
  3. Upon revisiting the game I've had time to play kinetic melee a power that used to deal a substantial amount of damage until being massively reduced in the live server. I have seen and supported various suggestions on how to return kinetic melee to its former glory. However upon discussing on what kinetic can do it grew into an idea of an entirely new power. While noticing the various types of force related powersets, Kinetics (Both), Force of Will, Gravity Control, and Force Field, I had wanted to create a powerset that would be based of the 4 fundamental forces of nature, allowing for more variation in attacks. Instead of just repelling targets and dealing damage, you'd be able to harness all the forces from Strong and Weak interactions, from expanding on electronegativity, as well as manipulating gravity in a unique way that hasn't been implemented in the game. Special thanks to @Vanden for providing the icons. Introducing a new addition to force based attacks... Force Melee Force Melee allows you to concentrate sharp attacks of the four fundamental forces of matter to defeat your foes. Dealing with these forces is an unstable feat and will often substantially bombard opponents with force, leading to varying affects depending on the forces being performed as the forces that keep them intact are being used against them. It is a primary powerset for Scrappers, Brutes, and Stalkers, and a secondary powerset for Tankers. Power Tables Brute & Scrapper Force Melee is available as a primary set for Brutes & Scrappers. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Power Level Effect Forced Strike 1 Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Immobilize, Slight Hold (Strong Force) Particle Decay 1 Melee, Moderate DoT (Lethal/Energy), Foe -Recovery, Slight Knockback-To-Hit (Weak Force) Fission Blow 2 Melee, High Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Knockback -To-Hit (Weak Force) Channel Force 6 Self: +Damage +To-Hit (Strong Force) Forced Foe 8 Melee, (Cone) Moderate Damage (Psionic/Energy), Foe Disorient, -To-Hit, Magnetic Field 12 Location (Point Blank Area of Effect), Moderate DoT (Smashing/Energy) Foe Slow, Taunt (Electromagnetism) Void 18 Ranged, (Targeted Area of Effect), High DoT (Lethal/Energy/Negative/Cold) Foe -Perception(Gravity) Electromagnetic Flux 26 Melee, Superior DoT (Energy/Lethal/Fire) Self +Endurance, Foe Slow, Confuse (Electromagnetism) Immense Mass Punch 32 Melee, Superior Damage (Energy/Lethal), Foe Immobilize, Knockback, Disorient, Slow, Confuse -To-Hit (SF,WF,EM,G) Stalker Force Melee is available as a primary set for Stalkers. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Forced Strike 1 Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Immobilize, Slight Hold (Strong Force) Particle Decay 1 Melee, Moderate DoT (Lethal/Energy), Foe -Recovery, Slight Knockback-To-Hit (Weak Force) Fission Blow 2 Melee, High Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Knockback -To-Hit (Weak Force) Assassin's Exertion 6 Melee, Special Damage(Lethal/Energy) (Any force if you think about it) Channel Force 8 Self +Damage, +To-Hit (Strong Force) Placate 12 Ranged, Foe Placate; Self +Stealth/Hide Forced Foe 18 Melee, (Cone) Moderate Damage (Psionic/Energy), Foe Disorient, -To-Hit, Electromagnetic Flux 26 Melee, Superior DoT (Energy/Lethal/Fire) Self +Endurance, Foe Slow, Confuse (Electromagnetism) Immense Mass Punch 32 Melee, Superior Damage (Energy/Lethal), Foe Immobilize, Knockback, Disorient, Slow, Confuse -To-Hit (SF,WF,EM,G) Tanker Force Melee is available as a secondary set for Tankers. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Power Level Effect Particle Decay 1 Melee, Moderate DoT (Lethal/Energy), Foe -Recovery, Slight Knockback-To-Hit (Weak Force) Forced Strike 2 Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Immobilize, Slight Hold (Strong Force) Fission Blow 4 Melee, High Damage (Lethal/Energy), Foe Knockback -To-Hit (Weak Force) Magnetic Field 10 Location (Point Blank Area of Effect), Moderate DoT (Smashing/Energy) Foe Slow, Taunt (Electromagnetism) Forced Foe 16 Melee, (Cone) Moderate Damage (Psionic/Energy), Foe Disorient, -To-Hit, Immense Mass Punch 20 Melee, Superior Damage (Energy/Lethal), Foe Immobilize, Knockback, Disorient, Slow, Confuse -To-Hit (SF,WF,EM,G) Channel Force 28 Self +Damage, +To-Hit (Strong Force) Electromagnetic Flux 35 Melee, Superior DoT (Energy/Lethal/Fire) Self +Endurance, Foe Slow, Confuse (Electromagnetism) Void 38 Ranged, (Targeted Area of Effect), High DoT (Lethal/Energy/Negative/Cold) Foe -Perception (Gravity) Powers under the Weak interaction will knockback foes Powers under the Strong interaction will immobilize foes sometimes holding them Powers under Gravity will reduce movement Powers under Electromagnetism will disorient foes and will often be confused Powers These are the following powers in the Force Melee powerset Exertion Improves most Force Melee powers while active, chance to exert more force among an opponent and will greatly inflict affects (listed above) dealing greater damage. Forced Strike You manipulate the strong interaction to increase the density in you fist and binding the particles around your blow to perform a sharp attack dealing moderate damage. Forced Strike has a small chance to grant you exertion. While active exertion will hold foes in place. Recharge Fast. Particle Decay You utilize the weak force diffuse a repulsive strike onto your opponent to diverging them into pieces on a molecular level, performing moderate damage over time. Particle Decay will have a moderate chance for exertion increasing the damage. Recharge Fast. Fission Blow You deal a slow but sharp attack that divides a foe at a subatomic level, scattering them away from the caster performing high damage. Fission Blow will have a high chance for granting exertion, while you have exertion active it will deal moderate DoT. Recharge Moderate. Assassins Exertion A signature stalker attack, this deals superior lethal and energy damage on its own its a frontal attack, you deal a strike a exerts an impressive amount of force onto a target, sometimes stunning them. When used with exertion this attack will degrade a foes defensive attributes. Recharge Slow. Channel Force You bind your body by harnessing the strong force, increasing your self density, allowing you to perform more heavy and crushing blows. This greatly boosts your attacks and chance to hit. Recharge Long. Forced Foe You begin to show great mastery of the fundamental forces and begin to mobilize them through your mind. By casting a neural force on you opponent you use their own strength against them. You use your mind to perform telekinesis binding them, then uplifting your opponent in place the dispersing them backwards within a conical range of the caster, potentially colliding them onto other opponents. When used with exertion the caption COLLISION COURSE will appear above a foe dealing Moderate DoT. This attack normally deals Moderate Damage, Recharge Slow Placate Allows you to coerce a foe to cease all aggressive action. A successful placate will also hide you for a brief moment converting the caster into a intangible dematerialized state bound by raw force. However this hide will not provide a defense bonus. However it will offer an automatic exertion or an Assassins' Blow. Magnetic Field You create a large sphere of electromagnetic energy around a location nearby, attracting foes toward you as magnetic debris flown into enemies within the sphere. This levitates targets in the air for a brief moment upon use. This attack will also disorient a target reducing their movements. While used with exertion, electromagnetic pulses will infiltrate a foes neural system confusing them and attack their allies. Maintaining this attack is a taxing feat and will greatly reduce a players endurance. Moderate DoT, Recharge Very Long. Void You compress gravitational force into a single point on a target of your choosing, completely confining them in place, plummeting their mobility to escape the darkest void of space. Collapsing the fabric of reality around said target, and slowing nearby enemies in the gap of space time. Containing this ability is a difficult task and will also drain the users endurance gradually after use, leaving the player vulnerable but not devoid of regaining endurance. When used with exertion the caption COLLAPSE will appear above the foes, holding them from within the range of the attack. This attack deals High DoT, Recharge Very Long. Electromagnetic Flux You conduct electrical energy onto an opponent, this rapid rush electronegativity attracts other other substances creating miniature magnetic field (In terms of the actual attack above) around an opponent disorienting them. This strike while encased in a magnetic field not only leaves fatal blow on the target but will also confuse them after impact attack their own teammates. This attacks grants a high chance for exertion. This attack deals Superior Damage on a foe and will partially reduce the casters endurance. Superior DoT, Recharge Very Long Immense Mass Punch You harness all the fundamental forces of matter into a single devastating blow, trembling the environment itself, however Gravity is mostly at play. This attack consisting of the strong force to bind you blows to enhance your strike, the weak force to diffuse all the energy output at a focused point. Electromagnetic waves to disorient a foe on impact and Gravity to reduce their movement as it land a tremendous amount of downward force onto an opponent crushing them, warping the space around them preventing them from recovering. After an attack with a massive magnitude foes nearby might suffer from all the affects of coming in close proximity of the forces of nature. This attack will provide an automatic exertion however it can not increase with exertion. Superior Damage, Recharge Long NEW Animation and FX for Visualization Icon Power Name Animation FX Forced Strike Mental Strike Default Particle Decay Quick Strike Kinetic (Blue) Fission Blow Sweeping Cross Blue Radiation Assassins Exertion Assassins Psi Blade (Without Blade) Blue (Default) Channel Force Power Shield Blue (Default) Placate Placate Afterburner Forced Foe Propel Propel (Random Object is instead a Targeted Foe) Magnetic Field When Self (Personal Force Field) Location (Insulation Field) Dimension Shift w/ Magnetic Aura Void Siphon Power Base Portal Electromagnetic Flux Assassins Strike (Default) Ex: Assassins Blow Electricity Immense Mass Punch Atom Smasher Attack Kinetic, Caster Electric, Ground Fault Epilogue Hope you enjoy this idea of implementing force in a way that we haven't seen use before in the game, there is a plentiful amount of science involved, however I hope I introduce and displayed them in a way that was enticing and not to like an actual physics course of fundamental forces, like I said this was idea I have been having for a while please enjoy and feel free to leave a comment on what you think. Thanks
  4. Time and time again do we see the oft-suggested 'Melee/Support' archetype. It comes in different names, but rarely in different structure. There's no doubt that there is a demand for an archetype that can fill the role, but despite the constant vocalisation of that it tends to eventually be drowned out by the slew of feedback that questions its viability. Without going into too much detail, there are issues in the Melee/Support design that are problematic, many of which lie with the Support side of things. Not all Support sets are suitable for operating in close range, and many of them lack the ability to protect the player as well as his teammates. Which is why I've been pondering a new powerset type in response to this; Unity. Unity powersets are simple. They act like AoE versions of the current armor powersets, allowing them to not only support the team, but also protect themselves from the amount of aggression they will face in melee range. Now, this isn't just a conversion of the armor powersets, but it does use them, as well as many support powersets, to create a structure to work from. Naturally, this new powerset type comes with advantages and disadvantages, intended to serve as a middle ground between armor and support... it does not outperform them, but it does allow for a change of playstyle. Unity as a powerset is intended to provide a little extra support mainly for other melee archetypes, but can also aid ranged archetypes with a little positional adjustment. So, here is the basic formula for a Unity powerset; 1 - AoE Armor toggle: This initial power acts much like an Armor power, but also grants the armor to nearby allies as well. Typically a resistance/defense power for smashing and lethal. 2 - Autopower: A simple autopower that will act as a baseline protection for the player. It could be as simple as a resistance power, or a +MaxHP power as seen in armor powersets. 3 - AoE Heal, Buff or Debuff: Similar to support sets like Empathy, Pain, Thermal and so on... a simple AoE Heal power or similar effect helps keep both you and your allies alive. 4 - Second AoE Armor toggle: Just as above, filling in resistance/defense power for fire, cold, energy and negative. 5 - AoE Damage/Debuff Power: Much like many armor and manipulation sets, having access to an AoE damage or debuff power helps keep on the pressure. 6 - AoE Mez Protection: A Click power that grants mez protection to yourself and nearby allies for a short while, definitely needed to keep the fight going. 7 - Self Heal/Buff: A little more in the way of personal survival could do well here, allowing you to keep yourself alive so you can continue to support your allies. 8 - AoE Debuff Power: Like before, another debuff power would do wonders to keep the enemy at bay, ensuring that you and your teammates have an easier time in the fight. 9 - AoE Mega Buff/Debuff: As the capstone ability of this powerset, something with high power and long cooldown is likely best here, whether it's a buff or debuff. With that in mind, let's look at some easy examples of what could be done; Fiery Unity: - Flame Ward: A hybridisation of Fire Shield and Thermal Shield - Temperature Protection: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura - Warmth: Same power that belongs to Thermal Radiation - Blazing Aura: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura - Plasma Ward: A hybridisation of both forms of Plasma Shield - Thawing Heat: A PBAoE version of Thaw - Healing Flames: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura - Consume: Same power that belongs to Fiery Aura - Melting Blast: A PBAoE version of Melt Armor Icy Unity: - Ice Ward: A hybridisation of Ice Shield and Frozen Armor - Permafrost: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Chilling Embrace: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Icicles: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Glacial Ward: A hybridisation of Glacial Shield and Glacial Armor - Black Ice: A PBAoE version of Wet Ice - Hoarfrost: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Energy Absorption: Same power that belongs to Ice Armor - Heat Siphon: A PBAoE version of Heat Loss Other powersets will likely take more work, but hopefully you can see what can be done with some very basic concepts. Now, as for their application, I have some ideas as to what could be done, just as a little showcase as to what archetypes could be built around something like this; Guardian: Primary: Unity Secondary: Melee Ancillary: Ranged/Mez Inherent: Stalwart: The effects of your heals, as well as resistance and defense buffs affect you and your allies more depending on what other archetypes are present. While there are more Brutes, Tankers, Scrappers, Stalkers or Sentinels nearby, your outgoing buffs receive a large boost to strength. When there are more Blasters, Masterminds, Controllers, Dominators, Defenders or Corruptors nearby, your personal buffs receive a large boost to strength. While there are more Peacebringers, Warshades, Soldiers and Widows nearby, both your outgoing and personal buffs receive a small boost to strength. Overseer: Primary: Henchmen (Melee Conversion) Secondary: Unity Ancillary: Ranged/Mez Inherent: Command: Your outgoing buffs to pets are more powerful if there are less teammates nearby. With more teammates nearby, your pets will instead deal more damage. Champion: Primary: Assault Secondary: Unity Ancillary: Ranged/Debuff Inherent: Adaptiveness: Your melee powers have reduced endurance cost when there are more Brutes, Tankers, Scrappers, Stalkers or Sentinels nearby. Your ranged powers have reduced endurance cost when there are more Blasters, Masterminds, Controllers, Dominators, Defenders or Corruptors nearby. When there are more Blasters, Masterminds, Controllers, Dominators, Defenders or Corruptors nearby, all your powers have a slight reduced endurance cost.
  5. I've had an idea for a new defensive set centered around the Absorb mechanic for a while now, and I may as well toss it out there! Barrier Defense A High-Tech Force Field, Defensive Runes that project a field vs attacks, or a second skin that formed via a mutation, you are able to conjure an incredibly tough Barrier around yourself for protection! Barrier Defense aims to fill a thematic defensive niche where your character is able to shrug off damage thanks to attacks hitting a personal barrier instead of themselves, and rely mainly on a high amount of (Temp HP) to survive, along with some offensive tools. 1.) Power Barrier: Basic armor toggle, grants you a refreshing absorb amount that does not decay, but will hit a cap of 50% after some time. The idea is that by letting it build to 50% you can have impressive defense vs alphas, but then repeated hits will start to sting. The refreshing ticks help negate this somewhat but requires time to build up to actual shielding. Toggle, 5% Absorb per tick (3 s), Max Absorb = 50% (Un-enhanceable) 2.) Activate Shields: Emergency Click Power. Perma out of the box, Activate Shields gets you an instant amount of shielding as well as boosts your Absorb Cap temporarily, this does not stack but cutting the recharge down allows you to rapidly replenish shielding and keep your max shields higher. Click, 30% Absorb for 60s. 60s base Recharge. +25% Max Absorb (Un-enhanceable) 3.) Base Shielding: Your character has a passive layer of shielding on themselves. This grants a small amount of defense, as well as increased Max HP and a boost to Healing/Absorb. Sort of a basic passive. Passive, 2.5% Def vs All but PSY, +10% Max Hp, +10% Healing/Absorb Enhancement 4.) Advanced Filter: Mez Protection Toggle. Adds a bit extra absorb per Tick like with Power Barrier, but also grants a substantial bonus to resistance vs Debuff Effects (Slow, End Drain, Defense, etc) as long as you have any active Absorption. If the game cannot recognize X amount of Absorb being active or not, then this can be changed to have more generic resists. Toggle, 1% Absorb per tick (3 s), Special: 50% res vs (Debuffs) while Absorb is active [If impossible, can be 25~30%] 5.) Reflection: Your shielding reacts to incoming attacks and can even reflect damage back at attackers! While active, incoming attacks (they do not have to hit) can trigger a special "Reflection" attack that acts like a chain-attack that spawns from you onto a random nearby enemy. This attack is comparable to a T1 Blast and has a 20% chance to occur. Also grants some defense to the player, with more defense gained if you have shielding currently. This is a unique take on a damage aura where you actually get a sort of free, random ranged attack within a short radius (20ft?). Will hit individually much harder than a damage aura but lack true AoE. Toggle, 7.5% Def vs All while shielded, 3.75% otherwise [5% if impossible]. 20% chance to trigger special Reflection Attack when attacked. High End Cost 6.) Adaptive Barrier: You can adapt to the situation at hand based on the amount of Shielding you currently have. When you have a layer of Absorption, gain HP Regen and Damage Resistance (All). If your shields are down, gain Recharge Rate and Movement Speed. The idea here is that you have bolstered shielding and breathing room to heal, or you have an "oh crap" moment when shields are down to get Activate Shields / etc back faster or to re-position. If we cannot get the absorb check to work, this could work like the Radiation Armor power that scales on HP? Passive, 10% Damage Resistance, 75% Regeneration / 30% Recharge, 50% Move Speed 7.) Amplify Shielding: You can concentrate and give yourself a great boost to both Healing/Absorption Enhancement as well as Endurance Reduction for some time. Click, 50% Heal/Absorb Boost, 50% Endurance Discount for 30s. 120s Recharge. 8.) Nova Shield You can turn the tides of battle and sacrifice your barrier in a violent explosion of energy! This is a PBAoE attack that will affect up to 10 targets in a 15ft radius for Smashing/Energy damage and have a 50% chance to cause knockdown. The damage of this power varies greatly based on the amount of Absorb you had upon activation, the more Absorb the higher the base damage of the attack! This will apply a -1000% Absorb though, stripping you of all shielding immediately. Click, Special PBAoE damage. 50% chance to KD, very long Recharge (6 min). Very low end cost and very fast activation speed 9.) Maximum Barrier: You can immobilize yourself and push your shielding to the max, rapidly building up power as you gain a massive layer of Absorption! This works similarly to Hibernate as you are locked in place and cannot use other powers while you toggle this on, and gain a huge layer of Shielding. This shield lasts for quite some time, and can directly feed into Nova Shield and in general make you very durable every so often. Special Toggle, 20% Absorb per tick (10s Max), Max Absorb = +200%, Duration = 1.5m, Recharge = 10m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The premise here is that you have a few token defenses but mainly rely on having readily available Absorb Shielding to eat attacks with, on top of unique offensive utility to give the set a fast paced style where you can take damage and dish it out, but have periods where you are vulnerable. Mainly thanks to Reflection and Nova Shield, as well as having a stacking Absorb bonus up to a certain point that you can bolster with a few powers. If possible, the mechanic of being "Unshielded" could be played with to more effect such as a cooldown for the auto-refresh if your shields hits 0, or more dynamic between shield values and what stats you get. Numbers are of course not set in stone, and the Absorb mechanic as a whole is really unexplored, but given every other Defensive mechanic has it's own set I figure it should as well 🙂
  6. Hey all! Just making a post about a potential sniper themed archetype; DEADEYE Probably not the first time a sniper based archetype has been suggested!... but I figured I'd dig up some old notes and see if I could maybe figure a way of making one that gives it a little bit of a unique feel that sets it apart from Blasters, Corruptors and Sentinels? First off, I'm sure there's plenty of concepts out there for building 'the perfect sniper' character in many ways, and I'm sure they work quite well! However, I'd like to see the concept explored a little more and refined into its own archetype. This is no way should invalidate the sniper builds out there, but instead it focuses on creating different mechanics and functionality to put a new spin on it. So, why would a sniper-focused archetype make a good addition to the lineup of playstyles we have already? At present, our only option for a decent stealth-assassin style character is Stalker, which is melee focused. So what if we were to make a ranged stealth archetype too? In order to make this work, it would have to play a little different to the ranged archetypes above. So, here is a little plan of attack I had to balance out the concept, weighing its strengths and weaknesses. STRENGTHS High damage output Longer range than Blasters/Corruptors Critical damage when hidden, or against Held/Sleeping/Immobilized targets. Highly mobile and positional. WEAKNESSES Single target focus Poor close range skills. Low health Less personal protection So with this laid out, we need to figure out how to set it apart from the competition in terms of powers. Originally I was planning this to be very similar to Blaster, using Blast/Manipulation, and substituting a power from Manipulation for 'Hide'. However, many of the Manipulation powers rely on close range, which would defeat the purpose of a class like this. Going Blast/Support like Corruptor was also an idea, once again putting 'Hide' into the secondary again, but the focus on aiding teammates was again a little counterproductive. And lastly Blast/Armor like Sentinel was considered, but I think it may prove overpowered as you would have much greater range and thus less strain on your armor abilities. So, I decided to take bits and pieces from all of the above and amalgamate them into a new powerset style; Trickery. Trickery focuses primarily on being a Mez/DeBuff combo, with a few self buffs thown in. The two key themes in play in this secondary is mobility and visibility. This paired with slightly changed blast powersets aims to keep the Deadeye out of danger's reach and rewards proper positioning, relying on improving your own mobility and visibility while reducing that of your foes. This is the 'winning formula' I came up with, allowing for deviations of course; STRUCTURE INHERENT: NEUTRALIZATION If a Deadeye is hidden, or his target is held, immobilize or slept, his next attack is a guaranteed critical. If the Deadeye uses a sniper attack while hidden, there is a chance that he will still remain hidden if the attack hits. If the sniper attack misses, he will always remain hidden. In addition, when the Deadeye is not attacking, his accuracy increases by 1% per second, up to a total of 10%. This effect occurs even when in combat. BLAST (DEADEYE) Light Ranged Attack - Having a light ranged attack is good for sustaining damage over time Standard Ranged Attack - A normal ranged attack should follow second, giving a choice for higher damage over longer intervals. Ranged Cone or Chain Attack - A cone/Chain attack would be third, but unlike normal cone attacks, the spread has been reduced. Sniper Attack - The signature Deadeye attack, the sniper attack is available much earlier, around the same level as Assassin's Strike. Deadeye's Aim - A slightly better version of Aim, which also increases the range of all attacks. Disengage - This is a ranged AoE Placate effect, causing a small mob of foes to lose track of you allowing you to continue making stealth attacks, disengage also increases hte chance of your next sniper attack keeping you hidden. Heavy Ranged Attack - A higher damage ranged attack, helping build upon the damage output you already have. Ranged Light Mez - Since many ranged attack sets have a mez attack mixed it, I figured it would be suitable to keep it, ensuring you have a little more survivability and opportunity. Narrow Cone Sniper Attack - A new kind of attack, replacing the 'nuke' of blast sets. This power is a narrow cone sniper attack that delivers great damage to several foes in a direct line. TRICKERY (V2): Hide - Much like Stalker, Hide is crucial to this archetype as a means of setting up stealth criticals with your two sniper attacks. Immobilize or Sleep - Much like Manipulation sets, an immobilise or sleep power helps keep a foe immobile and vulnerable to attack, or helps you retreat. Debuff - Keeping your foes debuffed is crucial to your own survival, ensuring you aren't as vulnerable to their ire. Self Buff - This power should likely be a self buff that improves your own abilities, likely a mix of (light) positional defense and mez protection. Debuff - A means of keeping aggro off you is pretty handy, so a power that debuffs or deals light mez works here. Hold - A single target hold power is perfect for keeping a foe helpless against your attacks, allowing for additional critical attacks Self Buff - The inclusion of additional positional defense and mez protection helps round off the class' self buffs. Debuff - depending on what powers are already in play, this power would likely serve as a heavy debuff AoE Hold - an AoE hold should be present in the powerset in order to give yourself critical opportunities or a chance to retreat. ANCILLARY POWERS (V2): AoE Melee - A AoE melee attack to ensure that when things start to look bad you have a means of fending off foes. Build Up/Power Boost - Since the powersets lack much damage/mez boosting potential, I figured it would go nicely here. Defense or Resistance Buff - A simple defense or resistance power to give you a little more survivability. Special Buff - A power that perhaps increases Health, Endurance, or a little more protection would work well. Pet - Having a pet is pretty standard of Patron Pool Powers, but I think including them as a first in Ancillary Power Pools will be quite handy for drawing aggro and dealing damage not tied to crits/AoE. So! Here's a little look into the powersets I had in mind for this Archetype. I didn't want to exclude any powersets that did not possess a sniper power in its original conception, since I feel people would want them to be available for use regardless. KEY: Existing Power - A power that is already implemented in the base game, and is being reused to suit the purposes of the Deadeye Archetype. Archetype Power - A power that is universal across the Deadeye Archetype, and is present regardless of powerset choice. New Power - A power that is created especially for each individual Deadeye powerset, so that it follows the intended structure of the Archetype. PRIMARY POWERSETS SECONDARY POWERSETS (V2) ANCILLARY POWERSETS (V2) ARCHETYPE ENHANCEMENTS What Archetype would be complete without Archetype Enhancements? Here's an idea I had for what could be done for it; ENHANCEMENTS Deadeye's Watch: Accuracy/Damage Deadeye's Watch: Damage/Recharge Deadeye's Watch: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge Deadeye's Watch: Accuracy/Damage/Control Duration Deadeye's Watch: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge/Control Duration Deadeye's Watch: Recharge/Chance to Hide (20% Proc) SET BONUSES Two enhancements improves the Accuracy of all powers by 7% Three enhancements increases the Range of all powers by 7.5% Four enhancements increases the Damage of all your powers by 3% Four enhancements increases Ranged Defense by 3.75% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Immobilize effects by 3.75% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Sleep effects by 3.75% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Fear effects by 3% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Confuse effects by 2.21% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Hold effects by 2.21% Five enhancements increases the duration of your Stun effects by 2.21% Six enhancements increases Energy and Negative Energy Defense by 1.575%
  7. This is for all of us who have always wanted to make a truly "magical" defender/corruptor/controller/mastermind, but don't want to be bound purely to the "dark arts" of Darkness. The concept is a unique one, but I think it's doable, given that Radiation and Sorcery sets both have powers that act this way already: The "effects" of your powers will differ based on the target. Foes are debuffed/weakened, allies are buffed/healed. This would offer great adaptability between solo and team play. All of the numbers are based off Corruptor/Controller levels. I tried to use powers that already exist in some similar form and existing animations. Mystic Empowerment: You are a master of mystic forces, and can use both new and ancient incantations to aid your allies, weaken your foes, and turn the tides of battle against your enemies. Tier 1: Mending Incantation targetted AoE Heal/Heal Over Time You speak a mending spell which instantly heals a targeted ally and places a healing aura around him, sending tics of healing over time to all allies around him for a short duration. 83.35 Heal (8.5%) on target, 5 tics of 30 HoT over 30 seconds on nearby allies. Recharge 20 seconds. (This could use a slightly altered temporal mending animation combined with the runes aura.) Tier 2: Unveil Anima: Toggle Targeted AoE Ally +Resistance. Foe -dmg, -speed, -acc. You expose the true spiritual essence of your target for all to see. If cast on an ally, the vision inspires them, giving them strong resistance to all types of damage, and grants a moderate resistance boost to allies nearby. If cast on a foe, they are left exposed, suffering reduced damage and recharge, and even weakening the damage of other nearby foes. Foe cast: -20% dmg, -30 rech Ally cast: + 20% res on target, +12% res on nearby allies. This could use a slightly altered Darkest Night animation, combined with the effect from Possess. When cast on a foe it would have a dark tint, when cast on an ally it would have a bright one. Tier 3: Ethereal Vortex: Targetted AoE Ally +dmg, +rch. Foe -res, +slow You open a portal to the spiritual plane directly beneath your target, creating a patch of spiritual energy around them. If your target is an ally, the energy within the portal will bestow a boost to damage and recharge rate of allies within. If your target is a foe, the flames of the nether world will lower their resistances to damage and slow their movement and attack speeds. You may only have one active vortex at a time. Foe Cast: -30% res, -30% speed Ally cast: +20% dmg, +20% rech 90 second Recharge, 30 second duration. This could use a slightly altered tar patch animation (given a "flaming" outline), combined with the "dome" effect from Time Manipulation's "distortion field or perhaps an altered version of gravity's phase location based AoE. Tier 4: Arcane Fires: Targetted AoE Absord/ Single target Fire DoT, -tohit You can can imbue your allies or curse a foe with arcane fires. They become surrounded by flaming swords. Allies will find these swords offer protection, absorbing incoming damage until they dissipate. Foes will find themselves under assault from the flames, suffering damage over time and a decreased chance tohit. Foe Cast: -20% tohit for 30 seconds, 30 tics of .33 fire damage over 30 seconds. Ally cast: +30% Absorb for 30 seconds. Recharge 45 seconds I'd LIKE this to use the flaming swords from the Apex TF, only smaller versions that simply hover around your target. Tier 5: Vexing Ward You can imbue an ally or foe with a vexing spell. This ward will protect an ally from status affects like fears,holds,confuses,sleeps, and disorients. When used on a single foe, this ward has a strong chance to Disorient them briefly. Foe cast: Mag 3 Disorient, 9.5 secs. Ally cast: Mag 10 status Res. 90 secs. 16 second Recharge This could just use a combination of the empower demons animation from demon summoning and the "enforce morale" animation from Pain Domination on the recipient (or a standard disorient animation on a foe). Tier 6: Judgement of the First Ones Team Resurrect, +dmg/ foe +Negative dmg, +fear. You call upon the judgement of the First Ones for all who have fallen in combat nearby. Fallen allies nearby will be granted a return to life for their heroic deeds and be empowered for battle, while fallen foes will unleash torment on their own kind. Foe Cast: +145 Negative Energy damage, 6 second mag 3 fear. Ally Cast: Team Rez, +30% dmg 60 seconds. 90 second Recharge This would use the Howling Twilight animation on allies, and the Fallout animation on a Foe. Tier 7: Counter Spells: PBAoE Toggle: Foe placate You are constantly casting counter spells to incoming attacks. These spells are simple magic and don't always work, but affected foes nearby will find themselves unable to attack you. 4 second mag 2 placate, 50% chance, 4 sec mag 1 placate, 80% chance, 15 foot radius. 20 second recharge. This would use a demon summoning rune animation at start, then he World of Pain dome animation from Pain Domination while active. Tier 8: Celestial Winds Ranged Facing Cone: +Regeneration/+Recovery You can summon the celestial winds, giving you and allies in front of you a boost to your Regeneration and recovery. Allie + 20% Regen, +20% Recover. Recharge 240 seconds, duration 120 seconds. Effects do not stack from the same caster. This would use the animation from Regrowth, adding in runes from the rune aura to make it appear mystical in nature. Tier 9: Summon Familiars Ally +absorb, +dmg, +Tohit You summon familiar spirits for you and your allies. A single spirit will follow each teammate, protecting them from pain while helping them make their attacks more damaging and likely to hit. These sprits can be attacked, and will eventually dissipate. summon pet :familiar. These would be "buffed up" versions of the wisp vet reward buffing pet, summoning one for each member of the team. They would have a moderate amount of their own HP, and would give themselves and their target periodic tics of 10% absorb every .5 seconds, 18% +dmg, and 12.5% +tohit. They would last for 90 seconds. Recharge 255 seconds. Duration: 90 seconds.
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