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  1. A Little Backstory The original Mids' Hero/Villain Designer project was designed by Mids in order to allow City of Heroes players to efficiently plan their character's development. During the project's life cycle Titan Network took over its development and kept the project updated until 2012 when the last City of Heroes server shut down. The project had long since been abandoned it seemed as no further development had continued. In early 2019 with the re-emergence of City of Heroes thanks to the Homecoming team, the project seemingly resurfaced under the name of Pines Hero/Villain Designer (maintained by Pine) which contained several database updates for issue 25. A short while later another adaptation of the project emerged under the name of Mids' Reborn (maintained by Crytilis) which contained several more fixes and database adjustments. In June/July of 2019, a new project had begun thanks to Maslow who worked on cleaning up the internal code of the program itself and getting it into a manageable state. Maslow later approached Pine about co-development of the project and the two began to work on it side-by-side. In late July Crytilis joined the project upon being approached by Maslow after the two had talked back and forth since early June. It was then decided that production on each of their individual versions (Pines Hero/Villain Designer, and the original Mids' Reborn) would be stopped, and a new version created with a name agreed upon by all parties. With all 3 working together in joint development, the project has been reborn once more! This time with a new name, some new features, and a new team! Current Development Team Crytilis a.k.a Metalios Maslow Pine Connect With Us! Official Discord: https://discord.gg/pG5TCEg Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/midsreborn What's Required To Run? Windows: .NET 4.7.2 N/A MacOS: Homebrew Wine Winetricks .NET 4.7.2 "Install using Winetricks" Linux: Wine Winetricks .NET 4.7.2 "Install using Winetricks" N/A Download Information Patch Notes are available in our Discord. Application Version: - Database Version: 19.1021 Windows: Installer (Main) Installer (Alt) Zip Archive (Main) Zip Archive (Alt) MacOS: Zip Archive (Main) Zip Archive (Alt) N/A N/A Linux: Zip Archive (Main) Zip Archive (Alt) N/A N/A Already have MRB installed? Use the "Check for Updates" option Thank You's Mids, for creating Mids' Hero/Villain Designer. Titan Network, for doing the original C# conversion for parts of the app as well as keeping it updated until the shutdown. Homecoming, for running and hosting one of the most popular servers within the community, and allowing Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to become the official planner. To all those who have tested various versions of the app and reported bugs in their proper mediums. Supporter Shout-Outs Apparition, thank you for your support via Ko-Fi. It really means a lot. It's kind souls like you and others within this community that keeps me going. -Cytilis aka Metalios MacOS Install Guide *Catalina Not Supported* Install Homebrew using this command in the terminal: /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" This should allow for the installation of both Wine and Winetricks, which'll go as follows. Install XQuartz, required for Wine to work: brew cask install xquartz Install Wine and Winetricks: brew install wine | brew install winetricks Install the .NET 4.7.2 libraries via Winetricks - follow the prompts that appear: winetricks dotnet472 Download the macOS/Linux Mids ZIP file, and extract it. Open a terminal up at that location, and then run this command: wine "Hero Designer.exe" -Courtesy of Korvinagor-
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