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  1. Now that we have asymmetrical gloves, boots and shoulders, is there any possibility of extending the same customisation to jackets and robes, as well as being able to have large robotic arms on either/both sides of your character? And if that can be done, perhaps the ability to add robotic arm options onto jackets and robes too? I'd love to see more diversity in the ways we can customise our characters with the costume pieces we already have. One similar note, can wings potentially have asymmetrical options too? I'm unsure if it will actually work given that some of them have different animations, or if the animations can support this sort of change in general. Either way, more asymmetry please! 😄
  2. I am currently using the new homecoming launcher, this may or may not be related since the folder structure changed. Most likely not. OS: Windows 10 Description: The beta features are not saving between sessions and not in options.txt. Steps To Reproduce (For Options.txt): 1) Menu > Options > Windows Tab 2) Navigate to the "Beta Features" section 3) Change some of the values 4) Click 'Apply now' and 'Save Options to file' at the bottom of the window 5) Navigate to where the options were stated to be saved in chat. Mine is at c:/Games/Homecoming/settings/live/options.txt 6) Open options.txt, see no changes. 7) EXTRA: Repeat steps 3&4, and use some compare tool to see that the file is not changing. Expected Result: Some new values are added/updated to options.txt, such as 'chatTimestamps 24', or 'powerRechargeIndicator center' Actual Result: Nothing is saved, changes lost on reload of client.
  3. City of Heroes is full of hidden settings and options that can make playing the game a lot easier. It's a mix of commands, binds, and in-game "hacks" that I run almost each time I start playing an alt. Most, if not all, of these have been posted in the forums. Almost all you can reference more info from ParagonWiki. Some are only available on the Homecoming servers. Here I've consolidated the ones I use the most and find the most helpful. Links to sources where I could find them. Note: Hero-side locations. Also, obviously there is subjectivity to what is useful. Would welcome posts on other ideas, or links to other sources that you find useful. *********************************************** Tweaking your HUD: - Map can be undocked from Compass/Nav bar and scaled so you can have a perma mini-map - Seeing and tracking additional combat info Powers Bar > Powers > Combat Attributes > right-click on attribute and "track" - Team buff icons and info Team window > Arrow on the right side to expand and view buffs for each teammate. Also to see their current location (sometimes buggy if they are on a mission map). - View numerical cooldowns for powers (ex. Hasten): Options>Windows>Beta - Command to consolidate buff icons "/optionset buffsettings [numCode]" 4096 - group window numeric stacking 16 - status window numeric stacking 1048576 - pet window numeric stacking - Change the font for chat and other texts (https://fonts.google.com/ has some good ones) - Change your mouse cursor size via Options *********************************************** Window and text scaling: - For scaling all windows, use the setting under Options - Chat window can be further customised under Options, including font size - For specific windows, you need to undock the particular window from its parent. Then you can use the "/window_scale [windowName] [scale]" command. Common windows are (with sample scaling): /window_scale compass 1.20 /window_scale Email 1.20 /window_scale PowerList 1.30 /window_scale Salvage 1.25 /window_scale Chat 1.10 /window_scale Enhancements 1.15 /window_scale Power 1.05 /window_scale Health 1.05 /window_scale contact 1.20 /window_scale Info 1.20 *********************************************** Helpful hacks: - Autofire for Hasten (or any power): Ctrl+ left-click on the power - Change your mission difficulty settings anywhere: click on the chat bubble icon on the chat window > "Notoriety" - P2W Vendor (Atlas Park, FBZ, Mercy Island, Grandville, Pocket D. Nova Praetoria is T4V in map) useful temp powers - starter kit (Look under "Prestige Powers") " Use Sands of Mu, Nemesis Staff or Black Wand (all free) for additional attacks. Useful until around level 15-22. Buy the generic Jet Pack for 5,000 influence per 30 mins of flight time. Buy at least 2 hrs' worth. - P2W Vendor useful temp powers - teaming kit (Look under "Prestige Powers") Team Transporter (to Mission); 10M influence Supergroup Portal (create an SG portal at your location); 10M influence Mission Transporter (user only); 1M influence Base Transporter; 1M influence Assemble The Team; 1M influence Reveal; 10k influence (reveals entire mission map when available. Can also reveal zones like Firebase Zulu. More helpful than you think) - Custom window maker. Step-by-step guide here. Popmenu guide here. Helpful for organising travel temp powers. Original guide here. Note: I could not get the window Edit option to work. Had to create a custom macro once then edited the custom.window in notepad. Note: This will add the custom window to *all* accounts using the same CoH game folder/directory. - How to manage your character setups when you have alt-itis (advanced guide) - Create macro for emailing yourself inf: /macro "Money" emailsendattachment Global Subject Infl AttachmentType InventoryLocation Message ->Not much known about command, but: AttachmentType values are: 2=inspirations, 11=salvage, 12=recipes; Global only works for single-name chars. -> ex: /macro "Money" emailsendattachment @MyGlobalName "More inf" 2000000 "0" "0" "Cash from @Name" *********************************************** Useful keybinds: - Creating keybinds and macros @ ParagonWiki - Bind Tray 1, Power 10 to mousebutton: "/bind button4, powexec_slot 10" (Or change via Options>Keybinds) - Change Tab to target nearest enemy: "/bind TAB "target_enemy_near" (Or change via Options>Keybinds) - Find custom targets (e.g. NPC to save, or boss to kill): "/bind alt+g beginchat /bind g target_custom_next [enemy]" (replace g as necessary. Can use partial name, like "Joe" instead of "Joe Smith") - Auto-convert any 3 small inspirations to a small purple (Luck) inspiration: "/bind p, insp_combine insight Luck$$insp_combine sturdy Luck$$insp_combine respite Luck$$insp_combine break_free Luck$$insp_combine awaken Luck$$insp_combine catch_a_breath Luck" (replace p as necessary) *********************************************** Useful commands: - Access auction house from almost anywhere: /ah - Print your current game coordinates: /loc - Print local time: /localtime - Clear chat: /clearchat - Clear all powers from all trays except any custom macros (useful after a respec): /cleartray - Export your build to a .txt file. You can then import the build into Mids Reborn: /buildsave --> In Mids, click "File => Open". Navigate to "<YourCOHDirectory>\<YourAccountName>\Builds". Select the "build.txt" file and click "Open" - In the Options window, you can save and load Options settings. Useful for having consistent options for all alts. Reminder: Task forces ONLY NEED 1 person to start. Full team not required. (setting is specific to Homecoming servers) Reminder: Null the Gull (Pocket D, bird on a truck villain-side) can change your alignment. Helpful if you want access to Villain Epic Powers. (Completing any arc will allow you to choose any Epic powerset. Black Scorpion arc is easiest.) *********************************************** Useful Supergroup Bases - Create an SG - go inside City Hall in AP and go to "Registration". All bases and items are free. - Invite alt to SG: "/altinvite [altName]" - To generate your SG code, type: "/sg_passcode [word]" - Install storage racks and tables to store salvage, enhancements, and inspirations. Permissions are editable. - Install invention tables to create IO's without going to a university. - Install beacons and portals to zones. You can install 10(?) beacons for each portal. Suggest 5 or less for ease of use. - Install a Pillar of Ice and Flame for access to Ouroboros missions - Install a merit vendor ATM - Install arcane/tech power items for energy and control if you want to install a rez station ("Teleport to base" option when killed ) - Base building video guide here *********************************************** Getting Around Quickly - Review the various teleport options that were revamped for HC in i27, such as the Long Range Teleporter Accolade - Earn the Long Range Teleporter by parking your character in Pocket D for 1 hour - Check the P2W Vendor for various Travel powers you can buy (see section above on useful P2W Vendor items) - Options to get the Ouroboros travel power (insta TP to Ouroboros with access to multiple city zones) (1) Ask someone to open an Oro portal. (2) Get the Midnighter Badge (see tip following this) and enter Cimerora (2B) Enter Recluse's Victory pvp zone (3) Complete a mission (any story arc) via the Pillar of Ice & Flame at a super group base (4) Complete a time-travel mission - Options for Midnighter Badge: access to Ouroboros, Cimerora story arcs and ITF (Imperious Task Force) (1) Go to Night Ward via the TUNNEL system and enter the mansion (5 minutes) (2) Complete Montague Castellana's story arc (3) Use LFG hack* - Getting to Cimerora for ITF's and more: Steel Canyon South, Founders Falls, or Croatoa - The smaller building to the right of the university. Has a crescent moon on top. - Getting to Shard Task Forces / Firebase Zulu: Long Range Teleport, TUNNEL system or use LFG hack* - Getting to Rikti War Zone: Long Range Teleport, SG base teleport beacon, LFG hack* (Lady Grey TF) or Vanguard Depots @ Atlas Park & PI - Earn the Monitor Duty or Rapid Response temp powers *LFG hack: click on the LFG tab in chat window, select task force in desired zone. Queue solo, make sure to lock the queue to current group (you). Click the green button and you will get transported to the TF starting contact's zone. *********************************************** Saving influence when starting out - XP and Influence gain options are in the Options Menu - XP boosters are available at the P2W vendor - Email influence to yourself using your @globalName from a richer alt - Need about 2.5 million influence to kit out to level 25 IO enhancements - Level 25 IO's are functionally equivalent to level 50 SO enhancements - @ Level 15, can go to University (Steel Canyon South) and talk to Administrator Lenk to learn about IO's - Universities and Vanguard HQ in RWZ have invention tables for crafting IO's - You can Memorise some recipes so that you never have to buy it again, thus 50% cheaper crafting cost. Useful if you plan to play multiple alts. *********************************************** Earning influence (check AH prices to confirm profit margins) - Buy "Inner Inspiration" (free) from the P2W vendor. Sell the inspirations you get for ~50k each. - Complete 1-2 TF's and convert merits to Enhancement Converters. They go for ~ 100k in the Auction House (AH). - Check the prices for the "Overwhelming Force Set". Join and complete a Summer Blockbuster (lvl 15+) and sell your (guaranteed) drop. - Know that the Auction House will blend all crafted IO's together, no matter what level. So a lvl 30 IO can be sold as a lvl 50 IO. - At any level, craft any PVP sets and sell. - Below level 30, craft and and convert any yellow healing recipes to get either Regen Tissue (lvl 10-30) or Miracle unique enhancements (+Regen and +Recovery, respectively). - Between level 30 to level 50, craft any yellow healing IO recipes you find, and spend 2 or more converters to get a Numina IO. Either sell the Numina or spend more converters to convert it to the Numina unique. Same idea for defense sets and LotG unique. - Craft and convert other enhancements to sell - Run an AE low-level mission and buy rares or recipe rolls from tickets gained to sell on the AH - Make a spines/fire brute and farm @ the AE buildings. Or look at other farming builds here. *********************************************** Ouroboros Story Arcs for Merits and Incarnate drops - *very* helpful to have Reveal Power (P2W vendor), and stealth/invis - Freakshow War (55 merits / ~ 1 hr). Note the board transit mission, the bosses don't come out until 3-5 mins after you enter the map. - Freakalympics (34 merits) - Smoke & Mirrors (12 merits) - Heather Townsend (Burden of the Past part 1) - 1 Emp Merit + random common Incarnate salvage + Incarnate salvage random roll - Other: The fast way to gain all 4 Accolade Powers, even solo. (passive +HP, +End, + Rcvry, etc.) - Other: - Guide to the Incarnate System *********************************************** Useful Powers & Generic slotting using generic IO or SOs** -Primary and Secondary generic slotting: 3x main effect + 1-2x end for toggles 3x main effect, 1/1/1 end / rech / acc for activated powers (at least 1 end for Brute damage); 3x main effect for clicky buffs 3x main effect + 2-3x rech for clicky buffs that have longer cooldowns 1-2x acc at first for damage-dealing powers - Stamina: 1-2, depending need as you level. Slot Performance Shifter Chance for +End when IO'ing. - Health: 1-2. Slot Panacea Unique while leveling if you can afford it. Slot Numina and Miracle uniques when IO'ing - Hasten: 2-3 RchrgRdxn - Leadership Pool (Maneuvers, Assault, Tactics, Vengeance): 1-2 EndRdxn then use as LotG "mule" slots for LotG IO's - Travel Powers: Super Jump (faster) or Flight / Mystic Flight are easiest to use when starting out. - Travel Powers: bind for using Teleport with mouse: option 1: /bind shift+lbutton "powexec_name Teleport" (target to teleport) option 2: /bind shift+lbutton "powexec_location camera:max Teleport" (1-click teleport to max distance) - Travel Power stealth uniques: Must slot on toggle travel power, won't work on non-toggle, e.g. Hurdle (I think) - When IO'ing, 5 of each bonus effect is max. Rest is ignored. For example, Luck of the Gambler (LotG) +7.5% recharge max is 5 enhancements of this type. The bonus of the 6th will not count. - Quick guide for understanding IO's (Gulbasaur) - The old forum is archived and each AT sub-forum has a consolidated list of build guides (circa 2012, aka issue 24) ** This is fairly subjective but should give an idea of what to aim for in general. Then tweaked to suit your AT and playstyle. *********************************************** Useful Software Mid's Reborn / Hero Designer and link for zip file/custom installer here. - Guide to using Mid's here. - Ctrl-T to see summary buff window - Defense softcap @ 45%, 59% for Incarnate (need more if fighting +5 enemies or those with high to-hit) - Resistance hardcap @ 90% for Brutes and Tanks. Epic ATs (khelds, soldiers, widows)@ 85%. All other ATs @ 75%. - Perma Hasten around +214% (depending on AT. Basically get recharge rate to 2 mins or less) - See the comment above under "Useful commands" about how to use /buildsave to export your build from COH and import it into the app Vidiot Maps - Best way to find badges and lore - Marks places of interest for PvP zone missions - Other stuff Hero Stats (HeroStats not working as of 2019-Dec) - live stats tracker and buff cooldown tracker Power themes by Archetype - For help creating thematic characters ******************** Abbreviations: AT - Archetype AE - Architect Entertainment FBZ - Firebase Zulu HUD - Heads-up Display IO - Invention Origin (Enhancement) LotG - Luck of the Gambler defense set (enhancement) P2W - Pay to Win PI - Peregrine Island SO - Single Origin (Enhancement)
  4. Do you suffer from altitis? Do you have a minutes-long ritual to set up up your 100th alt to have the *exact* same settings as your 10th allt? Here is a guide for you! In this guide, I’ll show the steps to create a custom window or popmenu (your choice) that allows you to copy your custom binds, options, and window settings for each new alt in less than five mouse/keyboard clicks. Basically, on create, each alt will have a window or custom popmenu. So you can load up your custom binds, custom macros, chat channels, saved options, and saved windows all in one spot. Prerequisites: - Basic knowledge of how to create and use *.txt bind files (guide here) - Basic knowledge of popmenus and/or how to create custom windows (here is a link to my steps on custom windows how. See section below on how to bind a key to a popmenu). - Basic knowledge of how to set window UI scaling (here is my quick version how-to) - A saved default options.txt file and .wdw file from the COH Options window that you want loaded for all your alts - Generic custom binds text file. I use a pared down version of Shenanigunner’s GABB.txt file - Generic custom macros text file. For this example, I’ll call it genMacros.txt (here is a how-to) - Generic custom channels text file. For all the custom channels you want your new alt to join immediately OPTION 1: Steps for creating a custom popmenu This option can be helpful if you don't want a persistent window on your UI. - Create a Setup.mnu file in your City of Heroes \data\texts\English\Menus directory location (note you need the extra line at the start of the file) like this: - Login to COH. In your new alt, bind a key to the Setup menu: /bind shift+S popmenu Setup (this should be same as the name of the Setup.mnu file) - Use your bind key and select all the setup options you want - Quit and restart the game. On login to your alt, all options should take into effect. (Bind_load and Bind used as commands in the menu shouldn't work until you do so.) OPTION 2: Steps for creating a custom Window To make my guide simpler, I've assumed you already created a custom Window and simply want to add the Setup menu options. If you have not created and tested a custom window, I recommend you do so first and test that your custom window works. - In your COH \data\texts\English\Menus directory, open the existing .mnu file you created (see link above on creating custom windows if you need help on how to do this) - Edit the file so it has a new submenu, called “Setup”. In this example, the new submenu is BELOW the “Divider” command: - Save your .mnu file and exit. - Exit and close CoH if you had it running. Restart CoH. - After restarting and logging in, you should see the new menu option. Each time you create a character, that option will be there for them to easily load up your custom UI, macros, channels, and keybinds. - Quit and restart the game. On login to your alt, all options should take into effect. (Bind_load and Bind used as commands in the menu shouldn't work until you do so.) Disclaimers: While I tested the popMenu and customWindow options, I haven’t tested the macros and channels options. Also, I have tried to consolidate this guide to the absolute minimum new information you need to get started. So I have not recreated the information found in the links I posted in the prerequisites. Feel free to ask for clarification if you try and it doesn’t work for you.
  5. Dear devs, To start: thanks for bringing this game back to life and keeping it that way. You're awesome! With that out of the way, I wanted to make a small request: that an option be provided to enable Villain Reticles all the time so that we can quickly distinguish between enemies and allies on crowded battlefields (or that the client be modified to honor the setting when the options.txt file is tweaked to allow this, see below). When running some of the endgame raids it can be very difficult to parse visually where mobs are clustered with the default tab-targeting. Tabbing to target an enemy lets you know where that particular enemy is, but it doesn't give a great representation at-a-glance of where groups of mobs are when there's a lot happening on the screen. MSR and Underground are some good examples of this. You could sweep the screen with your mouse or quickly tab through, but this is tedious and difficult to manage in a fast-paced scenario. I've played around a bit with the options file and what I can report is that while forcing Villain Names and Bars to "Always" by editing their values to "1" manually and then loading the options in the client works, doing the same for Villain Reticles does not work as expected. Additionally, friendly NPCs are lumped in with the "Villain" category and are also shown when Names and Bars are forced on using this method (this is probably more complicated to untangle and isn't a deal breaker). I realize that the complication here will be that if Villain Reticles are always on, how will you be able to distinguish which target you're actually targeting from the rest of the mobs? One possible solution might be making the active target reticle a different color than non-active reticles, granted that would probably require new code to realize. Then again, as of right now the active reticle is seemingly larger and brighter than mouse-over reticles, so maybe not. In the meantime, I think that allowing the client to honor this option file tweak or adding it as an experimental or beta setting despite the drawbacks would be beneficial in certain specific scenarios like raids. For the most part the visual cue of which specific mob is being targeted is not that important since we can use which direction our character is pointed and the target window (as well as the aforementioned differences in size/brightness/opacity) as an indicator. Since the reticle is just a 2D transparency, it shouldn't be unduly taxing from a graphical perspective to enable them all the time, or at least no more taxing than turning on player character nameplates might be in the same scenario. Thanks again for all of your hard work and for taking the time to read this! Best, nror
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