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  1. Since Power Transfer was introduced with its 3 PPM chance at +5% HP, there has been discussion on which is better Panacea or PT? The answer is, it depends. They work very differently from one another, as PT's heal is 5% of your AT's base hit points (so it will benefit Tankers/Brutes more) whereas Panacea does a 6.7% heal of the general base AT hit points (1070.9 HP) using the Heal Other - Melee modifier (so it benefits Defenders the most). Some things to note, Power Transfer is mechanized to proc only once per cast. However, this functionality appears to actually only proc once at an instance of time. So with an AoE attack, this works as intended: multiple procs from multiple hit targets get reduced to 1 proc as all those multiple procs try to resolve at the same time. However, there are consequences with this mechanic, as you could slot Power Transfer into multiple Auto powers (Stamina, Physical Perfection, Superior Conditioning, etc), but Auto powers are synchronized and a Proc from one will prevent additional procs from others. This figuratively reduces the PT proc's effectiveness by half for each additional proc slotted in an auto power (3 PPM for 1st, 1.5 PPM for 2nd, 0.75 PPM for 3rd, and so on). For chain attacks, multiple PT procs can occur from a single cast, as the jumps do not happen at the same time and/or the jumps are treated as separate casts. The +Regeneration procs in the chart are the Regenerative Tissue +25%, Impervious Skin + 25%, and Numina's Convalescence +20%. This chart will show the amount of HP received from a +HP proc, however +Regeneration works very differently (you get back 5% of your total HP faster, as opposed to getting back a fixed HP at a fixed time-interval/cast). So I scaled the +Regen procs to show the amount of additional HP received in a 20 second interval. I chose this duration because if you slot a +HP proc into an auto power, it will average 1 proc per 20 seconds (both Panacea and P.T. are 3 PPM). Also for +Regen procs, I show the amount of HP per 20 seconds for both the base HP and the max HP for each AT. Since regeneration works off your total hit points, whereas the +HP procs do not, I chose to show the range of values for the +Regen procs. I highlighted in green which proc is the most effective, and I highlighted in yellow which proc is 2nd most effective. There are edge cases where the +25% Regen proc outperforms Panacea, so I wanted to highlight it. Finally, all Heal Other - Melee modifiers were taken from Paragon Wiki...so things could have changed over time. If there is a difference between my chart and what shows in game, let me know and I'll update. Update 27 May 2020: On my original cheat sheet table I showed the equivalent HP per 20 seconds from adding a +Regeneration IO as a means of directly comparing it to the Power Transfer and Panacea procs (the procs fire on average once every 20 seconds in auto powers). I have updated the table to now also show the reverse of that, making the Power Transfer and Panacea procs equivalent to added regeneration. I hope this puts into context how strong these procs can be under various levels of total Hit Points. I highlighted in green whichever IO provided the best return (most HP over time). I highlighted in red the lone exceptions/scenarios where a +HP proc is not superior to a 25% regeneration IO. Update 02 September 2020: Corrected the charts to properly calculate the equivalent values for VEATS. Previous charts did not reflect their Conditioning Inherent.
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