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  1. Updated Build (Editing) ... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Peacebomber How-To Guide You Will Find: -Build Use Recommendation Overview -Macro Setup -Form and Power Tray Key Binding Setup -Null The Gull - Disable Power Tray -MIDS Build Link (2nd Post) Build Use Recommendation Overview This build is meant to play mostly melee with ranged capabilities. “Tri-form” here isn’t meant as necessary to play each form and it
  2. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for a tri-form PB trying to hit the softcap in defense in any one damage type? Or, as close as possible? I just don't know how to get there and perhaps I am missing something... Is it possible? (Note, I am unable to post builds due to being on Mac). Thanks for any help!
  3. Greetings, fellow Khelds!🐙🎩 After running around in-game and here on the forums for a while, I decided to recreate my old Peacebringer guide and update it for Homecoming. The game may be a little different now but I wanted to give prospective PBs a place to start as they consider rolling one of our beloved energy sea creatures. I'll try to keep an eye on this post in the future to address any feedback or questions. Anyway, let's get into into it! Peacebringers STILL SUCK!!! (v. 1.1) You wanna play a Kheldian? Great! They’re challenging ATs to learn but super fun once you
  4. Is it even needed on a tri-form PB? Currently have it in Incandescence (alongside the 2 +def procs and the Impervium Armor: Psi one)
  5. I'll keep this short and sweet as no one really wants to wade through a wall of text... I probably spend too much time in mids which has resulted in a lot of builds being created, specifically Peacebringer and Warshade builds. So I thought I'd start posting them here, hoping they could either be put to use in their current state or be helpful templates for people needing assistance with their own builds. I will post a build every so often and give a quick run down on the build. If anyone is interested in a particular build after it's posted and have questions on that build, feel free to
  6. Hi everyone, I've been a long time Kheldian player and have quite a few of them as I can't get enough of tweaking and working on them till they're a diamond in the rough. That being said, I would like to address the state of the archtypes post the Christmas update with a few things I find as pet peevs playing them. First of all, Kheldians are relatively well balanced if you use them as intended as group support characters. I've personally managed to build a powerhouse tri-form/human only Warshade and Peacebringer on a single character build and can solo AVs as either playsty
  7. Not game breaking, but... kinda cool. Ok, get a PB (i guess it works with WS too) and get some kind of temp, Shivan, HVAS w/r, go do something that prevents the use of temporary powers (an iTrial/Ouro challenge). You zone in and you are unable to use temps, ok all is well, BUT if you shapeshift in and out, there is a second or less that temps become usable. If you spam it, or if you are good at fin... fast with your finger, you can use temps when you are not supose to. Tested it, not that hard to do, not that overpowered, i guess get a Kheld if you are doing MOs? Other than making easy s
  8. Hey, all. So, I'll admit - I originally played on the Thunderspy servers to see what the difference was between Homecoming and coxg/Thunderspy, and while I do like what they've done with their modifications and original content, I definitely enjoy some things Homecoming has they lack - one thing being (after actually experimenting a bit with my Warshade) the color customization for Peacebringers and Warshades - which got me thinking about making a Peacebringer. And being an roleplayer at heart for many a game, I wanna make a name that's both available and something I'm comfortable with for
  9. I have a lvl50 Stone Tank, lvl50 Warshade, lvl50 Peacebringer and other characters with teleport or, mystic flight. Along the way, I've come to know what I like and don't like. I also have a lot of binds and a lot of alts, leading me, like a lot of people I'd guess, to start putting energy in to one global profile to cover as much as makes sense and smaller profiles for toons that develop out of it. I'm up to 11 level 50s in all so, that global has matured a lot along the way. There's great guides on this topic already. They've definitely helped steer me along the way. if this is
  10. For anyone who wants to refer to the prior versions of my Peacebringer builds, they can be found in the links below: Leveling Tri-Form Peacebringer [v2.0] Leveling Tri-Form Peacebringer [v3.0.3] Evolving Tri-form Peacebringer So I made a mathematical discovery regarding a matrix of recharge possibilities in which you can achieve perma Light Form or Eclipse without needing Hasten and then proceeded to take that insight to its logical conclusion so as to develop a Tri-form Peacebringer and Warshade build that would not need to rely on Hasten to "
  11. Cross-posting this here since it would seem to be relevant to the interests of all Kheldians. And yes, I want this available (here) for my own build research efforts. Why do you ask? That's assuming you've only got "permanent" recharge buffs helping you get there and no Force Feedback procs. Light Form is a 300s recharge on a 90s duration. 300 / 90 = 3.3334 = +233.34% recharge buffing from all sources to perma. However, each Force Feedback proc (functionally) applies a -5 to the 300 before dividing by 90 in or
  12. Hey there, Just like the subject line says. Goal was to basically make a Perma-Light tri-form, and keep it from becoming a billion-dollar endeavor. I'm sure I could've gotten Def higher if I'd been willing to make other concessions, but I'm not sure I want to make any more cuts (designing Khelds always drove me up a wall sideways, even moreso than other characters). Thanks, have a good one. Generator Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open
  13. Alright. You all know the drill by now (and if you don't, well … you're going to learn!). If you've read ANY of my other builds that I've posted, you know what's coming … WALL OF TEXT CRITS YOU!!! Yes … You Have Been Warned … again … And for anyone who isn't clear on the concept (yet), you're going to see this same preamble of the common features repeated on both my Peacebringer and my Warshade builds, simply because it does bear repeating due to the common features shared by both (before they diverge into their own build specifi
  14. Perhaps I might be one of the few people that really look at the Kheldian HEATs and think 'When you really compare it to other AT's it doesn't quite measure up!' especially when the VEATs can be absurdly broken for very little work put into them (Leadership from their secondary and Pool is amazing for support). Honestly, it makes me sad when it boils down to it as the Dwarf Form for Peacebringer feels too squishy to compete with many high-end scrappers Or tanks for durability and the Squid Forms feel like a joke overall. But as I was toying with Mids numbers last night I kind of realized a lot
  15. Peacebringers get the flight powers baseline. My understanding is aside from some extra VFX, Energy flight is supposed to be identical to Flight and Combat Flight is supposed to be identical to hover. These days, Hover has a pose that is different from flight, although at launch they use to share the same pose. Leaning forward to fly as such low speeds was seen as... odd, so it was eventually changed into the upright position we have today. Combat Flight though, never got to share this change. It's as slow as hover, but you lean forward and glow a lot. I'd just really l
  16. Going to try to update this daily for the week talks. Highlight what has been said for quick reference. If I miss something @lightbeard on the forums and I'll add it. Please let me know if I missing something. Overall buff to damage in human form requested Med to Large base damage buff in Nova. If they remove the +damage from Nova Huge buff to Nova's base damage to make it feel rewarding. Perhaps add buffs for the shield powers that can work in the forms Toggle suppression some seem okay with the idea of it still draining end Change seekers from "yet anothe
  17. Firestars pipedream to fix Peacebringers Peacebringer Epic Power pools. How to epically fix Peacebringers. (ws too, someone who knows more about ws could write one up. Peacebringers Solar Storm - DPS - Selecting this power pool will cause your damage cap increase to 500% and damage modifier for melee to go to 1.2 and ranged to 1 in human form and 1.5 in Nova and Dwarf respectively. (Yes these numbers are high. A blanket buff to damage.) Selecting his Power pool will also cause light form to only give 26.25 resistances across the board and the crash will
  18. Peacebringers realistic buff. Going to use base numbers for the simple fact they are easier to show @ a level 50 toon. We also won’t be showing any resistance. I don’t wanna math that. At any time you math wizards out there can help me if I screw up. Thanks!! (also some numbers are rounded up) DPAT= Damage per activation time which = base damage / activation time = DPAT Proposal 1. Change to Incandescent strike. Melee modifier of 0.85 Current Values. Incandescent Strike. 3.3 activation time 168 damage base. DPAT = 51
  19. Trio'd Tin Mage with a couple buds. @[email protected] Abe All Peacebringers Wasn't really planned, just hit record then figured I'd do something with the footage. Enjoy.
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