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Found 5 results

  1. Alright. You all know the drill by now (and if you don't, well … you're going to learn!). If you've read ANY of my other builds that I've posted, you know what's coming … WALL OF TEXT CRITS YOU!!! Yes … You Have Been Warned … again … And for anyone who isn't clear on the concept (yet), you're going to see this same preamble of the common features repeated on both my Peacebringer and my Warshade builds, simply because it does bear repeating due to the common features shared by both (before they diverge into their own build specifics). For anyone who wants to refer to the prior versions of my Peacebringer builds, they can be found in the links below: Leveling Tri-Form Peacebringer [v2.0] Leveling Tri-Form Peacebringer So ... what happened (since the last Peacebringer) build post I put up? Well, I've been playing the v2.0 version of my Peacebringer build linked above and found through actual gameplay that the idea of slotting up and using Gleaming Bolt and Glinting Eye in lieu of slotting up and using Bright Nova Bolt and White Dwarf Strike ... because as I discovered you can use Gleaming Bolt and Glinting Eye in ALL forms(!) instead of just one or two(!) ... and had been thinking I'd be able to leverage that into slotting up one power and then use it in all three forms (twice!) wasn't really panning out as being all that good of an idea. Don't get me wrong ... it works ... it's just not as "superior" an option as I had been hoping for. Now, the thing that drove me towards wanting to use Gleaming Bolt and Glinting Eye (the Human form T1 and T2 powers, respectively) was the fact that I'd basically run out of available slots in the v1.0 and v2.0 versions of the build and simply didn't have enough slots left over to slot up anything else which could be used to form the basis of a heavier Human form attack chain. I mean, the rest of the Human form attack powers in those builds were Incandescent Strike, Solar Flare, Dawn Strike and Photon Seekers ... and two of those attack powers (IS and SF) have a base recharge of 20 seconds, so they're hardly the stuff you'd want to be using to create a repeat rolling attack chain out of (unless you've got more global recharge than you know what to do with). So in order to have a Human form attack chain from Levels 2-25 (or when Exemplared from 1-22 if you prefer) then I was basically forced into slotting up and using Gleaming Bolt and Glinting Eye as my primary attack powers rotation, throwing in the later IS, SF, DS and PS when available before falling back onto Bolt and Eye for attacks. And I had to do that because there wasn't "room" in the build(s) to support Radiant Strike with slots, which it needed if it was going to be worth bothering with. So the first decision was to drop Photon Seekers and cannibalize the slots that had previously been allocated to it in order to instead take Radiant Strike and get it slotted up. After that, I needed to do a cross-check to see whether or not there would be enough total recharge in the build so as to be able weave an attack chain using nothing but Radiant Strike, Incandescent Strike and Solar Flare on infinite loop ... to which the answer came back as being a "conditional yes" ... at which point I realized I was no longer chained to being forced to use Gleaming Bolt and Glinting Eye as the backbone for a repeating Human form attack chain, which in turn liberated the slots I'd previously been dedicating to them. Long story short(ened) ... I drained the slots from Photon Seekers into Radiant Strike while also draining slots from Gleaming Bolt into Bright Nova Bolt and the slots from Glinting Eye into White Dwarf Strike so as to better leverage those slots in the respective form powers. This left Gleaming Bolt and Glinting Eye as being One Slot Wonder™ powers for Human form which could be used in attack chains in the event of a gap (or as an inevitable result of being Exemplared to a low enough Level for set bonuses to stop working and enhancement values to modify downwards), so they're still in the build for use as "backup" attacks in Human form should the need ever arise. MAJOR EDIT after first posting(!). v3.0.1 So it was only AFTER I'd done the build up and posted it (the first time around) that I was finally able to collate enough data and stats together to start formulating the preferred attack chains that the entirety of the build enabled and made possible that I noticed that I'd made a mistake in pulling slots from Gleaming Bolt (which turned out to be the right choice) AND from Glinting Eye (which for reasons that I'll explain wound up being the wrong choice). So the thing that I discovered was that with the slotting I was using in the original v3.0 build I wound up needing to use Gleaming Bolt and Glinting Eye a LOT more than I'd been anticipating in Human form attack chains, in both the single target and multi-target mixes, and that heavy (heavy) use of those two powers to fill in gaps was starting to make the lack of slotting in them something of a glaring error. At the same time, Bright Nova Bolt with 5 slots was turning out to be wastefully overslotted (1.5s animation with a 0.47s recharge?). So it was only AFTER crunching the numbers and looking at the "shapes" of repeating attack chains that I'd be able to produce (and so on) that the irony of what I was doing hit me. I needed to be using powers that were slower to animate so as to "pad out" the timing of my attack chains so I wouldn't need to use as many powers in them (concentrating the demands for slots into fewer powers) in order to make them more "efficient" at converting endurance into damage output and offering a "smoother" performance when the attack chain repeats. The thing that really sealed this notion for me was working up the single target rotation for Human form using only Glinting Eye (x3) and Radiant Strike (x2) and Incandescent Strike (x1) in a way that gave all of the powers a Just In Time recharge for the cascade of attacks that allowed the whole thing to "flow" seamlessly ... and it was at that point that I really recognized that not only could Glinting Eye "substitute" for Bright Nova Bolt (on Homecoming servers thanks to the Kheldian powers permissions for forms changes here) but that the damage throughput from Glinting Eye was higher than Bright Nova Bolt, the animation time was slightly longer (making Glinting Eye a better candidate for slotting the Decimation Set with its Build Up proc!) and that making the switch increased performance almost across the board for both Human AND Nova form attack chains(!) at the cost of having a ranged attack for Nova form that only reaches 80ft instead of 100ft ... which IS a compromise, but one that makes a lot of sense in the context of improving the attack chains for TWO forms instead of just ONE. So ... yeah ... that was an experience. I just wish I'd been able to realize the difference between slotting up Glinting Eye for Human AND Nova forms earlier in the process so as to waste less time and effort on reposting everything after making that new discovery. MAJOR EDIT after the second posting(!). v3.0.2 So after I used this build as a foundational "chassis" to build a Warshade counterpart (yes, that effort is ongoing, but there's just SO MUCH TO COVER!!) I started to realize just how WEAK Gleaming Bolt is as a filler attack for Human form. The other thing is that with a fully slotted up Dwarf form, there just really isn't a point or a purpose in trying to shoehorn into attack chains for Dwarf form OR for Human form. So on a lark, I tried swapping out Gleaming Bolt and Glinting Eye as the Level 1+2 power picks for Glinting Eye and Gleaming Blast for the Level 1+2 power picks ... and was honestly surprised by what happened to the attack chains part of the calculus. For one thing, some of the animation+recharge ratios for attack chains actually improved by switching to Gleaming Blast. Specifically, I was able to change the sequencing of adding only Radiant Strike to a 1-2-3 repeat combo because it's possible to get the rotation down to within 0.01s(!) of being a "perfect" repeating loop (in other words, close enough) without "wasting" recharge. Likewise, I was able to "tighten" up the attack rotations involving Radiant Strike and Incandescent Strike so as to sequence them as 1-2-1 because the recharge time for Radiant Strike exactly matches the animation time for Incandescent Strike ... and having Glinting Eye and Gleaming Blast as the "fillers" after that combo provides enough animation time on using each of those two attacks once to loop back around on the repeat of the Radiant Strike, Incandescent Strike, Radiant Strike attack chain rotation. Changing to Gleaming Blast even made it easier to integrate Solar Flare with use of Radiant Strike and Incandescent Strike in an attack rotation in a more elegant and seamless way. And best of all, pretty much all of these edits/updates to the attack chains managed to "tighten" them so as to improve the "coverage" of Glinting Eye being able to proc Decimation for the Build Up proc in a way that helps the overall synergies of the entirety of the build ... and that's not even including the increase in the damage per animation second performance for only a slight increase in the endurance cost per second which can be "managed" through situational awareness by the Player and either an occasional pause in the attack rotation(s) or simply switching to a different form so as to use a different attack chain that permits endurance recovery while continuing to attack without pause. The only downside to making this change that I can find is that Gleaming Blast has a 10% chance for a MAG 1.87 Knockback ... and I haven't got a slot I'd want to cannibalize from elsewhere to add to Gleaming Blast in order to put a KB>KD IO into Gleaming Blast. But even with that minor downside, Gleaming Blast is just simply TOO SUPERIOR to the alternative of Gleaming Bolt (in the context of this build) to ignore. MAJOR EDIT after the third posting(!). v3.0.3 And just like that, after finishing out my Warshade build (which included the Leadership pool at the end of the build) feedback from @Rumbleweed made me realize that Group Energy Flight just really isn't all that useful except in the most extreme edge cases, and that picking up Stealth and Grant Invisibility at Levels 44-47 is really of marginal/novelty value by a point when all those powers really serve is as mules for Luck of the Gambler global recharge IOs. But what was preventing me from swapping out the Concealment pool for the Leadership pool was that so long as I held onto Group Energy Flight I only had 2 power pool picks ... but by dropping Group Energy Flight, Stealth and Grant Invisibility I've got 3 power pool picks for One Slot Wonder™ powers which can then be converted into Maneuvers, Tactics and Vengeance without losing any Luck of the Gambler global recharge IOs, while at the same time picking up the opportunity to use Tactics with Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control Build Up which will proc amazingly often in teams (that stick together) while staying in Human form. The beauty here is the possibility of stacking MULTIPLE Build Up buffs ... from Inner Light (which can be perma in Human form), to Decimation (procced by use of Glinting Eye) and now Tactics (odds of proccing per ~10s increased with more team/league-mates) ... while in Human form using Radiant Strike and Incandescent Strike ... which would be rather remarkable if/when it happens. So that was good. Unfortunately ... it wasn't enough of a modification to exploit seize another opportunity that was just lying there waiting to be discovered and made use of. Elsewhere here in the forums, a few posters have been talking about just how much of an advantage they can derive from slotting up Whirlwind with a Force Feedback proc and a Sudden Acceleration proc so as to repeatedly knock(down) and proc those two procs to the advantage of the rest of their build. So I read that and thought ... clever ... but quickly realized that attempting to replicate that performance on a Tri-Form Kheldian build would be a complete and utter fool's errand (despite already having Hasten in the build plans). There simply weren't enough slots left over to be able to invest in such a novelty (and besides, it would be a Human form only thing in any case) ... but at the same time I also realized the the underlying concept of "marrying" KB>KD and Force Feedback procs together held a lot of potential. The problem was, of course ... the Tri-Form Kheldian Slot Crunch™ ... which IS a real thing by the way (see my previous build posts were I lament just how bad it really is). To give you a sense of how much impact it has on this v3.0 build, consider that out of 67 additional slots to spend on the build ... only 34 of them are dedicated to Human form powers (and I'm including Health and Stamina in that tally). Another 16 slots are spent on Nova form powers and 17 slots get spent on Dwarf form powers. So the slot share breakdown is 34+16+17=67 which for all intents and purposes winds up being a 2:1:1 ratio set for slot investments here in the v3.0 build. But I digress ... The point I'm trying to make here is that I realized that combining KB>KD with Force Feedback procs in AoE attacks would effectively "super(re)charge" the overall build, potentially pushing it into a performance regime range that it would otherwise have no business being in(!) and which would be a more effective force multiplier to the entire build's capabilities. So with that in mind, I set to work with the build planner. It took me a while to realize that if I was going to do this, I needed to cannibalize even more slots in order to make this whole thing work. Ultimately the slots that got repurposed were the Resistance debuffing procs I'd previously allocated to Bright Nova Scatter and White Dwarf Flare, that had originally been intended to speed up the time it would take to defeat entire groups of $Targets by means of making them take more damage. Once I pulled those slots I was able to repurpose them in other locations in the build and settle onto a new equilibrium of competing priorities and demands for slot support. The net result is that in EACH form there is a (relatively) quickly recharging AoE attack power that can (and does) have the Force Feedback proc slotted into it, meaning that regardless of which form my Peacebringer is in they'll be able to make use of their AoE attacks to have a chance to speed up the recharge on every power in the build via a proc that only needs to successfully proc ONCE per use of those respective attack powers (and more $Targets equals a greater chance of being successful at that). Simultaneous to that effort, I was able to scrounge up enough extra slots to be able to slot Sudden Acceleration KB>KD IOs into Radiant Strike, Solar Flare and Dawn Strike so as to convert all of them into Knockdowns (Incandescent Strike is natively a Knockdown attack, while Gleaming Bolt and Glinting Eye have no knock effects added at all). This converts the entirety of the Human form attack powers into Knockdown ONLY attacks with no Knockback remaining. Solar Flare gets the additional Force Feedback proc. Dwarf form has Knockback in White Dwarf Strike, White Dwarf Smite and White Dwarf Flare ... but since all of those powers are natively Knockdown powers there was no need to pay a Slot Tax™ to convert any of them into Knockdowns. White Dwarf Flare gets the additional Force Feedback proc. That then left Nova form, in which the only real "problem child" powers for Knockback are Bright Nova Blast and Bright Nova Detonation. Lacking sufficient slots to well and truly neutralize the RNGesus governed Knockback in Nova form I simply accepted that Nova form attacks in this build will incur Knockback (just like always). However, given that the Knockback on Nova form attack powers can be mitigated by positioning so as to knock into terrain, this means that skillful play on the part of the Player can in many circumstances "neutralize" the annoyance factor that Knockback is prone to cause through careful positioning and situational awareness (so glass half empty and half full but don't bother me about it because I've got a redundant glass to hold the other half of the water, nyah nyah). Bright Nova Detonation gets the additional Force Feedback proc. At this point I was starting to feel MIGHTY pleased with myself (major edit: and am even moreso now after figuring out the Glinting Eye "swing role" sharing between forms utility is even better than I'd been anticipating!), since the build was angling to leverage itself into being able to use its more powerful attacks a LOT more often that you might otherwise be led to think it would when just looking at stats in the build planner. And then I noticed that in the previous builds I'd had the Leadership pool (mainly so as to get Tactics and One Slot Wonder™ it with the Build Up proc from Gaussian's Synchronized Fire Control), but that was turning into being something of a bridge too far. Leadership powers really WANT to have slots dedicated to them in order to get the most out of them, and toggle powers like Leadership provide remarkably little return on investment except while in Human form. Maneuvers and Vengeance were basically just Luck of the Gambler global recharge IO mules and Tactics was a Build Up proc mule, and the powers take "forever" to animate when casting them after a form shift. Just casting Maneuvers and Tactics would cost 7.34 seconds of combined animation time. I mean, I love the Leadership pool ... but spending that amount of time to fire up toggles after a form shift to Human kind of kills the momentum (except when out of combat where you've got "plenty of time" to cast Leadership toggles, of course). This necessitated dropping the Gaussian's Build Up proc from the build entirely, but considering that its duration is just as short as the duration on the Decimation Build Up proc (at 5.25 seconds) and considering the long(ish) animation times of the preferred Human form attack powers (3.3 seconds for Incandescent Strike and 2.1 seconds for Solar Flare) that's probably just as well. Build Up procs are really good when they can be leveraged by a "buzz saw" styled rapidly animating attack chain that can cast 3-4 powers before the 5.25 second buff duration on the Build Up expires, but the slower the animation speeds the less opportunity you have to really gain from the Build Up ... especially when Build Up procs do the most in modifying the damage output of AoE attacks hitting multiple $Targets. So the Leadership pool got dropped, and with it the Gaussian's Synchronized Fire Control Build Up proc. 😢 Well, so much for that! I've been persuaded that all I needed to do is drop Group Energy Flight and I'd be able to fit Maneuvers, Tactics and Vengeance into the build without losing any global recharge buffing. And granted, Tactics is something that you're really only going to want to use when on a team, task force, trial or raid when staying in Human form ... but you'll have Light Form while doing this, and will have a powerful single target "scrapper-ish" melee capability that will be able to deliver some pretty serious beatdown-age, so it's a worthwhile alternative strategy to add on top of being able to switch into Nova and/or Dwarf forms at any time. In addition to all of that, I decided to pick up the Peacebringer Shield powers ... primarily as set mules that could hold the Psionic Resistance IOs from the Impervium (6%) and Aegis (5% plus additional mez status resistance) and raise the Psionic Resistance in the build to a native 20.5% minimum. Note that with Cosmic Balance, every "attacker" Archetype (Blaster, Brute, Scrapper, Stalker) a Peacebringer is teamed up with will give you a +10% Resistance vs All ... meaning that when on a team with 7 other "attacker" Archetypes in range of Cosmic Balance this build will have 85% Psionic Resistance (capped from 90.5%) while just standing around in Human form with no toggles on. This factor then substantially mitigates one of the few remaining protection scheme holes for a Peacebringer (Warshades get Psionic Resistance from Eclipse) while at the same time making it possible to have "half(-ish) Dwarf" resistances in Human form while soloing when Exemplared to below Level 35 (because at Exemplar Levels 35+ Lightform can be used). With Lightform running, but Shield bubble powers aren't "needed" in order to hardcap Resistances, so they can be left off to save endurance while still contributing the global buff value of the Psionic Resistance IOs slotted into them. And besides, being able to toggle on the Kheldian bubbles is still a Rule Of Cool for costume aura purposes. 😎 Powers that are either on the cusp of being perma or have a healthy margin on their perma status are as follows: Essence Boost ... 110.3 second recharge for a 120 second duration on the power's effect and on the Regenerative Tissue proc (symmetry!) on Hasten buffing alone Hasten ... 3 Force Feedback procs short of being perma for a 120 second effect duration Inner Light ... 28.06 second recharge for a 30 second duration on the power's effects on Hasten buffing alone Incandescent Strike ... 6.37 second recharge for a 25 second MAG 3 Hold with a 84.85% proc chance for an additional 8 second MAG 2 Hold stacked on top with Hasten buffing alone Light Form ... 84.04 second recharge for a 90 second duration on the power's effects on Hasten buffing alone White Dwarf Antagonize ... 3.74 second recharge for a 35 second MAG 4 Taunt (which can be stacked) and a 12 second -75% Range debuff on Hasten buffing alone Considering that every form has an AoE attack power with a Force Feedback proc slotted into it, there ought to be plenty of opportunities for getting the powers recharged in time for increased Click power effects overlapping so as to push them into the "perma with benefits" performance regime. On top of all of that I went ahead and manually "sorted" the allocation of which powers get enhancements slots when and very deliberately set up the arrangement of slots acquisition such that a respec at Level 6 would NOT be necessary. If following this build you can simply go to a Trainer at each Level Up and pick powers and slots without running into any "you can't do that (yet)" problems. Additionally, where possible I tried to ensure that slots for procs on the early powers were ... delayed ... until the point where once the slot is added to a power the requisite proc IO can be immediately slotted into the power in a Just In Time™ philosophy for deciding what slots need to be added to which powers, when. This should help smooth the leveling process. Note that this is why the additional slots for Incandescent Strike are delayed until Level 48 (due to Hamidon Origin enhancement slotting and combining). As always, you'll see that I have what amounts to 5 criteria for what Level an (unattuned) enhancement ought to be: Minimum Level for the respective Set in the cases of proc IOs Level 27 for Sets that are not minimum Level 30+ Sets (for Exemplaring to Level 24 for Story Arcs) Level 31 for Sets that are minimum Level 30+ Sets (for Exemplaring to Level 28 for the Moonfire Task Force and Level 29 Story Arcs) Level 50+5 for IOs that are not needed for set bonuses Hamidon Origin enhancements combined to +2 Levels performance yields This arrangement helps reinforce the notion that what you're seeing is an "evolving" leveling build that is meant to be Exemplar Friendly™ if building on a budget and can't "afford" to obtain attuned enhancements for every available slot. And while the build can be played at Level 50 (and is rather obviously intended for that), the build is meant to have a "broader peak performance profile" than just merely being played at Exemplar Levels 47+. Feel free to attune Sets (making them substantially Level agnostic) if you have the resources and inclination to do so. So the title of this posting gives a nod to the idea that this build "evolves" over time ... and it does when played ... rather than just simply "leveling" when played. The way I see it, there are somewhat distinct phases of that evolution on the path from 1 to 50. Level 1-5 You're a Human empowered with 4 Peacebringer powers by Level 4. You have so few additional slots (4 by Level 5) and the Training Origin enhancements you can put into them so worthless (+8.33% per TO) that for all intents and purposes your slots aren't even able to do anything "useful" for you yet. Your attack powers are essentially "naked" of additional slots so you're mainly relying on the base raw power of Glinting Eye and Gleaming Blast to do most of your damage and without any recharge or slotting the attack chain for these powers has a very uneven stutter stepping to it. Go to the P2W Vendor and choose the Throwing Knives Origin attack power (this one does the most damage courtesy of the extra DoT, which will save you attacks at these Levels) along with the Nemesis Staff (best to choose an Origin that empowers the Staff) which does a LOT of damage at these early Levels and also does Knockback and also the Ghost Slaying Axe (which Ghosts are vulnerable to). These extra P2W attacks will help you get through Levels 1-5 here without giving up on playing a Peacebringer (or a Warshade if you're so inclined) because the P2W attacks will help fill out the attack chains you can manage without useful amounts of enhancement value. The one bright spot here is getting Essence Boost slotted early to help you survive all the Quantum Gunners you're going to be running into all the time. Essence Boost is basically your (once every three minutes) heal power. Yes, it sucks to play a Peacebringer at these Levels ... but it WILL get better, once you reach Level 6 and can get Nova form. Levels 6-19 Nova form comes online and finally you can start doing enough damage to defeat $Targets fast enough to not need an egg timer. Embrace your inner (hover) Blaster and get to work, preferably from as far away as you can manage so as to stay out of melee range for as long as possible. Most $Targets will not be able to fly up to reach you, so fight the PvE $Targets as "unfairly" as you can manage so as to protect yourself. Slot the Level 10 Regenerative Tissue proc IO into Essence Boost at Level 7 and get in the habit of using it when the power has recharged. Also, get the Panacea IO at Level 7 and slot it if you have the means to do so since the benefit(s) you get from it are JUST THAT GOOD. Also, the Rectified Reticle: Increased Perception set IO can be slotted as early as Level 7 and it offers a set bonus that is "always on" regardless of whether the power it is slotted into is toggled on or not (however it will only be in effect at Exemplar Levels 7+ if slotted as Level 10 or attuned). At Level 8 you'll get Radiant Strike and be tempted to start fighting in melee in Human form. Resist the urge to be in melee range for as long as you can manage to hold off on it, because your Nova form powers are starting to get slotted as of Level 9. As slots get allocated to Nova form it starts turning into the powerhouse you're going to need it to be for you for the rest of your time as a Peacebringer. At Levels 17 and 19 you're adding proc IOs to the build that you're going to be continuing to use all the way to Level 50+. The addition of the Miracle proc to Health and the Performance Shifter proc to Stamina will resolve almost any lingering endurance management issues you might have been having up until now. At Level 18 you get Incandescent Strike, which you really only want to use in emergencies at this point as an escape option (Hold them while you run away!) until you can slot the power up at Level 50. You Are Not Prepared™ for fighting in Human form yet! Just keep (hover) blasting in Nova form and get in the habit of doing attack rotations that use Glinting Eye and Bright Nova Blast, using Bright Nova Bolt in between them only when needed as a filler to give the other two powers "around" Bright Nova Bolt enough time to recharge. Once you get enough global recharge bonuses from sets and Hasten you'll be able to just use Glinting Eye and Bright Nova Blast alone without pausing against a single target. Levels 20-27 Dwarf form finally arrives, but since you haven't been able to invest any slots into it Dwarf form is basically a mez/Break Free option for you at these Levels. It's only later on, with slotting, that Dwarf form will finally start to become formidable. The best thing about Dwarf form is that you can use Reform Essence (Human) and White Dwarf Sublimation on top of Essence Boost to heal yourself rather effectively. Note that Glinting Eye gets all of the slots it needs by Level 23 so as to slot in the Decimation Build Up proc which will eventually become VERY important to both Human form and Nova form attack chains, but for Nova form the importance of the Build Up proc makes itself felt as soon as you slot it since it will supercharge your Nova cone and target AoE attacks, as well as your single target rotations. The Build Up proc will function as a "nice to have" when it happens (odds are close to "roll a 1 on a 1d13") rather than being something you want to rely upon happening "on demand" (per se). It's during these Levels that you finally finish slotting out Nova form for maximum Blaster inspired "come and git sum" attitude on your Nova form, which you need to remember since from here your Nova form attacks are only going to get buffed by set bonuses and other global effects from here on out. Just remember that you'll need to wait until Level 50 to finish building out Bright Nova Scatter with Hamdion Origin enhancements to get the FULL POWER that you can out of your Nova's cone attack, since it delivers the highest damage per power activation of all of your Nova powers, making this your "spike" damage attack that ironically hits an entire cone's worth of $Targets (max 10). Level 28-37 Dwarf form starts getting slots and starts becoming a far more capable (and less frustrating!) way to engage $Targets. White Dwarf Flare finishes setting loaded out with the Essence Transfer Kheldian ATO set and Force Feedback proc by Level 36. Solar Flare gets some slots at Level 34, adding yet more global recharge reduction into the build and preparing the way for the "full circle" comeback to investing in Human form attacks in the mid/late-40s. By Level 37 you're starting to have enough slots invested into Dwarf form to be able to really start to see how a Dwarf ought to be played and how the form is (at all) useful to play. Levels 38-42 At long last it is FINALLY time to start giving some love to your Human form powers again, with Light Form being the BIG and obvious winner here with investments complete by Level 40. The protective aspects of Light Form when applied to Nova and Dwarf forms simply cannot be overstated. Note that since Light Form is a Click power that does not lock out other forms on Homecoming, use Light Form every time it finishes recharging. This build is meant to keep Light Form permanently up at all times, since it is just that big of a boost to your Resistances and your endurance recovery. The "crash" from Light Form will simply move your HP from wherever it is to be 50% of Max HP when it happens (meaning that the "crash" when Light Form expires could potentially HEAL you up to 50% when it happens if you're below 50% at the time!). Dwarf form finally (FINALLY!) finishes receiving additional slots at Level 42 and is a serious contender as a means of dealing enough damage in a survivable/protected/brick-like way when mez and aggro magnetism are things that need to be dealt with, since neither Human nor Nova forms perform well under those conditions. Levels 43-50 From here on out it's mainly about getting enough slots to finish out your Human form attack powers to make them truly useful as well. The capstone on all of this effort finally gets laid at Level 50 into Incandescent Strike. Maneuvers, Tactics and Vengeance expand the capacity of your Human form attack chains to deliver increased damage due to how the Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control Build Up proc interacts with Tactics in addition to enabling higher chances to hit Level 54 Incarnate targets that have a base 39% chance to be hit. Vengeance, of course, is something you'll never use while solo ... but will find a use for "often enough" while in teams (and almost inevitably have a use for in leagues). Levels 50+ What Incarnate slotting options ought to be chosen? The build doesn't say ... To which the only answer I can give you is ... whatever makes you happy. No seriously. If you've gotten to Level 50 and are busy working your way through Incarnate content using this build, YOU are going to know what's best for You when it comes to Incarnate slotting. This is because a very substantial component in deciding what the best choice for Incarnate slots is rather heavily dependent upon how YOU want to the play the game (and your character). Besides, it's been most of a decade since I had to even think about this stuff (and my Peacebringer is still only Level 12 at the time of this posting since I've got 9 alts to feed!). So really ... pick whatever makes you happy. Incarnates are about YOU, rather than ME explicitly (and for all time). Just be aware that as you advance through Incarnate Levels you're going to continue to get EVEN MORE powerful than you were when you first dinged 50. You're welcome! ===== So with all of that blathering out of the way, let's get on with the build itself, shall we?
  2. I'll keep this short and sweet as no one really wants to wade through a wall of text... I probably spend too much time in mids which has resulted in a lot of builds being created, specifically Peacebringer and Warshade builds. So I thought I'd start posting them here, hoping they could either be put to use in their current state or be helpful templates for people needing assistance with their own builds. I will post a build every so often and give a quick run down on the build. If anyone is interested in a particular build after it's posted and have questions on that build, feel free to DM me.
  3. Perhaps I might be one of the few people that really look at the Kheldian HEATs and think 'When you really compare it to other AT's it doesn't quite measure up!' especially when the VEATs can be absurdly broken for very little work put into them (Leadership from their secondary and Pool is amazing for support). Honestly, it makes me sad when it boils down to it as the Dwarf Form for Peacebringer feels too squishy to compete with many high-end scrappers Or tanks for durability and the Squid Forms feel like a joke overall. But as I was toying with Mids numbers last night I kind of realized a lot of issues I seem to have with it could be alleviated by the simple implementation of Pool Powers into a build. With proper sets and slotting with the activation of Maneuvers, Tough, Weave, and Combat Jump's bonuses you would be looking at a White Dwarf with 30-ish defenses for M/R/AoE, 80-85% resistances for all but Psionic (which sits at 31%) and decent stats overall making it a decent off-tank or main tank if you are lacking one on the team. At the same time, with the same build and powers I just mentioned with the Bright Nova instead, it would allow you to make a decent blaster replacement for the team as they sit at the 30-ish defenses and sit anywhere from 25-40% resistances. Mind you, this is merely with the Peacebringer I have toyed with numbers wise. I love the concept of a Kheldian AT, a kind of 'Be what you want' set that allows you to go tank or blaster at a whim and swaps between the two as the team needs. But I believe that perhaps it is a bit too weak as is, especially when you compare it to the VEATs answer and that something as simple as allowing the use of Pool Powers alongside their Alt Forms could be the single 'Buff' it needs to make it a truly Epic Archetype. Sorry for the ramble here all, but I would like to hear others opinions on this as well. Maybe my suggestion is a little odd? Maybe there is a good reason it might be too broken if the powers are allowed?
  4. Trio'd Tin Mage with a couple buds. @Septipheran@Honest Abe All Peacebringers Wasn't really planned, just hit record then figured I'd do something with the footage. Enjoy.
  5. Peacebringers get the flight powers baseline. My understanding is aside from some extra VFX, Energy flight is supposed to be identical to Flight and Combat Flight is supposed to be identical to hover. These days, Hover has a pose that is different from flight, although at launch they use to share the same pose. Leaning forward to fly as such low speeds was seen as... odd, so it was eventually changed into the upright position we have today. Combat Flight though, never got to share this change. It's as slow as hover, but you lean forward and glow a lot. I'd just really like Combat Flight to get Hover's upright position. -McJigg
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