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Found 13 results

  1. Same rules. No enhancements, “worst” can mean whatever you like, multiple selections allowed.
  2. In your opinion or experience what is the tank that just keeps going regardless of enemy type, number of enemies, etc. The one that faces hordes of CoT or Vanguard wizards and laughs, the kind of tank that walks over and kicks Scrapyard in his ass. The last person standing kind of tank, the one that puts "super" into superman, the Unstoppable in Juggernaut, etc. I realize survivability is more than the damage in dealing with a tank, and I love my broots, but, I want a runaway train kind of tank.
  3. Select the “worst” archetype(s) in your opinion, by any interpretation of the word. Multiple selections are permitted. Feel free to reason in comments. Poll here
  4. NO ENHANCEMENTS! Same rules as before: “Worst” in however you interpret this to mean. Multiple selects are allowed if needed.
  5. I believe the CoX community has given a lot of feedback on a previous poll and I believe an updated poll to include more ideas about the Sentinels and their redesign is in order. I also would like for this to remain open in order to get as much of the community's views and values on the Sentinel as possible. Why do I have these specific questions? Because a lot community pointed out that the Sentinel is supposed to be a ranged Scrapper. Not some hybrid Tanker with ranged damage, not a "blaster with defenses." I don't think comparing Sentinels and Blasters is a healthy debate due to the fact that Blasters are given increased target caps, rotational snipes, far more hits/aoe from secondary, and access to both Aim and Build Up. In terms of current Sentinel damage, the Tanker updates have given rise to the fact that they're actually on the same damage scalar, and in fact many Tanker combinations are able to surpass or come very close to Sentinel damage. Captain Powerhouse has stated that the Sentinel is supposed to be a "ranged Scrapper" and has said that increased range and target caps are out of the question, so therefore I'm trying to include an imperfect (and realistic) accumulation of what I've seen with the community responses to this topic.
  6. Same rules as always. No enhancements, you may pick multiple, “worst” can mean whatever you like. Unfortunately I can’t post this to the CoH Reddit *lol* so we might have lower turnout today.
  7. NO ENHANCEMENTS! “Worst” however you interpret it. One one selection allowed. Have fun!
  8. While developing Mids, we're always looking for ways to implement new features, improve functionality, trim the fat, and other such buzz words. One of the things we're judging right now are the two build modes. Having two seems superfluous, and the functionality required for the Level-Up mode in particular causes limitations that are difficult to work around to implement other features (such as being able to create respec-friendly builds). So, the Reborn Team's curious. What build mode(s) does everyone use? Do you prefer the flexibility of Dynamic mode, the structure of Level-Up mode, or do you swap between them?
  9. I was deeply curious how sentinel players themselves felt about the sentinel. I have fun with it from time to time but I really wondered... Beyond a suggestion thread or random murmerings here and there... If you COULD decide the fate of the entire Archetype and how it was approached, balanced or changed. What would you choose? And I think that would yield more interesting results numerically than a thread of suggestions. So I'm posting this poll here.
  10. A few things I’d like to say before we get to this: 1) I posted this under archetypes because I wanted more than just masterminds to respond to this. I also wanted others who saw a mastermind on their team to give input. Which powersets make you groan or feel sorry for them? Which powersets make you get all excited and expect great things from them? 2) Don’t think of any specific combinations of powersets, or any specific roles. Which powerset just tends to be the “best” overall? Ones that could really go well with any role at any moment? Ones that don’t flop or make you want to kick them off your team? In the event that you cannot choose just one, I have enabled the option to select multiple powersets for both polls. http://www.strawpoll.me/20247277 Primary http://www.strawpoll.me/20247291 Secondary http://www.strawpoll.me/20247917 I missed some secondaries in the one above http://www.strawpoll.me/20252247 Should be fixed now IT IS POSSIBLE TO SELECT MULTIPLE POWERSETS FOR BOTH POLLS DO NOT THINK OF ANY SPECIFIC COMBOS OR ROLES; JUST IN GENERAL
  11. Now that we have the /petition system up and running again, I wanted to share a suggestion with this new Dev Team which I think all multiplayer games (particularly MMOs) would benefit from: An in-game polling system controlled by the Devs/GMs which functions much like the Message of the Day pop-up cross-pollinated with the support/petition system. We all know that despite having to create our game accounts through these forums, a mere fraction of the players dare risk their sanity by actively participating in the forums. Similarly for the discord (which is also third-party, making it even less ideal than these forums). And then there are the more distant social media groups and fansites and external forums, et cetera. The overall playerbase is distributed between different subcommunities, with some overlap. But the one place all the players are together is the game itself. Which makes it the ideal location for distribution of information, and also (if this suggestion is implemented) collection of precise feedback. A GM or CR could occasionally put polls up in-game, where players can vote for such things as their favourite new idea, or to provide feedback in a "1 to 5" satisfaction ranking poll. Such polls would then send the information along a similar media path as the petition system, likely populating the data in to a backend board here on the forums where the Team can review it. This would also help ensure the Development Road Map (not a fan of the term, but there it is) reflects the playerbase's expectations. While polls might not provide the players with the depth of providing individual feedback, we do already have a tag for that in the petition window, and the purpose of polls is to collect specific data from a large group; so the two functions are not redundant. Naturally, you'd likely never have 100% contribution to every poll (or any poll), but I believe there would be a significantly larger number of active players contributing to the feedback process if it were facilitated in the game directly utilizing this method. I've heard that new GUI elements are a pain to implement, so this is obviously not a whimsical suggestion, but one which I genuinely think has enough merit to dedicate time and resources to. It should move us toward a healthier development cycle and improve communication and transparency in both directions.
  12. I do love knockback. It's pretty fun and has an element of control in it that is different. With proper application it can dominate an encounter or even a conversation. I am okay with knockdown but to be honest I prefer stun to knockdown. There's a learning curve with knockback just as other powers. It's just not subtle. Few really see Enflame being applied and it being the cause of a target start running around, There are tips and tricks available. There are also plenty of threads on the topic like:
  13. Wondering about this. Do they look different to thread creators?
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