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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. So! With the success of 'Soul Noir' FX being spread from Darkness Control to each and every other Dark powerset we have, perhaps we could take the more 'modern' FX and animations from Psionic Melee and Force of Will and apply it to some of the Psionic Powersets? Naturally this would be quite difficult to achieve for a blast set with what we have, so it will most likely work best for Mental Manipulation and Psionic Assault. So! By looking at animations and range, I was pondering what stuff we can swap around in order to create a new 'Telekinetic' FX for these two powersets; Shared Powers: Subdue/Subdual - For this we can use a sped up version of Force of Will's 'Weaken Resolve' power. Mind Probe - For this we can use Psionic Melee's 'Mental Strike' power. Telekinetic Thrust - For this we can use Psionic Melee's 'Telekinetic Blow' power. Psychic Scream - For this we should use Force of Will's 'Wall of Force' Power. Drain Psyche - For this I propose we use Psionic Melee's 'Mass Levitate' Power. Psychic Shockwave - For this I propose we use Force of Will's 'Takeoff' Power. Mental Manipulation Powers: Concentration - For this I propose we use Psionic Melee's version of 'Concentration'. World of Confusion - For this I propose we use Force of Will's 'Unleash Potential' power, with the same bubble. Scare - For this we can re-use Force of Will's 'Weaken Resolve' Power. Psionic Assault Powers: Psionic Dart - For this we can use a sped up version of Force of Will's 'Weaken Resolve' Power. Mental Blast - For this we can use a sped up version of Force of Will's 'Project Will' Power. Psionic Lance - For this I propose we can again use Force of Will's 'Project Will' Power, though perhaps with the alt FX animation that projects it from your hand
  2. So here are the ideas i had floating in my head. Power pool/powersets Munitions power pool: This power pool would be for those that want more types of weapons other then only a rifle or handguns or want just one handgun rather then dual. some ideas for what would be in this powerpool. Chaingun burst and fullauto fire. Single handgun hip fire and aim fire. Rifle butt and pistol whip. Bayonet stab. Flamethrower attacks. Grenades with many types of effects. Elemental ammo types for weapons. And lastly maybe some rocket launcher weapon attacks or some energy weapon attacks or even some armor types as well. So this would be kinda like the damage version of traps. I don't know if it would work seeing how buggy the rifle and the trick bow are when they are used in the same build. Next on the list is a powerarmor powerset: So this one would be kinda an ironman/warmachine type of pure range dps/tank. Most the powers in this set would be made up of mostly the powers that robots or mechs have meaning it will be using weapons built into the suit it's self and will have armor types that guard you from most damage types. Also jetboots. And now for the last idea. A pet/Minion power pool for some one that wants to have Minions but does not want to start as a mastermind, these could also give some use to some of the generic army npc's. It would be neat to see some one with PPD minions or something like that. So let me know what all you think about these ideas.
  3. I was thinking about the Illusion Control Pets and wondering if we could get some model customization. The current default for Phantom Army is that you get a random selection of generic female, male, or large models. My proposal is that you can customize the power to allow for one of each, all female, all male, all large, or random. Also, if Phantasm had the same option to be a female, male, or large model. I am not sure how much coding it would require, but it would be a nice option for customization.
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