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  1. Eco-Friendly Powerset Recycling So! one of the biggest issues with creating new powersets is the difficulty faced introducing new assets to the game, which is why many of the newer powersets are created from existing assets that are already used in other powersets (Such as Savage Assault, Ninja Training and Radiation Melee). In order to produce new powersets, it seems most likely that they would be created from what we have already, which is why we've seen many more Manipulation and Assault sets than any others (since they are mostly formed from existing powers). So with that in mind, I was pondering what other powersets could be engineered from the assets already available, effectively 'recycling' them into new forms. I had a couple of crude ideas that I've listed below, they are in no way a working product, more a proof of concept that could hopefully inspire a new arsenal of powersets that could be introduced in one way or the other. The aim of the game is to use as much existing material as I could, so they would seem plausible to implement at the least, and entirely possible at the most. Earth Blast (Now in Game!) You are able to upheave and project stone to powerful effect! Earth Blast focuses on a mixture of smashing and fire damage, and many attacks have a chance to stun your foes. - Stone Spears: Taken directly from Earth Assault. This power fits nicely for a simple single-target damage attack - Lava Blast: A power belonging to the Minions of Igneous, hurling lava that deals high fire DoT - Shards of Stone: A power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth, firing rocky shards in a cone. - Basalt Bomb: Another power belonging to the Minions of Igneous, hurling a ball of magma that explodes and deals high fire DoT. - Hurl Boulder: Taken from Earth Assault/Stone Melee. A good short range/high damage attack that was a nice fit. - Upthrust: A power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth. delivering smashing damage in an AoE, with a lethal DoT effect and chance to knockdown. - Ryolite: Another Minions of Igneous power, holds a foe and deals moderate fire DoT - Fissure: Another Earth Assault power. Fissure acts a nice ability later in the set with close range and high damage. - Meteor: Another unique Talons of Vengeance power. We remove the special NPC mechanics, and focus on the superior smashing damage, moderate fire DoT, and a chance to stun or knockback. Earth Manipulation (Now in Game!) You can manipulate the earth to contain and control your enemies, while bringing rocks crashing down upon them. - Stone Prison: Taken from Earth Control. This power suits just fine for the single target immobilize as you may expect. - Stone Fist: Taken from Stone Melee. This works as the first melee attack available. - Fossilize: Again taken from Earth Control. Just like many manipulation sets, the inclusion of a single target hold also seemed fitting. - Build Up: A standard Build Up power as expected. - Tremor: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works as a nice AoE melee attack as seen in other Manipulation sets. - Mud Bath: A modified version of Mud Pots. This power also grants endurance recovery and health regeneration to the player. - Fault: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works as a nice control power that has no damage. - Ash Fall: Another power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth, functioning much like Snow Storm - Seismic Smash: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works perfectly as a high damage melee attack with mez capability. Throwing Blades You are trained with deadly throwing blades, armed with an assortment of martial weaponry to attack your foes from afar. - Shuriken Throw: Taken from Martial Assault. This fits well for the low damage/quick recharge attack. - Throwing Dagger: An NPC power used by a multitude of enemies, ideal for a moderate damage ranged attack. - Trick Shot: Taken directly from Martial Assault. this ability works well as a nice AoE ability. - Shrapnel Shuriken: A renamed version of Weapon Mastery's Exploding Shuriken. This works as a basic AoE power. - Aim: Your basic blast set 'Aim' power. - Masterful Throw: Also taken from Martial Assault. This works perfectly as a snipe ability. - Fan of Blades: NPCs like Chance McKnight have a similar ability called 'Shurikens', which is a cone version of the standard Shuriken power. Though I would perhaps give it the Eviscerate/Ripper animation. - Explosive Shuriken: Taken from Martial Assault. this power works well as a low-range/high-damage attack - Blade Storm: The T9 for this set would likely be a mix of projectiles thrown in all directions, likely using the same animation as Typhoon's Edge. Other sets in this thread: Primaries (Blast, Control, Melee, Henchmen) Secondaries (Manipulation, Assault, Armor, Support) Ancillaries If you want to submit your own idea for a powerset here, then the thread is open to you! Just remember that the goal of this discussion is to bring forward new ideas by reusing the old. We're not strictly looking at numbers here, it's all about how you can construct new powersets by using what's already provided in game, which falls into three categories; Using existing powers. This is the most preferable way of designing powersets here in the thread. If you can use existing player powers in your suggestion, then that's perfect! If you'd also like to re-use 'new' powers suggested in this thread, those are fine too. Modifying NPC powers. While not as easy to work with as player powers, taking NPC powers not yet accessible to the players is another great way of building a new powerset. Try not to change too much, though! Reusing in-game assets. The most difficult thing when creating new powers isn't the numbers, it's the FX and animations. If you can find suitable FX or animations to help create 'new' powers, then that's just about all you need. With that in mind, try to consider the following too; If you can find suitable power icons, use them! The best way to help visualise the function of your powerset is to illustrate it with power icons. If you're reusing old powers, these should be readily available, but for anything else a 'best fit' is just as good. Try to get your powerset to follow the design of others. While not all powersets are identical, most of them have a vague structure about them that helps serve as a guide to what they should look like. Consider what your powerset brings to the table. While we're not delving into the complexities of numbers and balance, it's always good to consider the mechanics of your powers, including new things like combo systems and building charges. Weapons and pets are hard, but not impossible! If you want to submit a powerset that uses weapons or pets, try to think of what in-game models exist to support it. For Masterminds, consider what the basic and upgraded henchmen may look like. Ancillaries are welcome too. I recently opened up this thread to the creation of ancillary powers, so if you have ideas for those, feel free to post them! Reusing existing powers is preferable for all powersets, but doubly so for ancillaries. Try to keep the concept flexible. Powersets should be open to all kinds of character themes, so try to avoid making it too niche. There's a few exceptions like Demon Summoning and Beam Rifle that are arguably focused on one origin or another, but that's where I would draw the line. Don't feel somebody else beat you to it! If you have an idea for a powerset, but somebody else has created something similar, you are still welcome to submit your own version of it.
  2. Hover and Flight. Combat Jumping and Super Jump. Combat Teleport and Teleport. Hasten and Super Speed. Stealth and Infiltration. One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the same... Why? Why are Infiltration and Stealth not allowed simultaneously? Is this a WAI situation? If so, why? Infiltration can be slotted with sets, but if it can't be simultaneous, folks will just use unslottable Ninja/Athletic/Beast Run. Suggestion: make the "travel powers with 'minor versions'" sets consistent and allow Stealth and Infiltration to be toggled on concurrently.
  3. Speed Phase remained active after entering a mission with an auto-exemplar effect. Was unable to disable Speed Phase after entering a Mayhem mission from Lord Schweinzer. Auto exemped for the Atlas Park mission from level 41 with all toggles running [including SS and Speed Phase] and when inside the mission all toggles expected to disable did except Speed Phase which remained active and inaccessible for disabling without exiting the mission. Even after exiting the mission Speed Phase remained active despite SS not running. Other missions were fine due to what level SS was taken however toons that take SS later would possibly have the same problem in other missions that have exemplaring occur in this way [Ouro into arcs possibly for example].
  4. Unsure how much this might be a bug but thought to make a mention of it anyway. Despite various objects in Mayhem Missions being targets and destructible [cars, bus stops, cardboard boxes, letter boxes, etc] players cannot run through them with Speed Phase active as they can vs mobs and other entities in game.
  5. Since we're now removing the mutual exclusivity of travel and prestige powers, would it be possible to take a look at maybe adding some of the prestige travel animations (esp. Void Skiff) as customization options for the Fly power pool, or otherwise removing some of the restrictions they have regarding using abilities and detoggling powers while it's in use? I realize there's possibly some trickiness to some of those animations that have resulted in them working the way they do, for instance a character that's doing a kick is going to have to be animated to have their feet leave the vehicle and return. But for those of us who have characters that would like to use the theme of some of these prestige pieces (for example for a Green Goblin-like character using the skiff as a glider), it would be great if they could be usable in combat like every other travel power or at least not interfere with combat by detoggling everything when they're used. The same thing goes for any of the jetpack powers for characters who actually want their characters to be jetpack users. Would be a nice QoL thing along the lines of the great work that was done with Ninja/Beast/Athletic run. Thanks in advance.
  6. Good evening everyone. I'm sorry if this kind of topic has been posted a lot, I checked the last four pages to see if there was any recent discussion about this and didn't see anything. The suggestion is pretty simple -- I think it would be really fun if Flurry, Jump Kick, and Air Superiority took a page from the Fighting pool and had their strength increased with each other power you took in their respective pools. It would encourage people who want to build specific types of characters (like the ever-popular speedster) and reward them for going all-in on a power pool that is flavorful for them. Maybe cap the bonus at having three other powers (so you'd take four powers in that pool total and don't feel like you have to take everything for your theme), and have the capped Damage-per-Activation Time be similar to the maxed-out Boxing power.
  7. Same rules as always. No enhancements, you may pick multiple, “worst” can mean whatever you like. Unfortunately I can’t post this to the CoH Reddit *lol* so we might have lower turnout today.
  8. I've rolled a rad/rad stalker and, well, it's totally rad. I've had a rad/rad brute before and a few stalkers and this one just hits the sweet spot. I'm going to skip the Ancilliary/Patron pools because they're all a bit indifferent, so I'm looking at regular power pools. I'm planning on going deep into the Presence and Experimentation pools (as well as something with some Defence, although I'm not looking for 45% because by end game teammates usually vomit defence buffs all over the place so I don't need to be self-sufficient). The Experimentation pool has two ranged attacks, both of which have a High DoT that I assume will deliver a lot of upfront damage if it does crit. Can anyone tell if it works from Hidden? This got me wondering is there are any others that do/don't.
  9. I have a lvl50 Stone Tank, lvl50 Warshade, lvl50 Peacebringer and other characters with teleport or, mystic flight. Along the way, I've come to know what I like and don't like. I also have a lot of binds and a lot of alts, leading me, like a lot of people I'd guess, to start putting energy in to one global profile to cover as much as makes sense and smaller profiles for toons that develop out of it. I'm up to 11 level 50s in all so, that global has matured a lot along the way. There's great guides on this topic already. They've definitely helped steer me along the way. if this is something you're interested in, I highly recommend checking the previous posts for more information. This guide will be focused on what I haven't come across yet. Couple quick things, 1. I haven't tried Jaunt yet. I suspect this works but it hasn't been tested. With P2W flight and Ninja/Beast Run, I don't tend to lean towards travel powers like back in live. My stone tank's run speed at almost 70mph. KInd of an extreme example although, at an average of 60mph on others... anyway. 2. I've messed around with powexeclocation but ultimately, my preference for teleport is excename. I use powexeclocation for other things and I'm fairly confident it can be used here, interchangeably. 3. I only like LeftDoubleClick, sometimes. I use the client to grab a, "fresh off the press" copy of keybind.txt as the base for my global file. I splurged on some extra characters and named it Global.txt. This first bit goes in there. @/Global.txt SHIFT+LBUTTON "powexecname Translocation$$powexecname Jaunt$$powexecname Teleport$$powexecname White Dwarf Step$$powexecname Shadow Step" LeftDoubleClick nop CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP1.txt" My active binds are kept in the Install/data folder. My subfolder is, "@", where all the binds go. CTRL+LeftDoubleClick loads a file to mimic SHIFT+LBUTTON. It's in another subfolder named, "!". It's for anything global, Global.txt couldn't manage alone. Edit to taste. @/!/LDCTP1.txt LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Translocation$$powexecname Jaunt$$powexecname Teleport$$powexecname White Dwarf Step$$powexecname Shadow Step" CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP0.txt" CTRL+: Flips LeftDoubleClick back to my preferred default, off. @/!/LDCTP0.txt LeftDoubleClick nop CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP1.txt" This manages itself until the next reset. Warshade Minimum So, on to warshades. We have Shadow Step covered, so Dwarf is all we're missing. I'm using, a minimalist global folder structure here. Everyone has their own methods, so I wanted to present a, "just the facts" version to illustrate my thinking and conforms to other methods with less to cut. Afterwards, a puffed-up opinion piece, closer to what I use. That being said, Essentially, I'm mimicing the above. 1. @/WSToonName/NotDwarfBinds.txt - Minimum <KEY1> "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/WSToonName/IsDwarfBinds.txt" This is a bare minimum option. <KEY1> loads the Dwarf binds. 2. @/WSToonName/IsDwarfBinds.txt - Minimum SHIFT+LBUTTON powexecname Black Dwarf Step LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt" <KEY2> "powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/WSToonName/NotDwarfBinds.txt" Unlike the multi power option, I prefer LeftDoubleClick's default is functional if I go Dwarf. <KEY2>, pops back to human form and Shadow Step is restored. 3. @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt - Minimum LeftDoubleClick nop CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP1.txt" This keeps the activity, back and forth, in the global folder . 4. @/!/WS-LDCTP1.txt - Minimum LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt" And, like the first bit, this manages itself until <KEY2> gets pressed. Then, were back to square one. WIth that, the teleport part is finished. It's nothing fancy but, hopefully useful. Warshade Options So, here's a little more QOL and global flexibility. The teleport part is essentially the same. For anyone just getting familiar with this, we're rolling binds. Anyone who's spent any time with them will testify, interrupts, too-much-too-fast keyboard action or occasional glitches can knock them out of sync. With easy access to reset them, it's hardly worth mentioning. WIthout, possible disaster. Likely frustration. There's a lot of ways to do this and, here's a couple I use a variation of. 1. @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt SHIFT+1 "powexectoggleon Dark Nova$$windowhide Tray7$$gototray 4$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithNova/IsNovaBinds.txt" SHIFT+3 "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$windowhide tray7$$gototray 4$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt" SHIFT+C "+$$powexectoggleon Penumbral Shield$$powexectoggleon Twilight Shield$$powexectoggleon Gravity Shield" CTRL+C "powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$windowshow tray7$$gototray 9$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds" CTRL+R "up 0$$down 0$$forward 0$$backward 0$$left 0$$right 0$$camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt" I've added spaces, for legibility, that will need to be deleted before using. The rest of these can be edited for your pleasure. The Keys are relevant accept to illustrate one of the QOL pieces. SHIFT+1: Only added to illustrate where toggling on Nova fits in. SHIFT+3: Toggles Dwarf on, handles some window & tray stuff and then the binds load as follows. unbindall: I use this like it's part of an attack chain. Personally, I've found using it often means not really needing it. *(READ FOOTNOTE BEFORE USE!!) Global.tx: Now, it's my personal clean slate. Nictus/AllBuildBInds.txt: The Character's general binds load to catch Global overrides or, anything unique. Kheld.txt: I have global file for both forms, shared by PBs & WS so, Kheld.txt... This would be where it goes, if you do to otherwise, it's dead to us. BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt: I spend more time on the human form so, a division. SHIFT+C: Notice the +$$ in the front, that's why I added the key names, it serves two functions In human, it kicks on two shields at once. More importantly, it picks up a cue from SHIFT+C in the next file and kicks on gravity shield, coming out of the other forms. If there's a bind issue, it buys a little time. CTRL+C: Emergency protocol if anything interrupted SHIFT+C. In most cases, rolling SHIFT+C works so, another key is the only choice for insurance. (Unbindall is in here too.) CTRL+R: Restores default NotDwarf state. I use this command for reset on everything. (Unbindall is in here too.) 2. @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt SHIFT+LBUTTON powexecname Black Dwarf Step LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld/WS-LDCTP0.txt" SHIFT+3 "windowhide tray7$$gototray 4" SHIFT+C "-$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$windowshow Tray7$$gototray 9$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/AllBuildBinds.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt" CTRL+C nop CTRL+R "up 0$$down 0$$forward 0$$backward 0$$left 0$$right 0$$camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt" The teleport binds show up again. The path added a subfolder named /Kheld/ which isn't necessary. It's only there to further illustrate the global purpose. SHIFT+1: Is gone, carried over from the last file and still toggles Nova on. SHIFT+3: We're in Dwarf so, this just maintains the window and tray stuff. SHIFT+C: Starts with -$$ to carry over to the last SHIFT+C command and auto toggle a primary shield. Both forms are toggled off, window & tray stuff then load the previous state. (Unbindall is in here too.) CTRL+C: With the rolling bind on SHIFT+C having more to offer, I only wanted CTRL+C if, SHIFT+C fails. Deleting it here, preserves its original command if, preferred. CTRL+R: Restores default NotDwarf state. I use this command for reset on everything. (Unbindall is in here too.) The last two steps from the Minimum version are nearly identical. Only the paths have changed to protect the innocent. We went from, @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt to. @/!/Kheld/WS-LDCTP0.txt. *UNBINDALL/KEYBINDRESET: These two commands are identical. They will wipe your active (Client managed) bind file clean. You won't be able to recover what was lost. Bindsavefile, managing files locally and knowing what you need to load and when, is imperative to successfully implementing either of these. If you're not sure what these do, don't use them without doing some homework. I apologize for endlessly nagging about this. I'd just hate to find out, I was the guy that walked you through vaporizing your data, like it didn't matter. If this tutorial was helpful, I posted a recovery guide right here. Thanks for checking out the guide! Let me know If there's any corrections, improvements or elaboration in order.
  10. I was in another thread talking about issues with the Teleport Travel power. The discussion there is about the need to extend the hover protection for lag and to decrease hover tar. There were three main ideas: extend the time but make it self-cancel upon movement (possibly through the use of a pseudopet), decrease flight speed of the hover and eliminate the movement penalty, and make TP a secondary power for a hover toggle. That discussion should continue in that thread. This thread is mainly about a realignment of the TP power pool. There are several major issues, one is the fact that Recall Friend is not that good of a power, and is completely useless if one takes Team TP. Another is the lack of an attack or a defensive power. There is also a lack of an offensive power. How can this be handled? My suggestion would be to remove Recall Friend and replace it with a defensive TP power. What would that power look like? There have been several types of ideas that have come up over the years. One is a simple short-range TP with minimal animation time, short range, and low endurance cost. There is also the possibility of adding a 15-30s non-stacking defensive buff to the power to give it similar stats to combat jumping. A different way to approach this would be to not have a TP power per se, but a displacement toggle. This would mean that you are constantly teleporting and thus making yourself more difficult to hit. This would include a minor universal movement bonus, but it would not give you the Nightcrawler feel. As per the offensive ability, I think that TP Foe does cover that to an extent. Some consideration may need to be given to adding a small fear or disorient effect to the power, or some damage. But I think a better way to go would be to double the range and make it like confuse, a power that does not generate aggro. That way you could gently pluck enemies one at a time and isolate them for slaughter. This is just the seed of a discussion, and I think the community could come up with a reasonable problem for dealing with this Casa de la Familia set (a set that is very popular despite being incomplete and in major need of renovation)...
  11. With Force of Will and Sorcery released, I imagine that the Natural/Science/Technology power pools will eventually become a thing in due time. However, with only four power pools, it can be quite difficult fitting them in, even if it's only for a more thematic travel power - this is the main reason I thought of this. As such, I think it'd make sense to have these power pools as their own separate selection - you'd only be able choose from one, just like the Ancillary/Patron power pools, leaving the other four pools available for other things. This would leave characters with the ability to have six different power pools in total: The four "regular" ones that cover all the other pools An "origin" power pool An "ancillary/patron" power pool Thoughts? Feedback? Would love to hear opinions on this!
  12. Really, this is a neglected gem. Usually I end up taking Energy Mastery on a tanker. It does one thing well: it gives you a place to slot one or two more Performance Shifter procs. Earth Mastery, though, helps you in even more ways. I have two of the powers on my newest tanker (Willpower/Mace). Being Willpower, she doesn't need Perf. Shifter mules. I took two powers from the set: Salt Crystals and Quick Sand (sic). Salt Crystals was and is a huge AoE; sixteen feet IIRC. It takes accuracy enhancements, which means that it taunts every mob it hits. The fact that it 'sleeps' mobs is your least concern. It takes sleep sets, which enable some interesting procs inc. a chance for self heal. And it does not require many slots to be effective. It debuffs defense of everything it affects. A worthwhile first tier power. Quick Sand is annoyingly a ground-circle targeted power out of the box. You're gonna want a macro. It takes Slow sets, which means it can use the Trap of the Hunter proc. It needs no accuracy, which means that it is effective with only the default slot. It also slows mobs it effects, keeping them close. It also debuffs defense, A worthwhile second tier power. I have not taken any of the other powers from the pool, which do holds and damage. For a melee controller tank build, these two have a lot of potential and seem quite worthwhile. No that in addition to Willpower we have Bio, Radiation, and other armors that do not need endurance relief, I think this pool is worth a closer look.
  13. Think like Daredevil, Spider-Man, or Superman. Not gonna lie, mostly just want something to FIND THAT LAST GODDAMN 5TH COLUMN IN THE POOL ROOM! I'm imagining some powers would include an accuracy buff, a dodge bonus against ranged attacks, and an enhanced perception, limited duration power that also let you see enemies through walls and/or spot them on your map, akin to x-ray vision or super hearing. Might also be cool to be able to spot an enemy's relative defenses and resists, though I think that data is all online anyway.
  14. So here are the ideas i had floating in my head. Power pool/powersets Munitions power pool: This power pool would be for those that want more types of weapons other then only a rifle or handguns or want just one handgun rather then dual. some ideas for what would be in this powerpool. Chaingun burst and fullauto fire. Single handgun hip fire and aim fire. Rifle butt and pistol whip. Bayonet stab. Flamethrower attacks. Grenades with many types of effects. Elemental ammo types for weapons. And lastly maybe some rocket launcher weapon attacks or some energy weapon attacks or even some armor types as well. So this would be kinda like the damage version of traps. I don't know if it would work seeing how buggy the rifle and the trick bow are when they are used in the same build. Next on the list is a powerarmor powerset: So this one would be kinda an ironman/warmachine type of pure range dps/tank. Most the powers in this set would be made up of mostly the powers that robots or mechs have meaning it will be using weapons built into the suit it's self and will have armor types that guard you from most damage types. Also jetboots. And now for the last idea. A pet/Minion power pool for some one that wants to have Minions but does not want to start as a mastermind, these could also give some use to some of the generic army npc's. It would be neat to see some one with PPD minions or something like that. So let me know what all you think about these ideas.
  15. There are a couple things I am looking at here. T4 powers should only require a single power from the pool for unlock. So Lvl 4 T1-T3, Lvl 14 + one power from the pool T4, L14 + two powers from the pool T5. The Teleport Pool (as has been discussed in two separate recent threads) needs a bit of a revamp. This pool is popular despite it needing a major renovation. Presence is the least popular pool (for good reason) and may need a revamp. There are several unpopular powers in other pools that need reconsideration/replacement. These include Phase Shift, Group Fly, Burnout, & Whirlwind. (This list is from memory, I saw the list a couple of days ago and those were the ones I remember as being low). Whether to continue work on the expansion pools must be considered.
  16. Before live ended there were place to add the Devices, Experimental, Strength of Will, and Utility belt power pools. The old page even has it listed as most of what the planned powers were going to be. I know it's not an easy thing to add power pools, but I was wondering if it would be possible to reuse assets to finish those pools and add them to the game? It's definitely something that I feel would add some great quality of life to the game.
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