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  1. Eco-Friendly Powerset Recycling So! one of the biggest issues faced when creating new powersets is the difficulty faced introducing new assets to the game, which is why many of the newer powersets are created from existing assets that are already used in other powersets (Such as Savage Assault, Ninja Training and Radiation Melee). In order to produce new powersets, it seems most likely that they would be created from what we have already, which is why we've seen many more Manipulation and Assault sets than any others (since they are mostly formed from existing powers).
  2. It's gonna have fold space because massive pbaoe summon. plant or dark / savage? (mind is fun, tried that) savage/bio? (stalk/scrap) rad/savage? (tanks get higher range pbaoe on savage?) savage/ice, fire or shield brute? Which would you choose?
  3. if you were choosing a judgement for a stalker, anything worth but ionic? (it has to be ludicrous!) vorpal is quick to activate, doesn't need a target. cryonic is neat, but works best on a controllery type void is like might one never tried might one (big knockup i hear) ionic is ionic
  4. To access common commands shared by most or all my toon alts without having them take up slots in Powers Trays, I've brought them together into a Commands Popmenu. Issue 27 Page 1 added Popmenu features to show icons and recharge state in Popmenus. Currently revised and updated for Homecoming Issue 27 Page 1. Version 20201216a Homecoming first release for Issue 27 Page 1 File "Commands.20201216a.mnu" Download the Popmenu file here. Commands.20201216a.mnu The popmenu file has its version in its name. New version releases will just require rep
  5. Just have a handful of Powerset ideas to share, not greatly fleshed out, but that I would love to see possibly added! P.S. I didn't add any recharge rates, since they'd be in-line with all other equivalent powers. Sonic Armour/Aura Sidearm Training: Power Pool Set Arcane Blast Mystical Aura
  6. This is a reference to take into account when you suggest new powersets or changes to existing ones. While these formulas can be broken with enough justification, they should definitely be followed as a starting point in order to make sure your power "feels right" when compared to other powers in COH. Note: I am not a powers developer and I have no idea what most of these numbers mean in a practical sense, I am just posting them by request. Standard Damage Formula 0.2*(0.8*Recharge+1.8) Standard Area Factor Spheres: (1+(Radius*0.15)) Cones: ((
  7. I'm sorry if this question has already been asked at some point, but I couldn't seem to find it. What I'm wondering is about how the powers work with the day job accolades. Now I'm not asking about the temporary passives associated with just logging out at a particular day job, but the powers when having gotten 2 corresponding badges and given the accolade. For instance: Midnighter badge + Caregiver badge = Alchemist accolade which gives an ally healing power. I've been working toward some of these powers and recently completed getting the predator and duelist badges which grant th
  8. A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE INCARNATE SYSTEM or “WHY ARE INCARNATES SUCH SNAPPY DRESSERS?” The Incarnate endgame power system is one of the more confusing systems that the Homecoming version of City of Heroes has to offer—and while there are a number of great guides for it out there (most notably "Incarnates Made Easy" by @jimjimjimmeh) it seems to me that none of them do much more than scratch the surface. A number of times in-game, I’ve had to explain the system to new Incarnates in depth, and my experiences there showed me that the newly Incarnated often have a lot of que
  9. I read on the forums guidelines that feedback about pain points are appreciated. So here are mine. 😃 I play the game a little differently than others do- in that I'm a total OCD nut. That being said, I understand that these vexations are small, but I also suspect I am not the only one to feel them. 1.) No P2W (or T4V) Vendor or Praetorian Tailor available in Bases. Granted, I've been spoiled by /enterbasefrompasscode, but it feels like a tedious amount of running around when my Base loses track of my original location because I wanted to pop into Pocket D for something.
  10. Judgement powers currently offer just one animation option per power. For those of us who stick to themed characters, the one option doesn't always fit what we're looking for. For example, Cryonic is a cone. Let's have Frost Breath's animation as an option. Pyronic has the same animation as Fire Ball. Could we mirror, for example, Bonfire's animation? Options abound and variety is the spice of life.
  11. hi - I'm having a bit of frustration on my rad/shields scrapper I'm leveling up, as some of my toggle powers are shut off when I'm hit by any sort of debilitating crowd control. My bio/spines tanker has more toggles than the scrapper, and has never suffered from this problem. So I am curious. Why do some toggles get turned off by crowd control, and others do not? If I want to roll a new character that won't have this occur (as I find it extremely annoying), is there a way to tell from the power tags or description if the toggle is subject to this 'turn off' effect when I'm sle
  12. So currently we can set 1 power to auto use whenever it refills. I think the majority of people i know set this as Hasten except in a few cases. Is there any chance we could raise this so we could have 2 powers? For ATs like Doms or anyone with essential clicks that effect defence like Farsight and Mind Link this would be a huge game changer and honestly a lot more fun. It's a pain in the ass when rolling through mobs to suddenly drop dead because you forgot to click Mind Link .
  13. It feels time to construct a thread to share some experiences about the AT after playing it for the better part of a year. When I first came to HC, probably right around this time, I wasn't sure exactly of what I wanted to play. I created a bunch of ATs and recreated old characters. I'm sure many of you understand. I saw the Sentinel and it got me curious. It was new, not many people knew anything about it, and it seemed like a challenge to play/build. I had tried to play Dual Pistols a few times but it never worked out for me. I didn't really care for it on Blasters (still don't) s
  14. Adrenal Booster from the new Experimentation power pool is supposed to provide +special, which includes a bunch of "+strength to..." buffs, like a mini power boost. I can confirm that neither the heal or defense boost works, and I'm willing to bet the entire +special is broken. It's easy to double check by turning on a defense toggle and then hitting Adrenal Booster. No effect on the toggle's defense for the duration of Adrenal Booster. Anyone else able to replicate this? Might be an easy fix for the devs if they notice this thread.
  15. I just made a Rad/Rad Tank. i wanted all my powers to be black. the primary set is correct. the secondary powers though when i choose Dark Radiation the Atom Smasher Power inmy secondary gives me the Bright Radiation color pallet. I thought to go bright and when i go with Bright Radiation my Radiation Syphon only offers the Dark Radiation pallet. I have had to go with the original for now but would like to be able to custom my powers to match the image i have in my head for my charcter.
  16. Good luck, bad luck, probability, chaos, the ability to control it an alter at will. Think Jynx from teen titans or scarlet witch. What power sets would best fit this idea? A few of my ideas: Gravity/time troller Time/rad blast Def
  17. The Arcane Bolt ability in the Sorcery pool powerset says in the description and header that it has knockdown, while the actual mechanics give it knockback. Hoping this gets fixed to make the mechanics match the description rather than the other way around, because I took it specifically because I was under the impression it had knockdown. Knockback annoys pretty much every tank I play with.
  18. Weaken Resolve requires a to-hit check for it to apply the negative to-hit on the power, but it can miss. Right now, you can't put accurate to hit debuff sets in the power. Can that be changed?
  19. I recently picked up the Black Hole power on my dark defender and immedietly noticed that the fuzzy/translucent effect I remember the power having on enemies was missing. The power itself still works, but I have trouble figuring out which enemies are intangible. I've tried the different color schemes and its the same. I'm not sure if this is an issue for other ATs because you don't really see the power that often, it's skipped by most; I myself solo a lot so I find it useful in certain situations. It seems like a pretty low priority issue, but I'm hoping this will be fixed soon. I Iike to actu
  20. 1. Gatling Gun Judgement (or just Gatling Judgement, Gatling Core Final Judgement, Gatling Radial Final Judgement) Targeted Cone area of effect, with 120 or even 150 range and at least 90 degree radius. Deals Extreme Lethal Damage over Time. Because Lethal is the most resisted damage, all Gatling Judgements have extra effect added to them - they lower enemies' Lethal Damage Resistance for duration of the DoT (armor piercing bullets). Like so: -20% Resistance to Lethal Damage for 6 sec. ignores buffs and enhancements after 0.25 sec X ticks of Y Lethal Damage over
  21. Concealment Stealth is still granting complete translucency, even after today's update.
  22. So I'm kind of in love with archery ATM, so I was thinking of ways to incorporate it into other ATs. To that end, I present "Ranger Assault", (basically a combination of archery and broadsword attacks): 1. Snap shot 2. Slash (I believe this is actually the faster recharging of the initial BS attacks) 3. Aimed shot 4. Slice (I'm debating putting Parry here, if you don't think it'd be too overpowering). 5. Build up 6. Whirling sword 7. Explosive arrow 8. Ranged shot 9. Hawk's Insight - Th
  23. A lot of the powers that used to require numpad binds and frantic repetitious multiple-casts every couple of minutes have been modified to work as AoE casts now. Bubbles, Speed Boost, Increase Density, etc.—these powers now can be cast on one character and affect everyone in the nearby area, too. So why on earth is Empathy's Clear Mind still a single-cast power? Effectively, the power is very similar to Increase Density—a short-term mez protection buff. But trying to protect the whole team with it would take up so much time the Emp Defender might not have time for much else.
  24. Hey folks, So I've got an Elec^2 Sentinel with whom I'm quite happy. She's a refreshing change of pace from my Elec^3 Blaster. But I noticed something late last night, and wanted some feedback before I made any changes. On the aforementioned Blaster, I always used Short Circuit slotted for End Drain instead of damage, figuring I had enough other attacks slotted for damage that I could use the utility there. But by definition the Sentinel is a bit leaner in availability of attacks, so I'm trying to be more "efficient" with her. While I was in Mids last night, I realiz
  25. So instead of making it so Concealment Stealth has an option for minimal FX, I guess something went wrong. Now it hides all armour toggle FXs such as Frozen Armour and it'll even hide powers like on my archery/trick defender, hiding all powers even BLAZING arrow. This is a bit weird. I like the Stealth FX on some of my characters, and some I don't want it, but now it's a bit pointless to have as it ruins even being able to see any armours or powers happening. I've already redownloaded the patch and validated. Attached screenshot, would attach the blazing arrow animation as well bei
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