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  1. So! one of the biggest issues faced when creating new powersets is the difficulty faced introducing new assets to the game, which is why many of the newer powersets are created from existing assets that are already used in other powersets (Such as Savage Assault, Ninja Training and Radiation Melee). In order to produce new powersets, it seems most likely that they would be created from what we have already, which is why we've seen many more Manipulation and Assault sets than any others (since they are mostly formed from existing powers). So with that in mind, I was pondering what other powersets could be engineered from the assets already available, effectively 'recycling' them into new forms. I had a couple of crude ideas that I've listed below, they are in no way a working product, more a proof of concept that could hopefully inspire a new arsenal of powersets that could be introduced in one way or the other. The aim of the game is to use as much existing material as I could, so they would seem plausible to implement at the least, and entirely possible at the most. Earth Blast You are able to uproot and project stone to powerful effect! Earth Blast focuses on smashing your foes and sending them flying. - Throw Rocks: A new power that uses a generic 'throw' animation to hurtle small rocks. - Stone Spears: Taken directly from Earth Assault. This power fits nicely as the 2nd ability for a simple single-target damage attack - Shards of Stone: A power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth, firing rocky shards in a cone. - Hurl Boulder: Taken from Earth Assault/Stone Melee. A good short range/high damage attack that was a nice fit. - Aim: Your basic blast set 'Aim' power. - Stalagmites: Taken from Earth Control. Just like Dark Blast and Archery, a soft control power with AoE focus seemed fitting. - Fossilize: Again taken from Earth Control. Just like many blast sets, the inclusion of a single target hold also seemed fitting. - Fissure: Another Earth Assault power. Fissure acts a nice ability later in the set with close range and high damage. - Upheaval: A reworked version of the 'Upthrust' power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth. (I decided not to use Meteor because it doesn't seem fitting for players) Earth Manipulation You can manipulate the earth to contain and control your enemies, while bringing rocks crashing down upon them. - Stone Prison: Taken from Earth Control. This power suits just fine for the single target immobilize as you may expect. - Stone Fist: Taken from Stone Melee. This works as the first melee attack available. - Mud Bath: A modified version of Mud Pots. This power also grants endurance recovery and health regeneration to the player. - Tremor: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works as a nice AoE melee attack as seen in other Manipulation sets. - Build Up: As standard Build Up power as expected. - Fault: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works as a nice control power that has no damage. - Ash Fall: Another power belonging to the Talons of Vengeance Prophetess/Sibyl/Oracle of Earth, functioning much like Snow Storm - Volcanic Fumes: A modified version of Volcanic Gasses, this ability is instead an PBAoE toggle with no damage. - Seismic Smash: Taken from Stone Melee. This power works perfectly as a high damage melee attack with mez capability. Throwing Blades You are trained with deadly throwing blades, armed with an assortment of martial weaponry to attack your foes from afar. - Shuriken Throw: Taken from Martial Assault. This fits well for the low damage/quick recharge attack. - Throwing Dagger: An NPC power used by a multitude of enemies, ideal for a moderate damage ranged attack. - Trick Shot: Taken directly from Martial Assault. this ability works well as a nice AoE ability. - Shrapnel Shuriken: A renamed version of Weapon Mastery's Exploding Shuriken. This works as a basic AoE power. - Aim: Your basic blast set 'Aim' power. - Masterful Throw: Also taken from Martial Assault. This works perfectly as a snipe ability. - Fan of Blades: NPCs like Chance McKnight have a similar ability called 'Shurikens', which is a cone version of the standard Shuriken power. Though I would perhaps give it the Eviscerate/Ripper animation. - Explosive Shuriken: Taken from Martial Assault. this power works well as a low-range/high-damage attack - Blade Storm: The T9 for this set would likely be a mix of projectiles thrown in all directions, likely using the same animation as Typhoon's Edge. Other sets in this thread: Urban Assault & Trickery Kinetic Manipulation Insect Control Urban Warfare Temporal Armor (By BrandX) Primal Armor Sonic Aura Kinetic Assault & Arcane Blast Hellfire Manipulation Radiation Control Munitions, Tactical Rifle & Rifle Assault Savage Combat Spirit Animals Earth Affinity Arcanist (By Naraka) Arsenal Blast Artillery Blast Utility Grenades Sonic Control Time Control (By GenesisMan) Elementals Illusion Control (Dominator) Fire Support (By AgentForest) Water Assault (By oedipus_tex) Force Control (By ninja surprise) Advanced Tactics (By AerialAssault) Weapon Combat Hellfire Melee & Hellfire Assault Pain Blast, Pain Manipulation & Pain Assault Illusion Manipulation Bio Weapons (By Dinictus) Force Blast, Force Assault & Force Manipulation Tactical Gear Force Armor Power Weapon & Weapon Assault Pyrotechnics Marksman Rifle Pistol Assault (By Player2) Thorn Blast Street Combat
  2. Same rules. No enhancements, “worst” can mean whatever you like, multiple selections allowed.
  3. Just have a handful of Powerset ideas to share, not greatly fleshed out, but that I would love to see possibly added! P.S. I didn't add any recharge rates, since they'd be in-line with all other equivalent powers. Sonic Armour/Aura Sidearm Training: Power Pool Set Arcane Blast Mystical Aura
  4. NO ENHANCEMENTS! Same rules as before: “Worst” in however you interpret this to mean. Multiple selects are allowed if needed.
  5. Hello! Wind control is an almost completed powerset, functionally working and only really missing completed animations. But, as with other powersets in HC, namely some radiation ports, existing animations could be used. Currently the wind control powerset consists of the nine main powers, and four pet powers, all except one using placeholder animations pulling from Ice and Gravity mostly. ONE existing power, belonging to the pet** uses an animation made for the powerset. Below, I list the powers existing in the code and working, and suggest alternate best case scenario Existing Animation Assets ports [to either replace or add as alternate's to default, if that's easier] to publish the powerset for us all. 🙂 At the end is a list of wind or wind like powers that can also be pulled from. Wind Control Set [As Is] ---- Placeholder Animation / Suggested Animation: Updraft [ST knockup] ----- crush / ice armor whirlwind fx for each armor, minus the armor Downdraft [ST Hold] ----- block of ice / terrible howl [direworlf power] centered on target Breathless [T AoE Immob] -----frost bite / chilling howl [direwolf power] + time manip heal 'rings' as immobfx Windshear [PB AoE Slow] ----- arctic air / snow storm on player character Thundergust [Cone KD] ----- shiver / desert winds [npc power, animation only] Microburst [T AoE Stun] ----- flashfire / Hail of Debris [Vortex Pet Power] ** Keening Winds [T AoE Confuse] ----- mass confusion / heart of darkness Vaccum [T AoE Hold] ----- glacier / Dimension Shift OR Shadowfield + ninja sand choke animation on targets Vortex[Pet] ----- ice golem / Storm Elemental w Arctic Fog or Frozen Aura fx OR Haunt-Shade, base color altered to light grey/brown Pet Powers: Blast of Debris [ST Ranged] ----- Throw Spines / Desert Winds [npc power, animation only] Whirlwind [PB AoE] ----- unknown / hurricane Hail of Debris [T AoE DoT] ----- NEW WIND ANIMATION [see image] ** Crash of Thunder [T AoE Stun] ----- Thunderclap/Thunderclap Below is a list of wind related or powers with wind like fx, that might also be swapped out: storm summoning's gale, snowstorm, hurricane, tornado, speed's whirlwind, leviathan mastery's water spout, scirocco's dust devil and desert wind, Direwolf's Chilling Howl and Terrible Howl, cold/ice's frost breath, shiver, chill, snow storm, ice armor fx, chilling embrace, arctic fog, street justice's spinning strike, psionic tornado, darkness control's heart of darkness and shadowfield [if made base white instead of base black], martial combat's throw sand, time manipulation heal over time fx, sonic's shockwave, regrowth [minus leaves] kinetic meelee's concentrated strike. Thank you for coming to me TED talk.
  6. Ok I realize this may not necessarily belong in the general thread but I did not want to post this three times and I figured if I posted this in either the Blaster, Corruptor, or Defender forums then I would get biased answers on each side. I mained a Controller and a Tank on retail/live and am very interested in playing a character that is more blow-em-up than those two. I am very interested in water blast and radiation/whatever the blaster version of radiation is called (can't remember at the moment and am typing this on my phone while at work 🤫). Atomic? I am relatively newly back and still do not have a 50 here on Homecoming. Pretty much like everyone else I want my cake and to eat it too so I want a character at max level with that theme to be able to solo just about anything I want, while also being a great asset to any team. I want to do massive damage while not dying every time I look at a mob funny. A bonus would be to have a character that is a perfect compliment as a duo with my friend (he doesn't have a main yet either...this is more of a general statement of a toon that would be good in duos). As I see it the three ATs already mentioned could all be more than fine if built in certain ways. Each could be equally as fun and I realize that in a lot of ways this is "six of one / half dozen of the other." One last thing to note before I throw out my specific questions...I intend to shy away from melee attacks; which I understand might detract from some strengths of rad but I just feel like playing more at range when possible. All of that lengthy preamble out of the way, this is what I am turning to the community for advice on: Water Blast and Radiation/atomic(?) 1. With those power sets in mind, which AT shines the most at 50? --Blaster? --Defender? --Corruptor? 2. Will it be more effective end-game to slot for overall damage output on one versus overall survivability on another? In other words, which can squeak out the most of each? Thanks to everyone in advance, I am really looking forward to the inevitable contrasting views....convince me! Edit: I totally realize I will be getting biased, opinion based answers....I just didn't want to post in a place where I already knew the answers I would get 🙃
  7. i'd like to see the forums cleaned up a bit too, like out of date builds archived, a build subforum for each AT at least, but ideally per primary set for each AT if possible, then when someone asks if there's a build for Primary/Secondary, they can see it right away in the AT Forum that they want a build for. and future builds can be added as each player makes one. thus making it easier to see what's been tried vs not for those willing to provide their builds
  8. This is an idea to actually fill a spot that I see like a deep hole in City of Heroes now. There is no actual way to create a "Nova" (marvel) kind of character, or "Cannonball", or even Namor/Superman and any other flying+melee character from comics (there are so many examples possible, it's like 30% of superheroes are like that), let's say the "human missile" character. What makes it impossible to recreate it is mostly this: all AOE attacks that could make it seems you're using super strength (like Foot Stomp, Tremor, Atom Smasher and many many others) are all GROUND ONLY, therefore is a big NO-NO to flying characters and it makes impossible to create a strong flier (and pve without a single aoe is really slow, you need at least one, more so if you're a melee tanker which is surrounded by mobs even when playing alone, to use its resistance). The only sets that have something usable for that (excluding of course weapons of all sorts) are Psionic Melee (if you try to avoid the swords, which is already close to impossible due to the strongest attack being one, also it forces you to use "telepathy/mind control" when taunting) and Electric Melee (where you are forced to transform into a lightning to dash into enemies, and nobody would put it aside for Spring Attack, the cool-down and damage difference is far too great to ignore) The others are martial artists or weapon masters or visually or mechanically nor fit for either Hover or a "generic punching hero" (or even bugged when using Hover, I reported some of those with screens/video months ago) ... It's like City of Heroes at the moment forces you to be Hulk if you want to be strong, either with Rage mechanics or grounded-only AOEs that make the whole sets non-hover usable. At the moment Homecoming got all kind of sets with energies and elements and strange powers ready to be used (and I bet you even have difficulties imagining new ones since we got it all already, even Venom is possible to imitate with several different power sets), and yet we still cannot create a simple "flying-strong" character but just grounded Hulks? Well this is my suggestion for you, you still lack an Explosive set and a generic-melee flying-friendly set that's not a martial artist and that actually contains a decent AOE and a rare dashing ability would fit well (Spring Attack revised for the set) would be great in it (it would help to make the set "special", and Spring Attack is ready to be cloned, upgraded and included in a set and it functions already for both grounded and flyers chars). SOLUTION: a version of Super Strength or an "Explosive Punches" or "Cosmic" that has one decent AOE similar to Thunderstrike or Tremor (the animation is perfect to simulate strength and it's used by the Troll boss Atta for that specific reason and the slow animation is only bad when it's single target like in Energy Melee, but Thunderstrike and Tremor which are AOE are amazing with that cause you always hit someone after the slow animation, even if the one you targetted is dead in the meantime) and a version of Spring Attack with cooldown in line with similar dashing/AOE attacks, the animation is already perfect as it is, also while flying (it seems like the hero is launching himself like a missile, crashing on enemies and knocking them down). Shield, Savage and Electric already give you a dashing ability that explode AOE on impact, I think you can add another one which does the same but with Spring Attack's animation (and I suggest to NOT buff the actual Spring Attack available in pool powers since it would just make every player out there get another AOE, which doesn't solve anything or even gets things worse). No, we need imho a version of Spring Attack included in a specific Power Set built to include that (like electric, savage and shield do). I'd say such set should be very similar to Electric Melee in its function (single target melee attacks, Thunderstrike/Tremor AOE and final Spring Attack/Lightning Rod dashing AOE) with some differences of your choice, personally I don't care for details just that you create it to make it possible the creation of simple strong+flying superheroes. The name "Impact" (or Impact+ something else added of your choice) is perfect for a reason: it permits you to create a Power Set with "Explosive punching/hands" (Cannonball and aoe Cosmic alternatives to single-target specialized Energy melee) but with also a "no effects" version (to imitate a simple strong character), and the name would fit in both ways (Impacting punches can either come from a form of strength or energy or the missile-style dashing T9 power etc.), leaving the choice to the player if he wants the explosive energy on its hands or not, but the impact feeling on the opponents should remain the same. You can easily get animations from other sets, Tremor would be perfect as it is if you just made it Hover-friendly (no-grounded only), Spring Attack for the AOE/dash, and for single-target attacks there are many animations usable from other sets that can give you an "impact" feeling or even simple punches (a single target version of cross punch for example wouldn't be bad, in fact I would avoid cones for the set since it would have two aoes already and the game's got Titan Weapons as "strength" cones specialist already). This set would also be a viable "solution" for peoples who dislike the Rage mechanic (which is again, very Hulk-like and not in tone with Nova/Cannonball/Namor/BlackAdam/Superman clones) pretty much. Imho it would get very popular very fast, cause it fills a gap that I'd say it's laughable since the comics are filled with such characters, the simpler comics character one can imagine is the flying-strong one and yet it's the most difficult to create or even impossible at the moment. Another possible solution would be to render Tremor simply usable while flying, that would make peoples able to imitate Super Strength (like Atta does) and the set I described by also using Spring Attack with TONs of recharge sets and Fighting punches from pool powers, ignoring everything else from Stone Melee apart from Taunt (as you can see, it's very very difficult for a non-min-maxer and yet not very effective/under balanced due to pool powers being weaker, which is why I think an entire Power Set is needed to just fill the spot). A solution you shouldn't consider instead is to change Super Strength to fit this idea, cause it's actually perfect to create "Hulk/Heracles" style characters, so you should leave it like that and just create something that can fill the flying-gap (with explosive hands + no effect you'd have the excuse to do a 2nd Super Strength without Rage, with Spring Attack + Tremor which opens up several melee characters possibilities). If anyone found another solution I would be all ears and grateful, but I doubt it since it's like months I'm trying to create a simple character like that and I'm never satisfied with the result.
  9. Is there a reason that Scrappers still don't have Super Strength and Energy Melee? All other melee powersets now appear to to be shared between the 4 Melee ATs but these 2 are still missing on Scrappers. Is it a balancing issue? I think both would be really fun on a scrapper.
  10. A few things I’d like to say before we get to this: 1) I posted this under archetypes because I wanted more than just masterminds to respond to this. I also wanted others who saw a mastermind on their team to give input. Which powersets make you groan or feel sorry for them? Which powersets make you get all excited and expect great things from them? 2) Don’t think of any specific combinations of powersets, or any specific roles. Which powerset just tends to be the “best” overall? Ones that could really go well with any role at any moment? Ones that don’t flop or make you want to kick them off your team? In the event that you cannot choose just one, I have enabled the option to select multiple powersets for both polls. http://www.strawpoll.me/20247277 Primary http://www.strawpoll.me/20247291 Secondary http://www.strawpoll.me/20247917 I missed some secondaries in the one above http://www.strawpoll.me/20252247 Should be fixed now IT IS POSSIBLE TO SELECT MULTIPLE POWERSETS FOR BOTH POLLS DO NOT THINK OF ANY SPECIFIC COMBOS OR ROLES; JUST IN GENERAL
  11. I was in another thread talking about issues with the Teleport Travel power. The discussion there is about the need to extend the hover protection for lag and to decrease hover tar. There were three main ideas: extend the time but make it self-cancel upon movement (possibly through the use of a pseudopet), decrease flight speed of the hover and eliminate the movement penalty, and make TP a secondary power for a hover toggle. That discussion should continue in that thread. This thread is mainly about a realignment of the TP power pool. There are several major issues, one is the fact that Recall Friend is not that good of a power, and is completely useless if one takes Team TP. Another is the lack of an attack or a defensive power. There is also a lack of an offensive power. How can this be handled? My suggestion would be to remove Recall Friend and replace it with a defensive TP power. What would that power look like? There have been several types of ideas that have come up over the years. One is a simple short-range TP with minimal animation time, short range, and low endurance cost. There is also the possibility of adding a 15-30s non-stacking defensive buff to the power to give it similar stats to combat jumping. A different way to approach this would be to not have a TP power per se, but a displacement toggle. This would mean that you are constantly teleporting and thus making yourself more difficult to hit. This would include a minor universal movement bonus, but it would not give you the Nightcrawler feel. As per the offensive ability, I think that TP Foe does cover that to an extent. Some consideration may need to be given to adding a small fear or disorient effect to the power, or some damage. But I think a better way to go would be to double the range and make it like confuse, a power that does not generate aggro. That way you could gently pluck enemies one at a time and isolate them for slaughter. This is just the seed of a discussion, and I think the community could come up with a reasonable problem for dealing with this Casa de la Familia set (a set that is very popular despite being incomplete and in major need of renovation)...
  12. Hello again Tanker folks! After leveling up a few Tankers these past months, Invuln/SS, SD/DM, WP/Elec... I recently made a DM/Bio scrapper, and I have just been dumbfounded by the survivability... which made me think, wouldn't this be amazing to try out as a Tanker primary?! So of course, now I must surrender to my altitis and make it happen. Only problem is I am having trouble deciding on what to pair it with. I try not to duplicate combos if I can help it, or use the same set too often... so that said, these are some of the sets I am considering, and I was wondering what folks thought would be the most effective/fun combo: Claws Savage Melee Stone Melee are my primary considerations. Super Strength Titan Weapons Battle Axe War Mace are also possibilities, though not favorites. Any suggestions on which or why would be much appreciated!
  13. I don't see why its not an option and i think it be cool to have.
  14. Assault Assault is a powerset currently only available to Dominators that combines ranged and melee attacks. This thread is designed as a compilation of proposed Assault powersets. I will do my best to go through the entire forum to find all Assault powersets, however if I do miss one (or not describe one as you like) let me know. Water Assault ( Porting Water Blast to assault with some melee. Not really flushed out. Infernal Assault ( Whips and hell unleashed. Assault Rifle/Beam Rifle Assault ( Combining Assault/Beam Rifle attacks with melee attacks using the butt of the rifle. Rifle Assault ( That rifle has two ends donchaknow... Shotgun Assault ( Hanging out the passenger side of your best friends ride, trying to holler at me... I mean, shotgun-based attack set. What's your power? Gun ( Another take on the Assault Rifle, a little more on the ranged end, and no using the butt... Bio Assault ( Simply disgusting. Street Assault ( Street Justice Melee combined with metal chain attacks. Gun Fu ( Street Justice Melee combined with Dual Pistols. Kinetic Assault ( Kinetic Melee with a dabble of range. Rock Blast Assault ( An assault set from the Age of Aquarius. Unfortunately the Sandman has yet to Enter (no sleep?)... Vampiric Assault ( A set you can really sink your teeth into. Hellfire Assault ( Whips and hellfire. Bladestorm ( Anime-style ninja mastery to almost comic proportions. Ranger Assault (19.09.15..6.37.01): Arrows and swords. Beam Assault ( A sword that shoots lasers. Dual Gunblade Assault ( Dual blades + Dual Pistols = Quadruple Deadliness! Weaponized Assault ( Guns and swords. Note: I will also be doing a compilation for other types of powersets, but am doing them one at a time to keep the sets manageable. Note: FF2288 is the color I am using for assault.
  15. Ranged Ranged is a powerset currently available to Blasters, Defenders, Sentinels, and Corruptors that uses ranged attacks. This thread is designed as a compilation of proposed Ranged powersets. I will do my best to go through the entire forum to find all Ranged powersets, however if I do miss one (or not describe one as you like) let me know. Rock Blast (2019. It is all about the Power of Rock!!! Vorpal Blast (2019. I know, Vorpal means extremely sharp, but in CoH it means teleportation attacks! Power Armor (2019. "I build neat stuff, got a great girl, occasionally save the world. So why can't I sleep?" Note: I will also be doing a compilation for other types of powersets, but am doing them one at a time to keep the sets manageable. Note: FF2222 is the color I am using for Ranged. Note: Have currently reviewed up to August, will continue later.
  16. Melee Melee is a powerset currently used by Scrappers, Brutes, and Tanks that uses melee attacks. This thread is designed as a compilation of proposed Melee powersets. I will do my best to go through the entire forum to find all Melee powersets, however if I do miss one (or not describe one as you like) let me know. Tendril Melee ( A flexible take on Spines. --set is not described in post, but linked to via Google Docs-- Toxic Melee ( Toxic damage in a spineless melee set. Bio Melee ( An AoE-centric melee set that combines Lethal/Smashing/Toxic damage for a toxicly lethal smash. Volcanic Melee ( Heat and smashing damage will literally melt your enemies faces. More AoE than Fiery Melee, with different mechanics. Reaper Scythe ( A new take on battle axe that really reaps rewards when attacking higher level foes. Astral Guardian ( Astral projection that packs a punch. --set is not described in post, but linked to via Google Docs-- Psi-Blade ( Occam's Razor eat your heart out! Telekinetic Melee ( Telekinetics with melee range and a mage-hand feel. Mental Melee ( Really getting into the minds of your opponents. Single-handed Spear ( Stabby-stabby-pokey-pokey. Multi-Limbed Melee ( Four arms are better than two! Martial Prowess / MMA ( A mix of current martial arts sets for a different feel. Rapier Melee ( Dibs on the name Inigo Montoya! ST focus with rapier-quick wit and attacks... Vampiric Melee ( When you just wanna say, "bite me." Gravitic Melee ( A really heavy concept. Just remember the inverse square law... Daggers Melee ( Et tu Brute? Temporal Melee ( The time is right for this melee set! Note: Some powerset proposals were left out because they were just suggestions and not detailed sufficiently for inclusion. Note: I will also be doing a compilation for other types of powersets, but am doing them one at a time to keep the sets manageable. Note: DD8811 is the color I am using for Melee. ----- Taking a break, will complete this post at a later date, just finished going through the first 25 pages of the threads. -----
  17. So here are the ideas i had floating in my head. Power pool/powersets Munitions power pool: This power pool would be for those that want more types of weapons other then only a rifle or handguns or want just one handgun rather then dual. some ideas for what would be in this powerpool. Chaingun burst and fullauto fire. Single handgun hip fire and aim fire. Rifle butt and pistol whip. Bayonet stab. Flamethrower attacks. Grenades with many types of effects. Elemental ammo types for weapons. And lastly maybe some rocket launcher weapon attacks or some energy weapon attacks or even some armor types as well. So this would be kinda like the damage version of traps. I don't know if it would work seeing how buggy the rifle and the trick bow are when they are used in the same build. Next on the list is a powerarmor powerset: So this one would be kinda an ironman/warmachine type of pure range dps/tank. Most the powers in this set would be made up of mostly the powers that robots or mechs have meaning it will be using weapons built into the suit it's self and will have armor types that guard you from most damage types. Also jetboots. And now for the last idea. A pet/Minion power pool for some one that wants to have Minions but does not want to start as a mastermind, these could also give some use to some of the generic army npc's. It would be neat to see some one with PPD minions or something like that. So let me know what all you think about these ideas.
  18. This powerset is meant to play with the idea of Clicks, Recharge, and Low-Endurance Cost abilities under the identity of being useful for Natural heroes who use a little tech or some magic items. The most basic and Signature ability being Body Armor itself. Designed to be stackable pretty much immediately, with a generous duration, it provides decent Resistance on it's own, but quickly ramps up to providing very high S/L/E Resistances even without IO Slotting or Set Bonus Juggling. Due to it's nature, it would actually be less beneficial to slot it with full resistance sets as they rarely have as much recharge slotting as this power would actually benefit from, shaking up that dynamic, as well, and encouraging at least a bit of Frankenslotting. The only other "Standard" Defensive power the set provides is in the Defensive Drone power. Most attacks the player is likely to run into keying off of Elemental, Exotic, or Energy damage are Ranged or AoE attacks. There are obvious exceptions in the Circle of Thorns using Dark, Fire, and Ice attacks, or the Hellions and Skulls flinging Fire Melee and Dark Melee attacks, but that was my logic for making a single defense based toggle the only source of defense for Non-Physical attacks. Ablative Armor was just me hopping onto the Absorb Train. Toot toot. It's a nice and simple effect which affects gameplay in interesting ways. The rest of the powerset is designed largely around the idea of Utility. Stealth/Team Healing/Damage in the Pet Powers. Speed Boosts and Recharge Rate changes in the Mez Protection and Regen powers. A Self Rez with a stun component, and a Tier 9 power meant to let your whole team run away from a bad encounter rather than faceplanting. Even the Power Pack ability is meant to largely be a quirky and interesting power which alters the Utility of your character. Did Power Pack pop? Might be a good time to use the Buff/Debuff powers from your Epic Pool, or try to burn down a boss while you have extra damage and defenses, or use a Temp Power or Epic Pool Power that lays down a Control effect. I don't sincerely think this powerset is likely to be made. But it's an interesting thought experiment at the very least!
  19. Alright, I was in the other recent Assault suggestion, and I was thinking about how handedness would make it difficult to do a left-handed sword and a right-handed pistol (having the sword in the right makes porting single-handed attacks much easier, and pistol attacks could be ported from dual pistols (although it may look silly with a sword pointing upward in one hand). Then I thought about the Wilkes - South Seas Expedition... they used pistol swords in their skirmishes with Fijians. So I thought, we have dual blade, we have dual pistol... why not do both at the same time. We could start off with using the Diamondback as a stand-in (with a rotated version ported as a sword skin. If it worked out well, more skins could be added either based on current weapons or newly made. What would it look like though? Dual Blades, Dual Pistols, Devices Name Animation Level Description Pistols Pistols 1 Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal), -Defense Ablating Strikes Ablating Strikes 2 Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal), Foe -Defense Bullet Rain Bullet Rain 4 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate Damage (Lethal), Knockback Blinding Feint Blinding Feint 10 Melee, Moderate Damage (Lethal) Self +Damage +To-Hit Suppressive Fire Suppressive Fire 16 Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal), Foe Disorient Stealth Gear Cloaking Device 20 Toggle: Self Stealth, +Defense (All), +Special Piercing Rounds Piercing Rounds 28 Narrow Ranged (Cone), High Damage (Lethal), Foes -Res(All) Sweeping Strikes Sweeping Strikes 35 Melee (Cone), Superior Damage (Lethal) Hail of Bullets Hail of Bullets 38 PBAoE, Superior DMG(Lethal), +Defense(Ranged/Melee/AoE), Foe Knockdown This provides a fast-paced offense-oriented Assault set with a nice touch of defense in there to make things interesting. Thoughts?
  20. So I'm kind of in love with archery ATM, so I was thinking of ways to incorporate it into other ATs. To that end, I present "Ranger Assault", (basically a combination of archery and broadsword attacks): 1. Snap shot 2. Slash (I believe this is actually the faster recharging of the initial BS attacks) 3. Aimed shot 4. Slice (I'm debating putting Parry here, if you don't think it'd be too overpowering). 5. Build up 6. Whirling sword 7. Explosive arrow 8. Ranged shot 9. Hawk's Insight - This would be a slight modification of the Tactical Arrow power "Eagle Eye" - in addition to the recovery, regen, and acc buff, it'd also grant a small buff to your powers' secondary effects. Now, I realize that this set could be a nightmare with the redraws, but if you were to include a 'no redraw' option, then it could work quite well. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  21. Based on discussions about porting Whip, I thought I would flesh out what Infernal Assault (A Secondary Powerset for Doms) would actually look like. I went through and examined all current assault sets, did an analysis of what appears within the sets, and then used Demon Summoning, Fiery Melee, and Fire Manipulation as the basis for the available powers. The six attacks that were considered core were to be the whip and fire sword attacks. So, this is my proposed set, with no new powers. Corruption 1 Ranged, Minor DMG(Fire), Foe DoT(Toxic), -Res Fire Sword 2 Melee, Moderate Damage(Fire/Lethal) Lash 4 Close, High DMG(Fire), Foe -Res, Knockdown, Minor DoT(Toxic) Crack Whip 10 Short Ranged (Cone), High DMG(Fire), Foe -Res, Knockdown, DoT(Toxic) Envenomed Blades 16 Self +Toxic Damage on all attacks Cauterizing Aura 20 Toggle: Point Blank Area of Effect, Minor Damage over Time(Fire), Self +Heal over Time, +Recovery Fire Sword Circle 28 Point Blank Area of Effect Melee, Moderate Damage(Fire/Lethal) Hell on Earth 35 Ranged, Pet +Dmg, +To Hit, Summon Living Hellfire *[see comments] Greater Fire Sword 38 Melee, Superior Damage(Fire/Lethal) Possible changes I would like to see: Consider changing lash to an immobilize and crack whip to a stun [more appropriate for the powers] Consider changing Fire in Sword, change fire in attack titles to Hellfire, also replacing the Fire DoT with -res and Fire/Tox DoT [bring in line with whip] Consider changing Envenomed Blades, change name to Hellfire's Wrath, change Tox damage to a Fire/Tox DoT [more interesting and thematic] Consider changing Cauterizing Aura, change name to Fueling Flames, and changing Fire DoT to Fire/Tox DoT [bring in line with the set] Consider changing Hell on Earth, change name to Summon Hellfire, change from enchant pet to close targeted AoE (patch) with Fire/Tox DoT [Make functional for the set] --Amended the Post Subject
  22. Because Anime Silliness is, and kind of has always been, a part of Superheroics. After all, Kurosawa Films were super popular in the US in the 70s and 80s and it is from movies like the Seven Samurai that a lot of modern conceptions of what a superhero can do with a katana comes from. Yes, this would be a set with Redraw. Which is why I'm designing it for use with the Instigator (Take 2), for whom Redraw is not an issue. Though a No-Redraw option could be implemented as well to port it to Dominators. This powerset is mainly designed around Ranged Attacks and the Windstrikes ability to go from Ranged to Melee, quickly, and repeatedly. However it is also designed with the intention to use Storm's Edge in Melee Combat as an opener. Specifically that an Instigator who takes /Ninjitsu as a defensive set would be able to use Shinobi Iri to prepare an 'Assassin's Strike' using Storm's Edge and perhaps a Celerity Stealth IO. While other Instigators, and Dominators, would be able to use it effectively as an insta-snipe melee attack after the fighting has already begun. This set is designed this way to better fulfill the illusion of the character being the comic book and anime style 'Ninja Master' who performs unreasonable feats like striking with a sword at long range, though admittedly it's a bit more common in Anime. Characters who use this powerset will be able to use ranged attacks while in melee that animate largely as if they were just melee attacks, with animations lining up appropriately.
  23. I was reading some old Superman comics today, and I was reminded of heroes that used gas as their primary forms of attack. Sleeping gas, choking gas, obscuring smoke, etc. Was thinking that surely we have the assets for this to be rewired into a debuff/ control set?
  24. SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS FROM EXISTING ASSETS: Pest Supremacy [Control Set] -Toxic Web Spitter [ like web grenade immob, minor tox dmg, arachnoid power] -Cocoon [Hold, -def] [arachnoid power] -Killer Bees[Beast Mastery call Swarm, Ranged ST Slow + moderate dot, +flies aura] -Wide Area Web Trap [like wide area web grenade, AoE immob, slow, arachnoid power] -Sleep Powder [Cone, Sleep, vfx Choking powder + Butterfly Aura on Target] -Spiders [Fear Patch, summons a dozen vanity spiders in area] -Hive Mind [3 temporary pets, Summons Swarms[DE minions]] -Stinger Burst [Cone Hold, fx like fling metal thorns + poison hold, no dmg] -Mutated Spider [Summons Arachnoid pet] ] WILD Blast [Blast Set] -call swarm Ranged, Light DoT(Lethal), Foe -Defense, -Speed -call hawk Ranged, High DMG (Lethal), Foe -To Hit, Knockdown, -Fly -call ravens Ranged (Cone), Moderate DoT(Lethal), Foe -Speed, -Defense, -Fly -Rending Fury PBAoE, Moderate DoT (Energy), Foe -DEF (All) -aim [beast mastery buff fx] -murder of crows[murder of crows costume change fx] Ranged, High DoT(Lethal), Foe Fear, -To Hit -call panther[panther appears, does scratch, disappears] Sniper, Extreme DMG(Lethal)[hardest attack to make for this set] -Pheremone Burst[spore burst explosion fx, dot is butterfl+roach aura on target] TAoE, Moderate DoT (Toxic), Foe -DEF (All) -Summon Snakes [summons uncontrollable 5 snakes for 10s [think Phantom Army]] Wind Control Set [As Is] ---- Placeholder Animation / Suggested Animation: [images of existing powers on other thread.] Updraft [ST knockup] ----- crush / ice armor whirlwind fx for each armor, minus the armor / Gale Up Downdraft [ST Hold] ----- block of ice / terrible howl [direworlf power] centered on target / Gale Down Breathless [T AoE Immob] -----frost bite / chilling howl [direwolf power] + time manip heal 'rings' as immobfx / Shadowfield base white Windshear [PB AoE Slow] ----- arctic air / snow storm on player character Thundergust [Cone KD] ----- shiver / desert winds [npc power, animation only] Microburst [T AoE Stun] ----- flashfire / Hail of Debris [Vortex Pet Power] ** Keening Winds [T AoE Confuse] ----- mass confusion / heart of darkness Vaccum [T AoE Hold] ----- glacier / Dimension Shift OR Shadowfield + ninja sand choke animation on targets Vortex[Pet] ----- ice golem / Storm Elemental w Arctic Fog or Frozen Aura fx OR Haunt-Shade, base color altered to light grey/brown [for this power, def copy what coxg did :P] looks great Pet Powers: Blast of Debris [ST Ranged] ----- Throw Spines / Desert Winds [npc power, animation only] / Gale Whirlwind [PB AoE] ----- unknown / hurricane Hail of Debris [T AoE DoT] ----- NEW WIND ANIMATION [see image] ** Crash of Thunder [T AoE Stun] ----- Thunderclap/Thunderclap ----------Alternate Animation Proliferation:-------------- Dual Pistols to MM Dual Pistols Hydra Heads Poison powers to Poison Support Set [probably more here but these off the top of my head] ---Alternate Pets: [Visual Model Change Only, similar to how Dark Servant can be swapped]--------------- Darkness: Ghosts/Spirits, Darkservant, Haunt Shade, Unseelie, Spectral Daemon, Nictus Earth: DE Rockmonsters + Crystal Monsters, Slag Golemns, Redcaps, Trolls, Minions of Igneous Electric: Outcast, Freakshow, Storm Elementals, Clockwork, Praet-Clockwork Fire: Outcast, CoT Behemoth, Succubus, Fir Bolg, Living Hellfire Gravity: Wisp[rularuu], AnimusArcana-Time Stop, Ice: Snowmen, elves, Outcast, CoT Hellfrost, CoT Blade Prince Illusion:Anything available, Mirror-Self/ Doppleganger, AnimusArcana-Ball of Light Mind:[no pets] Plant:DE Tree ppl, DE Mushroom ppl, Tuatha, Hydras Wind: Storm Elementals Watercontrol: Coralax Guardians, Coralax red/blue/green, Sharks, Hydras Gun Drone: Dikti Drone, Zenith Hoverbot, IDF Battle Orb FF Generator: Skyraider's FF Generator, IDF Battle Orb Triage Beacon: cairn[rock turd], quartz[sm crystal], Crystal of Health[med crystal], Will of the Earth[big crystal] Spirit Tree: cairn, DE tree of life, DE Fungi -------------New ATs:------------------------------------------ 'Safeguard' - Tanke Primary, Defender Secondary 'Dissident' - MM Primary, Control Secondary 'Commander' - Tank Primary, MM Secondary [with meelee instead of blasts] 'Kamikaze' - Melee Primary, Blast Secondary 'Adaptor' - Assault/Manipulation Primary, Defense/Stalker Secondary -----------MASTERMINDS:-------------------------------------- Alternate Pet Models: [From Enemy Groups] -Demons:CoT Demons, Rulu-Shin, Bat'Zul, Wailers, Soldiers of Rularuu -Ninjas:Tsoo, Legacy Chain, knives of A -Thugs: Destroyers, Mooks, Skulls, Hellions, Syndicate, Carnival, Lost, Angry Citizens, Prisoners, Family -Mercs:Knives of A, Knives of V, Longbow, Wyverns, DUST, Arachnos, GoldBrickers -Bots: Clockwork, Prae Clockwork, Council, Crey, Malta, Nemesis -Beast: Devouring Earth, Hydra, Tuatha, Soldiers of Rularuu, Spirit Stalkers -Necro:Banished Pantheon Zombs, Vahzilok, Ghosts, Spectral Pirates, CoT SPectral Daemon/Folloer/Knight New Powersets: -DIMENSIONAL MULTIPLICITY: GravTemporalManip powers for attacks[melee], summons Dopplegangers, has Gangwar type power -OCEAN MASTER: Summons Coralax [red,green,blue t1, warders t2, shaper t3] Lev sharkblast 4 attacks, water for buff/aoe power -GREENSEER: [corrosive enzyme fx but does dmg]/thorn blast, Summons DE Tree/mushroom monsters -DOMINION OF FAE [Summons 3 Fae[buff pet], 2 Tuatha and 1 Tuatha Boss, Redcap like gangwar, tuatha+plant attacks -SERPENT SUMMONING [Summons 3 Snakes, 2Talon Snakes, and 1TalonSnake Boss] plus Dagger Throw powers -CIMERORAN SUMMONING [Cimeroran Soldiers, Spear 2Ranged/1melee Powers] -WICCA MASTERY [Summons Cabal Witches, Elemental Attacks] -EARTH SUMMONING [DE Rock/Rubbles, Earth-Dom +LegacyChainPowers] -SNOW SUMMONING [Winter Horde NPC Models, Ice Attacks] --------------New ATs:---------------------------------------------- 'Safeguard' - Tanke Primary, Defender Secondary 'Dissident' - MM Primary, Control Secondary 'Commander' - Tank Primary, MM Secondary [with meelee instead of blasts] 'Kamikaze' - Melee Primary, Blast Secondary 'Adaptor' - Assault/Manipulation Primary, Defense/Stalker Secondary that is all. for now. i havent even started on mapping epic pool proliferation lol. 🙂 thoughts?
  25. Link to the full writeup here! This powerset is focused around draining the health of your victims, shutting them down with damage and crowd control, all while sustaining yourself on their essence! Melee Powers: T1: Bloody Tear Deal damage to a target and inflict DoT. Standing near a bleeding target heals you. T2: Arterial Slash Like Bloody Tear, but with less initial damage and a longer, stronger DoT. T3: Ravage Loads of damage and DoT, and you still heal by being near a bleeding target. However, this ability costs health! T4: Drain Blood Attack a target, holding both you and them for 2 seconds. In addition to dealing high damage, you heal for a significant portion of damage done. Stalker: Assassin's Bite An Assassin move that deals less damage, but can heal you for lots of health if you use it while hidden. It also teleports you behind the target, but as it's already a melee attack, that's more for show than anything else. T5: Shadow Warp Replaces abilities like Taunt, Confront, and Placate. This ability teleports you, inflicts a PBAoE fear, and has an additional effect per archetype. Tankers and Brutes deal minor damage, with Tankers also taunting foes, and Brutes gaining Fury and +Regen. Scrappers gain +DMG and +Recharge for a while. Stalkers placate nearby foes when using the ability, and become hidden after teleporting, but they don't fear targets with it. T6: Nightfall A PBAoE attack that deals damage to targets, draining their health and burning their endurance. Each target hit gives you a buff to recovery! Stalkers get Assassin's Bite at an earlier level instead. T7: Enthrall A ranged attack that deals high psychic damage and makes targets sleep. Furthermore, Enthralled targets will walk towards you while sleeping, and Drain Blood has increased effectiveness on them! T8: Fell Assault Smash down in the target location and temporarily become Slightly more monstrous, giving your T1-T3 attacks an AoE effect! T9: Biting Swarm Turn into a swarm of bats, becoming basically immune to everything except AoE, as you bite targets in a wide area. Deals very high lethal damage over the 6 second duration. Assault Powers: T1: Sanguine Strike Shoot pressurized blood at a target, dealing high damage but costing a bit of health. T2: Bloody Tear T3: Arterial Slash T4: Hellfire Shoot three fireballs in a ranged cone attack with a wide arc. Deals decent damage, but can only target 3 foes at once. T5: Drain Blood T6: Shadow Warp Dominators heal themselves, and gain a buff to damage and lifesteal as their archetype specific bonus. (This is to help make up for their comparative lack of lifesteal abilities compared to the melee variant) T7: Summon Bats / Bat Strike Using this first gives you a trio of bats that surround you, increasing your defense against ranged attacks. It then turns into Bat Strike, which is a very fast attack that turns one of your bat buffs into an untargetable pet that damages foes and heals you before expiring. T8: Enthrall T9: Biting Swarm
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