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  1. What is a Proc Monster? A build type bent on maximizing proc opportunities within a singular AT through specific sets that have the most potential for proc chances. Typically this would narrow down to sets that can bend at least 2, up to 5, procs in a singular power to exceed the normal limitations of that power, and do this with multiple powers within a given set. Each AT has a handful of sets that provide the most opportunities to do this, and through this path will carry those sets to a new level of performance outside their original design. We do this by maximizing global recharge, and minimize enhanced recharge by as much as possible. The proc formula was studied by Bopper and he has the formulas posted here. Where Do We Begin? At this point I know that the thread I started in the Defender's sub section has been circulating around to more and more people, so some [many] will be familiar with the concept of what I started working towards there, when I say I'm moving to Controllers to look at doing the same thing. For those unfamiliar, please start there as it will have a lot of relevant information pertaining to the support side of things for Controller secondaries, and the first batch of testing towards how those sets work with procs themselves. I'm basically the guinea pig testing all these different events and triggers based on the info we have about the formulas, and discovering how those interactions work in the game, and their consistency. The break down is simple: explore and analyze the Proc options within the Controller AT and find the key sets that are optimally capable of bending Procs to their advantage in the fullest sense. For Defenders much of what I tested there is easily applicable to Corruptors since they are fundamentally the reverse of Defenders, and much of the blast set analyzation is relevant to Blasters. For Controllers, sharing their secondary with Defender primaries means I've already gotten half the work done since I know what Buff/Debuff sets are going to be best suited for bending Controllers towards Proc maximization. Dark Miasma Time Manipulation Traps As a technicality, I did give Trick Arrow an honorable mention (when paired with Archery), but at the necessity of needing Scorpion Shield to have any level of reliable defense, and it is a very thin margin to reach that 45% S/L/E. Controllers will suffer the factor of lower base buff levels on these sets being their secondary, but they should have enough over head to still work out in viability. Storm Summoning also has a unique place here as it is a proc-monster in-and-of-itself, but needs Scorpion Shield as well to patch it to a decent defense performance, but that set out puts an insane amount of raw damage for what it is. Dark Miasma is also a little different for Controllers in that it has Fade and Soul Absorption, which the Defender version doesn't, and Fade can be bent to a Controller's advantage just like Farsight can in Time Manipulation. In many of the Defender builds I took a good chunk of the Leadership pool because it helped patch a lot (Defense and To-Hit), and were also pretty valuable as team buffs in the event of teaming coming off a Defender. Controllers, depending on how tight some of these builds may become, will likely end up passing some (or all) of that pool given they're flexing a different approach to combat.f The Primaries: Since I know what secondary options I'll have to work with, lets talk about Primary, and the fact that Controller's have a much wider spread of options for their Epic pools. Nearly all primary sets have a core fundamental structure of ST Hold, ST Immob, AoE Immob, AoE Hold, and a Pet, but the powers in between, and what total sets we can slot across those powers, are the key element of bending Controllers into becoming Proc Monsters. I did the math for us all, these are the sets in order of Proc-capable powers (I sub-noted the ones I'll be focusing on, and why): Dark (9) A lot of variety, nearly everything takes the Cloud Senses proc, and the pet gets some bonus procs. Gravity (9) Variety of proc options, and bonus options on the Pet. Mind (7) Plant (7) Unique mechanics in a handful of the powers here, like Carrion Creepers, and how those ultimately trigger, their consistency, and the Pet also gets bonus options. Fire (7) I want to test Hot Feet as a damage aura bent on Procs instead of enhancement, and Cinders as a very straight-forward Proc AoE. I admit this one is a personal investment, as I really enjoy Fire and want to try and find some solutions to bend this set more effectively, so I'll be sharing those theory crafts just because. Electric (7) Chain Mechanics! This is a unique and interesting tool that Electric does in several of its powers. Earth (7) Quicksand, Volcanic Gasses, and Animated Stone. All three have a huge variety of proc opportunities that might deliver a handsome level of damage to Earth if they work. We might be able to bring this set out of the stone ages! Ice (5) Low priority, but Arctic Air has proc potential, and paired with what can already be added into the standard set of powers for Ice, these might be enough to give Ice a decent level of damage performance. Illusion (4) I theory crafted an interesting build for Ill/Traps during my Defender testing, and at some point (unless someone would like to try the build themselves for me) I may get around to dropping it. Now for this, I only focused on powers that have a relevant assortment of procs, can take multiple (towards several) procs, and proc utility. I did not account for powers in sets that were restricted to one set, and/or any proc of consideration that was just part of the sleep or stun sets as there are no damage procs there, and their secondary utilities have a low(er) PPM value, lower Mag value, and/or don't significantly alter or enhance the impact of a power when multiplied against its inherent purpose. These were fundamentally already tested with Defenders in their Blast sets (procs like Entropics +Heal, Gravitational Anchor's +Hold, etc). The Epics: For Epic sets, since my primary focus is on powers that have the most variety of proc opportunities, and come with interesting secondary mechanics, or the potential to considerably increase performance, I've narrowed down the choices to a select few. Since most of the sets have a handful of blasts that don't have more than a 1 or 2 proc variety, and we already have a good idea how these are going to work, I'm skipping a lot of that. I'm going after the weird stuff I can "break." Fire Consume, I want to test how this triggers, consistency, and trying the Performance Shifter proc's flex in this ability (odds on low-body count performance). Psionic World of Confusion, Psionic Tornado, plus Indomitable Will would be a great inclusion to any combination if the recharge can be pulled through. Earth Fissure, Seismic Smash Leviathan Better testing on Water Spout and the Coralax Pet Mace Poisonous Ray and Disruption value with Procs, look into the consistency of the Spider pet -Res utility. Soul Dark Obliteration Some of the epics have general patching that can help performance like Endurance issues, or boosting secondary effects like Power Boost, so Fire, Primal, Mu and Soul all have value there. Defense wise, shoring up even just S/L to passable softcap is harder and only available in Ice, Stone, and Mace (with Scorpion Shield being the best of the three). These are important to consider when trying to build a Proc Monster without Time, Dark, or Traps. Incarnates: Incarnates can help patch up short comings, or improve general performance in some key areas like Recharge, Endurance, or Mez Protection, but if possible the goal is always to find the best paths to do these things before getting to Incarnates so we can have more options instead of pigeon-holing into just Ageless or Clarion. For most of these builds I will most likely consider Intuition Radial the optimal Alpha Slot as it has a wide array of things it impacts, with Damage and Range being the most helpful. A secondary consideration would go to Nerve for pure Accuracy and Defense patching. The reasons we wouldn't want to go for things like Agility or Spectral are because those contain recharge enhancement, and that negatively impacts our Proc-ortunities. Testing Path: I'll break each test event I perform into an individual follow-up post in this thread, and at the end I'll put a capstone conclusion into this main topic with the results. My goal is to find the best primary Proc Monster that Controllers can provide. For Defenders that landed on bending the given Buff/Debuff sets when paired with Dark Blast, Water Blast, Dual Pistols, and Assault Rifle (as an AoE focus). This will take about a week or two for me to run through as time allows, but I have six build plans to analyze and test. Unlike with Defenders, however, I doubt I will pull Pylon Runs. We'll see. Controllers still lack (comparatively) the level of ST function that Defenders are capable of, and are much more crowd-centric in their powers, but a few excel at single target capacity, and those would be the ones I'm most likely to at least attempt a run on. Topic Update We started this journey back on August 12th, we're closing the end of the month nearly two weeks later, and pretty much right on the coat tails of how long I expected this journey to take. A lot of interesting information to take in, a couple of surprises that I didn't expect, and the comforting knowledge to know that Procs, just like they did with Defenders, have the ability to stabilize under-performing sets, and also give a considerable amount of power to already strong(er) sets. Right off the bat, I want to say: Any Controller has a reasonable amount that can turn it into a Proc Monster. Some of the Primary sets lack a lot of inherent options to maximize the effect, but if you take the core of the idea and apply it where you can, it'll undoubtedly enhance even the lowest-base performers to some degree. There are, obviously, some that handle this scenario better than others. Given that, it'd be hard to really give an order of champions among the sets unlike how I could with Defender's with the Blast sets. Control effects, especially damage built ones, have a lot of slotting options at their disposal (unlike the Blast sets). What I can do, however, is break them down into classes of opportunity and discuss any positives or pitfalls in them: High Capacity Dark All powers work as expected. Shortcoming in the fact that there's generally not enough slots in a build to really bend every power in the primary to its fullest. Gravity Interesting effects: Dimension Shift and Wormhole can be used into each other to displace enemies in interesting ways. Shift also has ability to take a couple of damage procs. Propel ends up being the worst power in the set when Proc focused, leaving GD, Lift, and Crush as the better primary ST attacks. Plant Huge volume of impact, becomes difficult to fully maximize every possible power in the set, and may result in forced-exclusion of several that would otherwise be a good pick. Highly dependent on Alpha slot to fix a potential short coming (Acc, Rech, or Dam, where it may apply). Mid-Range Capacity Fire Procs are just transforming an already strong set into something even more violent. Electric Procs have the ability to bend some of this sets AoE centered focus into strong ST capabilities. Jolting Chain is, *ahem* off the chain. Earth So many abilities that can be loaded up with Procs. Quicksand unfortunately is not one of them (it doesn't reflect any proc triggers). Volcanic Gas was a big hitter for damage and effects. Stony holds up well with proper protection and Earth can collectively do a significant amount of damage with Procs loaded up into all of its abilities. If paired with Stone epic, it'll do some serious harm. The set goes from being the worst in damage, to easily mid-pack. Mind Mind has a lot of proc-potential, but not a lot of proc-damage-potential. There are a lot of secondary effects in the abilities, and a lot of proc options floating around there, but most of them are status based effects that are not all situationally impactful, or necessarily game-changing in their effect. The biggest aspect for this set is that Confuse and Mass Confusion can be 2x-3x slotted for damage/effect stacking, and that can be huge to improving the sets general performance of two key powers. Low Capacity Ice Only five proc-pacting attacks in this set, the only thing that can be said is that the few that can be maximized, should, and it'll help scale up the sets performance. What's interesting is that this sets lack of proc-dealing capacity is turning it into the least-damaging set because it lacks opportunities. It may thematically look cool, but Ice needs a generalist face lift for one or two abilities because a proc-world makes this set suffer. Illusion Illusion itself doesn't have a lot going on for proc options, but Blind and Confuse can both be loaded up, as well as Flash. The biggest thing is that this set can pair incredibly well with the grand-daddy of proc-hungry secondaries (Storm), and create (one of) the fastest ST killing machine(s) in the game. I also have high expectations that an Ill/Traps/Stone could be a heckuva damage dealer in its own right. Epics are in a similar boat of "some have, some don't" but there is a lot of niche filling with the Epics that a player has to decide what they want/need to fulfill in their build. So for that, I'll simply break them down into categories of relevance for "fixing" or "powering up": Endurance Fixing Fire Primal Mu Soul Easy Defense Ice Stone Mace This Epic has the ability to easily patch S/L/E defense as well as add a significant ground work for Resistance Debuff, a reasonable AoE KB/KD attack, and another Pet that can also take the -Res proc, which is hugely beneficial. High Yield Performance Stone Between Fissure and Seismic Smash, this set has a huge out put in bonus damage. Smash alone is dong 500+ points of damage. It's a massive game changer. Leviathan Water Spout not only can add two -Res procs, but the power itself does a bunch of raw damage which can dramatically scale performance both ST and in general play. Primal (Dark or Time Pairing) Torrent with a FF+Rech proc is a fast firing KD field that can be reapplied constantly. It's both a great "soft" control, and a way to maximize the FF+Rech proc to speed up a build. Power Boost has a lasting impact on Fade or Farsight when used prior to cast of either as the effect stays the entirety of either power's duration since it's a cast effect. Now of course, throughout this thread are the individualized testing results of a few of these combinations. Test #1 Electric Control Test #2 Earth Control Test #3 Gravity Control Test #4 Plant Control Final Follow Up And of course the discussion never stops at the end, there's always more to learn and explore! From all the studies that were done, looking for the things that don't work, or any interesting mechanics that existed out there, builds got created, broken, and rebuilt. For that I have a library of options for others to continue exploring on their own based of these testing adventures. I'll include them below, but do remember that these were built in Mids Reborn 2.73 and will need that edition or newer to open up as it is the most current with the state of the game on Homecoming servers. Dark/Dark/Primal: Dark/Time/Primal: Earth/Dark/Stone: Electric/Dark/Primal: Electric/Dark/Psi: Fire/Dark/Psi: This one was built to break-test Hot Feet and World of Confusion as proc-packed toggles. Fire/Force Field/Flame: Gravity/Time/Primal: Illusion/Traps/Stone: Plant/Dark/Leviathan: Plant/Dark/Mace: Plant/Dark/Soul: Notes A few things about these builds that some might notice after digging through them a bit: I found the best choice of slotting on the pets to be a 4-pack of Expedient Reinforcements, the Soulbound +BU Proc, and the Overwhelming Presence +KD as it gave the pets themselves the most damage potential, and soft-control effects by turning all of their attacks into a KD effect, maximizing their safety potential. This was expounded by pet powers that summon 2-3 versus just one. Some pets, however, were able to pack a -Res proc, or some other +Dam altering proc that realistically provided a more consistent level of damage spike versus just utility soft-control for the pet to own. The Procs almost always outweighed the alternative of the KD unique, and the -Res over the +BU as that benefited everyone, and not just the pet. For anyone who opens the Dark Control builds, they may notice the mass AoE Immob is missing. That is intentional. I mentioned that a couple of the sets may find themselves in a situation of having "too much potential." Dark is definitely one of them, and with the path of charging into Primal to balance the secondary and the overall build, Torrent found its way in. I used Torrent back with Defenders (Dark Blast) and it is an incredibly effective flipping power for stacking KD on a group, plays well with Dark Controls cone-centric abilities, and gives access to the FF+Rech as it goes off, oh, and another and, it does collectively more damage than the Immob anyway. I did not include Illusion/Storm into the mix as the base that I personally tested for that build was not my origination, but someone else's. As such, I wont include it here unless they want it included.
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