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  1. I don't think it's a secret that procs and the PPM system is being looked at and I'd like to talk about it, the purpose of procs, the implication a proc change would have and your personal view about procs or how to change them. Overall, I was a big fan of procs back in the day, not because I liked to game them in high recharge powers but rather I liked to have "crits" on my defender or tanker. I just enjoyed the "reward" of occasionally getting something extra...kind of like getting that KB chance in your Radiation blast cone. I'm only aware of the old % chance system and a rudimentary und
  2. I think it's time we bring this up again 😉 Knockback is something that many of us find very fun in CoH, but has been controversial in how it works. Without rehashing the specific complaints about it in a team sense, I'd like to touch on what I feel KB is missing. When you knock a guy into a wall, or off a ledge it doesn't seem to bother the enemy at all aside from a minor inconvenience, and with some enemies they don't really seem phased as they will continue to use ranged attacks after a moment of getting back up. In most media, slamming into a wall or off a height generally is a
  3. I'm posting this here mainly as an answer to a question that's been lingering in the back of my mind ever since I realized that Infrigidate is a proc monster power 2 months ago. If you need to learn more about how to use the PPM formulas, you'll want to read @Bopper's PPM Guide. So the basic idea here is ... which Mastermind Secondaries have T1 powers that are "proc monsters" basically from character creation onwards? Why ask that? Because once you pick your Secondary powerset, you're stuck with the T1 power whether you like it or not. However, if you can proc monste
  4. Procs Per Minute (PPM) Information Guide by Bopper Written: 9 August 2019 Last updated: 16 August 2019 (Information that might help new players in understanding the PPM game mechanics) Update (9 August 2019) This thread has adapted quite a bit since I first put the call out for Testers to determine how the PPM mechanics actually work and to clear up the confusion from outdated resources (love you Paragon Wiki, but you're i23, and we've moved on). Since then a lot of good information was discovered and plenty of mechanics have been confirmed. Now that I have a good
  5. This build only exists on the beta server, but it works against 4x8 Arachnos which is my gold standard at the moment. I tried a pure ranged Fortunata, it was fine, but I didn't enjoy it. I miss my melee attacks. I didn't want a pure melee build. So, here is a Night Widow build with effective ranged and AOE attacks. Night widows have the advantage of easy perma Mind Link, so you can proc out the ranged attacks and still have 55%+ positional defense. Learning to use the AOEs effectively has a definite learning curve. Especially, because two of them
  6. Interface Damage over Time (DoT) Procs How to Quantify Their Effects by Bopper Written: 14 February 2020 Last updated: N/A Some quick news. The bug causing Interface DoT procs to under-perform has been found and a fix should be easy enough to implement and hopefully will go live soon. With that being said, I wanted to put together a quick guide (or crib sheet, really) that details how you should quantify the effects of the Interface DoTs (once the bug is fixed, that is). This should help you decide if/which Interface DoT is right for your build. How do the
  7. I am leveling a Kin/Nin Scrapper and I currently have 3 level 25 recharge IOs and the Gaussian's Chance For Build Up in Power Siphon. Would less recharge cause it to Proc more? What is the sweet spot? ( I read an excellent guide, thank you, but the Math was beyond me as an abstract equation for all situations.) Thank you if you can help!
  8. Asking for advice on how to slot Ground Zero. Complete set, procs, or a combination. I have not counted them all, but the power can take at least eight different procs. It's a proc monster's dream. Is that the best way to slot it? Or with high fury is it better to maximize damage with a full set? Or a combination of procs and 2-4 set pieces? Side note, it's a great way to get your healing badges w/o a lot of work.
  9. Uh oh ... I think I may have just found something ... something useful to both Defender AND Corruptor builds. Cold Domination T1 power ... Infrigidate. Defender version link. Corruptor version link. Okay ... big whoop. Infrigidate is a "worthless" T1 power in a powerset that isn't all that popular. So what? Well ... um ... take a closer look at the proc monster math the power produces with a 15s base recharge, +0% recharge enhancement and a 3.5 PPM proc: Infrigidate: 3.5 * ((15 / ( 1 + 0 / 100 )) + 1)
  10. Just curious if anyone knows how much of a chance reduction you get on the Gaussian BU proc if you slot 1, 2 and 3 SOs worth of Recharge Redux. Without any recharge slotting, the BU proc is nearly 100%.
  11. Do decimation and Soulbound Allegiance, and Gaussian Build up procs stack with each other? I hear they just reset their own timer. But I’m not sure how they interact does Soulbound Allegiance one just affect the pets or does it affect the MM/pet owner?
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