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Found 13 results

  1. Just as it says. I have a psi melee/dark Armour Brute who is loads of fun. Looking for something odd and different so trying out this new combo... psi/elec but I suck at the numbers. Anyone have a build or good at building them?
  2. Happy Tuesday, Paragon! Let me start by saying that I've yet to fully play and keep any type of Scrapper for very long. I'm a big fan of the Energy Aura set and this was the final AT that I needed to test them all (Kin/EnA Stalker, NRG/EnA Sentinel, Savage/EnA Brute so far), so I'm fairly decent and comfortable slotting/using it. I usually take the entire set except for Overload, but I do appreciate it for being another LotG mule and a hefty "Oh Crap!" button. I'm mostly looking for ideas with Psi Melee. I've searched through the forums and the general consensus is to t
  3. I've been going crazy trying to make a new character, I've tried to make another character but always restart for stupid reasons like if the secondary is to cluttered visually, or will it really benefit a damage dealer., I have been looking at Dark Armor, and it seems to have a lot going for it, but would it be good for a AT that's meant to do a lot of damage, is it good for soloing? I'm hoping for any advice for Dark Armor, or really any secondary that would work well, and hopefully look nice on a psi melee character.
  4. Hi y'all. I've got a Psi/SR/Body that I'm having a lot of fun with, and while messing around in Mids trying to come up with a build I like, I got to thinking: is it possible to create a perma-Elude build? And if so, would it negate the Elude crash, or would you still need something else for that, and if you can negate the crash somehow what's the going recommendation on how to do that? So far I've got a haste bonus at 200% with Hasten on perma, but I can't seem to get much further than that. It seems like the vast majority of recharge set bonuses don't come in until you're five- or six-slotted
  5. Anybody else think it would be cool to be able to toggle each power between fist and blade animations? I have characters that don't look right with the mix of both that they give you.
  6. r0y


    I've been playing Mids far more than I'm playing the actual game. Reminiscence of my last days during live... Anyway, I'm on a Dark Armor kick (made a tank: DA/Claws) and wanted to make either a Scrapper or Stalker. So I'm looking at Stalker, and realizing that if I proc things out, along with the Stalker ATO sets and crit potential, it's likely to be a decent toon. I'm not thrilled with the survivability (this is all on paper for now), as the resists and defenses aren't that strong; I imagine it has a lot to do with the massive heal in Dark Regen... Since I almost n
  7. Hey there, So like the subject line says, I'm strongly considering making my next character a Psi Melee/Willpower Scrapper. I tried out Psi Melee last fall, and that's fine, but anything I ever knew about how to build/slot a Willpower character has evaporated over time. Anyone got any advice on this one? If you've played this recently, care to "show a little ankle" on a build? Thanks. Later on, Generator
  8. Does anyone have, or is willing to make, a build for a psi/elec stalker? If not, which powers are good, which are skippable, in each powerset? (Goals would be softcapped defenses, decent AoE, but still ST focused. Nothing out of the ordinary. :))
  9. Hey folks, I have yet to try Psionic Melee, and I was hoping someone could give me a quick rundown. Anything look particularly redundant, or anything that might be respec-when-you-level bait? Thanks, Generator
  10. Hi all, For the that few months I have been working on and off on a little side project to complete every story arc, TF and Trail in the game on one character. As a lot of this will be done solo, I went for a scrapper, Psi/SD to be exact. As the project means merits and inf are pretty free flowing I thought I would try and min/max the build. Aiming for M/R/A soft-cap def, perma hasten, decent AOE and ST damage with decent Stamina management. My current build below hits most of these, but I cannot help feeling that I am missing something. It has been years since I pushed an SD scr
  11. I know this is minor but the sound on Psi Blade Sweep doesn't play when you switch it to the dark color set. Every other powers sound effect plays but psi blade sweep doesn't when switched to dark.
  12. I'm currently playing a Willpower / Psionic Melee (up to 32 as of this posting) and could use some help optimizing the build. My goal is to get at or near the resistance cap of 90% for Smashing and Lethal, at or near the defense cap for Energy and Negative Energy, and a strong combo of Defense and Resistance for Psionic. I'd also like to fulfill my primary role as a tank who can gain and keep aggro, and contribute some damage. Here's the first draft of my build: Hero Plan by Mids' Hero Designer 2.22 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Click this DataLink to open the build!
  13. Maslow

    Psi set ok?

    I had to go back about 8 pages to find any posts with psi in the title, and no responses to it. How is Psi melee on a tanker? I'm trying to pick a decent AoE built-in tank set(currently thinking dark or bio for the always on AoEs), and deciding if the 2nd dmg aura from spines is good, or if Psi could be fun with the T9 high damage + insight bonus. What's the high level view of tanker secondary sets?
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