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  1. With the ban lifted figured I'd finally post this. If you don't like the effects, I couldn't preview them on my trash computer so it wasn't easy to tune/change them.
  2. Feeling moody for PvP? Itchy, skin scratchy to find someone as the buzzer thing counts down? Secretly you want to tear up paper, bite your nails, pull your hair, roll upside down on the floor? - - then you should play ???/???/??? powerset! 173772450_2968519083384351_2722190618682687667_n.mp4 For you: *** if there was a server that was: open world, all the time, auto tagged pvp, this is what you'd be ***
  3. And if so, where can I see this info?
  4. until
    THE NAUGHTY CHAOS CUP - EVERLASTING 1v1 PVP TOURNAMENT ===INTRO=== Chaos United and The Sisterhood of Naughty Space Vixens are happy to announce a 1v1 PVP tournament to be held on the Everlasting Server! When: Saturday September 19th at 6 PM EST/11 PDT Where: Everlasting, Peregrine Island Arena, Sapphire Section Hosts: @CU Krow / @America's Angel ===RULES=== Two Brackets: -Ranged vs Ranged (Blaster, Defender, Corruptor, Controller, Dominator, Sentinel) -Melee vs Melee (Scapper, Brute, Tank, Widow, Crab, Peacebringer, Warshade)
  5. here's short question for pro PVPers: in lvl 50+ melee pvp, who has higher chances to win 1v1: scrapper or brute? considering best 1v1 melee pvp builds, enhancements and endgame stuff for this fight both for scrapper and brute side.
  6. I'm still new to the PvP game and wanna learn the ropes about what to do. So far, I've looking into rolling Bio Armor as a secondary and two power combinations really catch my eye. The first one is the Radiation/Bio Armor scrapper as a choice because I kinda like how the primary works in general. The second one is SS/Bio Armor Brute. I have a lot of experience playing brutes, tankers, and sentinels. The second one feels familiar to me, but that's mostly because I'm accustomed to SS as a melee power.
  7. Howdy folks, As the topic title says, I need help deciding whether to make a Blaster or a Dominator for PvP. Will be for mostly 1 on 1 and small team fights, as well as zone stuff when and if the opportunity presents itself. The choice for me is narrowed down to either a Psi/EM or Psi/Martial or Psi/Time for the blaster, or a Dark/Energy for the Dominator. Any help on the pros and cons of which to choose is definitely welcome, thanks.
  8. Hey guys, Sharing my mind/rad pvp dominator build I use for 8v8 arena and zone pvp. Devastating blow and radiation siphon hit like a truck and your ranged attack of dominate->proton volley->xray beam is fast and does decent enough damage. Hibernate allows you to stay alive evade coordinated spikes. 1500+ HP (with accolades) allows you to survive in general as well as increasing the effectiveness of green insps. TK can set up slow snipes for more initial damage. This build also provides some basic KB protection (41) against most attacks (force bolt from bubblers is probably still gon
  9. So, in light of Electrical Affinity and all the new degrees of debilitating -end that's going to unleash, I want to bring up something underperforming in PvP. Slows Slows just aren't worth their salt in PvP. -Movement doesn't seem to do a single thing over there, and every other IO comes with slow res to only heighten the issue. Now, I don't know whatever pretenses caused PvP IOs to all come with heaps of slow res, so I won't have any complaints there. Especially since if these changes go through, it won't be an issue as much anyway. Let's take a second to consider:
  10. Earlier today, some discussions on the HC Discord prompted the idea of being able to toggle PVP inside of SG bases. Some folks even discussed the fun activities they could do. Like Role Playing, Raiding, etc. What are your thoughts on the idea of being able to toggle PVP on and off inside of SG bases?
  11. Hey, everyone! We're going to kick off this year with an improved version of the event we ran toward the end of last year. -Sign up with a team of 3 people -Randomly pair up with other teams of 3 people and face off against other team combos in 6v6 matches -Round robin style preliminary round, this time with a finals structure afterward PRIZES!!! *Members of the winning team will receive AT LEAST 1000 merits each. *Second place finishers will receive at least 500 merits each. *Finalists will receive at least 300 merits each. *Those who don
  12. This thread will focus on PvP related issues to the mastermind. Note that PvP specific simply means ONLY an issue in PvP, and not that the other listed are not able to improve PvP upon revisitation. 1) Squishiness a) Player Health Weakness* Prevents player from moving away from pets b) Pet Vulnerabilities Allows pets to die easily regardless of context (see 2a,2b) and thus kills the Player c) Pet Wandering after damage Causes Player to issue commands, resetting pet aggressiveness and permitting additional damage, or simply leaves Player
  13. Hey guys, Thought I'd share this PvP video of a competitive 8v8 arena match on my thugs/kin MM! We played on Skyway and were running 2 emps, 1 mm, 3 blasters, 1 dom, 1 defender (nature). The general idea behind this lineup is we gather around every 2 minutes to buff the entire team with kinetics/nature buffs. My role is to mess up the enemies ability to target (when they tab they must tab through my pets) to disrupt the enemy offense and to provide extra damage on targets via pets and my shark attacks/KO blow. If anyone has any questions about what's going on in the vid
  14. Hello all, I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas for a katana/SR PvP build. I know It’s not ideal for PvP, but as this is my badge hunting toon; I often find myself in PvP zones. I would like to have a build that would at least give me a better chance in PvP than my current PvE build provides. Thank you for any assistance you can provide! -Web
  15. It really isn't fun forking over 25-100 million for some of these Hami-o's while others sell for less than 2 million. I am looking at you Microfilaments.... I can't see any real harm in allowing converters to work with HO's? Normalizing the value of HO's shouldn't impact attendance to Hamidon raids, but I am no economist. If you take PvP seriously at all you know how sought after some of these are and why paying 350+ million influence just to max out super speed & super jump just feels terribly asinine. Thoughts on how to tackle this? edit: There are some great suggestions on h
  16. TEAM LETHAL LOTTERY EVENT SATURDAY OCTOBER 5, 9 PM EASTERN (6 PM PT) OVERVIEW 6v6 arena matches where each round your team of 3 players gets paired with another team of 3 players and will face off against another randomly paired 2 teams. The number of rounds played during the group stages will depend on the number of teams signed up. Finals format is to be determined based on number of teams attending. You play as one of the 2 the characters you signup with. We're looking at running the event on test server which has the PVP mez duration fixes and allows p
  17. Decided to make a pvp tier list for masterminds. I'm one of the few people left that plays masterminds at a competitive level and have been fielding masterminds on test ladder teams since i10. This list applies to zones/arena (casual/PuG). Primaries: Explanation: Because there is no real lockdown in the game right now (outside of -jump which is nullified by super speed) a primary with pets that have solid ranged damage is mandatory. S Tier: Demon Summoning, Thugs A Tier: Robotics B Tier: Necromancy F Tier: Ninjas The Dumpster: Mercenaries,
  18. In light of the new changes I made a new dom pvp tier list, this list applies to zones/arena (PuGs/casual): Primaries: Broken Tier: Dark control S Tier: Earth, Mind, Grav A Tier: Plant, Ice, Elec B Tier: Fire Explanation: Given current mez mechanics, the only thing that really matters about a primary is the hold. Hold duration, cast time and damage. Most of the secondary effects don't make much of a difference other than grav which can actually effect jump height significantly. I'd say all control sets are viable, it just has to do with your pr
  19. I am a sad AT. No one wants me! This post mainly concerns the PVP. Because, in PVP, the performance of the Archetype is more sought after than the exotic and fun side. However, the subject, in general, also concerns the PVE. First of all, I would like to say that I am very grateful to people who take time to make these updates, and I respect those choices. What I particularly like about this game is the variety of powers and archetypes. But I have often the feeling that changes always go in the same direction : Improve things that are already work
  20. 2 V 2 EVENT SUNDAY AUGUST 11, 3 PM EASTERN INDOM SERVER, POCKET D 4.3 BIL INF PRIZE POOL OVERVIEW Double elimination bracket, best of one, 10 minute matches 1 archetype limit per team, 1 powerset limit per team (e.g can't do ice/* blaster with an */ice def or ice/* sent, but */icy assault dom would work) No switching characters mid event, you play on the same character you sign up with (multiple builds allowed) More rules and format info below PRIZES (per team, provided by @FireWire1) 2 BILLION INF for 1st, 2nd 750 mil, 3rd
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