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  1. xhaledk

    Bad Luck Badge

    Hi Guys After reaching 50 I learned about something useful called Accolades. Now I am kinda stuck on this one where I need to get the Bad Luck badge. But can't access the quest giver named Hard Luck. Since I need to do a mission from a Broker. How do I do that when I have outleveled the zone?
  2. So...I have a build for everything in game, GM killa, team player, solo, farmers, merit farmer, pvp, etc. I figured what better place to ask than here in the Badge section. BUT, I don't have an AT in mind for a badger, and I seriously want to start one. I know you need heals, good aoe for defeat badges, survivability especially against AV/GM, pvp, etc. What do you use for your badger, I had a Demon/Therm MM in mind but, I'm unsure. Thoughts?
  3. Hi heroes (and villians 😄)! As a primarily melee based player (I've 50'd a few tankers, brutes, stalkers and scrapper), I've decided I wanted to try my hand at my first ranged Archetype! Corruptors appeal to me because SCOURGE (it always is nice seeing it pop over enemies heads while I'm in the fray), as well them being a bit of a hybrid of a blaster/defender. I like having some options to help support the team, as well as lay down some hurt of my own 🙂 After doing some research on the forums, I've found a few primaries and secondaries that seem to work fairly "optimall
  4. Hi all! So one of my absolute favorite heroes that I have made is my Dark Armor/Staff Fighting Tanker. Staff Fighting I feel works great on a Tanker, with the extra defense and resistance ratios they get. He is pretty much an unkillable beast. That being said, I’ve enjoyed Staff Fighting so much, I want to roll another. Stalker stuck out to me since they retain Staff’s AOE, but ALSO bring some nice single target damage. I’m curious if anyone has experience as a Staff Stalker, and what secondary they may recommend! I was looking at: Staff/Nin: Because Ninja. I
  5. I'm devloping a Superman type hero TANKER and I want to go with either Invuln or Rad (I can make Rad work as Solar Energy :P). I'm just curious though: Between Rad Armor and Invuln, which do you feel is the absolute toughest for most endgame content? How I see it so far: Invuln: + Solid resists across the board. Psi hole can be plugged with impervium armors. + Easier to cap some defenses than on Rad. + Good DDR to stop defense failure. - Very little endurance management (can be fixed with IO's) - No damage added (PBAOE moves) Rad Armor: + Very strong resists
  6. Hey all, So here I was, tanking for an ITF, when this Elec/Elec Sentinel has the GALL to leap frog me between camps and tank some mobs herself. All that being said, I was very impressed 😛 I'm looking to build a Sentinel myself, and I've settled on either Elec/ or Dark/ as my primary. Both are thematically cool, as well as seeming to have pretty good synergy with the Sentinel Archetype. That being said, I'm not sure what secondaries have the best synergy with either of those primaries! Elec/Elec sounds GREAT, but I just want to make sure I'm looki
  7. Hello all. Unique IOs such as Reactive Defenses: Scaling Resist Damage, or Unbreakable Guard:+Max HP, or Shield Wall:+Res All, etc... do they work on click powers, even if the power is not activated, or not? Should they be slotted into "always on powers" or toggles like Numina's and Miracle? I tried to find the answers to this but... Ty all.
  8. So in my pursuit of more chaos with my beloved necro pets, I made a necro/electric....yes call me DOKTOR FRANKENSTEIN. Not the Gene Wilder type...well maybe a little of that and and some Von Brunn....for the muahaha! Well without further adieu my build...and YES be savage in your critique. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1427;696;1392;HEX;| |78DA6594DB4E13511486F7D0A9950296528E520EA5506A5B0AF5010439992835241| |8A257CD643A8509ED0C694B221EC3537
  9. Hi all, So I’ve been leveling a Rad/DB Tanker and having a good time. I originally shied away from using Dual Blades because of the combo system, but I’ve found an attack string that works for me with Blinding Feint - Ablating - Vengeful Slice - Sweeping Strike. However, I haven’t found many sample builds for this combo anywhere on the forums. I was curious if anyone had a build they’d be willing to share or could answer some questions: 1. As a Tanker, should I be grabbing Typhon’s edge for it’s increased AOE? I don’t feel it falls into my optimal attack cha
  10. Hi all! I usually team with 2 buddies, and none of us roll a Defender/support style hero 😂 I've decided I'd be the first. After reading over the primaries, I've settled on Radiation Emission. I feel it has a nice mix of supportive skills, as well as some powers that will help us take down tougher targets. I'm a little stuck on which primary to choose. Leaning towards either Radiation blast (Laser beams from my eyes? Cool irradiate animation? yes please) and Dark Blast (Soul Noir FTW). Obviously, I think both look amazing! Being that this is my first defender, I'd thought I
  11. Hi heroes (and villians :P)! I'm interested in Psi Melee/Energy Aura as a power set combo. They seem to match together pretty well thematically. However, I'm having trouble deciding which archetype to try it on: Scrappers or Stalkers? Does anyone have any experience with this combo on either archetype and could give me some insight? Thanks!
  12. Hi all! I wanted to pick your brains: Which power sets, in your opinion, are most optimal on a scrapper? I've recently rolled several tankers and brutes, but I miss scrappin' it out! I know the obvious answer is TW/Bio. Rolled one for a bit, wasn't for me. I also hear great things about DM/Shield having great synergy. This makes sense to me, as I've rolled 2 Shield Defense Tankers and what the set is missing out on is a heal (as well as some way to take care of endurance). Dark Melee helps cover these areas. Are there any other power sets/combos
  13. Ok I need some clarification on taunt on scrapper, brute, and tanker. AoE vs single target, taunt power itself, how many enemies affected, etc. Most links online are wwwaaayyy outdated, and I could have sworn taunt numbers were recently changed. I might be wrong I imagine alot of things its all the acid I did. I thought I knew some shizz but recently ran into something that has changed so needs some answers that might fix it.
  14. Just started one of these out on red side due to a character concept I came up with, but it seems like sonic secondary is mostly for team-based play?
  15. Hi heroes (and villains 😉)! I’ve always been interested in Katana. It seems like a fairly quick animating power set which still has some “crunch” to it. Plus, it can lend itself to some really cool concepts ranging from Jedi to Cyborg Ninjas =P That being said, I’ve rolled Tankers, Brutes, Scrappers and Stalkers fairly equally - so I’m not tied down to a specific archetype. Do you have an archetype you prefer to run Katana on, where you feel it may be most optimal? Also, are there any primaries/secondaries you’d recommend to match it with on your preferred a
  16. Hi all! I understand that mobs can always attack, even if they have 1 endurance. However, is it possible to fully drain and AV or GM and KEEP them at zero endurance so they can’t attack? I was under the impression that you can’t, but a buddy of mine says you can.
  17. Hi all! I'm currently designing a Dark Armor/Staff Fighting Tanker. Obviously you need to grab Mercurial Blow as a Tanker. I've seen some than just jump to Guarded Spin, while others also pick up Precise Strike. Is it important to pick up Precise Strike as well in order to have another way to build up perfection in your attack chain? Also, are there any powers in either Dark Armor or Staff Fighting you would recommend to skip over? Thanks in advance!
  18. Hey heroes! Specific question for you Scrapper Studs and Studdetes (can I coin that term?) out there. I'm looking to build a second scrapper after LOVING my Stj/Bio @nihilii shared with me. I'm looking at /Rad secondary (since it seems pretty well rounded and has a T9 that is actually worth taking). I'm just trying to determine which primary to pair it with: Claws or Katana? Both seem really cool and could fit the build with what I'm trying to make. I've only rolled Claws once, as a Claw/Elec Brute. Haven't messed with Katana much at all, besides
  19. In your opinion or experience what is the tank that just keeps going regardless of enemy type, number of enemies, etc. The one that faces hordes of CoT or Vanguard wizards and laughs, the kind of tank that walks over and kicks Scrapyard in his ass. The last person standing kind of tank, the one that puts "super" into superman, the Unstoppable in Juggernaut, etc. I realize survivability is more than the damage in dealing with a tank, and I love my broots, but, I want a runaway train kind of tank.
  20. When I see pricing for ATO's that are below 10 mil I'm confused. Selling it at 10mil at least recovers the cost, yes, I realize sometimes you get 2. Most of the time with un-slotters, catalysts, etc and miniscule items you don't recoup enough and its a loss. So I guess it falls to people don't care, are willing to get w/e, are just not savvy, or are impatient. I prefer to keep everything or as much as possible to make the ATO attuned. Is it just me? Am I missing something?
  21. So I'm at the point where I can do the final build on my lil Preatorian DE loyalist monster...yeah a confusing one. Anywho, I went primarily for mez res, regen, and recovery to a lesser degree. I play this toon as an in your face attack, buff, attack, buff, you get the point, I took Soul as I love the power choices and frankly in melee as a troller its a seat of the pants kind of the fun and soul helps. I almost play it as my elec/psi domi, in the middle of stuff lashing out and causing chaos quickly and buffing myself to keep me rolling. I went with mez as I hate being held, immob, stunn
  22. So finally have my badger and figured I'd start doing exploration badges and got to the RWZ and cannot find some. Luckily I remembered there is an Echo and figured maybe it was a mistake. I found a few but still cannot locate a couple since the topography doesn't match. Any ideas? Why is it this way?
  23. So I realize that it is a AoE tp with kb/stun effect. My question is for the T4, the perception, stealth bonus, does this help a stalker build as a passive unresistable boost? Trying to think outside the box on this and if so it would go over stealth cap, right?
  24. If you were going to make a dominator that had to meet the requirement: it has to be better than a geared out fortunata... What would you select? Where would you place the annoying, no dmg, ATOs? Would you even bother? I love Dom, play mainly Dom... But lately by comparison I'm finding Fort practically more useful in today's meta. There's no time to run into mobs, unless you initiate. Casts need to be quick, or you've missed the mark. You must be able to stand in the fire. So, what would you roll? Mind savage was alright, but again
  25. How do you farm merits in the quickest easiest way possible? I saw a thread awhile back that used a stalker for one of the TF'S (can't find it now). I understand you can run the weekly but obviously cannot farm that. So how do you do it?
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