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  1. I keep seeing threads about folks wanting more red side (best side) activity. Well, so do I! I also see threads about folks wanting more Indom activity. Well, so do I! I bring you Something Wicked Sundays! Sundays with red side villainous capers. I can't promise you every Sunday, but I'll post here from week to week what I have planned. If you want to join in, that's fantastic! I'll try to keep things so that anyone any level can participate. All are welcome. Something Wicked Sunday I. July 25th, 2021, noon EST. Mayhem Run. All nine of the mayhem mission bank jobs in order. The goals here will be to rob the bank, smash the smashies, crush the cars, and collect the exploration badges. (We'll ignore the side missions in order to keep moving along.) By the time we're through, you will have a few new badges you may not have had. This will include the Invader accolade, which is the red side equivalent of Task Force Commander. There will also be temp powers to gain. I will run this event on my dude Terror Volta, and we'll be in Port Oakes for the duration. If you are sure you're going to join in, you can post here and I'll save your spot. Otherwise, I'm just going to holler out in the LFG channel a little bit before starting.
  2. Is it because by nature I have always tried to be a good person? Helping people in any way possible? Is it because of the environment? It's so dark and somber. Is it because of the leveling curve? Although I'm not sure if it's any different from Blue Side. I've been trying to figure out why I'm not able to play Red Side for more than a few missions. Seriously, most villains I make won't go beyond level 4 before getting deleted. So, I'm asking you, the community,... What makes you play Red Side? What keeps you engaged to play "just one more mission" before realizing it's 5 o'clock in the morning and you have to go to work in 2 hours? Tell me what Red Side offers you to keep playing, and perhaps it will help me play Red Side longer and find the fun in being a villain.
  3. Spoilers herein for Scirocco's patron arc, as the title might suggest. I needed to pick and complete a patron arc to get the last of the VEAT story missions (which was a whole nother letdown actually) so off I went to learn about my options and make my selection. I knew that Scirocco had been drifting toward the rogue side of things during Live, and saw that his “just because I’m a villain doesn’t mean I have to hurt people” ideal was in line with my character concept, so I went with him. I’m a roleplayer at heart, and I think that’s my problem. Anyway, off I go to help Scirocco. Bring Ghost Widow back to life? Great! So his plan to make every villain into a nice person may be a little bit contrary to the idea that free will is a good thing, but that sort of villainy is exactly the sort of villainy I am here for! Except it turns out that I am not there to help Scirocco, I am there to betray him… whether I like it or not… and for motivations that my character does not have. I get that his plan can’t succeed, for the sake of the game’s narrative. But to have no choice other than to run off and blab to the Arachnos guy, then do what he tells me when that is absolutely not what my character would do? That rankles. I didn’t like doing it one bit, but there’s not even a way to say “never mind” once you’ve started a quest arc. And then after I had to do what I didn’t want to do, Scirocco reminds me of it every time we talk for the rest of the arc. Oh, and he reminds me of why I did it, too. It’s because I am a selfish bad betraying mean poopyhead. What I would have liked ideally was the option to continue working with him and fail. Maybe Arachnos found out and thwarted us; maybe some heroes found out and stopped us because they believe that the ends (a world without villains) does not justify the means (taking away freedom to choose). That’s a fair chunk of development work, though, and might be impractical. In the absence of that, I would have liked the option to say to him, “Yes, I betrayed you, but not for the reasons you think.” Just adding another few dialogue options in a non-voiced game is relatively simple, I think. But instead the game’s writers decided for me what my character did and why, which I find really ironic given the nature of moral objections to Scirocco’s plan. Usually I am willing to concede that the "problem" with redside content is is really that it's just not made for me (and yes, yes I do love goldside!) but right now I'm just really unhappy that "this NPC will be your patron" really meant "you will be this NPC's betrayer."
  4. SG Name: F.E.N.R.I.S. RP Friendly: Yes Theme/Era: Supervillains Redside/Blueside: Redside Recruitment Message: Focusing Evolution Networking Ritualism and Information Syndicate or F.E.N.R.I.S. as it is more commonly known, is an organization founded by Oliver Felix. Within its ranks three core factors are taught, Strength, Willpower and Intelligence. Every member of FENRIS must possess above average in these categories, two out of three being the bare minimum required to join. Oliver founded F.E.N.R.I.S. due to his beliefs of world governments to be currently flawed. Collaborating with other members, he aims to recruit unique individuals to build a better society by eliminating the current establishment. With that said, not every member of F.E.N.R.I.S. is there for political revolution, some simply want financial gain, other's the rush of adrenaline when they are in the frontlines of battle, and a select few simply want security in numbers. After all, it is much safer to be a part of a faction in the Rogue Isles than working alone. While other villain groups have been strictly one origin, F.E.N.R.I.S. believes every origin of power has merit, should the individual prove themselves worthy to co-operate and pull their weight. Villains of mutant, magic, natural, scientific, or technological origins can join, each mutually benefitting each party through trade. Oliver is not a dictator in this faction, each member is given the right to vote and can openly voice their opinion on every assignment, part of the roleplay in F.E.N.R.I.S. is to test how well villains can work together, as one of my main gripes in comics was how the heroes got an easy win due to villain team ups inevitably going south, I aim to avoid that sort of direction in the roleplay but am not completely opposed to it, given the right circumstances. Finally, I would like to mention that we have a Discord server for this SG, and regularly chat OOC about City, other games, and team OOC and IC to tackle WSTs and have general chit-chats. We currently have over a dozen members and are looking to expand, so I’ll leave you with these final notes. The group is currently housed on the Everlasting server. All members of the group need to be at least 18 years old OOC, as the RP sometimes tackles darker and more mature themes not suitable for younger audiences (think graphic novels). This does not happen all the time to avoid us becoming edgy and stale, but due to the fact it can happen, this rule is put in place and is non-negotiable. Further information on the group asked about either here on the forums or in game, my handle is @Ry Potential members are welcome to come into the Discord server and ask current members about the RP and community before joining to see if they connect well with others! (PM me for a Discord link here or in game) Our community is friendly and open to a variety of roleplay scenarios both related and unrelated to FENRIS and are looking to involve ourselves with both hero SGs to fight again, and other villain groups to form rivalries and potential alliances. It's like Zangief once told us, we might be the Bad Guys, but we're not bad guys. if you’re interested in joining, or want to use your SG as plot point for a joint event of some kind, or an ongoing plot, then I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you, please don't hesitate! 💜
  5. Feel like some light reading? Here's an amusing Discord conversation I had with a redside SG co-leader. The occasion was my proposal, in general chat, that we do something to make the group more friendly towards female recruits. I was the SG's recruiter at the time. This is posted in support of MetaVileTerror's Rule One. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. July 25, 2019 Feminist Last Thursday at 8:17 PM Okay. So what's with all the open hostility? Why are you this angry? MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:25 PM I feel similarly to others in that your argument came out of nowhere and that you are bringing up either past issues or non-issues for reasons unknown. The situation with MRA-0 was handled by MRA-0 and there were consequences for how it was handled. People had their differences and left. That happened in the past. Under new management and attempting to rebuild, you are bringing up past issues when they don't need to be brought to attention. More so, the biggest issue in my opinion is the fact that players got personally offended over a roleplay. It's akin to reading Game of Thrones, getting personally offended as if you were one of the characters in the book, and shaming George RR Martin for writing it. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:26 PM Once or twice, I'd agree with you. But this stuff built up over a long time. Many instances. Pretending that it has gone away won't make it so. I want to make sure that I'm not just recruiting new victims. It's an ethical question, really. I mean, look at MRA-3's reaction. He's practically frothing at the mouth. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:29 PM We make sure it doesn't happen again by telling new recruits what they are in for and letting them decide if they can handle it or not....Not by changing everything else so we please everyone, not offend anyone, and make it a safe and PG-13 place for all people. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:30 PM Okay. So I am supposed to tell people to expect abusive and sexist RP? How do I sell that? MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:31 PM Tell me, besides what MRA-0 did, who else did what exactly? And I want specific examples. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:31 PM You told me I should offer blowjobs to all the members. Was a serious statement that you later claimed was IC. I let it pass. Six women I talked to on their way out the door complained over and over that there's too much ERP. Four guys too. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:32 PM Yes, MRA-2 said that because I was responding in an IC manner and you weren't using brackets to show that you were speaking OOCly. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:33 PM Nah. It was an asshat thing to say to a brother officer. But i let it pass. IC OOC still asshat. So the problem is, these things are not fun for the recipient and that hurts the SG. This is my point. Folks will log on elsewhere if this is just a sausage fest. You, MRA-3, and MRA-1 are basically arguing for your sausage fest rights. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:34 PM OOC I wouldn't have said that, so don't assume the words came from the player when I am clearly stating that those words were said by the character because that's in the haracters personality. I even used quotation marks indicating it was IC. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:35 PM Hey I was there, remember? You said be specific. I am not asshurt about it. It's just a red flag. If you enjoy saying stuff like that IC then you're probably going to drive away the ladies. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:37 PM That's the characters personality. It is what it is. But once again, you are insinuating the player enjoys it because the character might. You are mixing IC and OOC and that's never good. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:38 PM Does. Not. Matter. It's all about being a decent human being. You and I never had harsh words. So I figured, it was just a bad day. People will be forgiving if it doesn't happen all the time. I want rules so it doesn't happen all the time. That's reasonable, I think. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:39 PM It matters immensely. RP is not real life. My character does not need to be a decent human being. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:39 PM If you want the group to thrive, yes you do. You and MRA-1 are officers. If you can't control your tongues, where will we be? Let me give you another example, one from my past mistakes. In my last SG, I was an officer who became a target. Other officers came up to me, IC, and told me I was terrible and should never have gotten the job. This went on and on. I cried. I got angry. I shouted out. "It's just IC," they all said and laughed. But I ended up quitting. It wasn't any fun to log on anymore. That is what we're up against. Most RPers have alts in several groups. If we want them to log on to us, we have to be reasonably nice people. Not attack females on sight, even in Discord. You, MRA-3 and MRA-1 all kinda batshit at the same time, in public chat, lol. Coulda been done different. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:43 PM Then clearly, you are taking the roleplay too personally. And attacking females on sight? In Discord? What are you talking about? You're a guy irl. Why are you even making this about gender? Feminist Last Thursday at 8:43 PM Right. But I'm standing up for women just now, and that's why you're mad I think. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:43 PM It has NOTHING to do with gender. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:44 PM Come on come on, you were just ready to fly off the handle. This is old business made new. The next person who comes into the SG and has anything to say about gender is going to be flayed alive too. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:50 PM No dude, you're not standing up for women. You are extremely toxic because you make up false statements and then really believe them to be true. You know what kind of person you are? You're the type to twist words to put yourself on a pedestal. Here's an example: You: "So do you like that girl?" Person: "Nah, she's not my type." You: "Why, because she's black?" Person: "What? No, they just aren't my type." You: "Oh so black people aren't your type? Your a racist bigot and it's people like you that ruin this country." That's pretty much you right now. Feminist Last Thursday at 8:51 PM I am asking you to change your behavior, become a decent human being. You are insisting that the world accept you the way you are. Even if it means I can't recruit because you will just tell all the female toons to go suck dicks. Yes? You want to be evil. MRA-2 Last Thursday at 8:52 PM Oh my word...you can't be this dense... Feminist Last Thursday at 8:52 PM Sayin' the same thing bro. You want a permanent excuse for any bad behavior you're feeling, any time. I am saying no can do. Are you MRA? There's a reddit for this kind of thing. ...and that's where our conversation ended, because MRA-2 booted me from Discord, kicked me out of the SG and deleted me from his global friends list. I guess he showed me, huh?
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